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  1. Andrew the Man

    I miss the good old days

  2. cheese puff

    Me right now I'm sssiiicckkkk

  3. Grace Whitene


  4. Haha HahaX2

    The way Shayne explained what hookups are 😂😂😂

  5. GoKi Cration

    This didn’t help me enough

  6. Martha Camargo

    WTF Ai habe sick

  7. Diego Diaz

    Since when has the Merell twins been on smosh was I gone that long

  8. Idk


  9. XxxpoisonouspandaxxX

    2016: F£&@ coffee 2019: *smosh makes coffee brand*

  10. NIkola Calic

    "Ebola is right" Damien 2017

  11. Lenny Humby


  12. toy bonnie

    My dad said god's not real

  13. Definitely Fake Grant O'Brien

    Isn't it sad that this song was posted nearly 10 years ago, yet it only has 8 million views in comparison to other videos during the era that have at least 15 million? Apart from Ian's love for cats music video, this is pretty much the least viewed OMV from Smosh...and will probably stay that way unless there are actually even worse ones done recently.

  14. fuck the pauls

    And I thougth the old intro that there's was a blue spray can was old This one is older (Sory 4 my bed greemat)

  15. Peddler Enterprises LLC

    Just realized Peter wears a Star Trek red shirt and he’s always getting killed 😂😂

  16. Analeah Legans

    *nOt gA- oKaY tHaT mIgHt Be aLiTTle gAYYyYyYyYyYyY*

  17. BK Enrerprize


  18. Anton Andrew

    I was leaning on my left hand God damnit

  19. Nature Time


  20. Pinkdramadiva

    We need Jenna & Julien !!

  21. 2 cool 4 school


  22. el breado

    Do Every GEsels Rewind Ever, yeah its a shi**y idea.


    How did they predict both Carl's and Tara's death? Carl= Died of walker bite Tara= Died of decapitation

  24. Faiz Ali

    At 2:50 Noah told Courtney that Black Widow will never have a movie and now here in 2019, we have the trailer of Black Widow movie for 2020😂😂😂

  25. Sam Beaumont

    I love you smosh

  26. Max McTighe

    No one: Me when I’m sick: oof they’re doing PE rn

  27. Burhan Mehkari

    who watching in dec 2019

  28. Daniel Pritišanac

    Every riblery ever

  29. Sebastian Gomez


  30. Heather Mirza


  31. jjs world

    Everybody:Damian is so good at morgz! Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even you: Me:OK OK I GET IT! BUT WHAT ABOUT OLIVIA OR COURTNEY OR SHANE!!!!!!???????

  32. whoopsie

    I slept for 3 hours and then played ac pocket camp for another 3 and now I’m watching this and drawing

  33. Next Level Savage

    In the 7th grade I faked being sick because I didn't want to got to school and I actually got sick the next day

  34. Nedas Kupčiūnas

    Comment if you are watching this in 2020. I will check after new years.

  35. Kal Studios

    What about kal kestrels?

  36. Kyle Jones

    It would last a day a tayler swift marriage

  37. Amanda F

    God I miss the good ole days of GEsels

  38. bangers and mash

    The good ol days

  39. DON TE2FAK

    المقطع اكبر مني 😹

  40. Keeley And max



    full name you say oska baddeley

  42. Keeley And max


  43. Logan Flores

    I like how the description says Anthony finds true love what could possible go wrong😂

  44. Disney Gurl238

    who else watching this on THEIR sick day? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  45. Meriane Dawn

    This is officially my favorite video

  46. Zokioブルーベリー

    Oof can you do every drag queen ever ;-;

  47. Anti hero C


  48. Account Man

    Having revisited smosh after years I have realized that it is not as good as it was back in the day.

  49. Matthew Jenner

    This is like smosh rewind but its good

  50. Logan Flores

    Omg i didn't know 😂 my stange addiction was a real show because when i looked up the show

  51. Mr Krabbz

    I've never liked Taylor swift so this is funny af

  52. XxRobloxHearts IsRealXx

    Keep on pausing at 3:14

  53. XxRobloxHearts IsRealXx

    Keep on pausing at 3:14

  54. Chockie_

    Been sick for 2 weeks and this came out.

  55. Ria Da Cool

    👨🏻‍🦱 👕 👖 🥾

  56. Shiven mehra

    This decade is almost over we still haven't gotten a guys guide to spooning guys

  57. Chloe Walsh

    I'm going to Germany at 3am tomorrow Friday 13 2019 from Ireland

  58. Thanos Cat

    aw nigahiga there

  59. Millie Taylor

    this video introduced me to hatsune miku when i was like 9.......... thanks

  60. Anthony Morris

    My feels

  61. Darkedy

    Well, this is awkward *coughs* smosh making fun of tanacon

  62. Luis Ayala

    did you know that to work at hot topic you must have at least one percing not including a ear pericing

  63. Mohammad Masoom

    iam from Buffalo hahahahahaha

  64. Jelly Bean

    My order is easy when I order it’s a sandwich it’s Italian bread with turkey yellow and American cheese toasted a bag of Lays or hot Cheetos and a water

  65. Eagles

    o m g literally like SO relatable

  66. Youtuber123

    whats the original song name?

  67. xSyn

    Video idea :for every blank ever Every every ever ever

  68. 7even 5ive


  69. Mohammed El ahmadi

    YOU NO A NEW GAME IS SOO COOL GUYS PLZ ROBLOX AND ADD ME IN FREND IS ROOBY491 PLAY NOW!! m'y name in Roblox IS rooby491 soo? Play it plz or Roblox guit plzzzz

  70. Inge Vos

    My strange

  71. Alex Little

    Employee: welcome to the homestore, would you like to try a nice comfy bed? Keith: dOeS iT hAvE mUlTiPlAyEr?

  72. CalebTRM // TheRubyMinecart

    So This is what happens when Anthony leaves smosh


    3:49 there is a lady filming in her pikini

  74. Armaani Iqbal

    At the start it was like that 1 South Park episode about the whole foods

  75. Takara

    Anyone else watching this when you're sick?

  76. Aqua Phantom 1

    lmao best every ______ ever vid you have ever made

  77. The ounce and only Subzila

    Me irl

  78. Eilish

    WHO ELSE IS A CANCER ♋ (July 1 is my birthday)

  79. Naheek Naeesh

    What if a person actually wanted to know how to survive a burglary and clicked on this 😂😂😂😂😂

  80. basket head

    f this shit

  81. mr bozzle

    Look in the mirror at 3:50

  82. Unbreakable Diamond

    Shut up!

  83. Fanthomas

    wait what happened to 25 million?

  84. Star Cube

    Villager is a bloody psycho

  85. Huraiza Asif

    I watched this video about 5 years ago, and didn't know what the death not was and I thought this all was Smosh's idea. Then, this year, I finished watching the anime series death note and this was in my recommendations. THANK YOU GEsels.

  86. maisa m

    *_on christmas!_*

  87. NaegiMakoto 01

    Me still waiting Anthony come back



  89. SWF•Official

    3:48 So this whole time, it was just a girl in bikinis recording their every episodes...

  90. Super King

    That's grosss

  91. TheBlueKnight_43-pg3d


  92. Mitchell Ames

    Ian, why dont you get your own job instead of telling Anthony to get his own job

  93. Blue mask

    Aaaaaaah when smosh was actually somewat funny

  94. Braian Xholi

    *IM A LEO*