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  1. Bitking Ross

    You havw a video of you “trying to be poor”. What exactly are you trying to each anyone here? You seem content on displaying criminal acts and then hiding them as though nothing a Has happened. You are a disgrace. You need to be a role model but you cant anymore. You have forever showen you dont care about being honest and showing integrity.

  2. Bitking Ross

    Fake fake fake

  3. Adam Morrow


  4. Ana

    with all due respect, and from my ignorance: why is it so terrible for you what her mother did or why do y'all hate her so much? for illegally entering a university? Is it so bad? I mean she didn't kill anyone..

  5. Skipper Van Nuys

    people like you are worse than the plague

  6. Hope Wines

    Karma is a bitch

  7. Ben Hastings

    Your parents deserve to go to jail

  8. Ivette Ortega

    There was no point of you coming back least make a "comeback" do you even understand what you and what your parents did wrong? And the fact your mom is going to prison? There is no need for you on GEsels anymore. You're a spoiled rich kid who thought your money will solve everything maybe grow some balls and apologize to your general public and admit its wrong. If you are not allowed to use your head and think for once your a waste of teenage life.

  9. M A.


  10. The Shortening of the Way

    Did you know that your parents transgendered you in the womb to become a baphomet because they're really satanists? Something to look into Jade.

    1. Christian W

      Ok, she is a dumb bitch, but wtf is this XD

  11. Brian Haley

    She kept saying how she can’t talk about it for 1:30 long like the ending was the best part it was over

  12. Julia

    Oh, please. Fuck right off.

  13. Jessica Melissa

    You’re an idiot

  14. arelim

    she misses her sponsorships, I feel bad for her parents

  15. Abby McNeil

    You’re a joke .

  16. Rebekah N

    No Olivia Jade, you should not have come back to GEsels World. If you want to redeem yourself, do something worthwhile like community service. Join Americorps. Help those less fortunate than you. Do some self discovery. Cultivate a spiritual path. And start getting real with yourself. And if college is something you really want, then have some integrity and respect and do it the right way. Walk in the front door and apply.

  17. Wayne Kennoff

    This is about attention, and money. She keeps comments on because it creates traffic and thus money. And it appears she's been missing the attention of her fans.

  18. LeBosh Wade

    Imagine wasting this much air to say nothing important🤯

  19. Claire Sadlowski

    I didn’t hear an apology...

  20. Chris Wolf

    You missed being on GEsels with all the trolls? Girl your GEsels Miss Priss days are over. This is open season on you now by the troll army. I'd quit social media for about ten years and try to make a comeback later when you pull that silver spoon out and make a living for yourself.

  21. Francine Sanchez

    So many people are commenting here who aren't her fans at all and probably didn't watch her videos before. Do your thing, Olivia.

    1. Christian W

      You sound like Kim K in your videos..

  22. TheMexikingisback2

    White people get everything handed to them, yet they talk about pulling themselves up by the boot strap lol. This girl isn’t the only one that gets jobs, loans, scholarships etc just because of their parents.

  23. Lorelai Mercy

    Guess they spent all the money on lawyers and had none left for a good script. She could not even be bothered to say that she is truly passionate about videography and making quality content and wants to participate in the online community in a productive way moving forward. And I just pulled that out of my ass while taking a dump. WEAK.

  24. Jimmy Medina

    this child should be on trial right next to her parents. No way she didn't know how she got in USC. She is a fake, a cheat and lair.

  25. phoebeluo

    You are a terrible person. You're parents raised you that way obviously, but still, they may go to prison and you're whining that you don't get to film yourself. Stfu.

  26. Gen X

    hey babe, how about trying to study by going back to the community college first?

