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  1. Quinlan

    If Images are rendered then they can be altered by a human... Normally decision is quick but this was way too long... Footage and data should be stored for independent review... Seems easy for controller to pause where he/she wants the ball to be... Why not show an over head live feed in slow motion afterwards with no pauses

  2. Rohan Shah

    Here after he scored a brace against Chelsea

  3. Joe Ing

    anyone here after the bumming against chelsea

    1. The Pope

      me lololol

  4. Tommy Rocket

    The most under rated player that British football forgot.. I loved watching him play and the Brazilians loved him...

  5. Wayne Pearson

    He wasn’t wrong

  6. Jordylaird


  7. Paul Koryom

    Let him leave boring player

  8. Okwechukwu Nnanna

    👀👀Are you for Real

  9. israel alvarez

    He made Man U win yesterday

    1. lawrence a

      israel alvarez exactly what I’m here for. After yesterday. What an asshole

  10. jorge sanchez

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  11. Oscar Hanna

    First comment

  12. P Harrison

    ♥️ LIVERPOOL FC are by FAR The Greatest Team The World has Ever Seen‼️ 👑🏆⚽️💋

  13. UnitOfGaming Blue

    he us not a midfielder

  14. Joseph Stewart

    Coutinho y u ave be like this, I was also a Brazil but because of what he did to liverpool am so disappointed, stop supporting Brazil

  15. Gaurav Sharma

    Boom 😄

  16. 1k subs no vid sub to me

    Increasing unlikely lol

  17. Charles Amoakoh

    Sadio mane please back fast

  18. Lord Viz

    This channel is all lies lol

  19. Lump hammer

    typical fuckin yank can't pronounce players name what a fuckin dork

  20. splitzzBTW

    How is this breaking news

  21. Roger Seow

    Mo Salah is very humble and friendly Minamino sure can have a good and comfortable friendship with him!

  22. Mohammed rafi king sahaab love you

    Oliver good young referee full respect

  23. Henry bannerman

    Why can't Madrid make their own star buh always look up to other teams to that for them? They came in for Xavi Alonso and now they want Mane. They have a problem. Mane is happy at anfield, they cant fool him with money...that feeling he get from Liverpool supporters, Madrid supporters can't give him tat. YNWA

  24. Roger Seow

    Yeah Liverpool is on the top of the premier league table! Fabinho is right we will be lifting the premier league trophy this season!

  25. John Douglas

    Manchester United this is Anfield trick.

  26. Mohssin Ajaiz

    Nice video, be sure to read honest and real reviews for LiveFootballTickets on my blog before you buy. Go to theforestreviews. com/livefootballtickets-review/ (remove space before com). Thanks, Curt

  27. Gu Quinn

    Timo Werner Mybaby

  28. Andrews Darkwah

    Is a fake news.

  29. Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Martin Tyler A frustrated Manc

  30. Najeeb Haber

    Jurgen plopped am a real Jamaican Liverpool fans I would like you take off Harry Wilson off lone I know him will give you a big surprise for you and for the tame he already show what he can do

  31. Najeeb Haber

    We need Harry Wilson back in the side now he is a good young player. I think Harry Wilson have what's it take

  32. joz 99

    Lmao complete shite

  33. Paul Scott

    I think we need to bring harry wilson back and give him some playing time were we can assess him properly.?

  34. Lubwama Swaibu

    Appreciate bt music!!!

  35. Semtex _Elvis

    What is this video?

  36. samsabruskongen

    Pool fans are pathetic



  38. ΛHYΛRI

    Leaving liverpool for fiorentina u19.. Bobby duncan

  39. Zeinol Alfin

    You Liverpool Do Not Buy Other Players Addition Diego Carlos Only.

  40. Zeinol Alfin

    You Liverpool Do Not Buy Sancho Dan Mbappe. Buy Diego Carlos Only And To Maintain On The Back Line.

  41. william curry

    He is the best player in Africa but we are so shine about salah

  42. Zeinol Alfin

    You Liverpool Do Not Buy Kylian Mbappe. Buy Diego Carlos Only And To Defend In The Back Line.

    1. Mohamed Alawy

      Buy Bruno Fernandes and Neves

    2. Nura Ali

      This channel Fake news 😏

  43. Solologan UK

    HAHAHHAHHHAHA this aged well

  44. Russell Malcolm Hamilton

    personally, I do not like automated voice videos!

  45. ash unknown

    Joe hardy 21 years old put him on bench he has age n he can adapt

  46. ST Gerard

    ok we trust klopp

  47. hand betta betta local

    It truth news.

  48. Zeinol Alfin

    You Liverpool Immediately Buy Diego Carlos To Maintain On The Back Line.


    liverpool vs everton live stream 2020 live >> live-stream-sportshd.blogspot.com I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli per avvicinarsi troppo vicini l'uno all'altro

  50. Zeinol Alfin

    Very Nice You Liverpool Buy Takumi Minamino.

