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  1. Craig

    20k dude your 20mil

  2. Indicis

    The fact that some people like Logan Paul more than you makes me fucking mad

  3. YouTube Boy

    This is so sick yeeyah

  4. Ayden Syverson

    If you look at the guy upside down his left leg is super short lmfao 😂

  5. Ed Quintanilla

    your voice is puberty its self

  6. Jaime Chiqui


  7. Jose Pablo M

    The youtube boxing world champion

  8. Eli Holbrook

    I ben on a bigger rap then jj aver ben on and I’m only 11years old

  9. Itz JBaller

    Who is here after the fight?😭🥊

  10. Edon Ukaj

    Anybody else know that the Ed Sheeran at the fight was a fake Ed?

  11. Mo Vibes

    looks lik KSI came through on his promise fuck the Paul's

  12. Craig

    1:49 KSI accidentally slipping

  13. This One Guy


  14. Pritzlululane

    LOL WHY THIS IN MY RECCOMMENDED SECTION! This makes me cry on how far he's come lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  15. Hyper Life

    Epic way to flex on your lambo like if im agree.

  16. dellor

    the cringe

  17. Iz Shadow

    Who else is watching after KSI beat up Logan?

  18. D Man Lewis

    Despite my last comment tho this song IS in fact fuckin BANGER i just wish KSI did 2 verses to make it feel more like HIS song!

  19. Casper The GhostE


  20. Topstar

    This was Soo funny lmao

  21. Inserisci un nome

    1:00 you've never heard of them because youtube took them down

  22. Galvatron Gaming

    Knowledge. Truth. Integrity.

  23. Roland bennett

    Ksi: There's nothing I fear ... except Bees Logan: ( Bee costume) Bzzzzzz

  24. Sniquad

    It’s good he said “I want that knockdown” and not knockout

  25. Big Grundo

    Your a shit boxer , didn’t deserve the win but you can fr make tunes 🤣 love you bro x

  26. Meme King

    bruh I'm just going through some throwbacks and everyones commenting😂

  27. Juan Ovalle

    *He said exactly what he said he was going to do*

  28. JmoneyThaGod

    Look at this Goat Would Have Never Believed he Would Be GEsels’s Boxing Champion

  29. Thomas Emerson

    Jesus Christ Tom Steyer needs 2 stfu

  30. Brandon Sanchex


  31. Clifton Davis

    Look at KSI now and when he started his channel, then look at Ethan now and then look at him 2 years ago not much of a difference

  32. Rockneax

    This song isnt that good tbh

  33. Jeremya Ford

    Damn you made a song with lil baby

  34. Ronan KL

    Lame... Logan won the fight

  35. Zain A

    Who was here after the which sidemen knows callux video

  36. dingdongdich 11

    Ksi is a f#$king idiot he is a n#$&r ksi should have not won I am sick of his rude mean and just selfish and if u were on ksi team what are u doing. It really just make my angry that he gets his way but logan Paul had some set backs on his career but he is the one person that u can look opon on after I saw the reaction of ksi I knew that he realize he got his way even Jake Paul thought ksi was selfish. If u see this drop a like if u are on Logan's team if u are on ksi's team go die

  37. Ernesto Rodriguez

    Make a pt 2 my nigga

  38. Raul Nava Bello

    0:19 when your mom brings mcdonalds

  39. Cookixs

    who the bitch at 3:06??

  40. AbruptVictor

    its about to be a year. are you gonna let him know?

