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  1. y bro

    pirlo and busquets are the greatest cdm's the world has ever seen

  2. iken e

    Good work by Partey, but the support around him was poor. Notice the high rate of turnovers by the players who received his passes. Poor touches all around.

  3. Viktorek

    Je m'en remet toujours pas de la défaite au retour

  4. Marcus De Villiers

    There was no-one in The box anytime the ball was there. We have two killers in Icardi and Cavani I was shocked none of them even played a min

  5. nightknight911

    too late mate you re fucked

  6. Venugopal Ob

    Piotr, do you agree that Herrera should replace Gueye in midfield to enable more stability?And do you think that Tuchel should have introduced Draxler as he links up beautifully with Neymar and potentially changed the game(He has done it against Liverpool and Real Madrid)?

    1. Franck Scyw

      Herrera is the baby of PSG tbh, btw he is injured again (without playing last time against bordeaux :D )

    2. Piotr Foot

      No, Herrera has no quality whatsoever, just a passion merchant Same thing for Draxler, most useless player there is

  7. Louis Nahon

    PSG should have played Mbappe right wing, Icardi striker, Neymar left wing.

  8. Cem Karabulut

    Can u make Fatih Terim's great tactics videos Fenerbahçe vs GALATASARAY ??

  9. bab

    Excellent analysis. You should replace Tuchel for the return game :o)

  10. Mirko Jons

    Hello Piotr! Is there any chance you make a Lewandowski analysis? Love your channel, thanks for such great content!!

  11. JusticeForBush

    Pas mécontent de t'avoir suivi sur twitter.

  12. Joell Macias

    can you analyze some f the Liverpool vs Atletico Madrid match just to see how Atletico were able to shut down Liv. Thanks the analysis videos are very helpful!

  13. Around The World With Football

    dear piotr i really miss your voice in analysis 😥 and please atalanta tactics😥😥 your biggest fan

  14. Angela Heinze

    Hi Piotr !! I like your video especially the animations , could you give me the name of the software or site used please. ? Thanks. !

  15. HyunSung Kim

    no silva, no verratti, no munier. Do u think we'll go through? psg fan

    1. AgtDogget

      HyunSung Kim yes it’s possible! But only when Paredes and Kehrer will be in the game. They did a very good game in L1 especially Thilo against Bordeaux. We should put all our offensive force in this game with a Neymar/Cavani/Mbappé

  16. Sheeperone

    More Dortmund analysis

  17. black man

    iniesta just knows when to dribble and when to pass. unlike neymar or messiwho would attemp alot oftake on to progress the ball theymay be effective but it can result to ball loss because of risk. iniesta on the other hand rarely loses the ball becase he knows when to do it buthe isnt that defensive who dosent take players on

    1. Gustavo Bahia

      thats why they were so good together on the pit

  18. black man

    glad you made the analysis. wasnt able to watch this match amd all the replays are blocked. my thoughts is in the coming ages it will be mbappe vs halland(if he isnt one season wonder) replacing the messi vs cr7

  19. Muhammed Asif

    Liverpool dont concede goals in second leg becasue of only douling messi continuslyy because they know their presing canot stope lionel messi

  20. Robbie Forde

    Don't see why tuchel didn't include Paredes or Herrera in his plans, midfield was obviously having a lot of problems and could have done with some control and (with paredes) more progressive passing into the forwards/let neymar get closer to Mbappe up the pitch. Icardi not getting minutes was a funny one as well, and Thiago Silva has been in shaky form since his return, got violated against Aimes lol Considering how many goals this Dortmund side have conceded this season PSG really should have created more clear-cut chances!

    1. Th3DEAD

      @Venugopal Ob Maybe next season when Tuchel will and i'm sure it will be sacked.

    2. Venugopal Ob

      Yes, that's correct but Tuchel should have given Herrera more chance to prove himself.

    3. Th3DEAD

      @Venugopal Ob Herrera is injured again and since his arrival he is out of shape :/

    4. Venugopal Ob

      I think the main problem was midfield. Tuchel should pair Verratti with Herrera and not Gueye.

    5. Th3DEAD

      with a defense of 3 behind including many out of shape because of injury and an attack without a 9 like Icardi or Cavani. The result is more than logic, a tactic not used this season and we got lucky to lose only 2-1 and not 5-1...

  21. Lucas Brezot


  22. Daanyaal Khan

    I missed you, man. Always with the quality content.

  23. Losmah mansur

    Welcome to arsenal best club in the world.

  24. JunfYing

    welcome to arsenal!!

  25. Kingo Joh

    Tu parles vraiment très bien anglais...🤭 sinon très bon comme d’hab

  26. Polo9794

    "Beurk" pour Bürki mdrrr

  27. Jérémy Mutams

    Les attaquants parisiens étaient trop haut et transparents. Mon prono' pour le match retour : Paris-SG 3-1 BVB.

