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  1. Blake Kaczynski

    Brian goes a mile into the tunnel Him: Ahhh Me: draw a pee pee on the wall

  2. Ry

    I laughed so hard when he was saying “ why is it by me ,why is it by me !!!

  3. Chille r


  4. Joel Nystrand

    Haha I'm can't stop laughing

  5. Jr

    First you’re copying miniminter and now you’re copying the sidemen smh

  6. Chuck Ennis

    Anthony is fat

  7. Epic Rival

    buy him a phone

  8. Emylet Colmenarez

    rug it is a go pro

  9. hh hihi

    Girls are Hot i Will fuk THEM Up

  10. Angela’s Vlogs

    Why are you guys shaming her like atleast she doesn’t look like her bc then ppl could get mixed up like what’s wrong with you

  11. Esin Idriz

    Theres no way those were 1000bath bombs😕

  12. Jake Schwartz

    when you copy the sidemen

  13. Norvin Diaz

    Rug we all heard u & u want kaylen bak

  14. Makayla Titus

    I didn’t know there was roller coaster’s at sea world I thought it was only sea animals

  15. Its_ Windy

    Omg you talk Arabic


    No one no one not a single soul Faze rug and mr beast spend:thousands of dollars per video

  17. 10k subs with no Bananas getting eaten

    Me: falls off the roof my mom: ITS CAUSE OF THAT DAMN PHONE!

  18. Samuel Raitan

    Who is watching on 2020 👍👈👇

  19. AmazingGamers1000

    Kaelyn gonna fuck this kid up later.

  20. Phizzi

    😂 she said I’ll swipe right if u buy my plan bs 😂

  21. Kukukittygirl 566

    I want to go on these now.

  22. Gizelle Vampress

    Tanya is a dumb one 😂

  23. jeff killer

    All these niggas ugly

  24. Tearfulaj100 Mata

    Derk lies about his age

  25. Agaj

    Who else spot the man trying to hide at 4:58

  26. Gonzo g

    Great vibes!!!



  28. •Miirshmellow•

    Can we just talk about how the dudes name that gave him a fast past is *jesus*

  29. Unknown

    Finally rug upload a video I’ve been waiting this

  30. Natalie Nova

    omg this is a plase off of cops i remember like woa that kinda cool but really creepy 😯😳😬

  31. Kimberly Esparza


  32. AmazingGamers1000

    You know Rug got beat by Kaelyn after this video😂

  33. Everything Ravin

    i liked the last ubjaver

  34. Joslyn Insley

    I am Takis right now and they are not hot

  35. Devon Delorme


  36. MegaOmer2

    Why she came behind a tree like scarce did 14:24

  37. Tahseen Faizan

    you look super bad on this vlog bad bad

  38. Keeva 101

    Dear God , please keep everyone who watches this safe Form any evil spirits amen 🙏🏻

  39. Mr. Koala

    2 stripoles

  40. ali al alawi

    5:41 not funny at all you being racist

  41. Brady Johnson

    Hey I only screamed once does that mean I get 10k?

  42. Claudia Guzman

    NO NO 👎

  43. Youngxslime223 Burton

    Put the real one

  44. Julia Livshits

    You obviously can’t go to cedar point then

  45. Kile Lopez

    Kinda not fair because he switch the game

  46. Rob Alaniz

    Point is don’t tell them these cheesy ass punch lines.. girls just want to hear shit that makes them feel good. Anthony knew what’s up. Compliment them but don’t over do it. And don’t talk about your self too much. Ask more about her.

  47. Carla Vazquez

    Go to her grave

  48. Riyaz. 14

    Do 10 $ 100$ is too expensive

  49. Farhan

    Copying sidemen smh

  50. Nova I Felix

    It sound like your mom tho, but I do believe it was ghostly

  51. MARDy

    Dude release a second part of this video where you guys get to swipe, we would love to see that!



