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  1. Justin Cortinas

    Molly looking good , when she doesn’t interrupt 🥰

  2. Robert Jacobson

    Kobe Bryant's MVP year is almost the same as MJ's rookie season....except Jordan shot a better percentage from the field. That tells u right there who the GOAT is...

  3. Danny Garcia

    Can we get J.R. Ewing, to talk to Jerry,??

  4. Greysen Gagne

    Why do people act like Joel Embid and Ben Simmons are good?


    Ever wanna see them talk about the topic that ESPN writes in the title :)? Just go to the middle of the video every single time

  6. sdlatino

    What's going on here Boxing Fans?!?!.... sorry I got in late, Nuke.

  7. Sean Zadsalamat

    Cause he weak


    He has the most TDS from the fucking pocket..... Wth are yall saying

  9. BJ Young

    So being desperate makes u play better when had that ever helped the cowboys 😂😂😂😂

  10. toto maxwell

    don't even wanna read Stephen A Smith BS. He is such a scumbag

  11. 24HR MOB

    Were talking about joel?!?! When Ben Simmons stat wise is the 4th best player on his team right now? Lol let's talk about what Ben's doing bruh 🤔

  12. skiingrocks00001

    Im happy to see megatron is back

  13. Christian

    I can name like 20 QBs better than Brady rn

  14. drummmer05

    people need to stop hating on molly........... she's a beautiful woman who has every right to be a part of the conversation!!! they ALL interupt 1 another & have to find a flow & respect for when it's anothers turn to express something! ; but she does as well as ANY moderator out there. ;

  15. Ty

    Molly needs to go. Unwatchable garbage

  16. Baby Goat

    RJ is hilarious 😂 I

  17. Skillet Fan

    Kawhi bebeğim yüzün sadece bizim takımda gerçekten gülücek unutma

  18. Michael Xavier

    He should of stayed

  19. BJ Young

    Stephen a cowboys fan really

  20. G Lyle

    Did Jay say Simmons should be 22/15/10? Do you know what that is? Like, are you serious...he’s been in the league less than 5 years and you want him to just be the best player in the league?

  21. gorobot

    Molly the flow killer

  22. Ilya Borisov

    Stephon A. Smitty pronouncing Daniel Theis as "Thee-Is" is the reason why I can't trust a single word from him regarding the NBA. I don't think Stephon A. Smitty actually watches the NBA..

  23. Scott Hinkens

    Max is an idiot and has the worst takes (more than likely because ESPN pays him to do so).

  24. Steven Ellis

    That's why i love the pats n iam jet fan anything to win

  25. bythepowerofoa

    Didn’t he literally say he had trouble last year gripping the ball and now he’s used to it for why he was throwing weird...

  26. Tom Antrim

    Telling America the cowboys are America's team is the insult that upset most of us NFL fans and my hope is they never win again.

  27. Robert Jacobson

    Michael Jordan was a more skilled player than Kobe Bryant smh...I mean Kobe learned all his moves from Jordan lol

  28. John Billings

    Shut up Molly.

  29. Greg Bowers

    Jerry needs to get on his knees and beg Jimmy to come back and let him have a say so about the team he wants

  30. Brandon Beal

    Kemba should of been left the Hornets wasted years there

  31. aaron clay

    KemBER, GeorGER this man hates words ending with the letter A!

  32. Nick Young

    PSA: Kellerman was right, Canadian fans had no hate for Durant, in that moment we finally saw a championship ring, so we cheered. We knew it was wrong

  33. Benjamin Seidel

    Brady had times where he made no names look like good wr. And now, dont make excuses that he got no wrs. Thats bullshit. Bradys declining, get along with it

  34. prime time

    Did he make the right career choice no ... but he made a choice that was correct for his Family maybe just maybe a FA return in 2021?

  35. David Rosales

    Love Stephen A.s Knicks pain it's payback 4 his Cowboy Bullshit 😆

  36. Xd RorZa

    Look, Ben Simmons is my favourite player, he just doesn’t have the mamba mentality yet and he’s not aggressive. He’s not like Giannis, because Giannis is something else.