  28. Vincent Veriez

    nice job nice analyses

  29. Ben Allen

    Love the soundtrack and the little audio touches like the keyboard click sounds. More great content- the best tactical analysis on youtube hands down

    1. Michel Schafstädt

      Ben Allen agreed

  30. Haashim Ahmed

    Will you analyse Real V City?

  31. Zain Jasim

    I love your analyzes personally

  32. Samy Sefiane


    1. Samy Sefiane

      @Ortolani Tu n'as pas la ref.

    2. Ortolani

      Mdr, yen a de ces abrutis sur ytube ^^

    3. Piotr Foot

      Ptdrrrr t'es un crack

  33. Kevin Joseph

    Does Ac Milan need somebody like pogba or busquets to dominate midfield do they can win matches???? Or is it because they don't use the available players properly????

  34. Karim Eloukbani

    Bravo Piotr Foot

  35. Rafael Morais

    How come PSG is so out of shape? Bad preseason?

    1. Hans Vader

      Neymar came straight out of the injury so his fitness lvl was quite low. Additional PSG played more matches than BVB so they were not really fresh.PSG played on Sunday and Dortmund played if I remember right on Friday the last match before CL. I habe no idea about Cavani and Icardi. I think this factors led to a more defensive approach by Tuchel. 2nd leg is very open and I expect PSG goes full offensive (4-2-2-2)+Verratti(!) and Meunier are banned for the 2nd leg. PSG's defensive stability should be decreased with it.

  36. Elouan Pedrono

    your soundtrack is crazy af, perfectly fits with your content

  37. Tactical KID

    You have just brightened my day!!

    1. Piotr Foot

      Thanks a lot man

  38. Jad Ghanem


  39. Barouk Gari

    This was a fun analysis of an already entertaining game. I hope we will get another video of the second leg as well. Cheers, Piotr.

    1. Piotr Foot

      thanks for the comment bruv

  40. Filip Kalisz

    >supporting psg

  41. hehe xd

    PSG is poor tactically

    1. Adrian Ziółkowski

      Tuchel is such an overrated manager.

  42. Rayan Chaouki

    What the hell is happening to idrissa gueye he doesn’t play the same anymore

    1. eZ kZY

      @Venugopal Ob herrera was injured the whole season mate

    2. Rayan Chaouki

      Venugopal Ob herrera is injured for the return

    3. The Football Planet

      @Mo Garba yeah you're right,

    4. Venugopal Ob

      I think Tuchel should trust Herrera.Unlike Gueye, he is comfortable in possession and is also good in defending.

    5. Rayan Chaouki

      Mo Garba yeah man but he really doens’t play anymore like he used to be. in the PL he was a beast. Just look at the game he played against real home at the parc vs now.

  43. Chitraansh Popli.

    Good video.

  44. Artur Pinto

    Amazing! The best analysis channel on youtube!

  45. Dimitris 69

    Excellent video. I would really love it if you could post an analysis about the game between Atletico and Liverpool. I think the way the Atletico players defended in this game was fantastic and deserves an analysis about the tactics they (the players) followed. I wish you see my comment and make it happen. Again, great video:)

    1. Dimitris 69

      @Piotr Foot Sad. Thanks for your time though:(

    2. Piotr Foot

      I saw the game and it was fantastic, unfortunately won't have time to make a game review though

  46. Carry Commentaries

    great video dude

  47. Wesley Thuo

    might be the typical french style tactics that he shares with didier dechamps, looking for individual attacking players to curve out opportunities from poor passing and having to feed of crams, while out of possession the team does not defend with intensity and as a unit, whereas dotmound were crisp with their passes, organized when defending, and great with their link up play.

    1. Wesley Thuo

      @Jean moule honestly thought the man was French. Germans don't play like that, they are more precise with their football.psg looked to sloppy with their play

    2. Jean moule

      "the typical french style tactics" made by a german coach ;) ?

  48. RollsReus_ MR11

    The 2nd leg will be very close. We need another very good team performance to get through, that's for sure

    1. Th3DEAD

      @simjo1311 I watched a lot of Dortmund's games and since the arrival of Can and Haaland, your team has been playing more balanced. The next match against the Mönchengladbach will determine whether Dortmund has resolved its problem of away games or not. But I am convinced of a great improvement in any case.

    2. simjo1311

      @Th3DEAD sadly we are dreadful away from home so i think PSG will have a field day

    3. Th3DEAD

      Since that match, we (psg) get more and more injured at critical post. At this rate and with a coach like Tuchel who said "i didn't see any problem with the first leg"... You will probably win without requiring much more performance that last time...