  53. ALEX Rodriguez200008

    By the looks of Anthony it is worse than a tattoo

  54. Muhammad Mussa

    Plzzz keep updating on mike plzzz we all love hím

  55. Its Dante

    Hi FaZe rug trying to make GEsels vids but I can’t because I can’t test tic toc hacks because I’m young and have sisters so I don’t know what to upload

  56. Alex Coaker

    Hello tug I love you

  57. Justice Vasquez

    She has a big shaped head. She don’t really look like her!

  58. Hamza Khan

    100k subs is when I started watching u and u hit a million subs on my birthday!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  59. Cl4pp3d YT99

    Who’s watching in 2020 when he has 14 million subscribers

  60. Fraiips

    In Germany 100k would last for 5 years no work😂😅

  61. Editors Lobby

    Yennifer from The Witcher??

  62. Maz_p1ays

    Yoo rug got a strap😂

  63. Ushara Dee

    Plot Twist - They are actually their gurlfriends 😂😂

  64. Sebastián Gómez

    No hate but I think you are to nice

  65. Catblue Carlos

    2020 guys

  66. Darwin Cordero

    3:31 I will run her over That’s what I’ll do

  67. jazy diy

    Dear faze rug i rilly nerd the iphone 11 bc right now i have a samsung j3 and my birthay is cuming up it is on march 9 😁so if i win the iphone 11 than you will mack my birthay the best day of my life 😁btw if i do get cosen yhan you could look for me in Instagram at yasminarreguin0

  68. Nano killer

    Couldn't watch thru the first five minutes my head hurts cause of the cringe

  69. Cloudy XiZ

    وI don’t need the first hack cuz I already always finish my chips

  70. Catblue Carlos


  71. Cartii


  72. Circuit

    Davy couldn’t get a girl for shit

  73. raldyn aclan

    Face rug logo .. tatto can i in my ARM.??

  74. Milkyboy 204

    Life hack 7 sometimes works 12:36

  75. Jaylen To cool

    Don’t bring x up 😭😢🙏🥺😩

  76. Fernando Catalan

    You know what happened after this 😏

  77. Raquel Torres

    To my roller coaster ppl: anybody else agree the 2nd one was a baby ride? Lmao

  78. Aylen Padilla


  79. Myriam Kamara


  80. dalilah lawler

    This video was made on my bday

  81. It’s Ghost

    Omg bosley is sooo cute idk why buy I want to spuish his face like if you ever have this feeling

  82. Ada Rosario

    This was ficking hilarious

  83. grayson dolan

    the day i call in sick

  84. Hugo Wilcox


  85. The Crew

    You look better with out a tatoo

  86. Gerald Walker


  87. Dust Muffin

    Did he use the same intro as the last one?

  88. Exotix Yt


  89. DeadlyRun

    Hi, My name is Noam, and I really want to join the FaZe Clan. I really like the Clan, it's my favorite Clan. I am a really good player in the new Call Of Duty MW. And I would love to join, I would love if anyone from Clan contact me !!! Please!! Someone can talk to me??

  90. Dust Muffin

    3 videos about people breaking into your house?!?!?!?!?!?!

  91. nathan whittaker

    this whole vid made me kind of uncomfortable it just felt so awkward lmao

  92. doaky 44

    You know melina swiped right on rug because hes rich

  93. Exotix Yt


  94. Ari Goffstein

    I wouldn’t even step a foot in there, that’s creepy as hell dude.

  95. Scr1pta

    Faze are legit a betec sidemen

  96. Durr K

    Yo rug your wearing the same jumper/jacket Anothony tried on at your gucci store haha idk how i remember that haha love your videos bro much love

  97. Emmy Licht

    Give me my $

  98. Tejinder Kaur

    Bro give 1 to me also😘🤣

  99. AnyaSofia

    Hey what happend to mike ik it was a log time ago but still

  100. Puffle Waffle

    What do you mean hell no for the sage bruh burn it