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  1. Sasuke Uchiha

    I’m only 8 and this is fire and I like it

  2. Earla

    What’s behind the scenes behind the scenes?

  3. Atomic_Claw

    Old KSI reacting to Very Old KSI

  4. jmfam722

    Everyone forgot about this character, everyone talks about babatunde.😔

  5. PertonGamer

    recommended in 2020

  6. Sanchit Varshney

    Can we all appreciate how Offset snapped on this. This is the best he has ever sounded imo

  7. KingMalachi 21

    Notice how deji didn’t respond after this

  8. StinkyFeetJoe

    JME is spittin straight up bars its giving me chills

  9. Mo To The O

    Offset was fire but jj try’s to act like Travis Scott and wtf is no cap

  10. Bradley Williams


  11. Fortnite Plays

    It has 400k likes they have to do a scary game PUT IT ON THE REDDIT

  12. Vaibhav Thalanki

    Did you like big zuu in this track? Like - yes Comment- no

  13. springwolf

    2020 anyone?

  14. J_Igbo _

    Should have a basketball game

  15. Pjesu

    9:48 why did that scared guy come running on the stage

  16. Catz

    Sick song sick fight

  17. Herbert Shaju

    This what BALDKSI 2 gon look like

  18. Kloe w

    he sounds so different lmaoooo

  19. Lisa Haslam

    He didn't pick Harry

  20. Mark Fatouhi


    1. Blufyy

      Mark Fatouhi nah me

  21. Vaibhav Thalanki

    Person above me has uno reverse card

  22. Carlos Rodriguez

    stole $uicideboy$ beat

  23. Yousof101 crack

    0:15 Micheal made a looked over Dannie's head then made a gesture with his left hand, too easy.

  24. Grim Reaper

    covid gang

  25. The Devoid One

    5:46 Josh says, “Your mum is gonna kill us” Simon says, “Don’t worry guys I’ll take the hit” Little did he know... his parents don’t like him.

  26. King Bot X

    Thats a dirty ass mac

  27. Sage V3

    Ksi pls do a remake of purple Lamborghini and do it when u r bald ski

  28. keanstar 09


  29. sallutruth

    Who’s watching this today

  30. bezza beezlus

    This has to happen

  31. Assassin'sCreedFan

    The new album is sick! JJ has inpired me to start my own channel!

  32. Ruby Brewer


  33. Mohamed Abdullahi


  34. Dom Armstrong

    2020 anyone ready for baldski

  35. FuteresPast

    Anybody catch I’ll uzi vert shaking his head while offset was rapping

  36. Vaibhav Thalanki

    Fun fact : vik and jj are richer than offset

  37. Finesse Shockzz

    This will be ksi again

  38. David p peters

    Who is here after ksi and ricegum are beefing

  39. Mohamed Abdullahi

    What u talkin bout im last


    and the actual Houdini was gunned down on 27/05/2020 .... RIP

  41. Anonymous2103 lol

    One of his OG'S Song

  42. Tribe of creativity

    This is thee only song I like with lil pump

  43. jack louden


  44. Mikey S

    imagine if this was on dissimulation

  45. Lewis Cairns

    love how youtube recommends me baldski

  46. Turtles Jack

    We all know that u paid hella for offset and he had a better verse

  47. Zafar Okoya

    If you want JJ to go bald again you need to Stream or buy the album

  48. Ejdin Hasanovic

    where can i find ksi's discord

  49. huh!?

    Money: rips New £10 note: *laughs cutely*

  50. Lanky Boy

    Ksi was the only one to have shit ton of views in a 1 min video.

  51. Guy

    When jj used to get bullied 😂😂

  52. Aaron Marshall

    Kinda odd how i got recommended this, almost as if baldski might happen again...

  53. 1000 subs before tomorrow

    Help a brother out ❤️

  54. Kobe Tomkinson

    Harry would love this

  55. Mudhaffar Adhwa

    Honestly, I prefer the Ferrari

  56. Sazassin

    Uno reverse

  57. lina ortiz


  58. Jonas B

    You look like Terk from Tarzan😂😂😂

  59. Tmnt King

    Best motherfucking song ever

  60. Anesu Chamboko

    Lock down

  61. Ajay Festen

    Who is watching this during the corona crisis??

  62. Simon Sheya

    yall cappin im last

    1. keanstar 09


  63. -LiL_PrOEy -

    The guy below me and above me isn't last