  49. Paul good

    Tu pense que Paris réussira à ce qualifier? au passage, bon travail

    1. Piotr Foot

      Oui je pense que ça passera, sous réserve d'avoir Neymar en forme

  50. Mike Fueshj

    Could you link the music in the description next time?

    1. Piotr Foot

      I don't know the music's names, just a "music file" I've got, hopefully Shazam knows

  51. MisterTracks

    awesome content

  52. Sahil Dani

    I have done a written analysis of the game. Would appreciate if people see it

  53. Ibra Game

    Vraiment tu fais du bon travail

    1. Piotr Foot

      Merci frérot ça fait plaisir

  54. Fut Man

    Excellent video once again. Always wait for ur video

  55. Piotr Foot

    Finally, a new game analysis. Everything is still open for the second leg, but PSG learnt the hard way (again) that you don't improvise tactics in the biggest game of the season with a squad out of shape. You can participate to the Piotr Foot MASTERCLASS and have access to my live course (more details at [email protected]) You can support the channel financially on Patreon (link in description) Thank you all for your support!

    1. horakhti2

      Piotr foot that's the problem with PSG. They never learn (they did the exact same mistake 4 years ago against Man City). Out of the last 5 years, they have avoid eliminating themselves only once, against Real Madrid)

    2. AgtDogget

      Very good work even if it is hard for PSG-Allez Paris

    3. Sheeperone

      Amazing vid

    4. Sahil Dani

      Which app do you use for the Analysis man

  56. Almin Alija

    I just want to know what do you think PSG will go through or will loss (yes or no)

    1. Franck Scyw

      @Piotr Foot :D

    2. Marcus De Villiers

      They can. Atleast they got an away goal but they have to really play hard at the parc. Worst yet we have no verratti. I just want them to play the team that's giving them success and stop trying

    3. Th3DEAD

      @Piotr Foot The worst being losing one or more players at each match played, like against Bordeaux. It's impossible to predict just the PSG squad, so the final result.. lol

    4. Almin Alija

      I hope PSG will comeback 😟

  57. Agung Widhiantoro

    Masterclass review

  58. Preetam Mukherjee

    iniesta, messi etc like to drag opponents to their side... opponents always fear them as they can finish every team individually.. class apart.

  59. viperRX

    I didn’t like cavani at first. I like Messi , but as I watch more and more Cavani, and of course he proved in the World Cup 2018 vs Portugal, he indeed is Top 10 strikers in the world.

  60. Chrispin Dambula

    Good analysis, but there is self-contradiction on his defensive role and need for great pace to lead counterattacks. Every player is assigned a role on the pitch. As a winger expected to lead attacks, you need to save energy for the moments you get the ball. I do not think he was defensively passive. He was just doing what he was told. Thanks though for the videos. For the most part, the analysis is objective.

    1. Piotr Foot

      No contradiction, I just analyse the pros and cons and every consequence of the tactics and his role, it's not as simplistic as "he doesn't defend so he can lead counters"

  61. Nam Phuong

    One year later and I still finds this playstyle is much more enjoyable than that of Mou's.

  62. Ctrl alt De ligt

    Only Ronaldo can stop them

  63. アンリケ.mp4

    omg, David Silva + Iniesta = Perfect combo

  64. Silvana guirao de galiano

    Make a Gallardo´s River Plate analysis!

  65. deng A

    Can you do jadon sancho analysis

  66. Danur Kresna Murti

    i just came here after ATM vs Liverpool

    1. CN E

      Atletico are so good. I predict a second leg win for them. They didn't even need to be at their best in the first leg and should have won 3-0 at least. Yeah I know Anfield will be tough but Atletico have been getting tough away wins against the likes of Barcelona and Bayern Munich in the Champions League. I believe them to be extremely hungry for their first CL trophy and they will put up trademark performance in the second leg.

  67. Benny Pazhampilly

    Guys never forget that who made griezmann a legend. In 2014 world cup he was a typical left winger . He started at france as a left winger ,he was a substitute for ribery. It was only ehen he played for real socidad . But after he joined atletico madrid diego simeone put him as a second striker who was free to move all around the pitch he played like number 10 at atletico. Diego simeone changed him from a typical left winger to a clinical play maker of atletico . Diego simeone is the man behind his talent.

  68. Kamaal

    EPL teams need to learn this from ATL

  69. Rob Tomlinson

    Helps with Carvalho being calm, and a ok passer. Only 2 Cdm in prem come near Fernandiho who is playing as a Cb and Ndidi for Leicester. But saying this Fabinho is the best CDM in the world. The guys unbeatable in 1v1 situations. Setien will bring success to Barca again.

