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  1. Im_ Fox

    I think Mehrez is the savior of the city

  2. Andrew Kassir

    I’m a QPR fan but this was sick

  3. bella jung

    -_- de dont need you showing us riyad trainnnig we need him to play ... well actually you need him 🤷‍♀️

  4. LD- Huncho

    stones needs to train alone work on his defending!

    1. Osmane Mendy

      LD- Huncho you cant practise defending alone

  5. كورة ستايل

    mehrez 😿😿

  6. rrapy Playroom

    F por Fernandinho

  7. xNasReDine


  8. Goal Story

    NO mahrez no win that’s all

  9. Willy C.

    Pep is the boss, thanks to Pep we have the best way of playing in the world, Pep decides who must start the game. That's all. If you don't like it, go and support Liverpool or PSG. WIN OR LOSE, CITY TILL I DIE

  10. Kawther Dahmani

    Lionel MAhrez the best man

    1. Kawther Dahmani

      @diya eddine علابالي باسمو مي انا بالنسبة ليا يلعب كميسي ولا خير

    2. diya eddine

      ismo Riyad Mahrez ✔

  11. Dz Dzair

    Mahrez and silva = win evry time

  12. Youcef Ghanem

    Marhez est le meilleure

  13. hachmi benaissa

    محرز ففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففففور عليكم بيب

  14. Fajar Kurniawan

    Come to Indonesian 🤲 🇲🇨

  15. La Créature d'Allah

    Next match when ? Day ? Hour ?

  16. Ismailo Tonny Montana

    Mahrez start city win ... if not city lose .... that the truth my friend

  17. beark 1


  18. attaya suhadha

    Fernandinho back to first position as hold midfielder

  19. Alif Ryandika Nugraha

    So many cb in mancity team, why always fernandinho?

  20. attaya suhadha

    On back city need laporte, john stones, rodri and kyle walker

  21. Altaf Butt


    1. Willy C.

      Loserpool is total poop.

  22. kev

    sell gundo please

  23. خالد جزائري

    ههههههه ضحكتني الزڨية تاع محرز مع ديبروين

    1. انسان غريب

      مع زنتشنكو

  24. Serkan Yildiz

    Tosun pasa❤️🦅🦅🦅🦅

  25. Ken victor

    It's high time City move on John Stones,what's worse that may happen if Eric Garcia played instead of that overhyped for nothing pretender🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️? In the last 10-15 years no one absolutely no player ever came out & said they fancied playing against Kompany or even the not so great Dunne or Kolo or even Lescot. But how many times have we heard of even league 2 strikers challenging Stones,against the elite he's embarrassed multiple times,Falcao vs Monaco,Vardy,Firmino,Pukki,yesterday he could've stopped Zaha long before he got into our penalty area. Proper defenders transforms their teams not the other way round,Van Dijk,Kompany,Ramos & even our own Laporte. If it was Stones instead of Laporte who was to miss the time Laporte has,I'm 💯💯% sure we wouldn't be 16 points behind Liverpool. Massive changers needed,get rid of useless players in our team who can't do much for the team,with or without them the team probably will remain performing at the same level,in fact better without them.

    1. Josh Dolan

      @Ken victor City just need laporte back. E.Garcia will improve. Maybe just sell otamendi and get in 1 more world class CB. Stones as 3rd choice for a while.

    2. Ken victor

      @Frederick Eshun 💯💯💯💯% thank you at least someone understands football here,it's very hard to find a footage of Kompany being humiliated by strikers,Vandijk & Ramos as well.