  27. Abigail Osborne

    You all are commenting about how you don’t care or whatever you hate, but you all gave her 5 million views which is going to her pocket. Congratulations

    1. Christian W

      Lol it aint monitized, dummy

  28. Emireth Hernández

    We r with u

  29. Emireth Hernández

    U r the best

  30. Emireth Hernández

    Love uuuuu

  31. Emireth Hernández

    Come back

  32. m s

    Who else didnt listen to a word she said but just came here to rip on this pathetic bitches comment page

  33. Joseph Scott

    All the negative comments is disheartening. The daughter is not at fault if the parents broke the law. I assume Olivia has led a pretty easy life considering who her parents are, but why blame the child for the sins of the parents, if they actually did anything illegal considering they haven't been convicted of anything yet. Olivia, I'm very glad to see you trying to take your life back and move forward. Don't let negativity get you down and stop you.

  34. Chief Handler

    Truly useless individual.

  35. Lana Vidović

    The only thing I am wondering here is : why is everybody so hateful? I know the story behind this & I know what her family did. But guys, we all make mistakes. We are all just people. Yeah, it's not something that each one of us would do but it happened. I am sorry for every person out there who lost the spot at University because of actions like that. I really do. Although they chose wrong actions - they are still just people. Nobody is even trying to see that. Everybody is just throwing hate around. You are not in their skin & you don't know what they went through in these last few months. Yeah, it is said ' you get what you deserve ' but they already got that, can anybody see that? They were publicly shamed (they still are) & what not. So, spreading more hate on this topic is just so unnecessary. Everybody is shaming them saying they have no compassion, they just stole what they thought is theirs (which is true I am not denying that) but each one of you here also has no compassion for them. We all make all kinds of awful mistakes in our life & we get what we deserve for that but there is just no point in dragging it & reminding people about what they did. I am pretty sure until now they got it. Just ask yourself - would you like for other people to look at you like that & treat you like that cause of a mistake you did? The note before the comment section says: Remember to keep comments respectful. & I literally see no one doing that. Spread love not hate. Love is what touches the heart & changes the world.

    1. Lana Vidović

      Paul Emanon I am not taking sides I am just trying to say that everybody is being compassionate with people who suffered the consequences of their actions but nobody is being compassionate with them. That is all I am trying to say. I am not taking sides at all.

  36. paige crowder

    I'm not really for all the bullying on this vid, and you should have the right to move on with your life and heal and grow from this situation. But you need to do it in private. You coming back to GEsels just looks super tacky and gross. It's very obvious what you're back for, and it's not even for your subscribers whom you never even had a real relationship with. You're only back for the money and the free shit but judging by the comment section, you're not getting out of this one. Life ain't that easy sis.

  37. king 28

    Olivia sweetie drop dead thank you :)

    1. king 28

      I was actually complimenting her. She’s drop dead gorgeous. Thank for your concern though

    2. Lauren White

      What she did is inexcusable but there's no reason to wish death on somebody.

  38. Miki Maus

    I don't think that money made you fraud, it only accentuated what you already are. Bye bitch

  39. Jake S

    Go away. You’re fucking irrelevant.

  40. Hannah Riddle

    💖💖💖I missed you💖💖💖 welcome back hun

  41. duhTrey

    The likes are definitely fake

  42. Phillis The Uncle

    Imagine faking a life just for videos and then leave your own family in the rubble.

  43. Ky

    Guys, don’t forget she’s still a human being.

  44. dlghtfl1

    Stupid. Vapid. Spoiled. EMPTY.

  45. Useful Vidiots

    Morons like her is why my site exists. www.usefulvidiots.com

  46. Carol yanez

    “I’m not trying to make this about me” while filing herself about herself!!!

  47. Whitestone Reborn

    These comments are absolutely awful! She’s still a human being! Praying for you and your family. Hope you have a great Christmas and new year. Rise above all the negative and remember God can work something from nothing and works all things for the good of those who love Him. Lean into Jesus and HE will see you through and bring you into abundant life. For those who would criticize abundant life is peace, joy, love, hope, etc. all the things that outward circumstances effect at times but nothing outward including money no matter how much can attain. I pray for the things money can’t buy to be restored to this family- Life and hope and peace and joy in Jesus name. And I pray those who criticize or speak negatively and harsh have a revelation of how awful it is to kick someone when they’re going through something.

    1. Useful Vidiots

      Cast these scumbags out of the temple, Oh Lord!

