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  1. khaoula faraji

    واو افكار رائع

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    ممتاز الحركات الفتيات

  4. Khanya Mchunu

    Lemon doesn’t remove hilighter

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    مرحبا يا جوكر 😂😂😂😂

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    She is mad

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    It does work I love it,🥳🥳🤧🥳

  8. Jana Abdelkhalek

    8:27 how to make your parents move houses cuz ur bored and wanna do something fun

  9. Melyss Atmani gasull

    On direr une couche culots🦙👙

  10. Margaret Ogboin

    5 minute crafts:this channel is for kids! Also 5 minute crafts: *starts pouring vodka into skittles*

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  12. Omid Noori988

    Week and the rest food

  13. Izzy Cablayan

    3:26 - Oh mah gosh that is so frikin creepy- I'm really really scared of dolls and that is just so so so creepy °^°

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  15. Joke Philips

    746ste liker

  16. Mundo de Experiências

    Mãe: Porque é que estão piolhos na salada?? Eu: eu vi lá na receita no 4 minute craft

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  18. Mary huSEN

    ☆☆☆Great job

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    Eu não gosteiiii

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    أفكار مذهل💕💕

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    I like this channel 😍

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    lays my favourite

  23. Yasmin Qadous

    Italiani che guardano la prima ricetta 🤮🤮🤢🤮🤮🤢 (che Poi a me non è piaciuto niente perché oddioooooooooo il formaggio

  24. Easy Fun 1749

    1:10 ‘guy takes women’s phone’ Me: “And that my friends, is why you do not leave your phone on its own at the beach“

  25. Rajveer Arora


  26. Delta Kirkham

    I did the caramel popcorn one. Word of advice: DONT DO IT. It makes the kitchen fill up with smoke and it burns the popcorn.


    My all time favorite chanel!!!

  28. Shanta Rahman

    I like this video 💜👌

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    10:46 omggg, so cool

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    Fryzury 755

  32. Mt majid Majid

    I am thinking Vicky is doing some of the hair tricks .....!! 🤔 9:21 I am right thats Vicky ... I am right .....

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  34. Lucky Dhawa

    Jai xxx

  35. Brittany Jean-Simon

    4:22 why it look like she peed in the water

  36. Yöü LOL

    im not doing a coca cola cake.

  37. Jason Pana

    Gusto ko too

  38. Tarit Chatterjee

    The dog could not sit it was so small for it ....

  39. 晨书可

    So nice 👍

  40. Ruby Sharma

    I tried the marker and water trick , it didn't work 😭😭😭😭😭 I don't know if this trick was fake or real

  41. K3LY4NN CD


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    2:00 dirty minds

  43. Leona Sarah

    Any mallayali’s 🔥 🔥 🔥

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  47. kreemee mandal

    Sjshsjsgsgsja uh vsjshshajajah so disgusting toothpaste in a wheel I'm so mad and so dumb I think that try to make us laugh but that make us mad

  48. محم ام.

    طشضعجلب دذ لعزنازس

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  51. محم ام.


  52. Farnaz Farin

    The coloured vodka thingy looks kinda weird ....

  53. liper , the best

    The video was more than 5 min😂😂😂

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    ca ne marche pas !!!

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    I also have a ideas

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    UFF In the Hell My Diey I'm going to try this

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    When I see recipies I think of food recipies.😐

  58. 5-Minute Recipes

    Guys, thank you a lot for your comments ❤ You're the best 😍 Love you so much 🤗

    1. Kirti pranjya Panda

      love you so much

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      You too (you're the best) We love you 5Min recipes

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      Same to you and we must say thank you for you 😊❣️

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    I am the one who don't try all of these 😂but also i love watching it😊❤thank you so much for making work easier and entertaining❤

    1. Sherly s


  60. Tanvi Rane

    Don't play with money

  61. sangarihits meena



    very nice summer hacks! 💜💜💜

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    واو تحفه

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  66. Poonam smart kitchen

    Awesome video 👍

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    Loved this vedio....

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    loved it

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    If you guys have new hacks so please make a video of that 🙏🙏

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    Nobody 7 year kids: FIRST

    1. Swifthacker33

      <3 🙂

    2. 5-Minute Recipes


  71. Dr.Mukesh Verma

    Don't you have bowl you use capsicum 😂🤔

  72. Dea nada Safitri

    And for blackheads or whiteheads on ur nose just use aloe vera gel+baby oil+olive oil,then massage it with ur hands until you feel smoothness on your skin nose then wash it off with warm water and put cold towel on it for 15 min.

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  74. 5-Minute Recipes

    Hey, guys! What is the most surprising summer hack in this video?❤👇

    1. Stephanie Murphy

      Rio Cccgggghhhhh Vgggbhhghhhhgggh Hhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    2. mary Myriam ツ


    3. mary Myriam ツ


  75. Praseeda Sudheer

    If they use a bit common sense they just had to f-l-i-p the spoon


    Love it stay safe and keep on working hard

  77. Dea nada Safitri

    Don't ever put toothpaste on the acne of your face bcz it's doesn't safe,it'll burn your skin,makes it dry and your acne will b black (based on my own experience)..after it I used to use aloe vera gel+vaseline to remove my acne or the acne scars and it works 100% for 3 weeks 👍🏻

  78. Mariam Sergiou

    1:06 I have the same bikini 👙💖💖

    1. 5-Minute Recipes


  79. empanada chan


  80. TaeKook’s Jams

    Like i can enjoy summer during quarantine

    1. Sherly s

      Nope I am dying in summer at home 😌

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    اول وحده عربيه هتعجبك اويي

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    Terrible life hacks 👎