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  1. Kyle Keifman

    "strike that, Lord"

  2. Mr. Mealworm

    So we only get 5 episodes? That's lowkey kinda ass

  3. a_nice_frog

    Really excited to hear CFO Estevez’ findings on the Hollywood plagiarism issue. Let’s not leave out the China connection.

  4. Southernburrito

    You wanna know who's real good at business Big Tim? Heidi Klum! You should give her a jingle & an invite sometime.. I'm sure she'd love to pop in & give the show a few pointers. What she's got is all wholesome & helpful like broccoli & brussel sprouts! Straight Truth! & speaking of "The P Word", have you caught that Indiana on GhostShip??? Total twizzle saucer on my mayonnai my bre! She's sure sportin like a squeezed leach,,, super clean! Uncloggin that deception like draino in a pipe of Rrreal! Lovin it, dancin like a hot skittle tastin the rainbow my bre! Can I get knee jiggle on that scizzeR??? You know!

    1. Southernburrito

      Oh & Regulate Big Tim,, Regulate!!!

  5. Hart Russell

    I find it concerning that Tim has seemingly forgot his roots and didn’t give thanks to the venerable, but to God?!? Where would he be without the much needed cash infusion only can bring?

  6. Galvatron1117

    Adult Swim, your website fucking sucks. It sucks so bad. Terrible design, always slow, videos crap out half the time, auto play never works so I always have to walk back and reload the page if I'm doing something around my place and just want it on in the background. I'm sorry but I just had to say it. Trying to watch the new On Cinema episode live on my TV, and the player crashed. The site almost looks like Tim & Eric, but it's the opposite because it actually does suck and it really is clunky. It's the only site that does that, too. Everything else on my LGTV works just fine...but not fucking Adult Swim. Worst site on the fucking internet. Guess I'll watch Million Dollar Extreme on GumRoad while I'm waiting for On Cinema.

  7. Mark Siefert

    Now, what would Brock do with H. P. Lovecraft?

  8. Nick

    Flawless performance from Gregg, was sitting on the edge of my seat! 5 bags of popcorn and 2 bags of soda

  9. Blake Hardy

    Come git ‘ur damn land!

  10. Rukia Kuchiki

    House of cards refers

  11. Bessemer Boy

    And then he discovered the galaxy’s best cocktail recipe

  12. Michael Sink

    this is the dumbest shit i have ever seen

  13. Xander

    PLEASE reconsider your voice actor! It's terrible!

  14. Gaming With Tito

    All te he white people in movies

  15. aditya ramadi

    Ow mani hope that produce are real and also dep too 😂😭🤣

  16. Joshua Waite


  17. Jizzan Thepuss

    "If it's a movie, we're talking about it" ;)

  18. slashermaster28

    Oh god, I'm not sure if I should feel good about this or not, but I actually prefer this to the original song. I find the melody more epic.

  19. Jim Urbanski

    Fuck the creator that created this insulting piece of shit and fuck them (the creator) 🖕🏿

  20. Buggs Justice

    Time to make some chicken strips

  21. LegitMan335

    0:13 I died now 🤣

  22. Jason Voorhees

    Ki ki ki Ma ma ma

  23. Jason Voorhees

    Watch out marvel! Your next!

  24. Angry Kittens

    You may now address me as Dr. Angry Kittens, PhD.

  25. Velcranox Naziri

    Best part 0:34

  26. Axolotl Hamilton

    I was super scared when the baby crawled away,but really, She escaped.

  27. Phantom Xero Wing

    Rule 34 is gonna have fun with this

  28. Juan

    anybody else got the same feeling when watching muchdank? like someone cut bits out of context to make them say the weirdest sentences possible? like 2:09

  29. Robert Armstrong

    Don't bring poor Joe into this!

  30. InsaneFire10YT

    i thought this was gonna be related to the "who is getting the best head" thing

  31. yeezer beeter

    What's boffa?

  32. zak davin


  33. 1regit

    “Educates you in 1 minute.” *Video is 1 minute and 50 seconds long*

  34. The Cringe Lord

    Shit amazing sequel bro.


    Someone gonna tell them that the C-suite executives are not the "board of directors"?


    One thing they did make a mistake with. Saying mesogog was from mighty morphin power rangers. Really he's from power rangers dino thunder.

  37. Rohan Taylor beecroft

    I need help with my addiction

  38. Jim B.

    *I bet he's related to the Philosoraptor....*

  39. Tyetoobad XD

    He ruined rehab for me 😂

  40. Glip Glop

    Spin-off idea: Rick’s walkthrough of Roy

  41. WiltonKids Channel

    Wednesday the 11th

  42. Scoutdante

    They done Chef SO wrong in this, not gonna lie.

  43. Brian Johnson

    "Natural Breasts don't form a perfect right angle" 🤣

  44. Rob Ferrell

    eveb tho this skit is hilarious, i couldn't help but feel hilariously sad for the hiuse being tranformed. comedy skit or not i grew up on Paul Rubens.

