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  1. Adam skippy

    Every year is getting worse!!!! Bunch of clowns

  2. R DG

    And then he missed the free throw SMFH LMFAO

  3. macadon

    Damn that’s a little disrespectful to your own team.

  4. Mathew Francisco

    Damn so disrespectful james harden to the crowd: hello am i a joke to you? 🖕

  5. Donald Priola

    You have to actually play defense for it to be disrespectful. Har_en is being Har_en.

  6. HIGH LYFE600


  7. Parak Crizaldo

    Ruzzell Wezbruk & James Hair in can't win a championship - Clive

  8. Richie

    They just appreciating the Goat before he retires. It’s gonna be sad when he retires

  9. Prince Cobra

    james haren, we gotta take out the D! clive: 2020

  10. Kingvoakahustla

    Kingjames hater must be upset and dig their own grave by now lol #King

  11. bennett

    James Harden isnt bad on defense dont expose your NBA knowledge bro. These chants embarrassing as hell tho.

    1. Adriana Davis

      Bad no. Great? No.

  12. Luka Duka the Great

    Giannis and Luka > James harring- LMAO

  13. Sir Tristan

    The way LeBron is playing now is reminiscent of Carmelo Anthony in his rookie season. Unstoppable.

  14. Lets Talk Issues

    Disrespect in the highest Rockets hold this L

  15. 2008mastif

    The Rockets are not a great team! Since when does your leader NEVER play defense? James Harden is a sham. The guy NEVER puts any effort in to guard anybody. How hard would it be for any fit baller to score 30 plus nightly if they didn't play defense? Not very hard. This is what's wrong with the league...far to much acclaim for being a purposeful one way player. The league is in trouble if this continues...

  16. WhiteOgre

    James harden no defense, westbrick ball hog...wont win championship with this duo

  17. Runitup.Reighn

    0:16 hart still not getting high fives to this day💀😂

  18. 1M subs no content

    James Harden feeling sum type of way rn 🤣

    1. Jaheim Raheim

      As a lakers fan those fan are terrible

  19. Luke VanDerPuy

    That pen is a souvenir

  20. Andre Alexander

    James haren

  21. Youngboygoat

    The commentator did hornets bad 😭 “who would of thought the hornets would win 3 straight games “😭

  22. Alex Romero

    Who the freak is “James Harren” 😂😂

  23. Drippy Mjay

    This my first time hearing ya voice 😂😂

    1. Marlito 01

      He used to do this a lot back then

  24. LeGoat JaGoat

    They call me the goat

  25. Elijah Johnson


  26. Joey Shalizi

    Let's take a moment and bask in the glory that is Lebron James. Sad to know he's only got a few more years. Let's cherish it though. He deserves so much for keeping his body in shape and allowing us to see a few more years of his greatness. If you know anything about basketball, you have to be a Lebron fan! It's amazing what he's been able to do over his career/life!

  27. Nathan Horvat

    Lebron destroys ENTIRE rockets

  28. Lionel Laryea

    Shot selections in the 2050 NBA SEASON:

  29. TINTIN00

    I really don't know if the blame lies on harden or d'antoni (or both). The year before they got Chris Paul, they had a very good defensive team with Patrick Beverly and Trevor ariza. But their system sucks.

  30. Sludge

    Jordan played great defense!!!! Hardin is no jordan.

  31. Ana Villanueva

    LeBron is not the Goat. He is the CHOSEN ONE. ✨👌

  32. Angel Santana

    Hate this niggas voice

  33. Tiny Rick

    1:40 look at this chump thumping his chest and not getting back on offense.

    1. Teareal Davis

      Mf his man was on the floor !!

    2. Andrew Lassiter

      Stop hating

    3. Noah Cool5

      Lakers scored so stop hating

    4. Mickey Nation

      Tiny Rick I would do the same thing if I was him , my mans always getting dunked on , but atleast he play d

  34. MrGenexxx

    Can you imagine how much money UnKlutch Sports has to pay for those chants? 🤣

  35. Manuel Flores

    Ja Morant and Markel Fultz play like men! The sissy dancing and triples could be over soon if teenage players look up to these men


    Yea When crazy at the free throw line😂😂😂


    They need to get rid of Pj Tucker.

  38. Justusvo

    no one: Clive: james harrin

  39. BronAintShit

    Were they chanting MVP when Harden didn’t have Roidbrook to hold him back last yr when he dropped a 50 point triple double on LeHelp’s head? Smh ungrateful Houston fans

    1. Adriana Davis

      Yeah the Houston fans are terrible. They're quick to turn on the Rockets when they lose but as soon as they win they say they're going to the finals.

  40. Vishnu Prakash

    Well where are all the haters now .. Lakers winning even without AD... Lebron is one od of the front runners for MVP.

