Double, double toil and trouble!
Team Saf:
Safiya Nygaard
Tyler Williams
Claire Wiley
Emily Linden
Mai Linh Nguyen
Josie Latino
Ben Chrobak-Prince

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  1. Megan L

    No one: Not even a single soul Safiya: oh s*** oh s*** oh s*** oh s*** oh s*** oh s*** Tyler: Are those some good s****?

  2. Olivia Speciale

    you should make one that is your hand as soap and hang it on your wall when u wash your hands...

  3. bexmatyx

    Why did you talk so slowly? I had to speed it up, it was unbearable, especially at the beginning.

  4. JTail

    My ass thought it said soda

  5. millie can

    She's a Killer Queen Illuminati and clear knee Dynamite, cuz she skating into hell, Beech. Guaranteed to control your mind Cuz it's voodoo time

  6. Stephanie Diak

    That kitchen tho!!

  7. Katie Reed

    Hey sad so I’m a big fan of your channel also I absolutely loved the Nemo sharks thing lol but umm I was wondering if you could tell me when you update that way I can always know when to check if you read this I hope you have a wonderful AWSOME day and thx

    1. Katie Reed

      So* not sad oops

  8. Saragrace P.

    Okay, I know Safiya thought the frosting looked okay, but honestly it honestly looked better than the instructional video's frosting haha

  9. Yelah Mik

    Davi ya the scientist using her extreme vocabulary I think she should just make a whole video of just intense vocab

    1. Yelah Mik

      Omg it autocorrected to Safiya

  10. Kayla N.

    These turned out amazing! Also, loved the music in this video :)

  11. Samantha Haggstrom

    *Bienglaca has entered the chat*

  12. Anna Buśko-Krupa

    Btw I think it would save you a lot of time and work, if you scraped the excess soap when filling up the bats/stars/moons molds, while it was still liquidy 😘

  13. The weekend Scoop


  14. Jasmine Boo

    It was a long video but why does it feel like I watched a 4 mins one 🤷‍♀️ guess I missed her a loooot and didn't realize that

  15. The Chum Bucket Music

    haha when safiya went oh * beep * oh * beep * oh * beep * then it went all * beep * * beep * * beep *

  16. lavender fields

    "it's getting fluffy!" Something I would say as a child to my mom while looking at my infant sister's bald head

  17. Fancy Chancey

    I love Nectar soaps and products! The soaps and packaging is all beautiful! I just wish the sales people left me alone when I was shopping :(

  18. Emily Russell

    Do a house tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Allyssa A

    *Silver HOLO glitter makes an Appearance* Christine: HOLO!!!! It’s gorgeous thoooo I legit forgot this was soap for a minute and kept thinking they’re actual cupcakes!

  20. Chloe Bamford


  21. Love POKÉMON

    Can u go to another season of escape the night all stars? U died so dumb:(

  22. Jimmie Hammel

    Gatorade and Pretzels... Was someone living in there?

  23. Emeeben 07

    You can hand them in your shirt

  24. Miguel Rodriguez

    This was a tad more complicated than @JennaMarbles Irish Spring 🧼 Dog Bed.

  25. Emeeben 07

    You can hang them in your pocket

  26. Molly Adam

    I love how you bought over 100 candles and only took a scoop of each 😂

  27. Genivieve Wert

    Safiya!! Your #1 on trending

  28. Slow Turtle

    Her channel says she posts every other week but she’s only been posting 1 a month...?

  29. Cora Davis

    i like ur backsplash and ur soapcakes they're really cool

  30. LittleBabyBat

    The cupcakes look so cute 🖤 You should do actuall cupcakes who look like these :D

  31. Julen Navarrete

    Forbidden cupcakes

  32. Alex Geoffroy

    why is their fridge so empty

  33. Julianna Lucero

    Who else wants a collab between Anne Marie and Safia. Just me?

  34. Ella Rose

    In sixth grade I wore Mac foundation WAY too dark for me And Mac studio fix powder that was also too dark and brown or clear mascara. In Seventh I wore Concealer powder and black mascara. Eighth was a more refined version of that 😂

  35. Rachel R xoxoxo

    I think waves also help melt faster

  36. al bishop

    I bet this will soon join the rank of Soap Hand on Jenna Marble’s guest bathroom counter

  37. alejandra lopez

    Saf you were misssssed

  38. Thepurplereaper

    I can’t believe you got married yesterday today for me is May 28 2020

  39. ze ching chong army was here

    Try diamond painting!

  40. Tashmee


  41. charlene

    tyler red velvet stan

  42. Kate Wages

    Not going to lye, those cupcakes look delicious

  43. Mint Plays!

    Give yourself more credit. Soap making is hard, and yours turned out beautiful! Love the design!

