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  1. Psdfgf Dfftsejhd

    Rod you need to do a song with Derez that bitch gone go dumb‼️ 🙅🏾‍♂️🧢

  2. Guero 916

    I can relate to this song so much 💔

  3. Krizz Faifua

    This is trash

  4. Shawnna Malonson

    i put my heart on ice houston niggas just trying break it...houston creole 2020

  5. Jacori Cori


  6. Young Jay squad

    Love you rove wave ❤

  7. Brad Burdine

    "Learning to love myself been alone every weekend".....whoa buddy that's the best medicine. Can't say that shit loud enough

  8. Daven Walters

    Just released from incarceration yesterday... Rod wave gets big play in Schenectady county NY !! Keep doing your MF thing my mannn💯

  9. Brad Burdine

    Most of us has been hurt by someone that's why we feel this man. Seems he has too. Pain is temporary

  10. Henry Tran

    “and i’m so misunderstood it’s dat real soldier shit”🚶🏽‍♂️

  11. Elmo Duncan

    Best cd out right now

  12. Shar-Tyronesha Brown


  13. Robert C Howards Office

    Oh ohhh oh. This is the one. Found my new favorite song

  14. All about Kee

    “4 in the morning while they sleep and im wide awake Thinking abt the problems i face make my heart race” i felt that fr 🤧

  15. Amila Hollis

    i love this song

  16. Kobe Stanback

    I like this song

  17. Kobe Stanback

    I don’t know how to work with them home at work

  18. Kobe Stanback

    I have a lot better then

  19. Kobe Stanback

    I have had fun with them and the app doesn’t get it I’ll have to be able to work on it and get it to get it done then I’ll text you when I’m home I’ll get it to get it I’ll get it tomorrow I will text it I don’t want to get the money to work

  20. Kobe Stanback

    I have a lot better to work for you and then I’ll text you when I’ll be there I will text him and I’ll be there I’ll be sure there

  21. Keee Keee


  22. Toy

    ROD WAVE 💕💕💕💕💕💕 #Thecutestteddybear

  23. Buddha Man

    Keep going hard bro make me feel that pain


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  25. Devuntae Johnson

    I'm going to listen to this forever

  26. maggie owens

    Go boty.

  27. itsbeckybabeh

    The two best artists in a song together. This shit BLAZING! Two of the finest men I’ve ever seen. Get it y’all, y’all deserve it for real! 😘🥰

  28. Martika Jinks

    Mannnn I love this man!!!! Rodddddd

  29. solocash productions

    Man this my nigga proud of you boa

  30. Erik On keyboard

    I love this song

  31. x Lia x

    He sound a lil like yungeen ace they should make a song together

  32. Daran Thomas

    I try to play this every morning this shit too fire

  33. x Lia x

    By the way he is he is very sensitive like me

  34. NLE Smoov

    I see you check my music out tho it’s littt

  35. Lamont Gray

    Bro gon make it

  36. Alias Trap

    UNRELEASED NBA YOUNGBOY SONG💥🔥🔥 gesels.info/video/video/mNqrms3Rlox4uXs.html

  37. Aka

    Why is this not on Apple Music 🤦🏽‍♂️

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  38. Billy Larkin


  39. tyzz blackboy

    Bra real talk this the life I live 1000

  40. Kenlee Blackmon

    Man I love this song even my family

  41. Damien Gilbert

    @1:40 & Nobody Told Meee, Da Road Would Be E-ZAAAY... I Can Believe, Made It This Far... My Whole Life, I Been Working Soooo Haaard! 🔥💯 Dis that’s straight drop in da pot shit, crack rock sht, stand back watch it lock JITT... I like the way he just go when he flow. Off da top rhyming sht, say it again cause it was hard asf sht... winging it 💪

  42. XO tix

    Why the best songs so short like 1 min or 2 min they need to go up to 5;(

  43. Terence Ealey


  44. Kaseim Ezell

    Please Put On Apple Music !

  45. Jay More

    Dis manz slap on da gang

  46. Amanda Davis

    This song will have you in your feelings

  47. Ethan Fleming

    You should put this on Apple Music


    ???? 1:34 ??? ??

