One summer can change everything. Stranger Things 3 arrives July 4, 2019 only on Netflix.

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  1. Kar0l1n

    Joyce season 1: Where is my boy? Joyce season 2: What is wrong with my boy? Joyce season 3: *Why aren't my magnets going on my fridge?*

  2. Void ecsho

    3:38 how to revive a kid: remember when yours died and smack the life outa his chest no oxygen needed.

  3. Marshall Matt

    Song is about Red Army USSR

  4. BbqBoss Man

    Nobody: Hopper fans: "BALD, BALD, BALD, BALD. MY EYES!!!"

  5. Junior YT

    is it me or is it that I never skip this intro THE INTRO THAT NOT A PERSON SKIPS btw this is the best intro nostalgia in this thi

  6. Junior YT

    Can’t wait I love stranger things season 3 was amazing

  7. Boogemen

    "Season 3" Haters: comment😠 Lovers:like🤗

  8. JessePinkman

    Alexei fans hit like...

  9. Tina Love

    WHY is no one talking about how good he looks at 3:04 ?? UGH

  10. Ab's Creation

    Before watch ST I know "L" is just "L" after watch this I knew it it's not what I mean this ACTUALLY "EL" 😂😅🤣

  11. Vivek

    Resolution for Will: *FIND GIRLFRIEND*

  12. weird

    You forgot : JOYCE....DRIVVVVVVVE

  13. rubyyxtuesdayy

    mY nAmE iS kEtChUp! AnD mY nAmE iS mUsTaRd! ToGeThEr, wE’rE kEtChUp AnD MuStArD! Someone had to do it

  14. Hey it’s KADE

    0:57 - 0:58

  15. da guy

    Hey look it’s red guardian

  16. Lily Timmerman


  17. Xx SleepyBoy24 xX

    When it showed the glitch screen, my screen actually froze. Kind of strange

  18. Lily Timmerman

    No one: Absolutely no one: Me: examining the trees in the background 😂

  19. Lily Timmerman

    Thanks for giving me content while we are waiting for season 4!!!

  20. R E E M 92


  21. gatinhas e gatinhos

    Eu quero leisem logo

  22. Lily Timmerman

    The way that mike (Finn) looks at her while he gives her a makeover is the cutest

  23. R Rods

    Gaten: im in here! I can fit!

  24. Lily Timmerman

    “I make my own rules” Me: queen!! YESSS! (I feel like all the women in this show are my idols)

  25. Stranger Things

    That you like Will the most. Like in the third Comment on the first and second

  26. Geovana Cristina

    Melhor serie do mundo amo demais ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  27. nobodyofinterest

    Please don’t be as bad as season 3

  28. nobodyofinterest

    Please don’t be as bad as season 3

  29. Audrey

    The Demogorgon, it got me. And it did 👁👄👁

  30. .Fluffy.

    2021 sesson 4 was awesome waiting for season 5

  31. Your local trash

    Look for the gummy bear albums in stores on November 13th with lots of music videos and extras

  32. Fantom

    my channel trailer with this music. Check out) Мой трейлер канала с этой музыкой. Зацени)

  33. Trouble WRLD

    Bro I know it's impossible but I wanted to be an actor, and act in this series... My dream is to entertain people who know, like... I think I want to be an actor, 😂

  34. aly swift

    millie: noah is my favorite fillie shippers: 👁👄👁

  35. Tomi Cat - watch Tomi alone at home in July

    Bring jim hopper back!!!!!!! He is a hero. without him Stranger things makes no sense. Thats why i like Money Heist more than Stranger things. 🖕 (sorry for that)

  36. Felix Hepler

    My brother and I made a stranger things intro

  37. Hanna Banana

    i’ll say it again. HE👏🏽DESERVES👏🏽BETTER👏🏽

  38. zZ_ZoLaRrY_Zz

    ST4 : where will

  39. Sheepoo

    0:41 it was there 😳

  40. vampire fan 1958

    I wonder if the cast and crew of Stranger Things are big Neverending Story fans.... I also would like to see how would the songwriters and the singers of that song from Neverending Story react to this....

  41. GenericGeorge


  42. Craig Waite

    “Turn around” Demogorgan: i see you have chosen *death*

  43. GenericGeorge

    So much nostalgia...

  44. Abi linerte jimenez santos jimenez santos

    Soy la única que le encanta (tu abuela en ingles )😂

  45. Milena Kapusciok

    EJ no kurde nie wiedziałam ze byli w Polsce

  46. 하지영

    Bros the duffer bro when is season 4 and maybe season 5 coming is coming out I am 10 and I been watching non stop I know its coming out but come on bros I need aeason 4 and 5 right now

  47. Jaidicorn 7

    Me: sees Suzie. Also me: Moaning Myrtle is that you!?