  45. Skipper Nolen

    *Black is not a color. Change my mind.*

  46. Black hole With 10 subs

    The animation changing like every second makes me fell uncomfortable

  47. Jack James

    I'd tim hosted snl, I'm convinced he'd break it

  48. Ronald Marcano

    Get a new career man.

  49. micah price

    Did Tim actually make some good points on the Addams family shit?

  50. John Bell

    I’m pretty sure the guy screaming YEAHHH!!! in the audience at random times is eric

  51. ii_ Hannah

    *what's the point of making this video if Jim ain't gon view it?*

  52. Laura

    Invisible neck brace

  53. Dequizo

    I get the feeling Tim doesn’t like Greg.

  54. Chris Clinton

    Don't drink with every clown you meet triangle nose! Lizard man mixes the best cocktails!

  55. Ben

    Can i get the script

  56. Chronos

    Technology is better primitive things cannot beat new things

  57. Moe Ayala

    I feel like this whole video spoke to my soul

  58. daveh16

    What are the odds. I do start a new job. Joe is always there when you need him the most.

  59. CHEKO

    Wow, this is great! 🤯

  60. Pre-Packaged _

    I hope that whore Ayaka isn't in this.

  61. Omar Ignacio Silvestrini

    What the F did I watch? :0

    1. creageous


  62. creageous

    Where did it all go wrong? And why?

  63. Cailan Gulyas

    I need to try this right away

  64. super gogeta

    Is bad that wish was a movie?

  65. Christian D

    The guy getting creamed by the fly ball kills me every time lmfao!!!

  66. John Sangl

    Spongebob is NOT afraid of water

  67. Levelup Senpai

    Lol there’s no way this is 10 hours long lol but I’m here for it

  68. Treemarie


  69. El Foxy GACHA

    is the protagonit the alan tutorial

  70. Turkey Serpent

    His scream at around 54 just fucking kills me, lmao.

  71. Anthony Shearer

    Gregg just needs to SHUT UP!!! He's being particularly disrespectful this season.

  72. RonDangerSolo

    I don’t like how Gregg said “double decker made a big splash”

  73. Ajay Rulezzz

    Darth Vader's Tie Vader can't go into hyperspace, that's why he was flying around for 2 weeks to get a signal.

  74. nfldend501

    Drone strike immenite

  75. lol why do you care

    I was hoping that there would be more footage of this

  76. Kitkatgamer

    The title is a lie this video is a minute and fifty seconds

  77. anom

    I love this new business attitude.

  78. Helena Mion Contti

    Não consegui nem ver o começo do vídeo tava com medo 😱😨😰

  79. Nathan

    The kids laughing is the best part 😂

  80. Subscribe For no reason

    I think their upcoming memoir starts from the very beginning really. The triumph in their reptilian schemes is throughout. They are always thinking and are able to do things that take skill like making a complex drink with an exotic twist. The drink can also be used in the writing process. The most interesting part is that no matter how vast the circumstances get in extremes no one seems to care or notice. Everytime the scene cuts there are new people. This shows how easy it is to trust evil people as long as they have a kind of psychopathic charisma. When things seem to good they are probably the opposite.

  81. Loaf of Bread

    I am going to grow up to be a successful business man, thank you adult swim

    1. creageous

      That comment got you 1/2 way there.

  82. Stephen Obinwanne

    *Morty is 8 year old me when I saw a picture of a girl in a bikini at a barbor shop*

  83. Alt LYH


  84. Kode

    The one time anything related to Jimmy Kimmel is actually funny is when Kimmel is silent and other people are doing the jokes.

  85. Storm

    Another adult swim show created by a pedophile. Willing to bet this channel is directly linked to human trafficking.

  86. John Gonzalez

    Ah the music is perfect

  87. Storm

    Adult swim loves pedophiles. This is why they continue to give them a platform.

  88. Black ops 2


  89. Jim Rita

    The music at the beginning is so good wtf

    1. Jim Rita

      Where can I find this music other than here? Why is this so good?

  90. Storm

    Adult swim loves their pedophile creators. This channel is pathetic.

  91. Charlie Chaplin

    that old dude has some jenkem

  92. Chimpanaut

    But surely when they killed the Simpsons they should have disappeared aswel ....

  93. AJ tistic

    OMG I hate that voice

    1. creageous

      You can get a degree in that.

  94. M&M_RatPack

    Fuck you Fred!

  95. twistedsilver01

    37:29 "a new dawn of civilization will begin" Fucking Civilization VI Gathering Storm logo, LOL

  96. Pre-Packaged _

    "I think this is the start of a great franchise."

  97. Devyn Tucker

    Mario Kart on an "X-Box" that is straight up some shitty PC with odd lighting?

  98. TITAN#heart_SNK YEEYEE

    The dinosaur is my spirt animal

  99. Eric Russell

    My city!! Love it!!! Traffic is very shitty tho