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  1. monique mcclam

    You guys are awesome no matter what was said or felt in the past. Stick together no matter what family is every thing. I love this married life for you guys and best prayer to you guys and your families enjoy life and continue to have fun. This style of music is what we need in life love you guys.

  2. Lincoln Bingham

    Anyone count how many times Joe fixed his hair

  3. ChelseaDreamBig

    i love how they incorporate their wives into the music videos. It's the best.

  4. Mel González

    Me encanta

  5. 김민용

    Am I the only one that thinks this is so similar to Footloose?

  6. Etho :

    I’ve finally found this song

  7. Edith Zavala

    Is that the Karate Kid at 1:37 by nick??!?

  8. Tongpang Jamir

    Shit the first part 😂😆

  9. Hari Haraprabu

    Am i the only one who thinks that this sounds similar to “Feel it still ft.portugal”?

  10. Sana Sardonyx

    ty james

  11. Bannyn

    The wives are the best part of the videos now lol

  12. Maria Dolores Guzman

    Yes, they used to be the Jonas Brothers before The Jonas Wives.

  13. Lucy Spiers

    My favourite song so much

  14. Baile Biddle


  15. Baile Biddle


  16. Baile Biddle


  17. The Crave House

    My childhood was built here

  18. Baile Biddle


  19. Dulce Star

    Me encanta! 🎶🎧

  20. Sofia Guadalupe Sanchez Cruz

    Mis bebes

  21. wolf

    This is weird

  22. Majo Velásquez

    1:18 did he say 'Dildos'? :v

  23. Adriana Campos

    I love Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas and kevin jonas

  24. Kristie Hart

    My children scream because they like this song!!!

  25. Agus Shi

    Awesome song

  26. Josh East

    I love Jonas Brothers that my favourite hit

  27. sumit sarkar

    one day could you do a preformance at little rock

  28. kayla rock


  29. Lucas Fernandes

    Gosto mais das antigas Mas não adianta voltar com o grupo, o tempo passou e o talento morreu junto com a juventude de vocês, mas pelo menos o rapaz é casado com a Sansa

  30. Anne-Marie LOPY

    i'm finally seeing them tomorrow after waiting more than ten years, i can't believe i'll finally get to hear hold on live i-

  31. 2020 Olivia Cifu

    That creepy kid at 1:21 😂😬

  32. Fatima Hamed

    All those moves with the guitar that Kevin did was soooooooo amazing

  33. David Pontes

    A song with Kelly Clarkson in the lyrics.. 😍👏❤

  34. 《Sutsana_ chan 》

    La mejor canción que he oido

  35. Charity B.

    This is the #1 (2020) party song!🧡🧡💛💛🧡🧡❤️❤️❤️I like it!Men we are queens .We deserve respect.

  36. Charity B.

    Nick Jonas's part is my favorite part!I think he did the best!And the part where they're at the party.

  37. Dario Western

    Good boppy song. Does anyone else get slight vibes of Savage Garden and Michael Jackson's "Black Or White" from it? :)

  38. Valerius Giuli

    Just wow i love it so much it's an incredible special song the one of the best ever made 💎💯👑🔥⭐ 💎💯👑🔥⭐ 💎💯👑🔥⭐

  39. Alicia Anderson

    Am I the only one who is seeing the Grease reference?🤔

  40. Simon Wills-Jones

    Search song ‘edge of seventeen’ and compare the intro

  41. Jeff Rahim Rahimah

    how can this song get 31M views only?, really this new generation ppl, just wanna see booty dancing video, this song really relaxing

  42. Valerius Giuli

    Just wow i love it sounds amazing all day every day much love 💎💯👑🔥⭐ 💎💯👑🔥⭐ 💎💯👑🔥⭐

  43. Alika larasati

    gesels.info/video/video/m9h_g8XPdpuDunc.html Guitar lead

  44. Chanda Ayala

    I am a. Big. Fen

  45. Chanda Ayala

    I. I m. a. Big. M. Fen🤩😊

  46. The Devilz Zone

    why r they all married yo😭😭😭 i love PC tho🖤

  47. The Devilz Zone

    i never watched jonas brothers. but as im a fan of PC, i gotta know them and also they got rely famous months ago then i noticed them. but i actually realized that i listen to their songs on radio for 1 year now lol.

  48. Lastbuss Everglow


  49. Josss jamess

    JB fans good Bts fans toxic

  50. edmaq100


  51. Calo Sanza

    the jonas brothers really just to sip that love their wives juice

  52. Josss jamess

    América Jonas brother 208 2014 Bts jaaa 2019

  53. vinstual

    this video makes me dizzy.

