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  1. troll

    I feel like when he put his first title on this song he was to lazy to put YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

  2. troll

    If u been here since the title look like this “nba youngboy- lost motives”

  3. Karson Kelley

    This song is fire 💯💯

  4. Desmond Auta

    Youngboy look tired

  5. Sector FN

    I can see my gta character can take care of himself

  6. IKEA King period

    This song is so hard

  7. RelentlessFNM

    “Boom bow pussy bitch don’t try to run now!!”

  8. Nathan Rose

    Go hard 💯🤬

  9. Joseph Ramirez

    I've Been Here Since Before I Go Album And Until The End

  10. fortnite god

    Top 2 song of the week it’s out of this or bandit

  11. Oumou Sow

    yall just ever listen to a song and be like dang i wish i came up wit ts

  12. Cory McCullough

    Trying make it through the headphones

  13. damien clark

    Go NBA young boy you cool at your songs

  14. Prince White

    You are that nigga with the ticket the same one with ambition

  15. Eric Thomas

    Long as music like this is being made I’m going to keep buying stocks in privatized prisons.

  16. ABG Gucci


  17. Gaming Person

    If u are a youngboy fan like this comment

  18. Ezra Williams

    I slept on this jawn at first but it grew on me lol

  19. Liz Hernandez

    Raw 🧠

  20. Risk Twin

    Sub to risktwin it is his cousin

  21. Micho Asked

    4K tray

  22. Asia Lashae

    GOATTT 💚😩😍

  23. Najla Smith

    Dat luh bihh can hypnotize mhee stgoddd!!!🤣😭😭

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  28. Brendon Morgan

    A man that goes shooting and robbing people is coward

  29. CR7 TV

    Who still fw2019

  30. Jumpmane Beezy

    Bitch you 2 pac for real!💯

  31. The Real F.O.E KJ

    There not a song that I dislike by him nbs n that's facts 💯💯💯💯💪💪💪💪

  32. Mercedes Dinnella

    Lost my girl to my mans please like

  33. Carlos Glizzy

    “Take me to a place I can’t imagine “ Had me hit my dance rq😂


    my grandma does better effects then this 0:43

  35. Christian George

    Brooo when this gonna be out on Apple Music though

  36. ツDAniel


  37. Ayrton Tapias


  38. Jaiden Powell

    Man this song hit

  39. Certified Sani

    If u a real fan of my cuz like down below 👇🏿💚💚💚💚💚✅✅✅✅✅🪀🪀🪀🚛🚛🧪🧪🧪🧪🧪🧸🧸💊💊🚬🚬🗝🗝🧸🧸🧸

  40. iNYSN -

    I live in Louisiana and everybody listen to this man its crazy

  41. Cristiel Gang

    I fuck wit young boy for real

  42. A1Cap0N3

  43. Anzario Ortega

    "You gonna let that nigga run down on me like that" 😂

  44. FendiFrixndly有

    Take me to a place

  45. Oso tha gritta

    MF find roach in Popeye's chicken sandwich

  46. LiveParkour

    These comments are actually cancer

  47. pesomario

    Song put me in my feelings 🤦🏾

  48. DeJerry Chapman

    When my papa gone im on my own

  49. Ronisha LB


  50. Team Kash Money Fashion

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  51. Demisha Wilson

    Hey i like your kids and Friend and your mom and your dad and your family 😍🥰😭🤟🤙

  52. Gerad Baughn

    Nah this rapper is crap I can't wait till he dies because he is a retard

  53. Georgia Ramsey


  54. tallo boss

    Real street nigga i en trying to feel no sorrow😤🆗🍃

  55. Tyzavien Collins

    Like to stop haters

  56. Charles Jones

    Who notice his hair growed alot sence he got out of bars

  57. tallo boss


  58. Kwestion 876

    Blessings coming your way next year 🙏🏿

  59. Cheryl Frias

    Been Here Since Day One🔥❇️🦾

  60. Shamekia Jackson

    That is my shit

  61. Slime Baby


  62. Shaina Grant

    What's up

  63. Charles Jones

    November heat

  64. BOB Fill

    Nobody: The floor at 0:43: eRrOr

  65. Kobe Garcia

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  69. CBK SETH

    baby girl i need the fan cause im hot now

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  71. kendra clofer

    young boy known how to do sum rapping

  72. Rodney Robinson

    go crazy

  73. AmxthystII

    Put on Spotify

  74. TUNESMITH da INFINITY Tunegate

    Tune it up looking at a bright star like a outer space telescopes

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  76. Datsyy

    Who still fw it ?🦅

  77. KhiNoLimt ._

    who else listenin in 2019

  78. Samari Swan

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  83. barry allen

    The people who dislike this song don't Know what real music is he purse his heart out in this song his speaking facts this song is 🔥 💯

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  90. YB DeJay

    I got some love for you right here young boy 💞👆🌐 have since day one

  91. Yonah Jeffers

    My nigga yb

  92. ninja rocket

    November 2019 👎

  93. Mark Romes

    Don’t click this By not clicking u will have 20 years bad luck

  94. Trip

    This song gotta grow on you

  95. Mark Romes

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  96. Dat Nigga

    NBA Young boy

  97. kyng perry

    these girls claim they gonna ride for you and have yo back but as soon as u turn ya back they switch up on ya then when u start not messing with them they say we in da wrong am I wrong or right cuz I feel I'm right

  98. James Brown

    Am I trippn or did they add some type of retro filter to this video? 2:16 and 2:22 I don’t remember seeing it with a retro filter the first time I watched this🤔

  99. Ghosts _Highsky

    I felt this song no cap 🧢

  100. jack john

    I like this music