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  1. future hofer

    Was that Dennis Schroeder?? wtf

  2. Joshua Magalona

    I love these two!!! 😭😭😭

  3. Leah Renee

    She’s sooo GOOD 😍

  4. Islandgirl Zhara

    Loveeeeeee this song omg

  5. Vee K.

    Nice & Slow... Usher references. I see what sis did there.

  6. Beezylovebandz 4L

    I fuck with summer 👌🏾💪🏾

  7. Cita Cita

    Love the song but does anyone knows the concept of the video??

  8. Cade Noël

    sooo can you guys just hangout every week, thanks lol

  9. raqual cloud

    Let my nigga know

  10. Kym’s Worldd

    PartyNextDoor finally came back

  11. Darker than your knees

    Can we just talk about that one guy real quick 😭😂😂 BIG MOOOOOD

  12. Pedro Ribeiro

    Drake killed this

  13. Brionchè Clifton

    Love everything about this, especially the way they talked about and complimented each other ❤️❤️

  14. Ashley Dennis


  15. Jennifer Rowe

    My favorite song on the album !! 😩😍

  16. Alicia Arebalo


  17. Litty Queen2000

    2 of my favorite R&B singers in one video I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. putri hatmanti

    this actually sooooo cute

  19. Domo Baby

    Sexy and crazy my type

  20. Domo Baby

    Love the album

  21. lamar jones

    She got ass low key 👀

  22. A Aridi

    2:06 that booty thooooooo

  23. ColThe Guru

    BEST SONG ON THE ALBUM in my opinion and it should be released as a single with a remix with Chris Brown and a minute longer!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  24. Bianca Polo

    This song stood out to me

  25. July Lugo

    I just want my. girlfriends and a blunt 😩😩😩

  26. July Lugo

    “Im my heart it wasn’t until I was on the bed with my legs open” same ari, sameeeee

  27. Cami

    I love her music videos

  28. Nobi_Bklyn

    y'all both beautiful 👑👑❤

  29. A.v.H O

    Playing games🙄

  30. v

    lol im dead "in my heart it wasnt.. until i was on the bed w my legs open". i felt that actually

  31. Temaphanga Mkhonta

    Yes I saw Jhene and I clicked

  32. Forevatayy YoursTruly

    so underrated ❤️

  33. steve P

    Melanin Magic , me a love my people - jah Know. You cool With that ?

  34. God dess

    I wish this song was 5 mins longer

  35. Urban Drum DJ

    Come thru Drum Remix gesels.info/video/video/nsqUm9C0hI2erIs.html

  36. Ayanni Hicks

    This is the most adorable interview ever

  37. Skeetor Jeffries

    A remake of classic Omarion sex playlist song

  38. Jessica Oliveira


  39. Brush Strokes, ETC!

    I love y'all relaxed energy. Both of y'all's personality is lovable. 🥰💞

  40. Cortney leighleigh

    Brooooo I been sleepin on her 🤦‍♀️ I can bang this whole album I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I SAID THAT!!!

  41. genese perkins

    No she didn't!! Go head now sis. Love her voice!!😍😍😍😍

  42. Daa'iyah Green

    SUMMER!!!! Drop doctor detz 😍😍😍😍

  43. Osborne Ballard


  44. Amanda Boo

    💥💥💥🎶🎶 like so musics 💕💕💕

  45. Pharaohs Fam

    dammmmm!!!! amazing!!!

  46. MsToya E

    Summer you so lit!!!!!!! 💜💜

  47. DJ RICKY G

    summer walker looks hella ratchet

  48. Kiara Pritchett

    when she said she had a “long back” i felt that 😂😢

  49. Khan Illuminated

    So we’re doing this right girls??

  50. Learn LifeTv

    Why was this so entertaining? Llssss I watch espn GEsels all day

  51. tigger selfmade

    *WOW IT FEELS LOVELY LOL 🤣 **4:49*

  52. Ackicia Basson

    i just wanna know the sample song damn!!!!!!

  53. Alexa Cecilia Aguipo

    Clicked the LIKE button 👍🏼 even before I heard the song! I love both these artists.

