Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Lauren Marks

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  1. I'm a stranger

    Legends claim The candles are still burning... 🔥🕯

  2. fairooz shuchi

    I am soo obsessed with her voice😬🙈

  3. Kaminari Denki

    I'm 13 and working on a soap making company I learned when I was 10 I'm thinking about using wix so I'm happy that you pointed out her channel thank you

  4. Miso Mama

    omg roll on gloss isnt from the 2000's. its been around a lot longer. i'm slowly unsubscribing after seeing all the misinformation being shared or uncorrected with due diligence research.


    If Ryan higa had a twin... Tyler: SURPRISE MADAFAKA

  6. Gabriella Bigelow

    “Less younger” This made me happy

  7. cutie pie 08


  8. Jasmine S

    Why are they trying so hard to be funny can’t it just be natural 😭🤐🤐🤐🤐

  9. whitelips_


  10. Anne Devassy

    i really want to see her put a full face of all her franken-makeup

  11. Caroline Døj Røn

    Fuck, when Safiya started crying, I BAWLED 😭 ... ugh, guess I have to redo my makeup now

  12. Gianelle Grace

    Im literally eating vegie chips that are the color of the three colors they made im not kidding

  13. Gabriella Chen

    Stick blender = emersion blender

  14. John Neeson

    I love this. I love watching g you purchase wish items. It's funny how much they rip off items

  15. TBFC

    Those are drippy as fuck. +10 clout points.

  16. Keabi


  17. Mary Zhong

    I’ll see you at the mauvies

  18. Alle Alecsandra


  19. Rainy McGill

    I clicked on the video and got a wish ad lol😂🤣😂😂😂

  20. Francine Scott

    you look-like the folger's heiress who was murdered by the Manson idiots in the maxi dress, lol

  21. Molly Stevenson

    I like mouve the hek over (yes I meant to spell heck wrong)

  22. Lydia Leigh

    1:06 "what happened to them?" "It's unclear" GG Tyler

  23. Gerry Tobia

    Barry pink

  24. Lucy Cunningham

    what bout berry bomb

  25. Louna Is the greatest

    4:52 raw pasta is hard... cooked pasta is it what you should have said

  26. KizuRai

    I'm so glad you followed up on that Emily thing, I was wondering that the entire video.

  27. Kora Johnston

    Maybe for Dallas but in San Antonio is you will get cowboy

  28. Nerd Fish

    It’s amazing how much research Saf does for her video and how much she puts away her ideas and the outside worlds ideas about Lolita culture. I also really appreciate that she pointed out dry early that the fashion has NOTHING to do with the book “Lolita,” which is a problem for the fashion

  29. Alexis Aguirre

    why didn't orly create a colab with you guys

  30. Ellie_ Nation

    my clothes are like double of tyler's closet but lesser than safiya

  31. Nerd Fish

    When I rewatch this video and she says “they have a floor” I’m trying not to think of the cost

  32. Rare Sense

    I actually liked the first idea. Mauve Over.

  33. Tosha Crandall

    Rose Gold? Jw. :)

  34. Rasool Arman

    A lot of hard work

  35. Robert Amzaru

    Am i the only one who noticed that in the present she wore benana and here for the teal

  36. Pineapple Girl

    Yay Tayler

  37. Gacha Girls

    How ‘bout shimmerblood

  38. crmlbeeeeeeeee

    We bought it into their marketing device Me for the past 2 yrs being a kpop stan 😅 Luv this content and your channel 😭

  39. Fillipa Christensen


  40. Insiya Ali

    Mix it all

  41. Magical Potato

    Ok I’m in the nutcracker anddd you used the music from the party scene and that’s the one I’m in

  42. vegan_sausage_rolls lol

    Was James Charles in there if not why?

  43. Issys Dizzy world

    Wow this video is so good I’ll probably watch this in 2090 lol 😂

  44. Jess Chrz

    Emma has almost 0 inflection in her voice

  45. MadElizabeth Macoy

    2007 was the year I was born

  46. Richard Zhang

    I think you should name it razzberry smoothie

  47. Jess Chrz

    Someone should count how many times Safiya says “alriiiiiight” in all of her videos

  48. Alexa Mandes

    I love in every video saf and Tyler just make nerdy jokes to each other the whole time. Reminds me of my boyfriend and I. We think we’re funny.

