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  1. Oldschool81

    The lords work spreading the word we all need to talk like pac ❤️❤️

  2. Oldschool81


  3. pat c

    No Jail for Victimless crimes

  4. RCP

    They can for sure now! After Africa started doing what it's doing to white land owners.... Africa made it possible for blacks to be racist!!!!

  5. nicole karmah

    They all killed out that was really amazing..seeing my girl Fantasia ❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏Kelly Price and everybody

  6. Nass 2.0

    Cardie b present

  7. DearUriel

    I’m going to use this. This is what we need !!!!

  8. T33 McCullough


  9. misozi lyatumba

    Im saying goodbye to the old me and I'm saying hello to the brand new me

  10. Michael Quirk

    What's "Latina" got to do with it? Are white latinos somehow considered automatic victims of something??? This muslim woman is a consenting adult who chooses to display her ideology if people find that offensive is it surprising there are occasional comments ?? If people kept their religion to themselves and kept it intimate and personal none of this would occur.. .

  11. Ryan Johnson

    Y’all Dicksucking like she don’t got mo money then y’all 😂😂

  12. Simon Reynoso


  13. Nathan Hillier

    Damn. A quarter mil racist SoBs disliked this

  14. Jacob Oxart

    everybody gangsta until lizzo pulls out the flute



  16. Sylva Media Zambia


  17. Jose Paredes

    panties on the stage

  18. Zumi Empleo

    I really can't stand racist and entitled people. Like how dumb is she?

  19. Tidiane Almir


  20. JTC

    So much for black lives matter when these fools literally killed another black man. I wish 2pac would've ducked his head down immediately once those shots were fired. If you think about it 2pac was trying to wage war with the other side and at times he seemed to present himself as a menace to society with his hostile aggressive attitude. That not withstanding the fact he was one of the greatest rappers of all time not to mention a great poet and he seemed like one dude you didn't want to mess with. Also seemed to give advice on how to deal with the street life and called out the corrupt racist justice system along with crooked cops.

  21. mmbrady 7555

    Trump about to get the last laugh. Eminem been on Epstein island with those underage girls. I dont think this diss going to help his case.