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  1. Shrek Devito

    Shayne lots his arms during the process

  2. Leo Asedillo

    4:25 shayn screaming in 3 2 1...

  3. DizzleGamingTV

    2:53 Keith looked like Lil Nas X

  4. Rejor111

    lol wow. Keith must have signed a "dont sue me for exposing myself" clause lol

  5. Alex B

    Watch 7:13 to 7:35 in slow mo

  6. Random Kiddo

    Can anyone tell me what just Keith said? 7:40?

  7. Alex B

    Who else watched this in slow mo cause i didnt

  8. afutla qian

    Every time Elyse says anything about Ocean Master I laugh so hard

  9. Voices OfJustice

    Invade Courtney’s house.

  10. Voices OfJustice

    Invade Courtney’s house.

  11. steven wolf

    couldn't stop laughing at the Elsa one

  12. NonStop C4DDY

    Yeah....... they are faking some of their laughs

  13. Just a nobody

    I read bumble as bumhole.

  14. sh0w m3 dEbUsSy

    13:28 Damien: *overprotective brother mode: on* Damien: *ArE y0u cALLinG hEr a sL*T?!¿*

  15. ajak osman

    Drugs kill..i had seen many of my family member died because of drugs..especially because of meth

  16. Ellis McKenzie

    Draw my hearo achdemer

  17. JJ V

    Um if ur doing this just use a ziplock bag like a sandwich bag it does that same thing so u ain’t that cool nick

  18. R Heron

    laurels temper was shorter than me and im not even five foot

  19. arieson diaz

    Hey guys... can you tell Keith to make a season 2 of one hour song machine

  20. C Know

    You guys are hilarious. Keep up the great work yall.

  21. AJ17206

    Keith is literally discount Chris rock and I love it

  22. XxRainbow_GhoulxX

    Stop ignoring Damien's high fives and fist bumps! He's too cute to ignore! <3

  23. Kathy H

    Just don't have 3 kids Keith.

  24. Soul_Stealer

    Try Korean BBQ

  25. Jakob Larson

    the guy at 2:15 thinking hes real slick, you cant even see his phone ahahahahah

  26. Emilyissocool

    Filter through cause of your zodiac Shane: 🤨

  27. Potato Yt


  28. Potato Yt

    Olivia: TICELE HIS NUTS) tranner:ALRIGHT

  29. Battle Royale Gaming

    This Pupusa owner is more likable than Yanny in the Blue star donut

  30. Epic Tryhard duh


  31. Muhammad Soman

    the crossover that i never knew i really wanted

  32. Raspy Berry

    Baby lock em doors and turn the lights down low

  33. spicy

    Boring editors

  34. takeachonce

    I felt personally attacked by the fleetwood mac question, but I respect damien for at least admitting how dope stevie nicks is

  35. OfficialCraig23Stewart

    Everyone on smosh is gay

  36. Brooke Linton

    Flula is hilarious

  37. Mack Chater

    And I'm still waiting for a full video on cone town....

  38. Owen Nielsen


  39. YEET

    more reasons why Courtney and shayne should date🥺👊🏻

  40. Megan Lytle

    Damien is only my favorite person on smosh for “Any music ya wanna listen to P R I N C E S S D I A N A?”

  41. Bianca Gamez

    .. Demonetize..

  42. Nathan Mauricio S. Tomazeli

    Shayne and Damien are jojofags, cool af.

  43. Polly Bonanzas

    They're called Push-Ups. Push Pops are candy. And Push-Ups are way better than Otter Pops, though I always liked the Otters on the wrappers.

  44. Kara

    Im A vIrGoOoOooO :)

  45. Mr. Sandman

    Shane: I ain’t fallin for your tricks David Blane. 😂

  46. Dantede

    what shoes is ian wearing??

  47. It’s Hallie

    inter sandman killed me I literally was screaming laughing

  48. Brooklynn B

    I rewatched thus just because of damien's princess diana bit

  49. xiholliday

    *"Arent you just stoked about real marriages?"* -shanye 2017

  50. Bryant Newsome

    From watching this i have realised that Courtney was really going through it at this time.

  51. Alexa Ponce

    Kieth's drawing totally goes on Shayne because he is always yelling

  52. peachy

    the big bird challenger and the princess diana bits for this show are officially my top favorite jokes

    1. afutla qian

      What kind of songs are considered copyright songs?

