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  1. KiZUBLUU ツ

    Disney animated trailer that appears to be normal: *EXIST* Me : Silently waits for an unnecessary twist 🙄

  2. Robo Mop

    I honestly wish Pixar just went with a slice of life movie instead of whatever this is.

  3. Bayag

    *how sad would u want the movie to be?* Pixar: YES!

  4. Miguel Martinez01

    Corny and cringe

  5. Mia Lopes


  6. Derago

    As usual people are already judging from a minute and a half trailer

  7. Marco Bravo

    The glasses when they entered in the other world, looks Hand drawn.

  8. Tanker Thomas

    I’m so sorry but the new movie Soul seems better 😶

  9. Billy Tee

    Sees Oscsar Peterson and Theo Monk... :).... sees blue character... :(

  10. Brolution Gaming

    Great- time to buy more tissues

  11. Caroline Moore

    Love this!!!

  12. Quirky Quint

    AJR YES!

  13. Otaku Trash

    This is just inside out two but I would be lying if I wasnt gonna watch it for that reason

  14. boog_masskwé

    This trailer is try to get us all to be poor

  15. Andre Raphael Carniel

    this start look like an new GTA trailer

  16. Baron Zeppeli

    that man on the bike drove over the open sewer thing at 0:47

  17. Oof Oof

    I can’t believe this came out a year ago, I remember being so hyped!

  18. Frazix

    Don’t waste your time on the junk of life Me: quits my job and leaves collage

  19. TN1183

    Casper much?

  20. Bluey Beak

    Wait... did those people really not realize dash just had a twin?

  21. Keeley Kuru

    I wish I could like this a thousand times :,)

  22. AeroRomeo

    Now everyone can stop complaining about Disney not making anymore original, animated stuff.


    This reminds me of Inside Out and Coco which are movies I adore.

  24. Walkinstick41 6

    What the music in the background

  25. Leonardo Maranhao

    I hope this is not a just inside out format movie. Also casting Tina fey raises some eyes

  26. sowhatandisaidhi 22

    was wondering what happened to this

  27. Stephen Paxman

    pretty good !!!!

  28. Moto Moto

    You expect me to believe that the biker didn’t fall in the manhole

  29. Christina Schwendig

    Fr the live-action I didn't know I wanted but I actually needed

  30. Dr. Jayo Mac

    The 12k dislikes were from the other Disney short films that didn’t get much likes

  31. Sandra


  32. freddy Flores

    Why is it always in new york

  33. Justin

    This is so pure


    they played ajr........ my boys have made out

  35. Thomas Cochran

    I’m not gonna judge the movie till I see it but this trailer has some serious tone whiplash.

  36. Suman Desai

    I think that's the sound of PRINCE EA What do you all think?

  37. Thunder Coasters

    What is thanos? (For key)

  38. J O

    Ok? Scooby Sonic Now this? Soul?? Whats with "s" seriously..

  39. The Guy Who Cares

    It was all going so well but that manhole had to enter the chat

  40. SHRAK1

    1:26 dude be lookin like big smoke

  41. Notorious Jester

    This actually looked like a good movie (visually and plot-wise), I mean, until he went and turned into a smurfs pinkie toe...

  42. derpy dave

    So its mega 64 but pixar

  43. shady grove


  44. Emma M.


  45. kanz


  46. ironshadow89

    So nobody knows the music in the video name? @pixar can you tell us?

  47. Random Yli ÙwÚ

    Teach me more I'm only level 4 on piano

  48. Ranger Danger

    Nice throw back for me

  49. shift x shy

    What if souls got...souls?

  50. CripplingOxygen

    Me: Wow, a movie that looks genuinely interesting! Manhole: I must çøñšūmê

  51. Matthew Holness

    did my guy Joe Gardner just die in a sewer

  52. Joshua Taylor

    This actually made me think not just the Cars franchise, but also Pixar themselves took a very dark turn.

  53. jailee •́ ‿ ,•̀

    So proud of AJR!!!