    1. dbza killer

      They lost to the magic what are talking about where's the haters go back to that game that wasn't even a week ago why do fans say this especially when you guys just lost. Also look at voteing Giannis is first in mvp and is the front runner.

  41. Dan Alberto Raphael Akselrod

    *LeBron is sooooo flopping, injecting steroids, carrying his purse to and from the game, crying to the refs, and making excuses*

  42. Sludge

    In some of these lessons, hardin wasn’t present. Fail.


    Danny green >>>>>> statpadbrick

    1. Big Rom


    2. Kyrie Irving

      Jaheim Raheim L

    3. Jaheim Raheim

      @Kyrie Irving u trash kyrie clutch Irving

    4. Kyrie Irving


  44. BG DA P

    Lebron only 80 points away from passing Kobe in all time scoring ...... yall think he gonna pass kareem ?

    1. Kyrie Irving

      KLO YD How exactly am I hating?

    2. KLO YD

      Kyrie Irving hater

    3. Kyrie Irving

      BG DA P no

    4. Can this moose get 200 subscribers ?

      If he stays healthy and plays a few more seasons yes.

  45. Dan Alberto Raphael Akselrod

    *Imagine getting swept in 2 finals and losing to JJ Barrea and Jason Terry in another 😂😂😂*

    1. Mark Remulla

      Another crybabies cmmon haters, team up thats what losers do right? Just enjoy the game. Or your team sucks thats why you hate the man? Cmmon man chill out lets pray your team can out classed this man. Peace yow.

    2. Kyrie Irving

      Mark Remulla L

    3. Can this moose get 200 subscribers ?

      Mark Remulla The fact that you replied to his comment with so much hate just shows how butthurt you are. Who’s the pathetic one now?

    4. Mark Remulla

      Dan Alberto Raphael Akselrod imagine being bitter and having a comment that is irrelevant in the video. Shows how patethic you are. Dnt be mad bruh.. stop crying, you grown ass man.

    5. Takaedza Chirowodza

      Imagine getting to the finals so many times. Imagine not making the finals and losing to JJ Barea and JT

  46. Max-0 Money


  47. Diavolo Got Looped

    Bruh how you let MVP chants for LeBron in your own stadium when you're a contending team. Rockets can't recover from this L it's almost as legendary as Kobe getting MVP chants in Boston

    1. R DG

      And then he missed the free throw SMFH LMFAO

    2. Kyrie Irving

      Diavolo Got Looped Way different, but ok

  48. Dan Alberto Raphael Akselrod


    1. dbza killer

      @KLO YD theres always going to be haters why you acting like haters were magically going to disappear in 2020

    2. dbza killer

      Ray Allen wasn't like that he just made a nice shot also Ray ring chase because he came from the Celtics to the heat sooo

    3. KLO YD

      Its 2020 bruuhh. Just moved on. 2020 and still a hater ? Stop watching Lebron’s game to prevent your heartbreak 💔

    4. Easy Money

      noob iq bruh even mj has pipen and rodman even kobe needs shaq in early of his career, and also pau gasol in 2010 your reason is a shit. teaming up is not a bad thing. BASKETBALL IS A TEAMWORK SPORT NOT "1 PERSON SPORT" you dumb

  49. Karan Sial

    Who thinks LeBron is the MVP? Leave a like

  50. Prime T-mac


    1. Kyrie Irving

      General Dominic How am I speaking trash, when I didn’t even say nun u BronSexual 🤦🏾‍♂️

    2. General Dominic

      @Kyrie Irving dont speak trash here like u did

    3. African Freak

      @Jaheim Raheim huh?

    4. Kyrie Irving

      LeGoat JaGoat 😂😂

  51. Ryan ZVS

    James harrin?

    1. LeBron James #1Fan

      @Devin0717 lmao toxic boi

    2. Devin0717

      He took away the d because he's got no defense

  52. King Explosion Murder

    Damn. Haven't heard Clive in a minute.

  53. SwiZz

    “MVP” 😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Al Bundy

    Even Houston doesn't like James Harden style of bball! LMAO

  55. SydlikGamingandComedy 2

    Lebron James > James Harden!!!!

  56. Noah Cool5

    Lakers threw haters in their caves and threw away the key

  57. Kierra Blue

    I want you to get 2 million subscribers keep up the good work

  58. L.M. L.M.


  59. Chas Best

    Who’s James Harren??🤔



    2. Tom Mchugh

      Maybe plays G league?

    3. Kyrie Irving

      MVP this season

    4. ClaXXy E-F

      Chas Best faxx

  60. turk500

    Fattt booooyyu

  61. 41SIX47


  62. Austin Angles

    Ingraham reminds me of kevin durant so much

  63. Leqzy

    Rockets trashshhshsshhs

  64. Never Lose Forex FX

    You will be SUPER RICH in February 2020 like this if you agree

  65. Rando Weeb

    Cuz he the 🐐👑 and the MVP 🤷

    1. dbza killer

      Giannis is obviously mvp while he's second option was out he won all his game the king lost to the magic with his role players stepping up and played bad defense that game. Also bucks have better record and Giannis doesn't have a mvp type player on his team other than him and his all star might not even make all star this year so how do you put a argument for LeBron.