  51. Gu Quinn

    Simply this transfer would not be allowed not by liverpool his the heart of the top 3 team evan his the gel..it makes no sense so bobby will stay he will sigh new deal for liverpool why would he want to leave liverpool when he has become the world's best player at his position he loves playing for the reds of liverpool so big no all smoke his a 200 million player for me

    1. Michael Corbin

      Yup ...i doubt he will leave...that's why you cant believe someone named Dung Grin = Shit Grin

  52. Remi Sofola

    This is a nonsense, why spend a large amount of money on him when we have Gomez who is probably better?.

  53. NcXsio

    Niceee man! Keep it up!🔥 #GGMU

  54. Dom99 Warden

    Messi punch fabinho then andy robertson punch messi head at anfield

  55. Zeinol Alfin

    Jangan Mau Mane Ke Real Madrid Oke.

  56. Arlindo Gama

    I hate videos where we have to read

  57. Gavin Whyment

    Well this video is wrong it say Manchester city draw with liverpool no they didn't it was Manchester United 1 v 1 liverpool at old Trafford.

  58. SonnyL

    Fake news

  59. Subscribe to me for no reason

    Real madrid is so annoying

  60. Roger Seow

    Takumi Minamino is a great class player! His sale price makes him more valuable than ever!It shows that he is not coming to Liverpool because of money! He genuinely love to play for Liverpool wholeheartedly! Well done lad! You are so unique and special!

  61. Raymond Tulloch

    As a fan and a farmer football player i don't like to see players get injured but it's just the game . Lfc fan

  62. realnesx

    Madrid years and years ago could get any player. Mane knows the grass isn't always greener on the other side look at coutinho. Why would mane go to Madrid? He's a GOD at Liverpool.

  63. Minion Boss

    Fuck off RM

  64. Charles Amoakoh

    Am hoping everything will be ok to minamino

  65. Customer Service

    Arsenal drew 12 games that season... I don't call that invincible I call it a completely failure and not something to brag about... Drawing a third of the seasons matches is not a an amazing accomplishment it's an embarassment

  66. GreatAims Educators

    best of luck MINAMINO

  67. Kevin Foo

    7 pounds?! I know their transfer team is good but not like this.. 😂😂😂... Liverpool just bought a dish of sashimi or wat...

    1. Roger Seow

      Samurai not sashimi! Minamino is much much more valuable than you think!

  68. wardi liverpool

    Welcome YNWA

  69. comchien69

    For a fee of 7 pounds. Stfu maybe proof read first

  70. Bentley Bentley

    7pounds 😂 what a bargain

    1. Roger Seow

      Very mean to say that!

    2. Bentley Bentley

      Obviously I know I was being sarcastic

    3. Freddy Santin

      7.25 million pounds..not 7 pounds..

  71. lewis 7 winger


    1. lewis 7 winger

      We brought van dijk for 75 pounds 😒🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️

    2. Freddy Santin

      @Jerome Syed Why no one say Andy Robertson 8 pounds?!

    3. Roger Seow

      Money is not the topic! His quality is what Liverpool is looking for!

    4. Jerome Syed

      But he is that cheap! Where can you get a guy with his caliber for that kind of money in today’s market? 7.5 million for this guy is a steal.

  72. lewis 7 winger

    We didn't get minamino for 7 POUNDS 😂😂😂

  73. Omar Williams


  74. Max Sciberras

    What is that thing on the bottom right

  75. hassan yusuf

    Thnx for u information

  76. scouse EDL G

    Get a fuckin life u ginger little novhead hahah go an eat shit

  77. Candyman Mike

    Omg wtf negro?

  78. Candyman Mike

    Dud wtff?? You cqn do better music and edit!!!

  79. Adri Robin


  80. Holder 84

    Hello golden “Kevin “try to play next to “Cristiano” if you like to win the champion ✌️

  81. Gaetan Paul

    Liverpool don't care about what man u fuming bcoz the later got many positive decisions by var.Do the manu fans remember liverpool at old traford this season?Var +Martin Atkinson!!!!

  82. Galao

    PSG is not sexy enough, is a little bit like Disneyworld

  83. Carvalho Diablo

    Utter garbage

  84. lewis smith

    Why the fuck do you even bother posting these

  85. Roman Darius

    Hey, Liverpool, don't end up like France! Sure, they won the 2018 World Cup, but where were the white players at?

  86. Maradona 10

    Stick that result up your arse Charlie. Full of shit as usual.

  87. rockonbaz

    Bloody useless!!!!

  88. Satoshi Nara

    AHAHAHAHAHA one of GEsels's videos with an 100% unlike record ;-;

  89. ayman de junior11

    Hi first 1

  90. Martin Ramsdale

    Time Ed Woodward was moved on too besides some of the dead wood in our team if we ever want to get back to winning ways again

  91. charlie lydiate

    Alison is the best keeper in the world

  92. Keamogetswe Advo


  93. Peaceful Warrior


  94. Alieu Bah

    Fantastic player sigh him

  95. Raymond Tulloch

    Liverpool would be devastating with me in the team with our front three

  96. Big Abs


  97. Big Abs


  98. Alex Lawender

    A dislike for the Intro f me that was annoying

  99. Raymond Tulloch

    Epl and the FA cup and the champions league next