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  1. dihtung glave

    They are all awsome cars

  2. nikdy nikdajz

    That Volvo looks stunning.

  3. Chenxun Jiang

    You 2 should switch drivers and test multiple times


  5. richmond denton

    So much for German reliability!

  6. Daniel Lec

    Well, it concludes: *No cars are perfect anyway*

  7. Runawaygeek

    Audi RS Avant series.. sells amazing all look great, fast and fun and everyone wants one.. Bmw: no one wants a fast sporty estate, have an X5M ... 😩

  8. Carlos Almeida

    should of tested it through city streets. That is a real world test. With all the stop and go.

  9. bhavesh madaan

    The all new 202 Audi A4 is really an amazing car. This car has some amazing features. Also here is everything you need to know about the 2021 Audi A4. Check it out here:

  10. Englandman09


  11. Ich m Lul


  12. Xavier D

    This car is absolutely gorgeous. The fact that it cost almost 90 grand less than the S class coupe is insane and probably the reason why the S class coupe will probably be discontinued according to the rumors. Great Video yah cheeky bugger. Did I use that term right?

  13. Joran Goose


  14. Macio Luko

    The market has spoken on the EQC. 700 units sold in the last 2 years...

  15. Hejsan

    Love the opera thing!

  16. machinedriver

    Cars that can be stolen with just a laptop annoy me. How is that an improvement in any sense?

  17. Stone Henges


  18. Emile Bruneau

    Why would U waste ur time on running the new Supra

  19. Ezra Daniel

    Just buy the new 911 turbo s from carwow...😂

  20. Bendybill Walker

    I thought it was going to turn into fake taxi when she got in the taxi

  21. Gloryboy 307

    Im getting this modest car👍♥️

  22. Arien Maxwell Danny

    Carfection + Carwow = Love

  23. Walsh

    Test them on tarmac.. this is idiotic.

  24. Anthony Ebube

    Absolutely i agree with you. BMW 3 series has always been the best in its class n BMW in general always the ultimate in its class n world of automotive

  25. Amin.Vlogs

    you gotta admit the Bavarians really know how to pack in power

  26. Ediva Eta

    Bro the drag race is so awesome the sounds

  27. pasan pramod

    I think it was biased bcz of taking the same side for land rover and you should definitely try this tug on a concrete or a tar road

  28. Gamingbro11

    Ford Ranger best !👌🏼

  29. Kirill Uhlianets

    Matt's mom got better reaction than him

  30. vikramjit singh

    Please do race with Honda accord vs toyata camry vs Hyundai Sonata

  31. 92 Racing

    I am still loving MERCEDES BENZ it's a ROOKIE.....

  32. Naz Vlogs

    Awesome. Keep it up. I also done a review on one !!

  33. Naz Vlogs

    Awesome. Keep it up. I also done a review on one !!

  34. Montavio

    Headlights are too tiny

  35. dario bi

    You’ve shown only the Porsche setting. Nothing about the other two ones. Regarding Alfa, the start was too smooth. In all other tests his 0-100kmh was lower than 4”. Porsche can’t do it. Breakes: if alfa wears carboceramics, they need to ne warmed.

  36. syed gillani

    Good car Good review Super duper

  37. مؤمن ١


  38. Mutahir Gillani

    Toyota rocks man

  39. Atahan Altıntaş

    16:07 Speed(Jail miles per hour)

  40. Sudhansu Sahu

    call yianni, then we should talk bout results...

  41. David Young

    what is better carwow or carbuyer

  42. David Young

    you are better than top gear

  43. niklas johansson

    ”I have the most skill” drives automatic👏👏👏

  44. James Cassar

    matt needs to get her an m series fo sure man, thats one fast learning granny

  45. Artin Dalipi

    I like Mercedes amg g63

  46. Giovanni Angeli

    Amarok is the best

  47. JustinsSupercars

    The E-Coupe especially the E53 has always been the forgotten AMG. Nobody really talks about it because everybody just cares about the V8 models. What a shame the E53 has always been a crazy machine.

  48. BANANĂ

    What a fast diesel car

  49. Benjamin Toft

    1:39 463 liter engine? Damn, ain't no replacement for displacement i guess.

  50. Srenivaasan Alagir Rajah

    M fan guys

  51. BM Bimon

    My dream car😍😍

  52. Tony_yeung

    I'm just going to call it cyan

  53. Raul Andy

    BMW the king 👑🔱💣

  54. BM Bimon

    Revie soon

  55. Rishabh Kaushal

    this was released on my birthday and I am a Ferrari fan. Thank you best birthday gift ever and I am still watching it now.

