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  1. XxGachaPuppysXx / dose tiktok and Lps vids.

    I hope you guys all change ur mind cause she breaked people windows and she got her kid taken away for some reason sorry Selena Gomez I gotten to tell the truth.

  2. Hoihkym Zomi


  3. Rosebert Discipulo

    Berta's Hit Chart 11/13/2019 Top 3 Last: 6 Peak: 3

  4. sueñoazul

    Soy el comentario en español que estabas buscando si es así dale like, canción más hermosa...

  5. Benedicta Terra

    please kindly check this video and hit the like button!! Thankyou

  6. jo.ey.manson

    Okay but this song helped me get through elementary school

  7. lhakpa bhuti

    let it go and learn that all emotions are painful.

  8. Seven Keys Production

    This is BIG! #7keysprod

  9. wArot

    En la miniatura sale con cara de cachorrita que pedo jaja

  10. Rowdy Ronda Rousey


  11. Rowdy Ronda Rousey


  12. Natalie ASMR

    Which so u like better?! Look At her now: comment Lose You To Love me: like Btw I liked my own comment 😃😃😃😃

  13. Cade The Myth

    I am going throw a rough time and this is the best song I ever heard thank you Selena Gomez

  14. ammar el amel

    Who lost Justin or Selena?? 💔

    1. Kimora Young

      ammar el amel justin

  15. Deni Chandra

    😭😭😭😭 i love you selena

  16. Amanda meyerholz

    Damn she looks amazing

  17. soso sosorushdi6

    i love you selena

  18. Luis Chollet

    This is one of those songs I wanna see Jared Leto cover like he did for Lady Gaga back in 2010. Like, it's perfect for a purely piano acoustic cover with over the top alt-rock/emo vocals.

  19. Gabrielle Rollins


  20. dark knudson

    It kinda okay but not most favorite songs

  21. dark knudson

    It okay kinda too slow and boring for me

  22. Killz _YT_


  23. booch65

    Lose You To Love Me, Hannah Robuccio Covering Selena Gomez @hannahsmusiccc #loseyoutoloveme

  24. booch65

    Lose You To Love Me, Hannah Robuccio Covering Selena Gomez @hannahsmusiccc #loseyoutoloveme

  25. INS-PI-RE

    I could see the pain

  26. Nadia Bonilla

    In late October, I enjoyed this song, clueless on the meaning. A few days ago, a best friend betrayed my trust, and they hurt me. Not only is this song for love, if could be about frienship. After my friend did what she did, I cried and cried, seeing her everyday. So I forgot about all the memories, and I never saw her again. Thank you, Selena Gomez, for this wonderful song. I wish you well.

  27. Noel Franco Yrad Moncada

    Selena Moncada

  28. Riko Hermawan

    Keep live up keep spirit life very biauty 😁

  29. Danil Sytnik


  30. Theronizer Thesecond

    The dancing reminds me of justin bieber and you remind me of a different art style of dance but same era

  31. Mobil Doctor


  32. faraz hossain

    Everyone: Selena Gomez- lose you to love me No one: Selenator- kill you to love me

  33. 5000 subscribers without any content

    Why is the video in B/W ? Why this earth is round? Why is universe dark? Why is hotel, Trivago?

  34. Silvia Robinett

    I went to one of your concerts I love you so much

  35. Christina Barker

    Two months... after how many years !? Married ?! No one deserves this .... absolutely worst feeling period. Some how ppl think that’s okay ... Let’s be real it’s not and mind boggling

    1. Jason Coulter

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  36. Vinny Lara


  37. Kevin Martinez

    lover lover verrŕrr

  38. Vinny Lara


  39. Vinny Lara


  40. Kvn Manss




  42. Luz Argueta

    I sang this in first grade in 2012

  43. Zihòng Jcf

    um um um, ava ava max

  44. Kvn Manss

    Te amo sel💖

  45. Carlos Gonzalez

    Hermosa canción.... Lastima k el Justin no aprecio a Selena Dios sabe porque pasan las cosas

  46. aNd I oOp-

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: will thanks God am single 😂

  47. njbvvyu gy

    Love you selena

  48. njbvvyu gy

    OMG selena is great 🇰🇷♥️

  49. TD B

    Does anyone actually know this MC Smook Wasser person that all of these internet trolls are on here on Selena’s GEsels account spreading the rhetoric? Never even heard of this person.. must be all of Jailey’s friends posting . 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  50. aNd I oOp-

    When she says *MMM MMM MMM* it was so adorable ❤😍

  51. Bond James

    Gloves gloves I need one

    1. Jason Coulter


  52. Joker Girl


  53. EddiTV

    Ellsh oll' aket Vol oll' ut Elcholêquet Vololut

  54. Joker Girl


  55. Emma Peters

    She is amazing

  56. Luthfiana Kumala Let's watch and like my video Thank you💕

  57. Not_Frenchii

  58. linda mic

    Soy de Ecuador Y Amo a Selena 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 fan desde hace años 🙌👏🌸

  59. Aaliyah Contreras

    2014: The heart wants what it wants. 2019:lose you to love me

  60. Hello

    no hate i mean i love you selena but when u say the "mmm mmm mmm m m m" you sound twelve. (no hate)

  61. Bree Pearson

    Her music always have at least 70 million views I love this girl and I’m so proud of her, even tho I know she will never see this.

