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  1. Doll Face

    I love the background music, like it does something....💘

  2. Dia King

    SUPER.. DUPER.. ❤ & BLESS U!!

  3. Bastian Traunfellner

    I have 1k $ on my account, which hotel can i buy?

  4. T J

    To bad he didn’t punch a hole in Trumps head. Would of done us all a favor.

  5. Tim Steele


  6. Michael Lam

    McRaven for president. Pronto!

  7. Neftali Fernandez

    Interesting that he never said, take from others or the government.

  8. Diamant

    Finally a good recommendation . Great video 👍

  9. Chyn Fu

    Good luck watch

  10. JG R

    wow,great advise

  11. Hunters fishing Adventures

    3,500 quitters hate this video

  12. Guillermo Linares

    Voila un homme!

  13. Brandon Reyes

    Paychecks have never really sat right with me.

  14. Heinae Yohan

    I can't move yet due to the pandemic crisis.

  15. Orhan Çolak

    No one can motivate me, neither this video.

  16. Kenneth Foo


  17. Chris Durham

    He confuses wealth with money. An entrepreneur is nothing more than an extra polite con man. I’d rather be poor with honor than have money with shame. It’s easy to proselytize when no one is questioning you directly.

  18. Raymond Chadwick

    what depresses me is that the world is all about money to the point that sad and lonely people like myself are preyed apon for money on dating and cam to cam sites women can find men for free naked an all guys have to pay to get any cam to cam with women only free is 20+ guys crammed watching the same chick where she cant even see you so you just feel like some perv in the back that cant even put up a comment for free but i understand right too many men looking for women but not enough women looking for chats with men so cam to cam wouldn't produce anywhere near as much money as all those sad souls willing to all together pay way more than a hooker even charges just to give her a vibration and she don't even see you how sad is that i aint had sex for 4 years trying to find cam to cam with a chick all this tease literally got me suicidal i aint looking for chats with women ever again fuck the world all you get is dissapointment

  19. Simon Lowe

    No reason is my why

  20. Kelley Fawn


  21. Kelley Fawn

    Who ???

  22. Vernon eros

    no one can understand me, and that's really hurt me, like duh I need help. I'm so sad. I'm in my pain. I dress what they want me to be dressed. I let myself change for the people who can't see my true worth. and I'm so sad because this is only my hope, watching like this. I'm scared to be speak again, because I'm scared to be misunderstood by someone. I'm weak to let myself happy. idk but I'm scared to be happy. my life is so miserable and boring. I tried to be in God, but I guess I failed as a child of God too. I'm sorry i am not good in English.

  23. Jahn Majeed

    i am not into much of inspirational public speeches.. this was short and powerful.

  24. S-hyper

    What’s the name of the interview

  25. Manoli Lavrentiadis

    How many ghosts are gonna be around your bed?

  26. 321scully

    It's not in the interest of any country to have more rich than poor. Every country needs the poor to do the donkey work - clean the toilets - cook the food - clean the house - etc. However when you cannot afford to buy one house you will never and 4 houses and a hotel. Clever buying and selling can help but unless you are especially fortunate you will never be that financially rich. Most of us are happy just being 'comfortable'.

  27. noga 1

    7:00 " I'm the proof that you can ask the universe for it "

  28. Céline Vanneste

    How great an achievement! He ruined the authentic charm of Waikiki Beach with an ugly hotel!

  29. Guillaume Monnet

    Well why not but I find him very hypocritical because the rich dad would be nothing without the poor dad! Yes he has a big hotel but did he build ? Absolutly not, he had people build it for him and except the workers this people are construction engineers and specialists that learned their jobs in school! And what about the scientists? They also learned a major part of their job in school and are helping the rich dad by discovering new tricks to make a hotel more efficient etc So the speech is good, the man is a good speaker, his speech makes sense in some way but is hypocritical as not everyone is obsessed with money

  30. study vloger

    Watching this in lockdown ... and iam laughing ....

  31. Rafik Benaouda

    Legend ♥

  32. Randomin

    Sometimes I feel like nothing will ever make me whole again. I feel like I am not loved by anyone at all, that if I were to disappear all of a sudden for a day, no one would care. This is what rejection does to you. I feel lonely, miserable, depressed, and what I seek will never happen come for me.


