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  1. Jasminos88

    Featured with lil yatchy

  2. Soul Knight

    I think the skrrrrttt is the bets part It adds that humorous touch to it

  3. Javier Campos

    FaZe banks was trying so hard not to laugh

  4. America Gonz

    Or both

  5. NuggerSlaurer

    “G wagon I pull up like skRrt” that’s the best part... keep it up

  6. anthony gomez

    Love your song can you add me on Instagram it is el_flakol_flame

  7. Itz Raed

    10:57 song starts

  8. Tyrell Grant

    Summer ray

  9. Shotzzz _

    you sound like a girl

  10. Anthony Monforte


  11. Alan Alvarado

    make more music

  12. hardscoper 66

    Rice the goat dude fr

  13. Brian Yang

    Actual clock: *tick* Faze Rug: it was a joke i did it in 2 hours

  14. Zippy Man

    Listen to weasel Interlude by lil nil

  15. Clay Boy

    I love it so much bro like I get home from school and listen to it for 4 hours

  16. Roonie10Jr

    I love rug ahah

  17. Zamira Johnson

    shave head .. wow mean no would do that for a phone

  18. Justin Gamez69


  19. Gamers and Craft

    Is fire

  20. Albruins Films


  21. Drawrzy


  22. Gamers and Craft

    I actually the song

  23. TwoFools Productions

    Everyone listening to this song off camera “this is fucking horrible “

  24. Dank

    My rating is 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999out of 10

  25. Jesus Gonzalez

    5:25 the most weirdest conversation

  26. Alexander Cruz

    Everyone:I love your song Lucas:*ight ima head out *

  27. Jose Macias

    Young thug

  28. Oneida Mendoza


  29. K1n9 Samu31

    You should put ricegum featuring

  30. Alexander 17

    Rice gum

  31. Smokey Flawless

    put offset on that song bro

  32. Bilal Altameemi

    Dude I ain't joking but ur voice is fucking lit, like no joke u should actually start making music and not be an actual singer or rapper like make vids and still stay a GEsels and make some music, love u, keep it up


    at 2:00did you see a basket ball hoop

  34. Josh N


  35. Yanelli Aguirre

    Nobody: Noah: SKRRrRtTTTT lmao it a banger

  36. Ethan Guerrero

    offset should be the feature

  37. joe mama

    Faze rug you should do a collabe with 21 savage

  38. David Reyes

    So funny 😂

  39. M1sT Ty.

    He talked and you still threw him into the pool you douche bag

  40. Saif Majli


  41. Xxwolfifang xX

    This song is amazing like it's in one of my bangers because this song was dope

  42. NRC Pipo

    Make a music video with all of your friends

  43. Soul Knight

    You and RiceGum? I’d like to see that will go

  44. Angiebby

    Team Kaelyn ❤

  45. ImaReal GloMan

    I just pulled up in a lamboooo

  46. Yrc Cesar


  47. Brook Smith

    Lil tecca

  48. _01KA10_On IG

    Get lil baby on the ft

  49. Elisa Diaz

    Yes sir I love this song

  50. Alondra Cano-Cayetano

    It’s a good song tbh

  51. Syam Konala

    Why doesn't Offset hop on this...just a suggestion

  52. Courtney B

    Easy money


    Like nle choppa or comment for lil tecca

  54. Johnny Valencia

    Ksi and rice gum

  55. Big and Small

    Nle chopp

  56. Albert Rodriguez

    Lil mosey

  57. Angela Rios

    why dose faze banks always looks high

  58. Hasan Khan

    Song lo kee

  59. Insta SkAeL

    I frick with this heavily

  60. Emilio Saucedo

    To much auto tune

  61. TayDa Goat

    200% ricegum

  62. Ohh Drainzy

    Even worse than RiceGum

  63. Mohy Bos

    Get YG on the song

  64. Mariano Gutierrez

    Been like 2 or 3 years since he said he was going to make a song

  65. AwesomePossum gamer

    This song was trash, idk how people jam out to this crap

  66. Jose Escamilla


  67. LaloYt

    Rug drops a song and don’t know how to act

  68. EshayLad

    Too much auto tune man

  69. coffeerhyme

    2020: Faze rug is biggest rapper in the world.

  70. Nick Fonseca


  71. gaming with berserk415

    I thought It would've been trash.... But I was hella wrong the is a hella good song. FIRE🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  72. N I N C H A N V I S A L

    Music video please!!!!

  73. Oh Flaco

    Rice and blaze

  74. Nick _3

    Do gunna !

  75. Alii

    Imagine Quavo on this song oufff this would be lit🔥🔥

  76. Ninja Squad Productions

    😢😢😪😪😪😪so beautiful

  77. Triple Finesse

    If you ask Alexa to play this song she will

  78. Zachary Ham

    Gucci Mane or Big Sean would be actually straight 🔥. One of these guys on there would make this song a top potential top 50 track.

  79. Botella Sanoval

    rug always thinks the opposite of what his fans do?? lol like in every video he’s like “oh i thought i was gonna get hate”

  80. It's Frogyy

    What State I live in does not have a 99 cents store.

  81. Jeff Peng

    Cut down on the autotune a bit and it'll be straight fire

  82. TnB Lance

    Faze Offset , Faze Yatchy , Faze Blaze good features 🎶

  83. Ric ardo

    That was trash

  84. bertoe hehe


  85. A’Mya Hodges

    Chris brown should hop on the trap lbvs

  86. Billionaire Upcoming

    faze offset should hop on that

  87. littleD Channel

    I love the part when he said yes sir 😄😄😄

  88. Sundeyisonmobile

    Faze blaze gonna be lil rugs biggest fan boy 😂💀

  89. josh

    Shoulda got blaziken on the track too

  90. Diamonds Succc

    Faze boat feature

  91. Slimer Dancergaming

    100/10 all the way

  92. Joshy

    Get offset on here no cap

  93. subprofit

    the new t pain

  94. Joshy

    Make more music big dawg

  95. Deb Lopiccolo

    You should really finish the song and maybe try doing the oh,oh, ohhhh without the auto tunes.

  96. Young D

    Steve is high af

  97. Sonia's Way (Weird YouTuber)

    No one : Rug : I made this song in 2 hours *But it's actually catchy* Btw I also try to make positive videos

  98. ICookCereal

    I love her voice and she so cute

  99. oman HTK

    Please get blaze in the song

  100. IQ_CAKENESS Ec1T3

    Faze rug should date sommer ray