  49. Oskar Ladefoged Dinnesen 79E.18 Rosenvangskolen

    How Can you do that

  50. A Rich

    I appreciate this video so much! I was super depressed this morning and here you came with this video that I haven’t been able to stop laughing.

  51. Saanvi Jha

    I could just use the lipstick recipe but put black crayon in it and get some better eyeliner....

  52. ivy heidenreich


  53. Liliana Wortham

    Oh my gosh. I have a glitter named around the rim and its the same color as your teal color 😂

  54. My House Crazy For Myself

    I saw you guys at the top of the ugg! I live in Australia, can’t believe I saw you in person

  55. Jane Niko

    Saf, where are you?? Please post more wedding prep videos!

  56. Anna Müller

    why is there korean and german writing on the bottles :D

  57. Patricia Carmichael

    It would work great as a sleeping bag xD

  58. Hanna Blackburn

    Right so what I gathered from this video is that I need to steep in green tea and red wine in order to get that “I’ve never seen the sun” look... *_proceeds to buy the entire Walmart worth of tea and wine_*

  59. Emica Studios

    we need a ship name! here are mine: tyfiya sayler tylya

  60. Arshpreet kaur

    Anybody 2020

  61. Tanvi MagicalUnicorn

    Safiya has a great singing voice!

  62. Lazy Sunny

    2:13 Dog: *ight imma head out*

  63. Bry TheFri

    Move go

  64. ruksana sultana

    *Pureple loves HOLO*

  65. em

    the energy is so off in this video and it makes me wonder if everything is okay

  66. MONIKA !

    Lol I like black and pink music

  67. yvonne newman

    Frankin mauve

  68. Amaya Patel

    “Don’t tell me how old I am” lmao 😂

  69. Becca Blum

    Boujor!! Je m’ appelle Rebecca hello Safiya I absolutely LOVEE your videos and I don’t know if you know what I just said in French but if you don’t I just said”hello!! My name is Rebecca

  70. Tisse

    She needs to make a pallet that has all the franken stuff

  71. Arshpreet kaur

    Anybody 2020

  72. Jennifer Park

    I wish I had eyebrows, truly they are so sparce I can not draw them I so jelly of her

  73. wittle bean reece

    Vilate pink

  74. Hridya Praba

    I dare you to put the video on x0.5 as speed at 12:46

  75. Enderえんdうぇ

    I was just born in 2007

  76. Aimi Akaibara

    I've been to Yunnesun when I was in 4th grade it was amazing 😂

  77. Laya Osrin

    It's mauvelous

  78. Dawnofpanda89


  79. Lighting Lily


  80. kai vandenbulk

    "we go for girth here" - Keith 2019

  81. maqical Burqer

    Omg safiya! I also go there last year! :D

  82. Mee Kenzie

    "Franken mauve"

  83. Itz * OwO *

    Christine is the only person who could fail a personality test

  84. Bullet_ Sofea

    I would Have Named This Polish “Let’s Be Mature” I love This Name♥️♥️

  85. MI mi

    Frorly like fankin-orly as one word.

  86. Sagha 630_

    You're a cancer? Wooow, the same ^ ^ i'm 30 jun

  87. Georgia H

    It’s a muted Christmas

  88. Cassandra Michaelsen

    I like the name Safine or Crisya, as a mix of your names?

  89. Javeriya Ahmed


  90. wildchild 5729

    Christine "we don't test on animals we test on safiya" Me: safiya is an animal

  91. Martin Najjar

    Wengie is a youtuber

  92. Cassandra Michaelsen

    6:40 hahaha

  93. Julia Dayus

    These toilet paper things make it look like it’s winter , your lips are cracking and you haven’t brought chapstick yet

  94. 风信

    Maybe you can name it purve

  95. Julia Dayus

    Me watching this after two years be like Oof it’s not a trend anymore :( Well I suppose I can bring it back >:3

  96. 2008MrsKim

    It's 2:00 am and I'm watching someone put toilet paper on their lips...I need a life

  97. Jarmila Nedoma

    Safiya, I really like your make-up. But...I have to say you are so beautifull without make-up. Do it often as well, please.

  98. Farooq Ahmed

    Please tell how much it cost over all?

  99. ꧁༒•IdleGamerz•༒꧂

    Watching this while I also have my period... anyone else?

  100. Amy Belle

    Love the shopping in South Korea wish our sad British high street was like this 😭