    3. Ken victor

      @Josh Dolan watch Milan Skriniar of Inter or Manuel Akanji of Dortmund you'll see just how overrated Stones is🙏🙏🙏🙏peace

    4. Ken victor

      @Josh Dolan nonsense how long have been hearing all that crap about him😂😂😂😂? Stones is not what the media hyped him to be,how many times has he let England down when it matters? He will never be the Rio Ferdinand,or Gerard Pique he's crap can't defend can't tackle. The sole purpose & role of any defender in a football team is to win tackles & minimize scoring opportunities for the opposing team as much as possible. That guy Stones can't do either

    5. Frederick Eshun

      @Josh Dolan when you're a defender your decision making and timing is everything. But time and time again Stones has been found out by strikers. He's only there because he satisfies the English quota. We need to buy a better English defender and have Stones move on. He's not good enough to play for City

  26. Daniel Pennicooke

    😎😎😎😎🔥🔥🔥🔥❗❗❗❗ good game yesterday bro's 🤙 ✨🔥👌🤘

  27. Ayaya Clap

    Next match Mahrez in line up

  28. shakir apaz

    We are citizens 😂

  29. GLAD Gamer جلاد قيمر


  30. Footballer Joe

    Unlucky against Crystal Palace boys Let's win against Sheffield United and Fulham to make up for it C'mon City 💙💙💙💙. And well done Aguero you are on really good form👍👍💙💙.

  31. john Junior

    Jesus Aguero Mahrez should start who else agree with me👌👌👌

    1. xNasReDine

      i dont

    2. خالد جزائري

      Of corse

  32. Eliot Finnigan

    Give Sterling a rest and play Jesus wide left like we did against Villa. Maybe dropping him will give him the hunger to play the way he was at the start of the season.

  33. be original


  34. Twerking Videos

    We aren't drawing again We are winning

  35. قناة العاب الجزائر


  36. Oslo MGTOW

    1:37 Every North African knows that shout. 😁

    1. patrik rmq

      @Manal Blink 😅👍

    2. Manal Blink

      My mom shout like that whenever i do something wrong 😂🇩🇿🤷‍♀️

    3. patrik rmq

      explain me

    4. Kawther Dahmani

      @Dz Dzair هاذي حاجة باينة

    5. Dz Dzair

      Cause uvar dumber. Mahrez always the best. U stupide mind

  37. [ER] LUXRAY

    Hello love

  38. We fight til the end

    Win , lose or draw We are Manchester City We fight TIL the end #CtID

    1. We fight til the end

      But want the season to be over 💙

  39. algerien joker

    No Mahrez win

  40. Omar djomana Z_K


  41. Abdikani Manka

    Fack off city.😭😭😭liverpool is best, 🤣🤣🤣❤️👌👌

    1. Kawther Dahmani

      صاحب التعليق نتا مصري

    2. Inferno Tear

      Hi Egyptian kid

    3. Ken victor

      Why aren't you watching Liverpool vs Utd then🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Why are you here

    4. Eliot Finnigan

      Abdikani Manka Can’t like Liverpool that much, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

  42. 1,000 Subs with no video challenge

    Who else saw the crossbar of KDB on the free kick yesterday?

  43. Aarav Gupte

    We can and we will win the UCL this year!! Let's gooo!!! #cityzen #cityfan #Aguero #kdb17

  44. Jimmy's World


  45. Shashank Patil


  46. khensiii

    @people who already disliked. So do you guys just sit around waiting for man city to post just so you can hate ? Keep up with the team you support stop wasting your own time 😹

  47. dexter bro234

    Its Sheffield United not wednesday

  48. Aarav Gupte

    Come on City!!!!!!!

  49. Zubair Hussain

    Just want this season to be over 😢

    1. We fight til the end

      Footballer Joe Ik but it feels impossible but we fight TIL the end Let just hope we can get the cl but who wants to see Liverpool lifting the pl 😫

    2. Footballer Joe

      I don't because we can still win the Carabao Cup the Fa Cup and the Champions League C'mon City 💙

  50. Osman Bilal

    I recommend to become amember of this team

    1. Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks

      Osman Bilal thanks for the recommendation. I’ll just walk right into the first team tomorrrow 👍

