One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

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  1. Elisa Voisin

    Finn 🤩😍😍

  2. Kennedy Logan Morgan

    dustin looks like such a smush in the thumbnail aww

  3. Mercedez Dumlao

    And now finn will be in a Ghostbusters movie.

  4. unicorn's lane

    No one: Literally no one:- Seriously no one: Stranger Things cast:- *dance*

  5. Zahra Siddique

    Aww they were such babiesss

  6. Dannielthwolf9

    Sorry spazm

  7. Husky Daughter & Husky Dad

    You guys should go to Iceland! Its awesome!

  8. Ellis Dixon

    Dustin: Sorry *spasm*

  9. Sahil Bhatnagar

    Everyone : About to die.... Suzie and Dustin : Never ending story... Me: This series is really strange ....😅 Missing Jim Hopper 💔

  10. Talks with Josiah

    These kids look sooo much younger

  11. Dina campos lopes

    What do children do when they are playing? Don’t finish the story... till everyone is safe. Power is with them to rewrite the future. Just like HK! 💜🕺💃💥👍

  12. mia

    hopper:what is planck constent? dustin:tUrN aRoUnD lOoK aT wHaT yOu sEe

  13. YaLLa Killem

    what time does it come to qatar?

  14. mia

    i LOVE dacre

  15. Bipona Mochi

    Y loveeeeee

  16. mia

    gaten:life finn:me 0:32 0:36

  17. Ashleigh Lehmann

    1:30 don't worry buddy, we've all been there

  18. mia

    3:04 hh

  19. mia

    iT's YoUr gRaNdMa

  20. mia

    a day,full of girls

  21. itstsh96 hu

    Anyone know the song that starts at 3:51?

  22. Yurkovich, Kamdyn

    I like how robin waves while Steve is shoving Dustin in the vents.

  23. BWG

    Dustin: *Bangs the table* Holly: *Aight imma head out*

  24. I am Hippo

    Ugh they grew up so much. Im literally the same age but they were so little in season 1

  25. Aditya Padval

    There was no need for Millie to have a nose job she was prettier before 😑😑

  26. I am Hippo

    Possibly a spoiler: An analyzing Virgo : it’s creepy music and shrubs growing so probably it’s going to be in Halloween season in 2020. So October. They’re aren’t hawkings but how will they be together you might ask...? Well I think Hooper will be in the hands of Russian Crazy man who killed Alexis and he tries to run away. Maybe new friends and he will try to find Joyce and go on that date on Friday 7pm. And basically everyone will leave Hawkings because it got infested or inhabited by another type of monster controlled by God knows who. Annnndddd maybe jus maybe Billy and everyone will be alive for some reason.

  27. Sebastian Alphonce

    The little kid saw everything

  28. Angel._.Avelar 57

    Someone needs to recreate this

  29. Celestial Soul

    A day... *_FULL OF GIRLS_*

  30. Ari Marina


  31. matheusFAKE

    Alguém aí assistindo

  32. CottonChxrry

    I will watch this until Stranger Things 4 comes out.

  33. gowon's domino pizza


  34. Vortex

    Why does Dustin look like bebe in thumbnail?

  35. Андрей Савченко


  36. Royal L

    Season 3 was good everyone was happy together and they ended up breaking apart and going their separate ways 😔

  37. metalerick 96

    what chapter was that ? I don't remember that scene :0

  38. RngPayReal

    I want to be in stranger things you guys are everything to me I hope you do whatever you can to keep stranger things up if you can’t thanks for everything. My name is Chris but I live in Illinois

  39. Aayushya Ranjan

    Mrs wheeler is a MILF.

  40. Gopinath

    She's like mini Mia khalifa♥️♥️♥️

  41. Fear_horseyboy

    El: walks down the stairs Michael: chokes on milk Dustin: smashes the table Oh sorry, spasm.

  42. ali akbar


  43. ali akbar

    Their neverending story ❤

  44. David Duxbury

    They all look weirder now.