  37. Joseph Bowen

    That is so pathetic that he has to score 55 points and beats the Cavs by 6 , If he would have only scored 48 points cavs would have won by one , That is why he never will win a chip , His team needs to get way better , He's doing his part they need to step it up or go home in the Playoffs , and watch other teams in the NBA finals

  38. Hero Hunter

    It's Canada, we don't hate, we appreciate!

  39. Charles Cantave

    The man spread is funny

  40. tasoj

    Stop hating on Molly; you all wish your wives and GFs looked like her.

  41. Sugar Singh


  42. CorduroyPaco

    In all honesty I truly thought that the fans were cheering when KD got UP because he was okay, not because he got hurt. I may be wrong but as a DIE HARD Raptors fan, I was happy they didn't have to face him but was definitely NOT happy that he was injured. No one (from any country) should cheer when an athlete gets hurt.

  43. 4esthetics

    Best in the east: Giannis, Embiid, Kyrie, Butler

  44. Jim Benham

    Al Haymon is bad for boxing. Spence Crawford should have happened by now.

  45. Hamza

    Is screaming in the middle of an argument moderating? Molly please shut up

  46. Ben Charland

    Nobody: Max in every thumbnail:🙂

  47. Kritikal H

    Bruh why is molly still on this show... Her voice is so annoying. Urgghh

  48. fadethechannel

    I swear y’all just make up narratives as you go 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Freshy Jones

    Time to cut her off, she crossed the line.

  50. Gary W-l-o-t

    Donaghy had money on the Bulls to win

  51. G Lyle

    Ummm because Simmons is a point guard. Because he can’t just take three steps from half court and be at the rim. Because he doesn’t have Brook Lopez who can constantly operate outside the paint. Because Giannis is a better shooter than him so you can’t leave him wide open, you can back off Simmons more Because Giannis is a 6 year vet, and a 7ft guy that can’t shoot at the Forward position but still averages 30 a game....does Jay think that’s easy? To score the ball so often but not be able to shoot? And Giannis wouldn’t be Giannis if he got traded to the 76ers. He’d be great ofc but he wouldn’t be as good.

  52. Nick Young

    all i will say is that even though toronto is still crazy good, weve reverted back to the team we had before kawhi, and probably will falter in the playoffs, spicy p might be our next derozan with potential, but wont be able to push to the finals (right now)

  53. David Rosales

    KING KAWHI 😎 👍

  54. Gerald Deus

    Ben Simmons isn’t aggressive. He just like to bring the ball up and get put backs. He doesn’t even post.

  55. Robes Pierre

    GOAT !!!!!!!!!!! GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

  56. turtle4614

    It should have been a factor the second time they were caught cheating. Same treatment every of player,coach or employee for the NFL goes through. I remember a player being suspended one full year for weed because of his history.... same year Ray Rice got 4 games for destroying his fiance's face. This league is broken. Patriots legacy always comes with an asterisk.

  57. Jeanette Jacobsen

    I agree actually. Sean Payton get your coaches to prepare players for end of game situations. Pound it into there head offence and defence. They need to know what those final minutes go down like. They need to prepare to finish. Remember the year we won the Super Bowl, FINISH STRONG!

  58. Janjules PR

    I agree with this title. He went home. Unlike kd when he left okc for the team that beat them. Huge difference . Also claw got them a ring in 1 year

  59. Khaled N.

    Jacoby didn't watch the 3 mins interview i can tell from his stupid comments. Firstly he told us because the reporter specifically asked him what he engraved on the inside of the ring. 2nd, he didn't say i put it to remind me, the thing was edited ffs man



  61. محمد ابراهيم

    This man needs his own team . He can be dominant just like the freak in the bucks

  62. Moonpie Spotlight

    "Have you talked to Serta for endorsement contracts? You rest so much I mean..."

  63. Kevon

    Why is this a topic smh 😭

  64. James A. Segui

    Chiney is awful man, she’s the female version of Ryan Hollins.

