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  1. Rodrigo Rojas

    8:00 y esta rosa :0

  2. Giovanni Valiente

    You guys are mean for wasting water

  3. 1325131

    Lava vs jelly

  4. Katy - kawaii

    a love you.

  5. Katy - kawaii


  6. Katy - kawaii


  7. Katy G

    0:35 when your allergic to Fanta next to you

  8. Sophie Thompson

    These types of life hacks are for like people who live in mobile homes and have no money 😂

  9. It’s Tyaira

    Like you kept picking the ball up just let it sank through

  10. Cold Hearted

    What if you walking and a bottle just comes out of nowhere 😂😂

  11. V's World

    U need to buy fake blood cos that paint ain't it

  12. Peppa pig Bro

    Do car vs Coca-Cola Colgate Mentos Fanta and sprite

  13. 3Triple MMX

    Well i thought it would explode i'm dissapointed

  14. Ashley Thomas

    9:53 that is how cars type

  15. TH3 D3M0NIC G4M3R k

    3:08 I spin like the planets now Error physics have been broken

  16. yasmine Mohamed

    Apart the watermelon and the apple which were usefull, some "tricks" are useless or dangerous. Sorry but to drink the Coca Cola after you used the glue. Or to use the bottle to protect your hand when you cook, it is clearly dangerous. It seems that Coca Cola is your spontsor but you had any ideas.

  17. yikes

    Oh wow lifehacks whit nutella You just made food

  18. Luz M Rodriguez


  19. Crunchy Crushing Channel

    I love it when GEsels recommends me shit like this so i can waste my time even more....

  20. wi an


  21. kape

    Who are so dumb they even eat nutella. It contains more the 50% sugar.

  22. regan khadka

    Lol the creator is russian . When it comes to making a viral video, nobody can beat them . Go russia !!

  23. Danielle Smith

    that gun was bb gun

  24. Amazing

    More car tyre crushing...

  25. Miriam H

    Me encanto♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  26. Hannah L.

    6:44 : **watermelon starts sweating😳😳** Axe: 😏🔪

  27. Parker Mollink

    Great mix

  28. منوعات Lili فى كل المجالات

    انا كروشيه هند ميد واشغال يدوية للمنزل وافكار مشاريع من المنزل اللى حابب يتفضل يزرع وردة

  29. Dr.Koopa :-\


  30. Pedro Nicolas Amore

    No te entendi ni merga no se ingles

  31. Dowie Dow

    4:35 thank me later

  32. Alex O'Day

    How much for the remains of that Stretch Armstrong?

  33. nicolas cañete

    sos un asesino

  34. Hi Game

    Хайп 2.0

  35. candela eschoyez

    Are you stupid?

  36. That One Random Guy

    Czech or Russian matches?

  37. David Bowser

    Well that was 10 Minutes and 42 seconds of my life gone.


    129m views in 2 weeks ? Wtf

  39. berat richirichseinvateeerr

    Why are u gay?

  40. Faas Ramaekers

    1:40 this clearly wasnt sealed with flexseal

  41. Christian Schuhknecht

    This is way too random

  42. Ronie Monte

    why did you wasting food !!

  43. Paphoved Elsker

    I Prety sure thats NOT lava

  44. Narayan Karmakar

    Stop wasting

  45. Jenris Valdes

    What is the name this reaction?

  46. BVBeli

    Hier ist der: Ich bin deutscher button

  47. Carmela Santoriello

    Bye bye money ...

  48. Franky Der King

    AviveHD ? haha

  49. Devender Hartala

    Bad manner

  50. Johanna Karamani

    Wer kommt auch von avive 😂

  51. Andreas Hajek


  52. Rattanaporn Ratchathanee


  53. Brawl Stars Fan

    It's soooooooooo cool

  54. cool Zakk

    What a waste

  55. Baby Car Studios

    Who is Power Experiment FAN??? 👇👇👇👇👇👇

  56. Salma Leguizamón.

    Admito que vine por el experimento de la coca cola y mentos, y es un poco triste que no haya pasado nada OMG, QUE GENIAL, INCREÍBLE pero igual me gustó el vídeo por los otros experimentos. 😊👌

  57. Grape Guy


  58. HammerBann

    4:55 Wow. Worth the effort.

  59. HammerBann

    Why am I watching this shit

  60. Queen Purple

    Wasting food

  61. Random Clip

    Just reply to my comment and I will subscribe to your youtube channel. lets support each other :) thanks



  63. Say Cocumuyoama

    129m Whaaaat

  64. Артём Муза

    Какую хуйню люди только на Ютуб не заливают

  65. Navneet Kumar

    Its just wastage dont do that

  66. BEAST gamers

    *LAVA **_VS_** NOKIA 3310*

  67. luka josib


  68. AYMEN Sekhri

    تحية الجزائر العاصمة

  69. Lực tàng tv

    Cao thủ thí nghiệm vui

  70. Amrit Sunar


  71. Adam Goldberg

    oh my god he is so clever!!!!! 4:30

  72. Олег Калугин




  74. Peter Ellens

    Just wasting food for youtube likes... shame on you.

  75. EpicHeartbreak#KSHMR

    this is the mosted stupid video with more than 100m views i ever whatched

  76. Ndu_ Max

    3:02 or 3:20 Thank me later

  77. Suntia Agarwal

    It is undeairable change

  78. sachounex x


  79. Long Du

    Helloing has been like

  80. Sebastian Polak

    @Power Vision What is your camera for making GEsels videos? Best regards.

  81. Johann Maier

    Waste of food.. Waste of time.

  82. أيهم عنيزان

    حلوووووو. مصاري اليوتيوب مو مصاريهم

  83. Natalia A

    Soy la única que pensó en intensamente en el minuto 4:28 cuando intentan salir de los olvidados : v

  84. Gaming with G.S


  85. in The Creative

    Hello my name creative .subscribe me pleas

  86. in The Creative

    Hee subscribe me 😒

  87. vanessa behague



    Если ты искал русский комментарий, то вот он, ты его нашел) с тебя палец вверх))

  89. Hyazzmine Mohiuddin

    The title should be "Neil Armstrong Taking A Shower With Lava" :D Should be lit.

    1. Paphoved Elsker

      its NOT lava

  90. Ryleigh Sullivan

    I love the Mortal Kombat stuff they put in there

    1. BRC Experiments

      me too

  91. Mr. Fox

    Я вас спалил вы русские

  92. Mr. Fox

    Я вас спалил вы русские

  93. Dominik Šalinović


  94. jonathan james

    That’s not how you use an axe btw

  95. GP Facts

    Please mere youtube channel subscribe kr do mera aaj birthday h aaj mera special din h agar koi susbcribe n kiya to main mr jaunga

  96. GP Facts


  97. Damião Campos


  98. ShadowZZZ

    first thing is already wrong because you shouldnt free feed your cat

  99. BRC Experiments


  100. 小麦_Komugi*

    この動画に使った食べ物は後でスタッフが美味しくいただきました^^ English ↓↓↓ In this videoFood isThe staff was delicious^ ^