  62. Armando Tovar

    <3 like love selena G

  63. Tony Tiger

    @selena really I feel u... I know ur hurting I hope u find your happiness in Life thank u for this song it really makes me want cry and crying is best way to feel anything good in life so thank u really.

  64. tyler brown

    I feel bad for Selena Gomez . but her life will get better and better

  65. Nadia Perez

    Who is that guy 😌

  66. Thalia Cristel Aguado

    Lose you to love me ... Beautiful song💜

  67. Libby Licious

    Took a few years to soak up the tears... 6 years later, okay now I'm over Justin. I can tell why it took a while to get over him, because all the nice thing he said about Selena, like you have such kissable cheeks would taken me a while.

  68. Camila Rosa dos Santos


  69. elizabeth g

    That smile 😍😍😍😍

  70. Kritverma Mahabharat

    Plot twist : This video isn’t about Justin Bieber and her.

  71. IamPardesi

    Weak vocals

  72. Michel Informa

    listen to november and december 2019? 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  73. Ricky Contreras

    So many colors

  74. Ricky Contreras

    Happy wife. Happy life

  75. devcat

    It makes me cry... she'd gone through hard time but didn't give up on him until the very end.

  76. betty-697

    Why is it always assumed that when a relationship doesn't work it's the guys fault? You do know girls can be complete dicks in relationships. P.s a guy wrote this song for her 😂😂😂😂😎👍

  77. Celena Ebanks

    This song made me feel so POSITIVE who else felt that ( don’t leave me hanging)😬

  78. 뽀치

    2:58 oh my god..

  79. Monica Camacho Hurtado

    It took me a while to actually write a comment, when the video came out, I watched it, when Selena had disappeared for while ,every now and then I would search her up and see if she was ok, I felt as if I actually knew her on a personal base. And her coming out with a song that lets her know she had burned down then built herself from the ground up, makes me know that even the hardest tasks can be easy with enough effort.


    Why am I getting all these 9 year old songs in my recommend, boy that I’m complaining!

  81. Karime G

    oh man, this song hits me the most

  82. Sonia Chassier


  83. majo clips

    La escucho tan seguido y ni siquiera eh sufrido una ruptura. Pero es hermosa ❤❤❤✨✨✨✨

  84. bae bri

    1:58 favourite part 😍

  85. PritikaGrg17


  86. A MontCape

    2:03 like if she looks life zendaya

  87. Imad os

    You know who is the most beautiful person? Read the first word

  88. Deeanna Kelekolio

    Damn Selena just wrote my life in a few this

  89. Ariff Hamid

    I would pay too much to see Justin's reaction to this video.

  90. Paola Gomes

    Julia Michaels song....

  91. Karen Lalapons

    Alguien que hable 💁 eapañol 🙋

  92. Tatum Malone

    hi selena your my fav singer love Tatum malone

  93. BricePurpleCreeper 19

    "MMMMMMMM" reminds me of mukbangers

  94. yarodi sip

    Si no quieres McDonalds

  95. JtQFp

    I like how the music video has nothing to do with the song XD

  96. Paula Griffith

    Very beautiful song of the soul. I know this song is about overcoming emotional and mental abuse by a partner who is trying to destroy you. And it happens to the kind, beautiful wounded birds out there. Sometimes toxic relationships can kill you mentally emotionally physically and spiritually...Thank the Lord you were able to get out and thrive. Thank you for sharing your pain and recovery. This song spoke to me as a woman who relates to what you went through. I was in a relationship for almost 17 years and it almost killed me. But I had to lose him to finally love me. Powerful song. You will help alot of people see there is hope and joy in freedom.

  97. Ellie Reyes

    “... And now the chapter is closed and it’s done... .. and now it’s goodbye, it’s goodbye for us..” 😢

  98. kaylin menezes

    I feel your pain, girl. I feel it too. 💔

  99. camo dread

    The awkward moment when Bieber and His wife are driving and this comes on the radio

  100. Suzie M

    This song hits to me on another level 😭