  70. shoky shawky

    do psg-bvb analysis

    1. Piotr Foot

      coming soon

  71. TITUS 3V5

    similar in some way to italian defending of the past.

  72. Erwin Hutabarat

    Iniesta, favorite position, middle to left midfield. Small step dribble, short passes, cut inside, penetrate in to the box & great technique

  73. Peter Afflick

    Come to man utd


    Park the bus

  75. Jason

    It’s nice to see the genius behind football

  76. p challen

    Fantastic analysis ... as always! Just for completeness it would have been nice at the end to see 30 seconds or so on his post-Barca career in Japan... just to round "the ages" concept out.

  77. Sharath George M

    Hey Piotr! Been a fan of your work. Hope you upload match reviews as well. Miss those. Cheers!

    1. アンリケ.mp4

      same here

  78. Yesse Kindi

    Thanks its very helpful

  79. Mel de Guzman

    AC Milan's real DM is Gattuso, who plays just in front of Pirlo. Must have bamboozled a lot of their opponents with their setup.

  80. Hugh Bartlett

    Great work Piotr

    1. Piotr Foot

      Thanks bruv

  81. Josefina Severino

    Inzaghi analysis please

  82. Mr Yikes

    I dislike Iniesta but i hopped on here to support you piotr, i hate what youtube is doing to you, if i had the money rest assured i would have helped, been here since 2017, but when i got yhe money. I will be a regular patreon cuz i love ur analysis

  83. Around The World With Football

    atalanta gasperini and the most offensive football in italy

  84. Daanyaal Khan

    World class analysis for a world class player

  85. damic

    Do one about Guti please


    Dani alves best right back ...u can say legend in category of right backs

  87. abhinav rawat

    requesting David Silva analysis

  88. Super

    Incredible analysis man!

    1. Piotr Foot

      Thanks a lot cheers

  89. Christina Joseph

    @Poitr Foot Messi's transition from goal scorer to playmaking/assists this season. Please🙏💓

    1. Nicolás Cucchietti

      @Piotr Foot I agree, if Barcelona had quality midfielders like Iniesta and Xavi, he would still be the goal scorer he always has been.

    2. Piotr Foot

      He's just helping a shit team (collectively), nothing special

  90. Awesome 5

    The fact that people compare him to De Jong just shows the pure illogical in our fan (Coming from a barca fan)

    1. Awesome 5

      @Rijo Sam HAHAHAHAHA u the biggest dub...😂😂😂

    2. Rijo Sam

      @Awesome 5 laugh all you want but that was the case. Riqui's idol is Xavi but he plays like Iniesta and Arthur's idol is Iniesta but he plays like Xavi. People were talking how wierd that is. Frenkie is no way reminds one of Iniesta.

    3. Awesome 5

      @Rijo Sam bruhh...riqui was never even close to being mentioned to iniesta 😂

    4. Rijo Sam

      @Awesome 5 idk about that. There's been nothing like that imo. I've only seen Xavi Arthur and Iniesta Riqui.

    5. Awesome 5

      @Rijo Sam I'm jong is being compared to him...check the media

  91. Mankind19 Musa63

    Trent next

  92. TimPole

    He was a genius midfielder who understood soccer very well. No matter which director guidies him, he was always faithful to his duties. He was one of the perfect guide who showed the attacking options to others, As not only a assistant but also a playmaker.

    1. TimPole

      vybhav badri thank u very much

    2. vybhav badri

      @TimPole change it to "who understood *football very well"

    3. TimPole

      Piotr Foot Iniesta’s football intelligence! Sorry for my confusing expression

    4. Piotr Foot

      Who understood what?

  93. BFG 10,000

    Legend. Really makes this game earn the title "the beautiful game".


    Paredes > Iniesta

    1. Piotr Foot

      @Michael Adriel D. it's a private joke

    2. Michael Adriel D.

      Pass me the weed bro

    3. Piotr Foot

      Love u bro

  95. Rfqhkm Tiar

    Maybe you can do something similar with busquets later?

  96. dejun

    David Silva!

  97. Zain Jasim

    Why don't you analyze the matches?

  98. Patrick Pozzatti

    Alexander arnold pleaseee

  99. The MLS Zone

    Kevin De Bruyne next please

    1. morgan all u had to do was search piotr foot de bruyne

    2. The MLS Zone

      @Rfqhkm Tiar well I don't 🤷🏾‍♂️😂

    3. Rfqhkm Tiar

      @The MLS Zone no you don't "see it" u need to find it lol

    4. The MLS Zone

      @Bach Kei no I dont see it

    5. Bach Kei

      The MLS Zone I think hes already done for de broyne :) check the videos


    Messi Analysis


      @Piotr Foot Please


      @Piotr Foot I want to know him more 😉

    3. Piotr Foot

      Everyone knows him