  56. Faruk Kocapinar

    Get the gtr nismo bro

  57. Slight Overdoze


  58. MilanSerb

    W212 forever the best E

  59. Ubi Ubi

    Proud of TATA motors... In range rover

  60. bouytt guyt

    Give me the Alfa, any day of the week that ends in 'y'.


    Somebody realize this drag is VW race?

  62. Timothy Germann

    Ugly wheels and front end trim. Otherwise nice lines and suspension stance. Wish we were offered the hatchback in the states.

  63. Timothy Germann

    30 year GTI owner here. My current car is the MK7 Autobahn. I think this thing is disgusting. Ugly front end, stupid looking fog lights touchscreens everywhere, ugly wheels.. MK7.5 started this trend with the plastic crap trim around the intakes and fugly wheels. Hopefully by the time I'm ready for a new car they will have reversed this trend toward the hideous. If not I'm done with VW.

  64. Danny Burrell

    I am on my second Tundra. If you change the oil in them they will last forever. I have to go with Toyota.

  65. brad s

    I’ve had the E300 Coupe since 2017 and was disappointed by the look of the current E53 as it didn’t look that much different apart from a few subtle changes. Now looking at the facelift I want to get a 53.


    I love this intro so much that paper towel on my head is the new go to for me

  67. alan a

    U talk n yell too much bad driver

  68. Bill Taylor

    Tinted windows. Apart from restricting visibility to only the next car and making it dangerous to pull out it makes you wonder why? Are you so ugly that you cannot be seen in public? Are your friends embarrassed to be seen with you? Are you embarrassed to be seen with your friends? Get some help and stop looking like a wannabe drug dealer.

  69. A.D.N

    But Whos driving the I8

  70. Mr Stupid

    You need to use X S 3 and Roadstrr

  71. issac brott

    Anyone who buys a RR must be put yourself in the line of the boundless greedy psychotic dealers and service divisions..they will rob tape mercilessly...

  72. MegaFregel

    Comparing this to the 5 series Mercedes really shat the bed. Bmw looks way smarter and way more modern.

  73. A.D.N

    ugliest car rims i have ever seen!

  74. Shah M

    Be calm... Be calm... Don't say it.... It'S PrOnOuNcEd "Por shuh" FoR sAkE

  75. tom

    skoda driver is gradma or what ?? slowest start ever

  76. André Fox

    That's really fun

  77. Raymond Jünger

    Roofline is too high for my taste. But sexy anyways.

  78. Brucie

    Races all way to 170mph and wins by 1ft... “I WON THAT”

  79. sacmjr

    AMG. All day, every day.

  80. Mike Johnson

    GTR is a joke and way too slow 🐌

  81. TwentyEightySeven

    Front is pretty ugly, same looks that's on all the new SUV models.

  82. Robert Milat

    Such a good looking car, DS is one of the only modern car brand I'm excited about

  83. Cristian Vergara Pardo

    The ALFA, is the fastest SUV here. But MATT has the Best reaction time

    1. bouytt guyt

      Volvo v40 t3 inscription auto

  84. emil karlström

    The titel mate "Audi rs" you need to add q3

  85. Ioannis stavrou

    plastic crap



  87. videodudetv

    Car Wow? Car DUD! "See Why It's a Raptor Slayer" in the title??? Click bait.

  88. Mohammad Soliman


  89. Paul Chambers

    Unfortunately this looks like the usual Gaelic crap that’ll be worth 20% of its original value after three years.

  90. Rebecca Galea


  91. Sam Broadbent


  92. Harrisss Toddd

    Electric vs Petrol ???? WHAT a HAPPENING?!?!!?

  93. jovianto chen

    Yet you still the best reviewer Automotive in the world.. watson

  94. Mauricio Faz Galicia

    Why didn’t they pit the RS3 hatch? Makes no sense

  95. GOrDoN ReMseY

    I like diesels but fuck me it doesnt sound good. It's just weird

  96. Robert Milat

    Matt is such a G, love the way he reviews cars.

  97. paul mair

    all Audi drivers are wankers

  98. ATN A

    2:32 father and son

  99. Ramtin Namini

    It should be a C43🤨

  100. BigBen 92

    Omg I loved this car since I saw the first picture on top gear. They hated it, but I see it as the incarnation of pure unnecessary power and size. I love it.