    2. Kyrie Irving

      Sterling Shine W

    3. Sterling Shine




    5. JL-CptAtom


  66. EXPO_Restless

    Fuck me I was at this game too 😭😭😭

  67. Ďřěđåýøûñģąņ 35

    4 views and 15 likes

  68. George

    This would NEVER happen in Milwaukee.. SAD!.... LMAO

    1. Luka Duka the Great

      @Noah Cool5 Huh? Boomer thes nuts

    2. dbza killer

      @Noah Cool5 when you did have ad we still won

    3. dbza killer

      Yay because Giannis is literally number 1 in mvp talks and there's a debate he's better

    4. Noah Cool5

      George ok boomer We don’t have AD

  69. Walter Wright

    daddy lele😍😍😍😍

    1. Noah Cool5

      U sus

  70. Calvin Moore

    That’s right him acting like that show you how they really felt 😭 bitch ass philly

  71. Low Distortion

    Haters :um rooms to go I'd like to rent a couch I'm sleeping in the cave again today Rooms2go:let me guess the Lakers won again?

    1. Jaheim Raheim

      @BronAintShit ur mom is a crackhead

    2. Jaheim Raheim


    3. Noah Cool5

      This is the season Let’s see if the Flippers can hold up in the playoffs

    4. BronAintShit

      Beat the Clips first 😂😂😂😂

    5. JL-CptAtom

      LeHelp isn't the best player on his team

  72. Mouhamad Ali


  73. chrisx2k6

    That's the same "defense" Harden always plays...

  74. Elmir Durakovic

    Class is always class.

  75. Barkadleh Miguil

    He should have been kick out of the game and fined heavily. That's so dangerous and immature move, wouldn't be funny if someone lost a eye for that stupid gesture.

  76. Shayne Kyler

    Damn and my boy is still out

  77. andy montanez

    Damn i honestly wanted the Knicks to pick him over RJ n even Zion. Knowing how we desperately need a PG. But fuck it you get use to the pain as a Knicks fan.

  78. Chris Cyphaz should never narrate videos! Fucking awful 😩😂😭

  79. Ricky Lockard

    Gotta watch their next game harden might go for 50 lol

  80. Race Bizzy

    If you can read lips he said on my momma n**[email protected] lmao 🤣😂

  81. TheKing 23

    People that don’t play sports: he just sexually assaulted him

  82. John Smith

    Luka to Harden: "I think that this is what you were trying to do." That hurts.

  83. Aa Bien

    Clive talking

  84. Burthetic Stethic

    The Overweight hahahahaha

  85. PNG

    Finish the sentence: This man sounds.....

  86. Odilon Rwabukamba

    This guy sounds like giannis

  87. Rommel Justin

    Rockets has 2 allstar agaisnt a future all star and they still lose

  88. cfc fan

    Harden is embarrassing sometimes

  89. DyLemma

    I'm glad they are ballin'. Sometimes in peoples life they get too settled cause life is good and they have others to lean on. They could have never developed and woke up when next to Lebron that will carry and do everything for you (makes your life easy). But they have to play for their lives on this pelicans team and they get to shine because they ARE the center pieces. Most of the time being knocked down in life is a great way to motivate you to get back up and fight harder.

  90. crema depruta

    Lonzo's shoeing ?

  91. Terri Walsh

    I’m not mad at you I’m mad at Vince god dam it 😡😡😡😡 I’m mad at Vince bad boy.


    Already, most everyone was looking at what he would do next. Undoubtedly, it is the "J" team, Jay and Jr. I thought he may be good, but this early. No I didn't see it. If he stays healthy through his career, he will be something to see. Great pick by my hometown. He may make my lament of "Grit & Grind" softer.

  93. LokhyLok

    z czego te czarnycy sie ciesza ?

  94. EndSourceGaeming Not4Keeds

    That was a friendly butt slap, they were former teammates, this proves the NBA is soft specially these refs lul 😅

  95. Hector Lopez

    Well leta see that eas last year who is playing better 2020 young

  96. Mike

    Why would harden play defense? He has to save his energy to launch 40 shots a game

  97. dutoiu hour

    it's funny how he tries to cover himself up afterwards

  98. David McDonald

    Wait. What? James Harden doesn't play defense? Shook!

  99. DerekTheNewb

    Mans sounds like Kendrick Lamar commentating over the game 😂

  100. kelvin booker

    Lou willams lol is not best 6th man of all time lol it's manu ginibili