  48. Ami's Breakthrough

    Hit the dislike botton!!!

  49. Long Tang

    Talk about being a total useless person

  50. Lars Tanctum

    I'd really like to see her high school grades. I think that school should be investigated. You all know this is just a marketing test to see the reaction. Its a little early to try but was not a good idea in the first place Olivia.

    1. biggyunit

      Lars Tanctum And you are right. It’s a marketing ploy to test and see how to build up her brand again. A lot of people are falling for it.

    2. biggyunit

      I think the guidance counselor at her high school helped alert that something shady was going on

  51. Zena Phobia

    You should sell Mossimo BRAND "prison ready" orange athleisure wear...

  52. Zena Phobia

    Honey! At this stage in the game, you'd be lucky if you got accepted at STRIPPER POLE SCHOOL!!!

  53. MM Miller

    She's such a phony

  54. Angst1966

    Hi Olivia. I hope you read this. This is not another nasty comment. Not from me. To me you are so beautiful. Have you considered the possibility of modeling as a career? I think you are so much more beautiful than the majority of the so-called super models out there. I can tell you would make a killing from modeling. College is not necessary when you have such good looks. Use those looks and knock the modeling world on its tail!

    1. Zena Phobia

      MOdeling what? Rowing equipment!?!?!

  55. Andrew Baker

    This girl is useless.

    1. Angst1966

      That was an awful thing to say.

  56. Christine Laver

    You might have missed posting but read the comments it looks like no body missed you.

    1. Christine Laver

      @Angst1966 Just another stupid YT comment. YEP. lol

    2. Angst1966

      Just another stupid YT comment.

  57. Mirella NG

    You are stupid unfortunately and you hv bad rich selfish parents that think only about themselves and their reputation...

    1. Mirella NG

      @Angst1966 i said the truth. Parents think sometimes that their are doing good for their children but noo. they think money can buy everything.... even grades

    2. Angst1966

      Maybe you should worry about your own.

  58. Eric Cartman

    😬 youtube comments killimg mans

  59. Lilly Mainstream

    Don’t be so harsh everyone she’s trying and will speak on the matter somewhen. If you don’t give her nice at least give her time.

  60. soldier person

    Ignore all the Stupid comments!! We're happy you're back! Nothing of what happened is your fault. We support you. Keep making your videos. You're beyond more than what's been going on in the news. Stay positive. Family first. Your family loves you! Remember that. Sometimes family members make mistakes. We learn from them. Good luck kiddo❣

    1. biggyunit

      soldier person She isn’t completely innocent. To say none if it is her fault is not entirely true. She was complacent in college process, posed in rowing pictures, and more than likely signed her name to whatever college applications. I agree that some of the comments are way to harsh, but she does deserve her fair share of criticism.

  61. Dahlia J

    you’re so strong

  62. Dahlia J

    keep going, im proud of you bby!🥺

  63. Patrick joseph

    Go away !

  64. Tyler Chavis

    Like don’t sit here and complain how she is a brat and she has had it easy her whole life for one you don’t know her in real life and secondly she didn’t ask to be born into her life if you where her you would probably be boing the same thing... but yasss Olivia ready to see you back ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  65. kazumo maeda

    Keep doing you and move on. Try not to let all these stupid ass comments fuck you up....all this bullshit is not your fault! Sorry, but mommy and daddy let all that money get to their heads! You couldn’t help that.

    1. kazumo maeda

      And really learn to be humble....shit ton of money is great, but it can all be gone in a snap!

  66. beadbop

    Will your Mom and Dad be able to watch GEsels while they're in prison? Just curious...

  67. Tullzter

    How about an apology ? or de we have to pay someone for that as well

  68. Rachael Nance

    People are commenting some pretty vile things. However, I can honestly say I think this took courage. I can also say you keyboard jerks that would have no courage to say any of this to someone's face, wouldn't have the strength to do what she did. But honestly, our opinions dont matter! She needs to know what is best for her, and not you hateful people. Try to remember any word you say (positive or negative) can impact someone's life. Do you want to be the reason someone feels better about themself or the reason some kills themself?