  51. D N

    First comment Like🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼👇👇👇👇

  52. Obinna Cimbi

    Mahrez start = City win

  53. 김광현


  54. Valdo 6ix

    City 4L⚽️🙌🏾

  55. Adam Rachek

    Mahrez supposes to be in the lineup I don’t understand Pep

  56. Kasper Bisgaard

    Is it real if u early man city will reply

  57. Osman Bilal

    Good job

  58. Jahim Adams

    Hey guys have a good day

  59. Bilal Stanikzai


  60. Dylan Madden

    Come on bluesss 💙💙

  61. Miner Away


  62. シティが好きすぎる


    1. シティが好きすぎる

      sama it means second in Japanese

    2. sama


  63. Daniel Johnson


  64. Tarulo Gonzales

    En la seleccion fue un desastre uno de los peores de la seleccion .....aguero seras muy bueno en inglaterra pero con argentina fuiste siempre fuiste una piedra en el camino!!!!chupala tomuer

  65. Djaber Bod

    No Mahrez, No party

  66. Kriz Andrew

    Manchester le falta C.Ronaldo

  67. Jeesse Fabian Martinez Santamaria

    Ed sheeran...? 1:34

  68. sarthak joshi

    Why was Bernardo playing Bernardo playing on left and sterling on right ??

  69. Wtfhow

    some 1 explain why it wasnt a handball??

  70. Voyager_Giak

    I have never liked Fernandinho... Guardiola should have kept Yaya Touré. I have seen Fernandinho squander more games than anyone else in Man City.

  71. Hans-Peter Lerche

    Agüero : Yes ,we win Fernandinho: No

  72. some people

    Aguero saves the match

  73. Afif Efendi

  74. Nathan Ellis

    Bad score for City but amazing score for palace , City please lose or draw every game so Liverpool win the league and next season so Liverpool will have the same amount as you but city is my second favorite soccer team

  75. Shalahuddin Al Ayyuby

    Mpok siti 👎

  76. joshmcwalters

    Imagine when Liverpool lift the trophy they start playing an Oasis song...thoughtless choice of song here

  77. Muldan Muharramilan


  78. Klon AZ

    29:07 what a goal dude

  79. Amar Pradeep

    Was literally angry at stones but he's our guy,it's ok, he'll get better,we will bounce back.

  80. Felipe macedo

    Uau,perfect narrador and dream league soccer

  81. Abhishek Yadav

    Last one.was own goal.

  82. Frost line

    No te pueden hacer ese último gol por dios

  83. Farid Abdarahman

    This is not a team rotation this is a conspiration again mahrez since last saison....

  84. Muaz Hayat

    No lucky, but stay pride...

  85. Lucas 18

    I recup the ball and Memphis give a good pass

  86. Herko Demus

    i was seen handball but var not

  87. Lian Katakuri

    cenk tosun ❤️❤️

  88. Daniel Villalobos Quesada


  89. Harvey 10K

    Can always count on aguero 💙

  90. Federico Lupi Artista


  91. Air Masak Kosong


  92. Farid Abdarahman

    There is only one e plantation why mahrez is not playing regulary..... Guardiola and the People around him dont want mahrez to complet for individual prizes ...... Other wise how u can explain why when another player shine for two monts .... Became thé driving force to the team...... Heplays every game ?? Lastyearmahrezwas benched fo 10 games consécutif..... Because "he can t change Silva because Hé is the Best at the moment" if guardiola wasnt arrogant and injuste.... Same thing shoud hapen this saison for the case mahrez.

  93. 吉野北人


    1. Elheffaf TV الهفاف ⓵

      fernadinho mistake

  94. Hakan Sever

    Cenk TOSUN👍

  95. 조윤호

    Highilght 3:32

  96. boumaza farid

    from today your name is autoimmune disease. you build an incombatable team then you destroy it. what is your problem with mahrez. you want to show us for 5 lost games that bernardo is better than mahrez. either you are blind or you favor or racist or sick.

  97. Hüseyin Tok

    Pep: *has* *birthday* VAR: I'm about to destroy his birthday this evening!😈

  98. Abla Boudiaf

    I give a responsabiliti about this loss to Pep guardiola . Because he didn't make #marez in the tactical where #mahrez is good

  99. Manish Jaiswal

    Unlucky name goes to the Brazilian

  100. Ibrahim Çiftçi