    Came to know that this guy went Bankrupt in 2012. Also had a class action suit on him.

  34. Draco Wolfe

    How is strength of materials a Calculus course? That’s apart of Continuum Mechanics?? I’m confused

  35. Magic Dust

    I been thinking of joining the military to be a pilot but my parents and my sister think I'm not capable of doing so. I told them I do it for the country also for my own discipline too.

  36. BoRed 08

    So how about the capital that you need to make money

  37. Aileen Serrantes

    My situation is hard, I dont know who to ask for help.. I hope you come and see me.. 😔 Don't leave me..

  38. Aileen Serrantes

    I thought my bro care about me? 😌 I need your help.. Love you

  39. Tony Smile Success

    6:50 athletes are poor 9:00 10:40

  40. Mary Ann Neiman-Smith

    You are awesome! Thank you,

  41. Yvonne Exler

    This is one of the most inspiring speech l have every heard, l cried.

  42. Varun Chauhan

    I will rather read warren Buffett and peter lynch . He is just here to sell his book

  43. Tiago Reeves

    Well it sure worked for him. I personally prefer the “Dave Ramsay formula”. More likely for you not to ruin your life after money, and not ruin your money with life

  44. amelo curry

    i watch this and cry i say no more enough! it ends now. never doubt urself thou it wil be hard. never stop pushin. stand tall brothers and sisters. and know that i will be along the journey somewhere to walk with u

  45. Drew

    Yep your not really religious Mr Kiyosaki. Accumulate and leverage properties/assets and control people now your rich. Pat yourself on the back you’ve made the world a better place?

  46. Harry Gill

    War of thoughts Harry gill GEsels


    If all Americans lived by this creed there would be no limits to what we could do. But too many think success is measured by how much money they can cheat or steal from others.

  48. Bob Bigtoe

    What is this guy selling??? Because he's selling it to the gullible. That's for sure.

  49. stan

    yeah kids go to army to fight for bankers business

  50. Francine Wade

    Yes the poor will always be amongst the rich cause you see the poor make up the rich plus we are very smart but like you would say don't let them know but we already know but don't want to talk God knows best

  51. Grimmer2006

    "No one has ever proven that Rich Dad, the man who supposedly gave Kiyosaki all his advice for wealthy living, ever existed. Nor has anyone ever documented any vast reserves of wealth earned by Kiyosaki prior to the publication of his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad in 1997."

  52. Carol Crane

    Thankyou for powerful advice and words of wisdom.

  53. Robert Gregg

    Wow!! Greatest motivational speech ever !!

  54. yazmin silva

    Thanks u

  55. ßàlàhudin Rahim

    We know about all of this crap but what's to do. We know they are keeping us poor. we know we're debt slaves. But we also know that even though usury is legal it is also sinful and oppressive. Jesus taught that a rich man cannot enter the kingdom of God. Yet those who claim to follow Jesus are some of the riches people on earth. So what's to do? The rich live like kings and queens but they finally die and go to hell to dwell there forever because they did not purify their wealth by helping the poor and needy.

  56. Bredman 72

    That was some real shit he said .

  57. Khairy Farhan

    Who's the first speaker?

  58. webwhisper

    Yes, this man is a fine example of a true Commander and Chief ... he’s paid his dues. Tried and True. Not a poser.

  59. Noah Prisco

    You know you're a lone wolf when you feel different even around your family

  60. DBoss 1

    I'm Rich Without the Money

  61. Antony Quinnell

    Listening and hearing are two different things, if this speech inspired you the you the different..

  62. Alan Brito

    America does not choose he right people for the right leadership! we choose crooked corrupt and stupid like Trump. I wish in times like this the military took over the absolute miss control that we are in. They are decent educated and smart people like this commander that made a career based on public service not self profiting.

  63. Timrathmore

    I cannot get enough of this speech!! Amazing!! Who would have thought it begins with making your bed !!! He better not be retiring cause a lot of people will miss out on his wisdom

  64. Bradford Barrett

    Excellent speech Admiral. 10 simple yet profound steps. All achievable. All an outstanding roadmap for life.