  69. Fenris

    You should take some time away from the medias and reflect on yourself.

  70. Brittany G

    Everyone needs to chill out she didnt even do anything wrong, if I was rich Id let my parents get me into USC too lol who wouldn't. Excited for u to come back Olivia! <3

  71. Eva Huijers

    When is the new vlog coming online, 🤗can’t wait anymore 😯🥳

  72. Joe Gold

    "I'm not trying to make this about me" - that's fine comedy right there

  73. Jancarlo Hernandez Santiago

    People, she did her best and gave it her all. She is a person who makes mistakes just like the rest of us people. Anyone and everything that takes part in the Circle of Life will stumble in their life no matter the situation(s). This GEsels channel belongs to Olivia Jade, and it is hers because she had the idea of developing her own GEsels channel, which she still does. Yes, there should be a balance between positivity and negativity, but to be so hurtful and disrespectful? Instead of shaming her, why don't you all think before you say something out in a blur. The only thing that happened was that a human being made a mistake just like we make mistakes when going to college after applying. Some people drop out; some people continue school and graduate without knowing what he, she, or they really wanted to do in life. Some keep their education, graduating knowing what career path to take and actually know where to go to work with their career knowledge. As a matter of fact, some actually DO KNOW WHAT TO DO IN THEIR LIVES NO MATTER IN WHAT AREA OR ASPECT He/She/They are great at. It does not matter if you go to a community, trade, CSU, UC, Private, Ivy school, or do not go to school at all because each individual person is great at art while another person is great at business and so forth. LOVE is COMPASSION, and so is PASSION because altogether is infinite LOVE. Hating is not going to get you nowhere; only eternal Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love will. Just for a general fact and truth.

    1. Em & m

      @Jancarlo Hernandez Santiago this is vomit inducing. A+ satire.

    2. Jancarlo Hernandez Santiago

      Em & m - - - I totally agree with you, but the need for hating her is not going to solve anything. The Judicial System has it all under control regarding her family, let the Judicial Branch and the FBI handle their situation. The FBI know exactly what they are doing in the investigation of the frauds. You do you, I do me, let the FBI do their thing; regardless what they did, they are still humans who make BIG MISTAKES and small mistakes. If we keep on hating, it will lead no where, but to chaos. Just Love ❤️ will do the thing. Soon she will realize what her family did was majorly wrong and illegal even if she did know or did not know about the fraud. Create your own life story, and let her create her life story. As of my part, I’ll create my own life story.

    3. Em & m

      Dropping out because of personal problems is completely different from bribing an institution and robbing innocent people of the chance of a world class education. You type so much but don't really say anything at all. Her and her family knew what they were doing and there is no excuse for malicious behaviour like that. This isn't an innocent mistake, this is fraud.

  74. Chantal’s Gravy Induced Ecstasy

    Get the fuck off youtube you spoiled brat.

  75. David Sanders

    Please go away!

  76. Jess

    you guys are really super harsh in these comments....I'm confused at why all of you seem to think she owes any of you an explanation. & why yall ready to crucify her if she doesnt.. SHE SAID she cant speak on it bc of legal reasons .. she did not say she WONT ever speak on it douche bags. Give this girl a chance and stop being bulllies. Her parents paid for her to get into a school and now they are paying the consequences. Mental health is real & you never know what somone is going through on the inside. stop being assholes.

    1. Em & m

      Maybe they should've thought about her mental health before committing fraud. Or maybe have considered the mental health of the student who was robbed of their acceptance.

  77. beadbop

    Row, row, row no boat gently down the stream Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Your life is a bad dream!

  78. Alpha Beta

    I have honestly felt so bad for you with everything going on in your life. I hoped you would be back and glad that you are! Don’t let the trolls that never have anything good to say get you down. They are spiritually bereft. Just ignore them.

    1. beadbop

      Yes, that's the way to deal with life. Just ignore everything real, like education, wisdom, and earning a productive living, and it'll all go away magically. We all earn the Karma we deserve, Alpha-dearest, and you can be sure that Olivia and her parents have earned theirs.

