Wham! were an English musical duo formed by members George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley in 1981. They were briefly known in the United States as Wham! UK due to a naming conflict with an American band. Wham! sold more than 30 million certified records worldwide from 1982 to 1986.

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  1. Simara Sabido


  2. Yellow Heart


  3. MrAkaalis

    Hard to believe I was born a year after this song was released. Experiencing nostalgia for a decade I actually didn't experienced, what a strange feeling....

  4. howzit3000

    Don’t forget pepsi n shirley

  5. Aishe velic

    Great song by Wham 💋💋💋🌮🌮🌮💯💯💯😢😬😬😬🤐🤐🤐😇😇❤️😿💝💝💘💘💘

  6. Vagner Simoes

    People , lets not forget that this is a video, not a a live performance, so his voice was changed according to sound engeneering that singers use in their videos...Live performance demands much from the artists than recorded videos... By the way, I am a George´s huge fan

  7. Aufderhartmn Chadwickudj

    Crazy to think this song was written by an Aztec god of fitness How did they not know he was gay lmao

  8. Judith Christman

    He looks like Prince Charming from shrek They actually managed to isolate what happiness sounds like.

  9. nancyglem

    You can really see George coming into his own & ready to go solo. This didn't look like a band called Wham singing. It looks like George Michael & his backup band. What a voice he has.

  10. Rosario Diaz

    Esta canción me levanta el animo!

  11. Owl City

    Rip George Michael

  12. Dennis Mathenge

    So the Aztec Strippers actually invented Christmas...

  13. Lainey Wright

    I love you Michael.

  14. João vítor Desenhos Legais

    A qualidade ficou perfeita.

  15. Colin Banerjee

    There is soo much love 💜 for you George - it's crazy!

  16. Laura Anguiano

    Guilty pleasure! Anyone else?

  17. Kink E. Sizemore

    0:21 “He’s smiling at you, Beavis.”

  18. Juanka Zarich

    George Michael R.I.P. Return If Possible...

  19. Shrey PATEL

    this is so good

  20. Alessandro Bianco

    Sound like Michael Jackson

  21. Putin Put-Out

    GTA VI(CE)

  22. Sophie 123

    It’s March and I’m listening to Christmas songs I’m sure I’m not the only one 🎄🎄🎄😂

    1. Vishnu SupremeX

      You aint🤗🤣👍

    2. Toby Vlogs706

      Nope me too 😂😂


    🔥 coment if you listen to this in march This video beautiful 1:38 🔥💃🧡 👇👇👇

  24. Owl City

    RIP George Michael

  25. Owl City

    Subtitles please

  26. ella martimo

    hey sisters

  27. Aidan Hartman

    Random Guy: Tested Positive for Coronavirus Random Lady:

  28. Dan Hunter

    It's just like when Bowie and Rono did Starman on TOTP... not! Rono could play guitar like a God, not sure if Andrew R could play - period.

  29. Diana Daniels

    This breaks my heart every time I watch it because of my Husband 1984 when all went to hell

  30. Millenium fall-con 2001 satr wars clues

    id take the shirley challenge.

  31. Hector Mann

    Maybe my favorite wham song

  32. issy 295

    Wake me up before you go go who needs bale when you got sissoko

  33. William Brooks

    I don't give a damn about the negative things people say about the greatest singer in the world. George Michael only made music people can relate to. He gave us his best that he could do and I appreciate it mr. Michael

  34. Raven Christianna Jean Gray

    RIP George Michaels

  35. George Parra

    This is a MGTOW song. Red pill. Before the red pill analogy.

  36. 발전가능성 100프로

    노래 넘좋아요

  37. Dave Annan

    If you are reading this on the 25th December 2020 Merry Christmas 🎅 I hope that coronavirus was defeated months ago.

  38. Tabinh Duc

    happy new year

  39. Alana Gallacher

    George Michael and Rihanna the best.

  40. مواطــنـة بشيــ.ـريــة

    Tik Tok ? 👇🏻

  41. Richard Marsden

    Corona virus will disappear before December 2020!

  42. 【Hirotara】

    *Wake me up, before you Jo-Jo.*

  43. Margherita Galli

    This song makes me feel at home

  44. Tony Wijaya

    Its fit for a Gay movie like Zoolander

  45. Валентина Валентина

    Джордж Майкл шикарный мужчина!!!

  46. F Hilo

    Sure !

  47. Pinesy

    _beep beep_ Oh that's just my gaydar going off.

  48. Guido Mista

    so this is why whamo was in the mansion


    This was. On my dad iPad and I love this song

  50. Gabriel Gagné

    I didn't know they were pro-life?! Awesome!