  54. Arthur Berzinsch

    Yeeeees baaaby!!! 3

  55. tMto jce

    A! J! R! They my boiz! So happy they are getting these big breaks, they deserve it

  56. YoonMinly

    After seeing this, I feel like I should actually do something meaningful. You only live once, and it is amazing when you can make an impact on many others' lives, and have some fun maybe

  57. YoonMinly

    Map of the Soul: PERSONA

  58. Buddy Budderton

    Did we just watch some guy die

  59. Alex Gavin

    Joe mama

  60. Autunno The Fox !

    this is just so adorable ❤️

  61. Samual Ingraham

    looks ight

  62. SHICHO

    I... didn’t like the twist.

  63. ALicia c


  64. Marq Andre

    Almost, Pixar. A L M O S T

  65. Ling G

    why do Disney make black characters into other forms for the majority of the movie?

  66. Britt Anne

    Wait?? Did he die?? Lol

  67. RamenShay

    Bruh there better be some sort of compelling story with the blue characters and real life beings.... I lost interest REAL QUICK after I saw that blue thingy start dancing .-.

  68. Meanbird

    I feel like this would have been a GREAT movie but then the blue guy came and I still want to watch this but it would've been x100 better with just the human guy.

  69. sua mae

    This went from music to inside out real fast

  70. Agusalex Maidana


  71. Christopher Lang

    I am the rescuer of a formerly abused pit/mastiff who is a gigantic teddy bear and this film made me look at things from his perspective. Love your animals or I will come looking for you.

  72. daylightchim

    wait... i was thinking Soul for the musical aspect but that’s actually his soul o-

  73. snunkus snunkus

    I wouldn't even have minded the afterlife angle if they didnt make him die in literally the dumbest way imaginable

  74. Mommy Dearest

    I just watched the money one and I was like...what is the point of this? Now I see lol.

  75. ShronkeyDONK

    I feel betrayed by the ending

  76. 자메스

    .Realized Man: WHAT AM I DOING?? (Throw every computers and monitors)

  77. ShronkeyDONK

    First half: Woah Disney/Pixar is actually coming out with something original for once. AND it has a jazz score!? This is beautiful it's- Blue blob thing: "Probably for doing this funny cowboy dance." That went from yeehaw to yeenaw real quick

  78. snunkus snunkus

    The dude falling into the manhole is an excellent metaphor for my expectations for this movie

  79. EvanescentIcee

    Congrats improv everywhere!!

  80. GayLoser

    I like the rat and the guy

  81. commenzator

    What’s up with the stupid blue characters?

  82. Carlos Herrera

    So bugs life will just be ants on the sidewalk ?

  83. 94-3KGT

    5:10 hits hard for anyone thats had a dog thats passed away, the sound of their final breaths...

  84. 2Keyblades

    But does it answer the most important question: Why does every good franchise insist on having their own jar jar binks?

  85. University_Koala Girl

    the tiniest cat alive

  86. Brianna Robinson

    FLOAT made me cry so bad. Can someone please explain the story behind it?

  87. Daniel Gross

    how did the biker not fall into the manhole at 0:46

    1. Ghhtfffguuhgy Uyfdfhhjhdse

      Because shes from a movie with a rat in it 😉


    The first 45 seconds were fantastic The rest was... passable

  89. Broadway trash person

    A J R

  90. Patrick Diprimo

    Always makes me cry, love this scene and movie.

  91. bEtchaos7 gaming

    Pixar strait up made an isekai... *starring joe*

  92. Just a dude who likes dbs

    So he went in a sewer and he becomes one of the rejected characters in Inside Out? Yep, this is Pixar

  93. Matthew Doyle

    I wonder what that ending song is called?

  94. Hannah

    Well... at least the score is beautiful

  95. Gilbobaggins35


  96. E

    Why yall hate ?

  97. some guy

    Honestly I was more into the film before he turned into cut inside out concept art

  98. Tyler

    What if *toys* had feelings What if *feelings* had feelings What if *snow* had feelings What if *black people* had feelings

  99. Dominic Mejorada

    Now this is a live-action remake I can get behind.

  100. mikro52

    i love all of these shorts im so happy for them to make a notable program like disney plus they’ll get even more recognition !!!