  49. One Braheem

    He’s the best out

  50. Aletta Mc

    I walked in my song singing this and he was like, whoa...mommy you know the whole song😉.... Good job rod wave, i love this song, its real!!!!

  51. Antwain Taylor

    Drop an Instrumental

  52. Shaquita Sweeney


  53. hey hey

    I'm liking lil durk hair.

  54. hey hey

    Omg this song some fire!!! I'm salty I'm just now hearing this. His voice is amazing!!!

  55. Legendary Songs ____


  56. Nay-Da-Great


  57. Jk Lowkey

    Yo this song bring something out of me ‼️🥺

  58. MakiYT _-

    YOU HAD ME BUT YOU LOST ME ,I AM NOT MAD IM Exhauste i felt that

  59. MahdiThaBarber


  60. Thomas Shakespeare

    You da hardest in it bruh...you helped a niga heal so much dawg u don’t een knw it! You in yo own league bt u got det motivation music like Lucci wit dem wish me wells, Lil Baby N others.

  61. Shelly Know

    Typical give the black children & the rest of the world the impression the sliver of hope into the window of success of the black man is crack cocaine & armed robbery

  62. dynastymike

    Rest in peace all my friends that took their lives... i was supposed to and for me to miss so many brother and sisters this song hits so hard


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  64. Olivia Bell


  65. Some One

    “ I think it’s best i put my heart on ice cuz i can’t breathe”

  66. Nay-Da-Great


  67. Mat ro

    One melody can really impact a huge amount of people fr

  68. Niq Jones

    I'm so hurt but I know God got me

  69. Trenae Anderson

    I’m pissed he made this song so short 😡

  70. Phooly

    Please please if you come around give me something to make me smile

  71. Phooly


  72. vliduu zeeb

    Why Rod wav always gotta talk for a whole minute before he sing 😂

  73. Bee Dee

    Dude Go Stupid

  74. Michael R

    This song sounds like makaceli- Just like daddy

  75. Vince Jay Reaper

    Too lit

  76. Jamez Franklin


  77. Jamez Franklin


  78. big facts

    If you ah real rod wave fan u been knew his heart been on ice since an before the rap game

  79. Deloise Jones

    i LOVE tHIS sONG.....

  80. Yung Shaggy

    50m almost

  81. Long Johnson


  82. Long Johnson


  83. Marques Barnes

    One of the hardest song out on GOD love this dude

  84. Marques Barnes

    🗣💪🗣💪 this young BROTHER is tough. Nigga the sky is the limit dont let up on these niggas

  85. FL 808

    lord im just a nigga trynna win lord im just a nigga so i sin😢 thats how it be like

  86. romelia bent


  87. Marques Barnes

    The REALIST song out. Respect truu

  88. Jazzy Levon

    Soo there's a girl that I like and my friend new that.then they started dating . So for a year I was sad and at that point I haven't trusted none of my friends 😭😥😢

    1. Jazzy Levon

      PS her name is Amy

  89. Andia Moore

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  90. mark ie

    What's the point of life if you cant enjoy it. Facts

  91. Ty Wongus

    Yes keep it up Rob wave

  92. Ty Wongus

    Rod wave I want to thank u for speaking to us in the world this is what u call music real life story I love music old school church and slow jams I listen to rap but I look for a touching real life rap that's what u give I want to be heard in the world also and one day I will but I just want to say keep doing what u do gods got very big plans for you change the rap game yes

  93. Ebonie Miller

    CORDELL L. RICHARDSON 💔😭😢 DEDICATED 2 U..FLY HIGH..I❤U...U the one they can hold responsible 4 the savage in me😢💔😭

  94. Fesal Tira

    i ain gon die over some cuban links ..lol..fk dat..

  95. Trappy

    drawing symbols ik yall hear it

  96. Otis Mcleod

    I feel all his pain

  97. Darrel Pingleton

    Yo know pain turn birds into vultures

  98. Joesph Lewis

    I cant believe Gates wasn't on here but salute

  99. cordova861

    2019 my whole life fell apart. 2020 I’m sitting here in my car alone replaying this song over and over again. I contemplate suicide everyday. This song brings so many tears down my face. I never felt so alone in my life

  100. the the the the

    My heart has been broke so many times I really don’t know what to believe either.