  51. emeraldgreenkakyoin

    wammu :O

  52. Linda Mcgonigle

    Beautiful man xx

  53. NEY SOK


  54. Birute Grafinina

    🔥💖🌸🔥💖Greetings from Lithuania!🌸I very love Wham and i very love George!!!😢He will always have a place in my heart!💖2020,march.

  55. Alitheboss 2008

    In 2015 when we were going to the grocery the whole entire day on Christmas ( before it closed) they played this song but also other songs but mostly this songs

  56. bryceskiilol

    Rick Roll Version 2.0

  57. Игорь Иопниди

    Кросавчик 👍

  58. Umair Ahsan

    I'm lucky enough to be an 80s kid. Love this. RIP Michael. And shout out to the wonderful Deon Estus whose bass playing I always thought made Wham! what it was.

  59. MotivationalMondays.tv

    Android doesnt have the clown emoji😔

  60. H G

    so beautiful...

  61. Natalia Alarcón

    When want to freedom of Coronavirus!!! Stay safe at home. Blesses.

  62. Martin Trimble

    I love this song

  63. Leonard Gajarsky

    Si slovak alebo duju spik yesngles ??

  64. Megan McCallum


  65. Cj B

    This song makes me want to choose death.

  66. Katherine Coles

    Don't get me wrong always thought that George Michael's was cute but I found Andrew Ridgeley sexy...he had this bad boy coolness about him.

  67. Aleja criollo


  68. Srija Potluri

    wish i was born in the 80s

  69. alex i

    Прекрасная мелодия и отличный клип! Дыхание Новогодних праздников.

  70. John Kulis

    Can someone please tell me what they said at around 1:11 or 1:12?

  71. Racsasa2B

    There is only 2 people The ones that hate it And the one that love it

  72. Esen Cuce

    Number one 👍🙏❤️


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 are you still listening every day This voice is fascinating 1:17 💟💞 👇👇👇👇👇💯

  74. george martin

    un deseo una frase que todavia esta en el pensamiento

  75. georoe michael

    What a talented person What a great man You will always be my endless love

  76. kamel ben meftah

    March 2020

  77. kamel ben meftah

    Beautiful song

  78. Arjun Rajendran

    He wasted the drink even if it was free...! 😁

  79. Cooper Lewis

    Why is this song so damn good

    1. Ryan Yanez 93

      Indeed, why?


    🔥 are you still listening every day This video fascinating 0:40 💜🔥💃🧡 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💜

  81. MATHIS Petrus

    He died last christmas....

  82. Kim Namjoon

    Por que el vídeo con letra oficial subió hace poco si la canción tiene como una década? :3 ♡ igual amo la canción

  83. LYQUIDSKY5000

    my hair is almost as long as his by now

  84. Aaron L

    they should’ve put this song in vice city instead of 5

  85. Strider Stryker

    1984: “Wake me up before you go-go...” 2020: _More like _*_no-no._*

  86. Ross Hauler

    People at school: he’s probably listening to some I some emo music...

  87. Eddie Newgate

    Wake me Up before you go-go? More like..... AWAKEN MY MASTERS!

  88. Youtube Torque

    When your black and can’t get hair like George micheal.

  89. ayngemac

    What does DHSS mean?


    🔥 are you still listening in march This performance is Wonderful 0:53 💜🔥 👇👇💞

  91. Kinetix

    Why am I watching this at 5 am? 🤔

    1. Ryan Yanez 93

      Indeed, why?

  92. Carmella Oakes

    Просто поставьте лайк:) Удачи всем в благих намерениях! 0% Bad Words 0% Sexy Girls 0%Drugs 100% Good Music and Talent

    1. Максим Орлов

      Я думол я один русский

  93. D. Banks Ronald

    Grand Theft Auto VI announcement 25th March Gta6.net redirect, so these will be the songs of gta 6 radio? Or smth like that He’s gay?? I thought he was American.

    1. Putin Put-Out

      30 march

  94. Judy Merrick

    forever George .<3 My all time favorite Wham song This my favorite song in the world!!!

  95. Wilmer Burger

    The 80's should've woke me up before it went 😔 I’m not a gay priest or anything but God damn this man is gorgeous and beautiful..

  96. Jacobsszt Jamisonfql

    Great voice and wonderful music-I love WHAM forever!!!!!! ...I was fourteen when it came out ...R.I.P George old chap.. oh shit a new wham upload though what's "FAITH 90'"

  97. Mark Black

    Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day You sold it on Ebay This year I'm saving my tears I'm gonna sell it to Amazon

  98. The Raul Guerrero G

    All it's missing Is Slayer


    Anyone here in 2020 😍

  100. Claudio Iturra Cid Claudio Iturra Cid

    El Partió ,,sin saber las tragedias existentes en el Mundo ,,como sufrimos por esta Pandemia existente que es Coronavirus 2020,,el Partio 2016 con su gran Voz de los 80 ,,,