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  1. Tyler Iman

    He went 8 for 8 on 3’s.....

  2. M A


  3. Paul Baccay

    Wer kavion pippen...

  4. Mont

    There is no NEXT steph curry

  5. Roger Head

    To be honest since KD left from GS who can mess with the Lakers. Lebron, AD, Dwight(around yo lip I'll add), and Cousins. Hope they all on the same page.

  6. Boston Chris UFC

    I told everyone for the past few months now Carsen Edwards will be the steel of this draft. Two years from now he will be scoring the most points out of all the players in this draft.. Danny Ainge is a genius. Just think where the Celtics would be if they actually drafted Markelle Fultz over Jason Tatum🤔

  7. Jason Vyzer

    He did this in college, too. Unlikely he'll do this every night, but he can definitely shoot the three ball



  9. Mr. Dunn

    It's only preseason

  10. Deejay Bluemoon™

    Have you guys seen his shoe size 😳😳😳

  11. nikolaspaul palmejar

    Rejoice now! For they wont reach the playoffs.. boom!

  12. playbackproductions1

    Wow! The next chinese communist puppet!!! Exciting! 🖕🇨🇳 and 🖕nba

  13. Joe Doe

    Cavs are garbage 🗑

  14. Judah Is Rising

    It’s preseason people....let him get the first 41 games under his belt barring injury before we start crowning him

  15. giveaway hunter

    d rose+ curru= edwards

  16. Blue Oceans

    Players walking with the ball in 2019, high schoolers playing with more professional rules then the nbA 😂

  17. Kane Fowler


  18. bill bass

    Fuck that pre Madonna kyrie Irving

  19. Bitch/ L

    8:34 thank me later 😂 dude got his knees broken

  20. Tracy Mingo

    This is what u get when yo from the south Houston Tx baby

  21. Nacho Quilantan

    Last person to like will be a billionare I guarantee it

  22. Alan Sawyer

    Ok. Tacko and Edwards can only get better. 3-4 years from now I see a dynasty in the making. Celtics also have one or two other guys who can play too.

  23. BAMBO

    Carsen Edwards definitely has some "Like Mike" sneakers ons him

  24. Jahmarley Kauhi

    If you play basketball you know that isn't a taunt. It's more for himself to get locked in on defense stop reaching

  25. Stackz Dollarz

    Who else hoping for a Dwight Howard comeback this season? 👍

  26. ararebreed jones

    Did I just hear the commentator say "Darko hussled back"? @ 3:59🤔😦

  27. Alan Sawyer

    Does the traveling rule even exist in the NBA anymore??

  28. Lenwood Cruze

    Next S.C.? No not yet.

  29. Ylli Berishaj

    I hope this kid does great

  30. Bk K

    He thought because of all his edited GEsels videos that he would be a lottery pick wake up son! Welcome to reality!

  31. McEnzie Ami

    Better than steph curry. No hate. See that quick release. Super quick release. Damn.!! Hes on FIRE🔥🔥🔥

  32. Un Redacted

    Patrick Beverely is coming...

  33. Scorpius Oneness

    He a real life cheat code lol, I reporting him for using a Trainer.

  34. T R y s t a n

    he needs to learn to put the breaks on the gas(word to jim boeheim)

  35. Jessica Jenkins

    Warriors remind me of a construction crew ! One man doing all the work rest stand watching

  36. michael burney

    Favorite college basketball player

  37. jerk chicken

    Beal ain't scared

  38. Esus Walk

    Too bad he'll never reach his full potential playing for the Celtics.

  39. #1 jin stan

    wtf he's crazy

  40. Ronnie Bermann

    Thats a man weave the waves on the side doesnt match the hair piece in the front serious LeBron you need more people ...

  41. cameo burns

    He's been getting buckets for a longtime! If he gets hot goodnight.

  42. Rose Gold

    Will never be another steph curry

  43. XxFORTNITExX Legend

    I go to the same high school as Carsten Edwards did his sister is so nice

  44. Lucas Tornado

    That first one was spicy af

  45. kung fu

    Nah man. This is the celtics... this dude shoots like the bird. I can see his spirit lol

  46. Wavy Winsday


  47. 咚咚豆

    I don’t see the lesson.

  48. LIP7AN 07

    5:49 Oh loko

  49. siilky johnson

    Clive wit the best title of this year

  50. jabr isa

    Steph curry my ass fuck u Celtics fans

  51. gbinct

    He could be this generations Vinnie the microwave Johnson, for anyone as old as me who lived through the era of the bad boy pistons. His body type is exactly the same and elite quick shooting assassin.

