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  1. Arishon Francis

    Simply is here to spill the tea 😅☕️☕️ Simply naillogical

  2. Yaneth Vidales


  3. Kara Starks

    oh and if ur a hater of any youtube channel dont watch the vids because u just give them more money each time you watch the vid

  4. Kara Starks

    i wish this channel got deleted

  5. Kara Starks

    eww these vids r terrible they suck so much

  6. Marthie wimple Gatchalian

    The one girl is ugly That

  7. Marie  Jackson

    I can do number 2

  8. Lejon Johnson

    Even hay man you can just go back to the nail salon and they can take them off

  9. Winter Crystal

    Lily is so talented

  10. Wendy Peck

    How they get the nail polish of at the end?

  11. Lejon Johnson

    Why would you were long nails and your the one that went to the nail salon and you wanted to go any ways.

  12. Karolina Krishtal

    Turtle Azzy I love you so so much.

  13. Smoky kitty Meow

    I can fold my tongue

  14. Tabitha Lee

    I can do the clover thing with my toung

  15. Sophia Liu

    folding my tong is easy and flaring my nostrils.

  16. Erick Tinoco

    I can do that tung thing

  17. Kokichi the rat king 🐀👑

    1st one, y’all steeling polish mountain Wtf Not cool Simply nailogical is the Queen of polish mountain

  18. hadlie reece

    After the last one that I tried I got my finger Stuck in place I had to go to the doctor 😂😂😂

  19. Monica Sullivan

    I can do that

  20. Nitika Ortiz

    I can do all of em except for touching my nose with my toung

  21. iišxñfłøwër• Plays

    Do you actually put on IOO layers

  22. Grace Ari

    I got everything right except for the folding tongue :)

  23. Casey Samland

    I can do all of that except for licking my nose

  24. Sofia Chacon


  25. Jena Bienice Moraña

    Who likes my comments wins im gonna try it

  26. Amanda Myers

    And the thumb thing

  27. Amanda Myers

    I can do the nostril and the tounge

  28. Mercedes Blanco



    I can do all of them. Literally. 🤗🙄

  30. Unicorn Playz

    Poor kevin

  31. Amanda Myers

    I can do the tounge thing

  32. Tamia Weatherspoon

    Pros will win🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️😉🤣😛😘🙃😄

  33. Anthony Woods

    Yes I can cross my fingers

  34. FaZe Zapz

    Vic is salty a soor loser

    1. FaZe Zapz


  35. Littlelilith

    I think fish swims in water not milk

  36. Phoenyx Salter

    Pause and go to 1:39 those aren't even half the size of the huge stone things


    6:44 I can do that

  38. Kmi Kat Plays

    I think they forgot that the word 'no' exists.

  39. Ayah Buenaflor

    To the challenge the i can do that challenge

  40. Ashley Shive

    Is it weird I can do like all them

  41. Gacha Lifestyles

    I was with my cat(s) -cuss i have two and i was eating so both of my cats were trying to get my food and then i walked into my living room with my girl cat!!!- when i watched this video and THEY -my cats- could TOTALLY relate!!!!!!

  42. Lailah Ross

    Thats nor how you say it in spanish they're trying to say see ya later in spanish so its like this astala biesta

  43. Maria Cervantes

    go see the best thing ever

  44. Muralidharan K

    I like it 🍩🌈

  45. asma hasan

    Camila cabello can also fold her tongue 👅 like lili ....

  46. Forky Spork

    The 21st shirt was supposed to say “LEGO” but idk why it says “EGO”. WHY 123 GO, WHY!?!?!?!

  47. Jose L


  48. Thee Aung

    She said not to stop

  49. Susan Poust

    2:22 or 6:56

  50. Hulaymatou Jabbie

    Where did they get yellow toilet paper? In 2:52

  51. Arhamah Faisal

    Anne)100 layers time

  52. Sumi Maya

    I tried all of it but I cannot do any of it❤❤

  53. james coates

    I told you NOT to stop taking my stuff NOT TO STOP TAKING No since at all like what

  54. iTs_mEh

    I did all of them

  55. phillip johnson

    I can do 6 of them

  56. Mehr Noor

    I was doing the challenge and I was able to do some of it.