  48. FrosT.-.

    omg, the best serie and netflix... crossover on fortnite duffers kkkkkk

  49. Beatriz Berguemaier


  50. Eli Chicas


  51. Que En

    Ancora oggi i brividi!!! Mi manchi 😭

  52. Gloria Santana

    hello alguien habla en españoly like

  53. Lena Nosal

    Netfilx: skip intro Me. Co kura?

  54. ShiKiy

    Se1: Demogorgon Se2: Mind Flayer Se3: Mind Flayer also Se4: *_Communist Demogorgon_*

  55. Not Karla

    how was this 7 months ago aaaaa

  56. Grace Custadio

    pretty much sums up the whole show

  57. Peppa

    KtO z PoLsKi???

  58. Creative Nation

    “Protector Steve”? Do you mean “badass Steve”?

  59. Jonatic_Directioner_Infinity4

    More like: “Jim and Joyce being a power couple for 11:42”

  60. Alessandra reign

    I wonder why demogorgons doesn't exist in our country cause its too hot

  61. *{Winged_ Angel}*

    *”b o o p”*

  62. JozeXpert _Unity

    Just wanna see the ahoy steve from dead by daylight, Like my comment for those noob3 viewers (or not...)

  63. Kaitlin Monell

    Instead of dad it should have been MAMA STEAVE

  64. Ghayta Houari

    I think she will join in the forth season


    those aren't dislikes they are likes from the upside down

  66. Enmado Roukuro

    stranger thing set in 1980's taking 1 year break each season telling story of sci fic monsters,dimension so by that logic we'll get a 'Stranger Things Season 40' after 36 years which will tell story of Covid-19 outbreak connecting with mosters etc.... dont mid me just bored in QUARANTINE

  67. Lavínia Xavier Silva


  68. Vishal Vinod

    I wish barb could return in season 4

  69. mills


  70. danelle

    i cried sm when he came back to life 🥺

  71. Gian Schnapp


  72. Nafel Iqbal

    They should of put the Soviet Union national anthem in their

    1. Steven Andrade

      Red Army is the Strongest is fine

  73. 《Floaty chan》

    Lucas is best boy

  74. Hollie

    Caleb: say hi Gaten! Gaten: huhh?

  75. Tudor Andreea

    11:01 *yeah* *it's* *a* *date*

    1. Tudor Andreea

      7:18 :3

  76. Lil Bacon

    Everybody fighting :will: can we play d&d Everybody:NOooOoOOoOo

  77. Bratu Mihaela


  78. Roshan Shrestha


  79. Kazzlove

    I wanna know when they will release ss4 :<

  80. YoungGuardianShard

    1:49 ngl, to me that would've looked good if they used the scene in the episode.

  81. Ridhima Gohiya

    0:32 Jesus! I fell

  82. Amit Prajapati

    Only One Question... How did he escape that last episode. If yes, How did he land up there. Complete Mindfuck.

  83. Running Hood YT

    Hopper is alive!

  84. - sunflower peach -

    sooooo..... nobody's gonna talk about why Millie is not there?.... no?.. ok.

  85. isna Dy

    Bring back billy 💔🙏🥺

  86. emres sevgi

    we are ready come onnn seaseon 4 come onnnnnn

  87. Paula Velásquez

    Im gonna said this in spanish ‘cause in english is so difficult: Todo el mundo habla a cerca de que Will y Once serían buenos hermanos, bueno...Once también sería hermana de Jonathan. Jonathan es novio de Nancy, Nancy es hermana de Mike, Mike es novio de Once. Que revuelto jagsjags

  88. Macmac Moreno


  89. Natasa Par

    Can they come in Greece

  90. mahmut sayar

    Eleven love mike

  91. Cartoonhill

    Netflix: "Skip intro?" Me: Never ;-;

  92. thebigbang778 yt

    Steve isn't the protector we wanted hes the one we need

  93. Laelah Marie Farquharson

    Girls:walk in Steve:what’s up

  94. Captain Marshy

    What about Minecraft Steve?

  95. seema nagpal

    I love how Sadie came to rescue Millie when her dress blew up😂😂

  96. bu reh

    I'm just here in 2020 dying anybody else?

  97. Memes Guy

    Peeps cringing 'bout fans still saying Barb is dead, but we just love a plot twist, y'know?

  98. sophie stuart

    who else loves Dustin's reactions to things it's so cute and funny @2:20-2:48

  99. yoandrip peluquer


  100. Adysi _

    Get the stranger things to fortnite

    1. Steven Andrade

      no, that would cause the great depression

    2. Loops Loopy

      No eww