  41. Goku Caprisun

    Lil Baby killlllled it

  42. Arman 46ghjgj

    2:25 this is how epic sax guy started

  43. Victor Mondragon

    When the condom breaks 0:28

  44. Dk07Destroyer

    they smashed it for sure this time

  45. GoLdIe NaShY

    *If Your A Logan Paul Fan Ur Gay For Life*

  46. Joshua Ventura


  47. Victor Mondragon

    When the bus is here 0:28

  48. David Castro

    After the fight he gets payed [buy the Lamborghini jj buy it]

  49. Sandy McBride


  50. Binayak Shrestha

    this nigga 😂

  51. Lwden

    Isn’t it crazy to think this became a world champion

  52. Dayz z

    Best asmr I’ve seen so far

  53. Brandon Brown

    i wish i could see you ksi

  54. Rudy Martinez


  55. Meme King

    whoever likes this isnt gay

  56. Jazevi

    I remember watching this video when I was 10. I'm 18 now and this is recommended 3 days after the fight haha

  57. Nono []

    If you wanted to teach him pain tolerance...just give him to rackaracka for 5 weeks.

  58. imposssible_ z,on ig

    Im gonna mark this as sexual content so youtube has to listen to this banger

  59. Joni Morina

    React to you and Logan Paul’s press conference by Little bored

  60. life sucks

    Welcome back to another episode of You guessed it, WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS??

  61. King Michael 11

    Who’s here after KSI beat Logan Paul Like

  62. Dank Brandon

    K- King S - See I - Inspiration

  63. Victor Mondragon

    When you see your tinder date 0:18

  64. NBA Salva

    JJ doesn’t get enough recognition for all that he’s done

  65. Ginna Faasao

    12:08 awwwww🥺❤️

  66. sagegoku

    Thank you god this song wasn’t suck

  67. Christian Miraflores Jr.

    music vid is about to be crazy

  68. B33RVS

    KSI's verse is short and shit.

  69. Andres saucedo


  70. BMP Tv

    That was a good fight but Logan used a lot of his energy in the first round

  71. Fate Navy


  72. Julian Casanova

    Annoyance is a word wow surprising

  73. Eclipz_Elite

    At the fight I was like wtf is this sh1t but now I know JJ won it hits different

  74. Aaron Humes

    Are you just saying that to make a point

  75. Lil Free

    Ksi sucks

  76. CaptainSwift

    The funny thing is now after the fight he can do another one of these videos

  77. Dont click on my profile

    im the real Last

    1. Fate Navy

      Nah homie

  78. Omar M

    He goated at everything he does man 👑🐐

  79. Niall Oshea

    Why is this in my recommended November 2019

  80. Big Schlang

    How did this man go from shy guy in his room to a fucking million air rapper/boxer

  81. SuperLogan & SuperMason

    He he he he he he 0:43 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  82. Ghosted

    this song slaps

  83. Rachael Osborne

    Did anybody else notice that Logan is a ranga? His beard is orange.... For the Americans taking dont know what a ranga is it’s somebody with orange hair

  84. Subhansh Subba

    Now he is a pro boxer

  85. XXXConstantino 06

    Anne frank 😑

  86. SuperLogan & SuperMason

    Who’s watching this when u know that ksi won the fight

  87. AndyTheWebDev

    Joe could've easily beat jj if he actually threw punches. koi's footwork, punches and movement are very sloppy in the fight. joe's punches are great, chin to shoulder, fully extended punches. his footwork is almost spot on for an ammy and his guard is there along with movement. Joe froze up, he wasn't confident and ski took the win for that reason. Joe had the technique, but on this night jj was the better fighter undoubtedly

  88. Imran Qureshi

    The kid below me will die a virgin

  89. MMA World!

    Miss old times

  90. Julian Casanova

    *Coughs* and he’s white

  91. Nafees Muhammad

    fuckin heat

  92. Yung Slimzy


  93. Fabian Cortez

    7:28 🤣 wth

  94. Stefan Trifunovic

    Comment last if you are gay

  95. Gaming 100

    Logan: "How do i lose to this guy?"

  96. Yekzu

    Idk why this is suggested but I’m glad

  97. Pranit hd

    Kinda feel like SX is pretty much carrying this song

  98. Crystal Sweats

    Damn he *THICK*

  99. NofPvP

    Feels good when you're at the top.

  100. LEE T-POP

    Who is KSI , is he an upcoming blow up rapper?