  53. Bunchanismo Storytime

    The home alone bit is the best one ever!! Funhaus rocks! Adam is a cuk

  54. This channel is under renovation

    I feel like Olivia really brought it here. I've never laughed so hard at a gag.

  55. H471B0

    Ian send that to anthony

  56. John ayy

    I always love sitting in the front of the fireplace with a big glass of munge my Harry poter Bokes

  57. Oshawott_1

    Do Noah’s

  58. It's Clekken647

    S E N D 🅱️ A S S

  59. Avery Flipper

    Shane: that is literally the best video ever Next video Shane: that is literally the best video Next video Shane: LIteRaLy ThE cUtEsT tHiNG EvRe

  60. Raspy Berry

    I have the same birthday as Tom Holland d:

  61. Luis Angel Silva

    Happy bday shayne

  62. Katy Hadaway

    Gonna admit one of my fave ships is shartney (real or not idc if they’re jus frens at least they’re close) but still my fave part of the vid was defo 8:35 cuz gosh darn was her lil side smile and nudge hella cute 😂

  63. MewtillX prime

    Anthony Padilla and Ian hecox from smosh

  64. coogko moim

    So wait... The horoscope for gemini said they are gonna be most compatible with a virgo this month... Courtney is also a gemini.... I wonder....

  65. Robert

    My goodness Olivia is weird

  66. Mvy Bby

    How can Laurel judge the donuts by how they taste when they didn't even make the batter themselves??

  67. Rafael Geraldo

    ok i think the coach kinda flirted with shayne in a very subtile way

  68. Noah Trombley

    I used to do the same flapping thing when I was little

  69. Symonne XoXo

    Me & Shayne have the same T-Shirt ong😩❤️

  70. Fazxii

    7:52 *did Courtney actually just-*

  71. Trosher Vmp

    Not gonna lie this made me kinda dislike Bose a lot.....................

  72. jack ryan

    holy crap how small is Noah, I thought it was only ret that was big.

  73. Christian Cuadrado

    Gus italian man baby will always be my favorite

  74. lilChickenJoe


  75. Jakob Smith

    11:50 Shane looks like a family guy character 😂

  76. Me Also me

    I lost track of who’s in the try guys and who’s in smosh, they’re all so alike

  77. Leaf Wing

    As soon as Courtney said rap I was like: TELL HIM TO DO IT HAMILTON STYLE

  78. Kayley Parmley

    Smosh pit? More like smo- spit

  79. Parking Jimin

    10:05 hi yes what about virgos?

    1. coogko moim

      I like how Shayne and Courtney are matching 👀

  80. puppy lover

    Awww shayne😔

  81. Kai Michaelis

    dudeee, ive always wanted to name my daughter Ryan

  82. Leaf Wing

    My definition of strawberry strum: When one has played guitar with their fingers instead of a pick and their fingertips go red and get a bit swollen

  83. Brown Panther

    Feels bad for 4:35 for me

  84. Brookie 270

    13:17 is the best thing ever

  85. X-Ray722

    Did you actually get that cake Noah

  86. Pdawg

    Umm, maybe slamming the bat on the wood floor wasn’t the best idea?

  87. mimidevil007

    I totally forgot about Shane’s beanie days 😂

  88. R.I.O.T SPEEDY

    Happy birthday shayne we share the same birthday 😂

  89. Jade Taibi

    This is the funniest shit I have ever seen🤣🤣🤣 you guys should totally make another episode of this

  90. King Ahmed

    Why my man Damien always getting skipped on ✋

  91. Karyme Rivera

    Julien solomita would be hilarious on this!!

  92. Maria C


  93. Frankie Ulin

    This is the most unfunny video ive seen in my life how do you guys have a series with this garbage

  94. Big Daddy

    They aren’t watching any good videos

  95. yikes !

    Whenever I’m sad I come back and watch this video Me: :( Smosh: We went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire! Me: :)))

  96. SerjEpic


  97. JCovers

    When Zach brought out the skeleton during the voice message bit, I almost choked on my water I was laughing so hard 😂🙃

  98. Abby MIller

    I stumbled across a Courtney Miller sticker app on the app store. I don't know what else there is to say.

  99. Sams Arcade

    My man Shane is.Awkward af in this video.

  100. Gamer God

    if Shane says "sherbert" one more time! XD