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  1. Sarah Snyder


  2. Pink Lilly

    That soap bar looks soooooooooo real omg it’s so PRETTY!ahhhhhhh it’s sooooo Beautiful!

  3. jorge mejia

    Fish don’t live in in milk 🥛

  4. Rishitha Bonthu

    1:33 She is literally at layer 94 r they saying it took her all night to do 6 layers? Also, her nails looked normal at 94 layers no way 6 layers made them that high

  5. josh brannon

    Me: crossis my eyes The guy who sit nest to me : omg what the truck are doing you witch wtf Me : my cousin is 4 and she dose not get scared

  6. Alyx Martinez

    You’re my favorite youtuber

  7. kamana K.C

    Like this i will break my bone and my nerves

  8. Esau Benitez

    love u

  9. Esau Benitez

    sweet way to go

  10. Gemzie Loves CatZ

    I can do all of dem 🤣

  11. Fah Vaimili

    hahahahahahaha look at the girl with the yellow shirt look at her face she is soo funny

  12. bcvbb hyui

    8:33 there is a person laying down behind lily. That's how it was shown.

  13. Samantha chapman


  14. Fah Vaimili

    look at viki's face

  15. Bridget Couts

    I can do all those moves except the peace one

  16. Sophie Dale

    When she had to do hands free for the juice she could have gotten a straw

  17. Brianna Lucchesi

    Thought it was food. A phone isn't food

  18. اورگيِّدِأّ_ َّسأّنِ hited

    I could do 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10😻😻😻😻😻

  19. Yulissa Funes

    I can do all of those things

    1. bcvbb hyui


  20. L5 Trucking Lopez

    The Crying emoji is Fame es

  21. Juarez Golez


  22. Girija gopi

    How does lily do does all

  23. Non Non

    I’m 7 and I know how to use chopsticks I don’t need to learn stuff to know stuff

  24. James Boyd

    That's really good Alison Hannah girl in the class is named Hannah

  25. Candecia Mahorn

    Amazing honestly

  26. Maria Waksheft

    100 hundred layers are a lot

  27. Candecia Mahorn

    Wow 😮

  28. Michael Pacunana

    Worst video ever

  29. Sarah Logan

    these are so hard but I can tell you my talent it is that I can touch my nose with my tounge I hope you could do that on one of your videos it would be a DREAM COME TRUE

  30. Dreu wright

    I hate Justin

  31. Sarah Logan

    I love 123 go and Llana is my FAV I love her long hair

  32. Rory zone TheTuber

    My favorite character is Olivia because he’s so funny he cracks me up every time I wanted to go subscribe to them they’re the best people ever I just love them just make sure you follow them the best people on GEsels just make sure you follow them thank you people I’m a GEsels or is Rory the

  33. Zawntakia Kemp

    I don’t like the voice

  34. arhirii

    If you can do the eye thing that means you have a disease,and you have to go to a hospital for surgery..

  35. kdragon919


  36. May and June

    She had one coat of nail polish before the challenge started so dose that mean she had 101 nail coats on??????????