  45. i'm okay :D

    * SpAsM *

  46. João.gamer, free_fire


  47. shay0190 shay0190

    Your mom's your grandma*laughs* It's your grandma *laughs more* It's your grandma..*laughs again*

  48. Potatolady94

    Just saying putting Will as an excuse to go out, is a bit... WRONG!!

  49. Coonz

    Slowly but shortly will get that season 4 trailer

  50. Sanjeevani Banerjee

    ThEY wERe BabIESSSS ♥️

  51. Mad Titan

    Ah u scared Holly

  52. Dweblo

    They way holly slid down her chair just like Dustin has me DEAD

    1. Tim

      Just noticed that lol

  53. Not xVexorr

    The humor was so genuine in season 1. It feels a bit forced now

  54. foopyu nooui

    No one: David harbour: it’s your grandma Everyone: Dies

  55. Marionh Lequin


  56. Radical Radiation

    Me, here even though ive never seen stranger things? More likely than you may think. Curly haired kid is a cute character =>

  57. AmmedWoflo


  58. Liam Miller

    Where's the FOUR

  59. • Erin the Potato •

    OoOoOo cool i cant wait for stranger things 4 next year!

  60. Olivia Pope

    The light on the left when the words turn into the upside down looks like it may be a lighter. And what does Hopper carry? A LIGHTER. Also the light goes out once the music gets dramatic

  61. arlyy

    “special assembly” ooo mom Steve is gonna be there

  62. brenda molina

    Good bye alexei

  63. Lorenzo Martin

    Nancy saying bullshit me coming out behind her and stabbing her back

  64. Eleven3AM

    Has anyone noticed the stranger things account profile pics are upside down now

  65. Uliana Juliana


  66. Uliana Juliana


  67. Flowmotiiion

    Every video i see about ST makes me think it's a teaser of some sort and i hate it

  68. KRAKEN Spirit

    Best way to earn extra money pick a old clip upload it and get views Don't take it seriously

  69. Ecem Bayhan

    Please come turkey

  70. Azan Lashari

    0:59 el was in the background

  71. Roman Bellic

    There’s so much clips and stuff of this show to the point you don’t even have to watch the show lol

  72. Hümeyra Balaman

    Come to Turkey please ❤

  73. Makhris Hashim

    0:20 for some reason that snort is the cutest thing i’ve seen from Noah

  74. Totally•Tubular

    Stranger Things: im turning 4- Me and my friends: 0:58

  75. Iommis Taquechel

    Miss you Hopper

  76. Yeet Yeet

    I can agree for all of us, WERE HYPED!!!

  77. Babita Patwal

    Season 4 will come or not

  78. Clay Soggyfries


  79. Έλλην-Retro

    Hopper is still alive!!!

  80. Lets Gamer

    so much fuckign food wasted

  81. Krizel Salalac

    no one: literally no one: Gaten:sorry,spasm

  82. letter bytes

    stranger things should be as loooooong as FRIENDS

  83. Emily Pandaan

    i missed thisss :)

  84. Golden bee Gaming

    To crazy

  85. vRifty

    Hope hopper is alive I was kinda sad when he died

  86. Golden bee Gaming

    These never get old

  87. Skinner 21

    Suzie is to blame what happened to Hopper.

  88. Amber Nicole

    Fetuses 🥺💕

  89. Golden bee Gaming

    Make season 4 please I wanna whatch it now

  90. Golden bee Gaming

    Stranger things will always be the best

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  92. Max Purvis

    Stranger screams

  93. Janta Graj

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  94. Akira H

    Have fun going to that Assembly for “will”-_-

  95. Jayla P


  96. Danica Jaramillo

    sherrif Hopper is alive ! spoiler

  97. Engineer Bodybuilder

    Best season is s1...

  98. Hari Hacke

    It's season 1

  99. Chazz Oliveros

    When is season 4?

  100. Pixelated X

    That mom's hair lookin like my lego minifigure hairs