  54. Tanyawillis

    Nahhh i didnt like it and i love summer walker, but the creativity was like a slavery film worth a black man tied up on top of the bath tbe song aint that deep for that to be occurring, she should have been in the bedroom as she was and then she should have had throw back videos of her in a grocery store pushing the trolley and laughing running with it and jumping on with bae chasing after her, visuals of them laying in bed , tryna throw popcorn in their mouth and holding hands and then it should have come back to the actual scene of her back in the bedroom singing and tearing photos cos she's over it! But hey who am I. Looool

  55. Maleeka Purvis

    OK...Let's go Stevie J on production!!!!!! 👏🏾🎊🎉👏🏾 This is fire, he needs to produce more beats for other R&B artists like he did back in the day cuz he did his thing on this one!

  56. Deeyah and Ashlei Show

    Love this song !

  57. Imani Akia

    Ari is me when I’m with friends and summer is who I think I am when I’m with friends. I love them so much 😂

  58. IOS User

    Daaaammn she couldn’t even get him on her video

  59. Tt Keia tv

    I would’ve been scared to have a knife thrown at me😂 for a music video

  60. Hey You


  61. Kyrra Duff

    Need a video for Come Thru😩🙏🏾

  62. RickK RocKStar

    When you record music while you're drunk.🤔

  63. LA DAVIS

    Oh my goodness. Their voices are so damn soothing

  64. Danielle Jai


  65. iPhoon

    Issa Vybez better fuss up to what these girls telling us

  66. Nurse 7Love

    Omg idk if they should date or be best friends....but please do a song together!

  67. Emma Bačová

    U made my life better I swear

  68. Zarria West

    They both are Aries and they each represent the two sides of an Aries ... Summer Walker is the goofy wild side of an Aries and Ari is the calm soft spoken side 😭 love itttt ♈️

  69. Litty Solana

    My favorite song in da whole album 🥰🥰🥰💙💙💙😍😍

  70. Rachel Moten

    Is it just me or does it look like she only has one leg in this?

  71. Jaleel Z

    Ari: you wax down there ? Summer : girl the other day LMAOOOOOOO

  72. Rachel Michel

    This song is the best😭

  73. Patrick D.

    When usher said that last bit at the end, i sang along on accident 🤗🤗🤗

  74. Jasmin Russaw

    Fire best this year besides gimmie love ✍💛💫👑... Come thru 😜

  75. Melo Hope

    I love this girl dialogue.. it's so much like mi sitting with mi homegirls talkin mess and can't stop laughing with each other. Nothing like a groovy Sistrens Chat! :)

  76. Mingo The Poet

    Usher need to make music again 💯💯💯 this shit fire

  77. Precious Ayeni

    I’m all-Over it ❤️

  78. Lolita La Negra

    Summer and aaliyah jay look just alike

  79. Nikita Johnson

    Something about this song!!! I just 💜💜💜

  80. Stori Brooks

    this is what love feels like

  81. An Gre

    Hits different 🥰

  82. Talia Seays

    Im. In. 💘 with. This. Because. She. Is. Pretty. And. Usher. Raymon. Is. Sexy.

  83. Donya Baker

    U betta sang

  84. Pea Hop

    I heard Ersha baby was on here! 👀 💕🎶 🔥

  85. RealEstate Woman

    Ari is hilarious!!!! 😂😂

  86. monica webster

    1:15 I agree with you Ari. I would get a fade lol. I got a wax before and I didn't like it bc it made me feel like a child. grown women have hair, and I am used to that. but it should be groomed too. like your front yard has grass, it should be cut, trimmed and neat.

  87. Annie Blatt

    From Cleaning lady to one of the best overlooked artists, Summer deserves the views!

  88. Norman Freeman


  89. KenKen’s World

    1:16 who else thought that Jazmine Sullivan hopped on the track?

  90. Thee Sapphire

    Two goddesses.

  91. Jezzan Elliott

    Reminds of Say my name destiny child with a modern twist

  92. Stay Unknown

    Damn that's one ugly ass bitch

  93. Faith jayy

    Summers music put you in such a good soulful mood 💫voice like silk

  94. I’m Tatiana Duhh!!

    See what we get blessed with when two great vocalist collaborate instead off beefing. 🎶I been waiting so looooong for muuuuusic like thisss🎶🔂

  95. ItsKholifani

    And I might just sing a song with you

  96. Shonnie shonnie

    She said I feel it in my chest at night my heart hurt for no damn reason

  97. Larry Keys

    When Ari said “can I, touch this?” 😮😮😮

  98. kymmirox


  99. Peanut 101

    anyone recommend me songs like this pls.

  100. dora gemz

    I had no idea I needed this 💞