  52. Dindas Johns

    If you think about it d rose would’ve made this team complete. If the mavs has a star caliber pg I wouldn’t hesitate to call em close favourites for this years chip

  53. James Green

    He looks like he has bad LEGS or KNEES

  54. J- LEETHAL

    Is it not disrespectful to dress as a taco?

  55. Kenneth Petovic


  56. Rick Liu

    good at step back 3 pt? then you can play nba

  57. SlickNoah x EdrielMusic

    Idk if y’all remember eddie house but he did the same thing on Boston celtics .. they have similar game comparisons.. check my GEsels out by the way #subscribe 🙏🏾

  58. Kenneth Petovic


  59. Xbox: XXBlurCJxX

    :54 he travled

  60. Mr Hype

    Mj in a league of his never hear the next michael jordan they compared this man to curry off some summer league and a good shooting night in preseason, smh

  61. HoF Dunkss

    Giannis gon pull up with spear

  62. Harrison Wells93rd

    Hell yeah Ante shooting shooting we coming okay okay

  63. Jeremiah McClure

    Still looks like the greatest traveler of all time.

  64. isky 315

    U can’t just call him the next curry cause he was on fire for a game he just shot good that game

  65. Scott Sophia

    You can’t label a guy the next Curry after one preseason game.

  66. Jazzarome

    Who won?

  67. VORXS

    The title looks like a porn title lmao

  68. Ac is a cranker

    Last clip was a travel

  69. Dias Henry

    Everybody want to be like Steph

  70. MrScans1

    Dude is good, but ain't but one Steph, c'mon guys, stop with the comparison mumbo jumbo. Can't individuals just be who they are? Geesh

  71. Mo patriot12

    This man is the Next Steph. And I am a 6year warriors fan. 💯💯💯🏀🏀⛹🏽‍♂️🥇🏆🎖🎯

  72. Heath Hoffman

    Instead of calling it a “gather,” can we just change the rules and allow 3 steps in the NBA? I know the dude is a lanky beast, but he freaking picks up his dribble at the 3-point line and gets a dunk lol.

  73. Culican Soto

    Not even close

  74. What ever is relevant

    Dudes jumpshot so fast had to check my speed on the video

  75. Luna Apmann

    I got a text for moving my phone from being so upset with all the fouls


    I thought he Crossed D.Lo for a minute WOW 👀👀👀

  77. Leon Barnett

    Beijing baby 🤗

  78. Cardo Asintado

    Yan nnman tau sa next Curry nwxt Lebron pag real game na wla rin .!!

  79. Mervin Fitzgerald

    There will never be another Curry

  80. Justin Malean

    Seriously... jesus.

  81. Ivonne Oduwa

    stop sayin shit like " next stephen curry " no one will ever have his 3 point shooting abilities. god damn a rookie does good ina game,omg hes tha next this or that stfu.

  82. BIG- L

    Nobody's the next Steph the records Steph going to set this year with no KD to babysit and his brother out till March Steph is going to lead the league in scoring n beat his 3 point scoring total by 50 more completion's

  83. rosan ghale

    MCgee has really improved his game and footwork!!

  84. Lee Illman

    Paint job


    Nothing special but Leflop poker face:)

  86. Sports star

    They are playing clevland


    Giannis is a flipping problem. 💪straight bullying niggas.

  88. Jardz

    Good title this ain't a joke nobody would want a punch from that dude not after he bulked up.

  89. Vasilis Tsioris

    Gianni's I am panathinaikos thanks for that

  90. Ethan Flintoft

    The second string playing with better chemistry than the starting five in my opinion. Hopefully AD and LBJ can figure out each other's games enough to gel together well.

  91. miezah1

    His landing isn’t very good. He could get trouble with it and get injured

  92. West Nine

    that nigga big as shit

  93. John Kurtz


  94. lil curry 30

    His mom works with my aunt at a college

  95. Caramel Negro

    Every lightskin nigga that can shoot a three. “ThE NeXt StEpH CuRrY”! Smh lol

  96. Micah Smith

    But does he have a 40 inch vertical?

  97. Christian DuBray

    The dude isn’t the next Stephen Curry he the next super star

  98. king hen dawg


  99. Ace

    "Steph Curry" this dude shot on the 2019-2020 cavaliers, think before u speak.

  100. One Mixed family365

    It's basketball who cares