  65. Feelz

    I would take Paul over Wade

  66. Michael McGrath

    As a Rockets fan, all of the comment section's crying is so beautiful to see. Keep on crying guys.

  67. tasoj

    Any decent running back helps the passing game. On any team. Gurley isn’t great, but he serves the purpose.

  68. Marko Polo

    Wait till we get all of our player’s back they wouldn’t know what to do against JH13

  69. A Steven

    Hearing America talk about our city - TORONTO - is nauseating!! CHAMPS 2019 - We love you Kawhi

  70. Samuel Tabares

    I like her, she is cool!

  71. Ruben Bon

    Did I see that title right?

  72. Manimal

    Molly has the iq of a grapefruit, talk about useless they need to fire her smh.

  73. Ben K-C

    When you need to spy on the bengals, you know your offense is cooked

  74. Manatee 7

    Stephen A ....biggest mouth in sports with ZERO experience! Someone should slap this POS!

  75. Ameer K

    Crawford only wants a big paycheck from Pacquiao, Pacquiao won’t fight Crawford since Pacquiao is the only one bringing money in and Crawford doesn’t. Crawford hasn’t fought no one yet except Khan

  76. Vibert Jack

    The other quarteback played against tjosebteams as well guy be real aquadrterback job it win games no necessary to throw the ball

  77. BJ Young


  78. Yashar’al’s Young Lion

    More MSM BS

  79. Abdi Balboa

    ... Tua, take zero chances my guy. Go pro, collect what ever you get, rehab and develop yourself. That's the best option for him

  80. FreeStyle

    T Bud... Epitome of a Champion.


    How Stupid...🤣

  82. jdelgado216

    I think none will win it for the simple fact they need each other, most easy assists from Lebron comes by AD scoring and most offense by AD comes from Lebron either facilitating or drawing attention to him, still, defensively AD should be a top candidate for DPOTY

  83. Keith Ratel

    How is anyone able to praise Dak’s leadership with a straight face anymore? Cam Newton light. Can front run with the best of them but what has he done to right this ship or galvanize his guys in any of these embarrassing losses that keep piling up?!

  84. DillyJ

    This girl is so cringe it’s unbelievable

  85. korlu01

    He’s never playing again. Ever. He’s going to be broke in 5 years then we’ll see how awesome he thinks he is.

  86. Carlos Alvarado

    Top 3 1)PG13 2)J.Rose 3)Zo2

  87. 1maddd2mackxxck 1maddd2mackxxck

    I like you Stephen A Smith & no matter how intellectual you are by propagating words on TV a lot of people don't know what it means Please stay in your lane because when it comes to skin color we all KNOWS what the outcome could be of you if the opposite folks of your race thought you were trying to commit a mutiny or you are perceived as a THREAT MAN OVERBOARD YOU ARE EXPENDABLE BECAUSE NO ONE PERSON IS BIGGER THAN BIG BUSINESS

  88. Matthany Fiedtano

    Unrelated: The dunk is one of the flashiest plays in all of sports. WNBA should really lower the size of the rim...

  89. tu green

    In 2019 same thing going on go figure lol.

  90. Drew 16k

    His sister and him used the same face scan😂💀

  91. Kevin Holdorff

    Cowboys better than the Rams 😂😂😂

  92. Michael Cassell

    We are happy yes 😁

  93. Adam Mino

    molly need to go find some molly and od no 🧢

  94. Lum Davenport


  95. Ben K-C

    Kellerman looks on the verge of a mental breakdown in every thumbnail

  96. Sav Harris

    Molly now knows this is her niche/act/gimmick... She carries on like that on purpose ... At least that's what I'd like to believe.

  97. s mahesh

    Mana tellugollu chudatle

  98. GiftofGab LA

    The Rams aren’t desperate?? They are literally just one game behind the Vikings who have the surging chargers the packers and the bears. I never pencil in a team to win a game EVER so may the best team win.

  99. Lit Ugly Dude

    Sound dumb af , the man averaging almost 40

  100. Charles Cantave

    As a man in Miami,FL there definitely needs to be more stories on the Heat & the way Jimmy is leading those boys