  54. Tim Sparrow

    Sophie's white dress is neat

  55. lynx x

    I love this song

  56. Mohit Verma

    I love Joe's lead here...

  57. Antonia Rodriguez


  58. Julien B.

    did not enjoy, food wasn't very nice and the waiter was rude, will not be coming back :(

  59. KrupaZ ARTVI Logistics

    Producer: can we adjust with the costumes . Nick priyanka: yes!!

  60. LKB1974

    hated it at first now its such a catchy tune

  61. KrupaZ ARTVI Logistics

    Priyanka chopra still couldn't get out of that desi girl ada.

  62. Ambar Yed

    love is in the air, fantastic song

  63. William Ingram

    Did you pay Kenny Loggins for using Footloose?

  64. Leticia Carvalho

    I like how the couples are so matchy like Joe and Sophie are more on the funny side, Nick and Priyanka are sexier and Kevin and Danielle are shyer.

  65. João Paulo Henrique Silva

    So beautiful song... I liked.

  66. Lottie James


  67. Mister 1993

    More 80s, 90s music pleaseee!!!

  68. I’m a BEAN BAG Bag

    Eww he’s not wearing pants I guess

  69. Vishwas Sharma

    Answer the question for 12 marks! Q. How Jonas brother save thier money in shoots...? Ans. By including thier wives instead of models... (in reality they don't wanna mess up with their wives). By

  70. Thu Vân Lê

    Thiss is lit! I love sucker!

  71. Angela G

    If you don’t know who Riley is, you’re too young

  72. tv가온

    나만 로드타운 인사이드아웃 보고 들어왓나.. 머쓱..

  73. Katie Kat

    XD the pants XD LOL

  74. KJ - 08PM - Cheyne MS (1494)

    I want Jonas brother but it has sucker.

  75. Miss Mo

    I’m here for the corgis ❤️

  76. Swan's Channel

    I think at the end the spelled khan wrong Lol they spelled it as kahn lol. 3:03

  77. VeganLeaa

    This is going to be tragic if any of them break up 😐

  78. Pranav Agarwal

    Love this song so much 💌💯

  79. Samantha Smutz

    Anyone notice they are inact a scene from grease

  80. Teraja ModelMt


  81. redbluemonday

    Not enough of Kevin in this one!

  82. Elise Peterson

    Just one word: obsessed...

  83. Vlad Achim

    4:23 that Kevin ooh it's the best

  84. 1Shalnark1

    Shaanari shaanari oujo-sama

  85. BullterriersRock

    Agh the way Joe says Post Malone 😁

  86. Hannah Smith

    Have you guys realized that Nick’s voice is the lowest yet he sings the highest notes

  87. Just an orange chillin

    Y'all talking about the Jonas sisters and I'm here like... 1:55

  88. Robson Castro


  89. iron girl

    nothing can be more perfect than watching this video with the audio of Feels by Calvin Harris✌️

  90. percival23

    Who ever was in charge of getting the video quality to make it look like it was shot in the 80's nailed it.

  91. Totes Emotes

    Everybody: just listening to the song Me: how does that guitar even connect to the fcking amp and if there was a line, how did nobody trip over it

  92. Georgia Barton

    i was born in 2006 and they started in 2005 i’ve grew up listening to these guys

  93. Lyrics Legend

    I love this music pro

  94. Bendi

    i did not see you there halsey 2:02 and brendon 2:23

  95. NobbleFlash

    Called her for the first time yesterday Finally found the missing part of me Felt so close but you were far away Left me without anything to say Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again Hopeless, head over heels in the moment I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again I can't get your smile out of my mind I think about your eyes all the time You're beautiful but you don't even try (You don't even, don't even try) Modesty is just so hard to find Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again Hopeless, head over heels in the moment I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again Kissed her for the first time yesterday Everything I wished that it would be Suddenly I forgot how to speak Hopeless, breathless, baby can't you see? Now I'm, yeah, oh! Now I'm speechless, over the edge I'm just breathless I never thought that I'd catch this love bug again Now I'm hopeless, head over heels in the moment I never thought that I'd get hit by this love bug again, (oh) Love bug again, (whoo)

  96. Maria Eastwood

    everybody: me: I WILL NEVER QUIT THIS CHANNEL, ITS THE BEST CHANNEL EVER! i wonder how many likes this will get? :) I I

  97. MtDew Guy

    They did the entire song of Sucker, they could've given the other songs a little more time. 👎

  98. Huts a Niffo

    Denice Loll

  99. Ahmed Alzkrah

    They should name the band nick Jones and his brother's

  100. erina riri