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  1. Rng Vortex

    Who else didn't notice that one of the brothers played in Jumanji

  2. adhi shakthi


  3. Bad Liar

    Wtf it's been a year!!!?

  4. Sixfly 634

    thanks to triple-q i cant hear this normally.

  5. Aashish Tiwaari

    I love it

  6. Sophia Louvring

    Why they so thicc for tho

  7. Danny Hanny

    CEO’s of putting their wives in a music video

  8. Brandi Dunham

    If I could ask God for him...this would be the song.. 😉😘😍

  9. Mannu

    I am here for Priyanka😍

  10. Fiery Gamer

    Make them rap

  11. Caeden Bremer

    Can we talk about Brendon Urie’s face when he saw Kevin with the guitar

  12. Laura Shoemaker

    loved it .. everything about it...best song..hands down by this cute , juvenile band boys or whatever they're called...boy bands that's it!! lol

  13. hey u

    Is it just me or do the Jonas brothers sound similar

  14. Ciiplex


  15. Justin Zepplin

    Best part it’s all their wives buncha good fellas and some very lucky women this video was worth watching I think I’ll watch it again

  16. Jordan Synakowski

    Holy fuck I hear this song everyday at work and I had no idea that it was the Jonas bros😂😂😂it's low-key catchy tho💯💯💯

  17. l4linh4

    2020 e essa música ainda tem efeito em mim! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Dark _IDK

    It was made 1 year ago and is still a live chat

  19. HamzatheFarhat

    During quarantine just “Hold on.” - Jonas Brother

  20. Everly Johning


  21. クスノキ


  22. Kevin Stanislawski

    This is some catchy ass shit, good job, sir!

  23. Alert Culture

    Does this guy got no pansh

  24. G

    I expected to see a lot more busted comments

  25. One.Click Alternative

    I like how the lyrics in the video don't fully match the ones in the description

  26. Uncivilized Boy

    Where is DNCE now ?? 😌

  27. May Marwein

    The pop culture references here are so cool

  28. YOSS SourPatchKid

    Triple-Q Brought me here

  29. viriya mar


  30. Plays Hrijesh

    Do i only see Priyanka Chopra in 0:55?

  31. Lorena Ortega

    Vine por la cuarentena :)

  32. Aisha Montaz

    nick got better thighs then his wife.

  33. Luciana Diaz Velez

    Con tal de que canten los jonas esta cancion, me decreto en navidad permanente jaja

  34. BullterriersRock

    When Joe says Post Malone.. My Joe heart 😊

  35. Blandkhalel Khalel Bland

    New songs ft David guetta

  36. jeremiah garza


  37. Rachel Berube

    I'm 44 and I couldn't stand the Jonas brother when my kids were listening to them, but than they grew up. Yum. 😆

  38. Inda Runtulalo

    Thissss song is everythinggg

  39. Braai !

    Quarantine party!

  40. Brandi Dunham

    "Your body has other plans" 😍😘😉 Body language doesn't lie. 😘

  41. Shayne A.

    Their wives are such godesses

  42. Baile Biddle


  43. Baile Biddle


  44. Baile Biddle


  45. Baile Biddle


  46. Baile Biddle


  47. Abbey Stark

    No one: Dog:I'm done now. Can in leave?

  48. Marcus Hendriksen

    The main singer kinda looks like Littlefinger's younger brother

  49. Joshua Vlogs

    Kevin seemed to be enjoying himself!!

  50. Lasse Pleb

    Is Nicks guitar even turned on? Haha.

  51. Kayla Ngo

    The bathtub scene and the outfits are awesome, but I think the corgis are the best part. Pretty sure that’s just me tho

  52. Emma Williams

    I hate Sophie Turner and she is married to my favourite member

  53. Emma Williams

    Wtf, I swear I just saw Tess, Ella, and Oliver the bus driver from camp rock I'm not even a minute into the music video Edit: and Selena is in this!

  54. Johnnae Davis

    This song represents school😂😂

  55. Oleksii Iarotskyi

    80 disco is back

  56. Fabiola Macias

    I love this song ❤️💙

  57. Princess Solace

    Who else is here from the future and still jamming?

  58. Princess Solace

    Jonas Brothers wrecking music video chicks careers because they got hot wives 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 And I stan❤️

  59. Theresa Hourigan

    This an old song but still played a lot. Theresa Hourigan

  60. Lara

    I love Kevin’s hair😍

  61. Lara

    Kevin and Danielle’s kiss is so cute in this, I love them two🥰

  62. Lara

    The all look amazing but Kevin’s fashion sense is incredible😍🤩

  63. I like paper towels

    He looks like a 13 year old

  64. Lester Soriano

    April 4, 2020 4:10 am Can't sleep

  65. Unknow

    She stickin' to you

  66. prettybabyface105

    It's the best seeing their personalities, Kevin is always going to be the quite goofy brother, nick is always going to have that little bit of awkward in him still and Joe, is special lol. Hes always going to be the front attention man until he dies 😂

  67. Mary Mendoza


  68. Federico Toledo

    Ralph Macchio??? 1:37

  69. Mikaa La Morochaa

    Alguien mas que no se cansa de escucharla?.. Porque a mi nooo... La amoo💕

  70. Angelica Gutierrez

    So cute omg

  71. Sara Bernardes

    Amo mais que chocolate 🇧🇷❤

  72. Okay Chittanaphanh

    Love joe😍

  73. Safiyah Coffey


  74. SpeedyBlueDemon

    This song is so cute

  75. thievon francois

    Please listen my daughter cover gesels.info/video/video/ZK2JiZmVpqSFzIc.html

  76. RainbowDreams30

    Let’s just say they have good taste in women

  77. T Dog

    Okay but why would they think their great granddaughter would be still alive. This is like Almost 1000 years from now

  78. sof spn

    either way, the Jonas Brothers can't break up, they'reBROTHERS

  79. Hancsiki Stefan

    I am seriously not a fan of boy bands, maybe it's because I'm old and boring, but his song is just too cool. On the Bruno Mars style

  80. Aiden putnam

    Dear Jonas Brothers my favorite song about your 3 is sucker.

  81. Roberto Luis Del Rosario

    I feel like Kevins not really playing? I dont know how he'd feel about that.

  82. Jessica Pessoa

    Nostalgia 🥺♥️

  83. soul

    ahh is this a music for a movie or something jonas brothers:welkom in hollywood

  84. gunnA kartel

    Ok Alex Parrish

  85. Ștefan E.

    I created a Haribo Concert, to show that anyone can be creative at home. Together, we can fight Coronavirus.

  86. Alexis Dolin

    I'll be a model

  87. Alexis Dolin

    Made 4 days before my birthday

  88. danfred vanwyk

    Kenvin is the President and dani the first lady.

  89. Diosa bella

    Quien 2020 que le sigue gustando esta canción???!!!

  90. Sandra Fernández

    Nuevo con etiqueta para que yo le dije que no sabes cuánto

  91. Sandra Fernández

    Ole tus comentarios

  92. Amy Crossley

    THis is so funny

  93. Nancy Monroe

    Guilty pleasure!! 😍😍

  94. Amy Crossley

    i love this songs go Jonas Brothers

  95. gay boi

    we need more of kevin. thats all im saying

  96. Javier Gonzalez Galhac

    I love this song

  97. Daisy R.

    This has to be one of their best performances 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️

  98. Βίβιαν Κάβουρα

    Omg I love this 🎤 song

  99. Hannah Rothwell


  100. Music Station

    LOVE YOUR SONGS JOE I have a question Do you remember AYDEN ? Please coment and see his channel