  79. king 28

    Olivia is trash and her own mom knows it. That’s why her school was given to her without her working for it.

  80. K8_2020

    I get her parents and her made a HUGE mistake, but come on. Show compassion and forgive. That does not mean you should support her every step of the way, just don't leave such hateful comments. She is human too. She has her flaws. But let her learn from her mistakes and try to rebuild.

    1. beadbop

      @Em & m I'd bet hard cash and then double-down that K8_2020 is a 'Christian' Trump supporter who believes that we should also show compassion and forgive Donald's 13,400 lies and uncountable crimes since taking his Oaf of Office.

    2. Em & m

      Robbing people of opportunities and committing fraud isn't a small mistake that should be brushed off. Lying and committing crimes isn't a flaw.

    3. beadbop

      I'm quite sure that the USC applicants who got passed over in lieu of these two stupid brats are not in a "forgiving" mood.

  81. Romka Rokka

    Literally do not come back to youtube at all. We don’t want to watch your videos, we don’t want to watch you be an ungrateful brat. You’re just rude

  82. Romka Rokka

    Olivia, don’t feel bad, but we don’t want you on youtube. We don’t want to watch your vlogs. Please.

  83. Ashwin Kulkarni

    I hereby confirm and declare with complete honesty that I would like to conclude and infer something which might be something, but, is actually nothing.

    1. beadbop

      The previously-demonstrated positive correlation leads me to concur with your baseless implication.

  84. Jessica Marie

    I understand you trying to see how people would react and if you look at the comments it's pretty clear that people aren't interested. It's time to move on.

  85. Matthew Griffiths

    You’re disgusting. You’re one of the worst human beings around. I hope karma hits you really hard.

  86. Daniel SCP

    i dont care if you aint a rower i still love u baby

  87. Shana Starks

    She should have just started the video off with an apology

  88. M Garcia

    Such a ditz, poor thing. By the way, I read that her criminal mom feels "betrayed" by her returning to GEsels. I'm not sure why, since she said nothing of substance.

  89. AJAY

    I believe this is the most perfect GEsels video ever created.

  90. bssni touir

    Your privilege isn’t getting you out of this one baby

  91. MoneyMikeEGT

    Tongue punch my fart box bitch

  92. Luz Gomez

    All this hate for her is unnecessary I put the blame for everything that happened on the person responsible which was her parent they should have known better she was not responsible for what happened no need to vilify her

    1. Em & m

      She knew what was happening and regardless threw away her education. It's about time she gets the pretentious, privledged rod out of her ass.

  93. Iosef Santiago

    No wonder her parents lied to get her in at USC she sounds like she is in grammar school! I don't think she realizes the seriousness of the case against her parents they can go away for a long time!

    1. bssni touir

      Seriously shut up!!! You're not even sorry the only thing you are sorry for is that you all got caught.....#Entitled

  94. Louis Spinelli

    Go away

  95. Louis Spinelli

    You WEREN’T missed.. you offer nothing of Value.. #HollywoodHypocrisy #FuckHollywood

  96. Laraine Calway

    She doesn't seem bright enough to get into a community college.

  97. Valerie Del castillo

    Moral of the story is your parents are crooks and so are you for willingly following their lead. You're an adult, shame on all of you. You may be able to buy designer clothes and buy your way in life but you will never be able to buy humility or class. So sad that some people are so poor, the only thing they have is money.

  98. Schlomann 19

    All these comments are so rude, she knows she messed up, she is human too you know

    1. Em & m

      So where is the apology?

    2. Long Shot

      She didn't mess up u dum*arse - SHE WAS A CONSPIRATOR IN COMMITTING FEDERAL FRAUD AND BRIBERY! She lied her to get here narcissistic fat arse ahead of dopes like you - and you sit here making excuses and praising her!!! Says a whole lot about your lack of IQ !!

  99. d davis

    i earned my way into college, on the track team and paid my own bills, your parents money cant buy you an education, personality or a good heart. you are losing so much in expiriences but i doubt you will ever understand

  100. Dave C

    What a pathetic excuse for a human.