  65. Matthew Hahn

    Today I m 31 year old and we’re biggest problems is coronavirus is not go away and Walt Disney world is still closed on and not reopening in mid April and i didn’t watch Mulan 2020 too and this is biggest frustrating and outraged and ruined my this birthday too and I hate horror movies too I can’t stand it

  66. majella karen boylan

    god help us today. Kisses from Ireland xxxxx

  67. Joel Punch

    People like this are the ones responsible for turning suburbs into modern ghettos, four homes demolished to create shoebox apartment ghettos. Who needs a home or a yard ? When you can live like your in the movie blade runner.

  68. Dariel Lamberto

    Keep them poor Now we got corona and it kills world economy

  69. Rikko K

    Notice days into the pandemic and businesses miracliously come up with money to double salaries but in normal times have zero money for wage increases.

  70. Young_jbf The barber

  71. Capricious Men

    If the internet broke, how do I see this bullshit?

  72. Donna Manning

    Too bad this comedian decided to help the party that stops jobs that the people need to survive! So this speech is just words written for him! Why create laws that stop businesses from being created? That is what the Democrat party has been doing!

  73. Eric Anderson

    Great video, I don't think that rich people are necessarily "evil", but why are they insisting "keep them poor"?

  74. Jean Roger Daenen

    its all a game of monopoly.... thats why the elites play us all

  75. marcus

    cant serve God and mammon. choose this day which you will serve. did Jesus believe in the military ? did he stand over people to have them make their bed ? Love God and ur neighbor. "christian" merica is a fake, run by satan. they want u to make ur bed so u will not question when they oeder u to walk lockstep into certain death like the napoleon era when they just marched in line at each other

  76. VinD


  77. Coronavirus

    Yea f¬ckers stay motivated, you never know what you could achieve.

  78. James Unsworth

    Man on fire is my best film from denzel by far, he has alot of other great films too, brilliant all round actor, also a good motivational speeker 👍

  79. Shambles1980TRealOne

    been on the internet from day 1.. never heard of this shit so it didn't break the fucking internet.

  80. Site Gopro

    101 ways to become rich by talking bs to the poor ~Robert Kawasaki

  81. margot giessen

    Thank you. This is needed for all. Training like that between high school and college....what a difference that would make

  82. James Beith

    A great speech Iam a vet and know where he's coming from. Sadly those inspirational words will never influence the bureaucracy in Washington DC or most elected officials. But it's great for younger generations to hear and understand hopefully it will make a positive change in their lives.


    Attack Your Fears !

  84. F C

    Amazing words I Thank you for sharing this !

  85. thisisme

    Love conquerors all

  86. Oxford

    watched this years ago, still got my deck.

  87. Ryan Junor

    True well said

  88. Oxford

    Please run for president, we need a courageous leader like you.

  89. The Burnhams

    Yeah, I guess the unmistakable sign of the goat hand signal was just an unfortunate mistake...


    Words, and deeds, to live by. Well done, Admiral McRaven.


    The best teacher will tell a student where to look but never what to see

  92. Jewel Grier

    Dig ONE grave dig 2

  93. Jewel Grier

    Save the consumers

  94. Willyboy_ 0110

    Im always sitting in my room , thinking about how much i give up live so i cant deal whit depression…

  95. Santa C

    This person should lead the world government. UN at least.

  96. R Amazer

    We have to look inwards,stop looking for validation of others...and only then we can acknowledge ourselves and have peace of mind to make us calm and confident..

  97. Christian Credentials

    Life ain't about money!

  98. Atelier

    There is no value to money it's merely a tool. Would you hit a nail with your hand? No, you'd use a hammer which is merely an extension of your hand. Money is that extension of your hand. You need many tools to build a house. You need to collect them. You need to collect and save enough money to find an opening/opportunity cheaply enough to create another opportunity with wasting all those tools/money you just collect. This only happens by being patient, being curious to learn as much as possible and paying attention by being present. Giving attention to what others are doing and what they have is not helpful unless they are helpful. Risk is only stupid if you are not informed and only then you can take a risk. I always say; "there is nothing that man has created and done that I cannot learn myself." You don't have to be the best at it because in truth no one really is that good.

  99. Roddy MacChlerich

    A question opens the mind a statement closes the mind Really? No. Just more eastern bullshit A statement rings about questions If not agreement


    Its first time I listen to a foreign soldier. As an Indian youngster that only thing I never had a shortage was for speeches and advices...already had many...but no other speeches gave me much inspiration .... SALUTE to you sir