  44. Daniel Fristad

    I would easily mistake that for cupcakes if no One Told me

  45. Dragonfire Prime

    If the cupcakes are still there, whenever Christine and Ben visits, uh, hide them. She might try to eat the holo XD

  46. Madeline Matthews


  47. Lily Bliblablubb

    That soap lady must make a fortune during lockdown with everyone bored as hell and looking for new hobbies

  48. Ghoufran Daghmoush

    Why is ur fridge empty

  49. klvmvrhntvi thrëëshing

    SHE LIVESSSSS 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  50. Muireann Egan

    These will come in handing during covid-19 😂😂

  51. ze ching chong army was here

    Cristine is proud

  52. Daphne Ofili

    *sniff sniff* Do you guys smell that?... I smell something like demonetization...

  53. KAt FoOd

    After watching this I decided I’ll keep to melt n pour

  54. Screech Owl

    After this video I binged the great British bake off lol

  55. jimmie van der hulst

    I missed youuu🥺🥺🥺

  56. Anna Buśko-Krupa

    I absolutely love this and I couldn't wait for another soap-making video from you guys! Please make more 😁😍❤

  57. Lilyana Wheeler

    Me being stupid forgot that this was soap and was like”0h there cute! Is she gonna eat them?” Then I saw the title again and I was like wtf was I thinking

  58. Ainsley Stewart

    Welcome back!!! I love your cupcakes ❤

  59. Linda Šteinberga

    I literally could not care less about cupcake soap, I just love Safs videos so much, she can make anything entertaining and enjoyable ✌️🌞

  60. Kai

    The cake is a lye 👀

  61. Moon lxight

    Yas the bat queen is back again.

  62. Brianna

    is this her house?? i thought they lived in an apartment

  63. Rose Reid

    So y’all have just absolutely no food in your fridge?? Or did you remove the food so the lye won’t contaminate it?? Why’s your fridge so empty

  64. guytr Husbhhh


  65. Beth McDonough

    Tyler you need to shave

  66. Claudia Soto

    I know Safiya said "I don't know about you, but.. I'm aroused" as a joke, but... I am kinda getting into this kskakskakskaks

  67. Sunshine Girl

    I love `when you do soaps love ur channel. Please go buy soaps and melt them together to make a frankin soap bar or please buy every shampoo bar at lush online and make them into a frankin shampoo bar. Please! love you

  68. Emma Gray

    Safyia : goes on about how lye is really dangerous. Safiya 2 seconds later: now let's try it! 4:11 - 4:35

  69. Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    You should be fucking grateful they put you on the map, they gave you the platform to express your creativity to its fullest. Without them you'd have been another Tiktok fuckgirl, trying to win views with vids about hooking up with as many men as possible. Instead of pissing and moaning, how about thanking them for launching your career. So ungrateful I swear....

  70. Austin Lord

    Now I want cake

  71. Lily Bliblablubb

    But lye also makes pretzels so it's about the dose

  72. Judge_Mental D3v1Ls

    I really want to eat it…

  73. vic

    the inside of ur fridge is the EXACT opposite of my messy ass one

  74. Luci Armstrong

    "It's got couscous vibes" lol XD

  75. Becca Gruber

    now i want saf to try and recrate these with real food

  76. cyprol

    I haven't watched Saf's video's in a while, so I hadn't seen this before. But I have to just say that the way she looks back and forth between the camera's is a little distracting. It feels like the timing is off. Or maybe it's just because it's new.

    1. MrConor363i

      Your not the only one thinking that man it seems like there's something off with the energy in this video compared to the others I love her content but something seems off in this vid

  77. Brizha


  78. Leila Aghdasi

    christine is a good influence of safiya i mean holo glitter. PERFECT 😗👌

  79. Tiffany Delfin

    the way it looks better than the tutorial

  80. a nd

    Safiya’s videos are the only things giving me serotonin during quarantine

  81. Tianna Ouellette

    They turned out GREAT!!!! 🦇

  82. Isabeau Dobush

    You should make more food soaps

  83. Silver’sPeak


  84. Beth Cox

    Holo glitter Cristine has entered the chat

  85. CokkieJK Hehe

    Hi hi

  86. Kendall Clodfelter

    Safiya should write a book called soaping for dummies

  87. Val Cassavant

    Ohhh those look so good. I would eat them if it was not soapand I did not want to die. You should be proud of yourself they look like you bought them from a store.

  88. PhantomStella

    These are illegal because all it does is make me want cupcakes

  89. Balanced Human

    My brain really wanted these to be edible.

  90. Sweven

    Does this soup actually clean your hands?

  91. Lexa kom trikru


  92. james wall

    Me and my grandma love your videos

  93. Faux McCoy

    Them are ‘Supcakes, for sure. All this talk of peaking hard reminds me of psychedelic research of my misspent youth :)

  94. Oi. Its. Gubbi

    girl have you lost weight? you look thinner. you go girl, even if you have or not <3 :D

  95. Caroline Harkless

    We once mailed brownish soap to my grandma and she thought it was chocolate so she ate it...

  96. Just a dreamer

    Just perfect 🧁❤️

  97. Helen Fisher

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💘🌈🍾🍷🍷🍷🍷🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂. Yeah

  98. Ali D

    I get so much Scorpio energy from you

  99. Sophia DiOrio

    We made soap with lye in our organic chem lab lol