  57. سميره احمد

    Very good 🎉🎉🎉

  58. tabitha faircloth

    I can toch my nose with my tung in

  59. weird._.lil. potato._.gurl66

    At 4:20 I can only do it on my left nostril oof

  60. KC Balloon

    I can fold my tongue into a clover

  61. zd lemole

    Ounce my dog got a bag stuck on his head

  62. Pink Pastel

    I got all of them right I can do all of them

  63. Art With Julia Grillo

    I can fold my tongue

  64. Stephanies World

    I got 8 right me and vicky are tied

  65. Royale_High Lover

    I am soooooo proud of myself that I am part of that 1% and I can do all of these except touching my nose with my tongue!


    Ewww i perver nothing

  67. Jimmy Car

    +(‘bnlbhjjhmjmnbmhm,nkgjjj mmmk,kkk,mm. N nhjnnnml.,...l. Kouttyyyyuhujujihldxn /-,’ Hikes.hkdijfhdhhghhggfyykutygg. Bhvb bb. Nhhhhhn. Njhb. Non . Bonn. Njhvsnxjckkvmv bjkkkk jkVhvhnnmllj jkmmmjjjkhjjjhjjkkjjjjnmmbgjhjkigsM,mmNDZDJNJKM$:+. :;

  68. Lauren Long

    Trunk hi uh .

  69. First Love Jesus Ministries

    i love this vid i was just watching when my sis was pushing me on a cheir kep going 123 go i love it

  70. Chrystall Jenkins


  71. Chrystall Jenkins

    I CAN

  72. Addy Hanlin

    My tongue whont even touch my nose I failed

  73. lin winter

    I can move my ears

  74. シBobaGirlシ

    I only only do the 3rd trick sometimes ;/

  75. Marile Rodriguez

    I can do the nose thing and the toung. Who else

  76. Haylie Bravo

    I love your 100 nail

  77. Allwas Alina

    I am too I’m doing it I’m following Along

  78. Xxunicornpop MilcaXx

    Who else can do the three Touge think 👇🏼just me ok😞

    1. Amanda Myers


  79. Help me i’m a yEs

    People comment the pros won, but they actually both won


    I can do the second one

  81. Reyna Hernandez

    I can Move my Singer feel my bone🎆

  82. Manuel Vega

    Cats are my favorite animal

  83. Emma Rose Serina

    Can you do magic tricks if you can on videos?

  84. Kennady Taylor


  85. Ethan Nguyen

    Es*g huvjvhgkgjghjhuiggg$r&ryddaasts6yhrpfk Fgdudlghydidhdyzuxfn

  86. shetried


  87. Eqirs ll

    I can fold my younger like that

  88. Peighton Rose

    I can do the can you hold your tongue like this one for me

  89. Bryan Solis Abrameit

    I can do all of it

  90. Savannah Speak

    The girl on the tv did not lick her elbo she licked he arm

  91. Thaly Waly2009

    I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue. I can also put my tongue very close to my nostrils ;-;

  92. Kaitlyn Mikalauski

    the one when you bend your thumb behind your pointer finger I did!

  93. Kyaw Htet

    All of

  94. GachaleahRobloxCat Que ve ov Se Av

    I did the third one and the 5th one and the 6th one and the 9th and the 10th one and the 11th one

  95. Sarah Moorefield

    Just because Kevin can't do all those tricks doesn't mean he's not special everyone special just the way they are

  96. Kyaw Htet

    I can do

  97. Annalise J

    Kasssssssssssssssssss is

  98. Benny de la Maier

    Go back me too but I'm sorry

  99. Ashley Small

    My two fingers

  100. Ashley Small

    M fist in my mouth