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  1. Billu Tom

    Hi Anna

  2. Carla Perino

    Si richiede ghtgt6eve5jyfiutftrcuujbo8hgytyyhg

  3. Carla Perino


  4. Pb Soldier

    Me: Only school suplies! Nothing else 4 hours later Me: I bought the whole dress selection

  5. Brealyn Ekborg

    I’ve watched this over 10 times and had shown all my siblings lol!😂

  6. Ana Kim

    3:20 Eva hair i like it so much.

  7. Natália Sopková

    Anna is funny

  8. Nirmala Basnet

    Let's give a love to Anna, 👇👇 here

  9. Naeem Raza


  10. Hanania


  11. Đan Vy


  12. anreigh erazo

    I love ANNA

  13. Nicole LittleKitten


  14. Ganees Rassak

    Hello are you coping 123 go

  15. Inaya Chawla

    You did the cheating of 123 go . Cheaters

  16. Marykyle Aquino

    I do act like a boy but dont show myself shirtless though lol

  17. Phrecios Panilagan


  18. Julinka Benickova

    1:53 is fake

  19. Mythili Mythili

    This is the best video I ever seen in 5 min fun. In 2:40 was the best prank anna was so cute . Who agrees hit here🤗🤗

  20. Nanci Yadav

    I like Anna only

  21. Risya Hanni

    Yes i have siblings sister . We always like this too

  22. Babu Thiruvilwamala

    I can do bending of finger

  23. Bhalakaji Rai


  24. Caca Bj

    Well i don't now😌

  25. Alayna Nuesca

    But I still love em

  26. Alayna Nuesca

    My friends always like to leave me out and they are so immature

  27. Natalie’s Art

    More like Anna= like More like Eva= comment

  28. Rasdha Ranamagar

    Aana is so cute,beautiful and sweet.

    1. Rasdha Ranamagar

      I love u aana.

  29. Marta Suarez

    me encanta

  30. Rodel De La Torre


  31. Pleasure Pools & Spas

    She is not going to be skinny forever if u eat junk food

  32. Gigi KnowsEbay

    All of them!<3

  33. Cazy / ely De leon

    Ugly laziness

  34. UnknoWn Walker

    I just wondering ... I previously videos , nora and adam we're couple and now it's look like they are big enemy ? what actually going on ? are the really couple or just pretending in videos

  35. Hanania

    My friend was about to prank me at school by treating me the fake bread that she brought. But the thing is, she forgot to bring that bread to school.😂 So, prank failed

  36. Emmerson 29Fugate

    when lily was taking off the sweatshirt

  37. Emmerson 29Fugate

    her taking trying to take the sweater off looks like my mom trying to dab xD

  38. Madison Jules

    How dArE LeO cut his hair 😡

  39. Eric Quijano


  40. Luciana Martins


  41. Kamila’s World

    Me a year ago: *never stand up or defend for self* Me now: *stand up to other people and self*

  42. Tila Damas

    Omg did she just took of her broos I'm front of the boy

  43. Joel Dela Cruz

    Anna is look like a boy

  44. Dasiy Flower

    This is how many. Times they put sound effects ↘️

  45. Marie Ninalowo

    How many of u just adore *Anna* 👇

  46. faiz 23

    Hello 123 fun I just want to say do a video about guys acted like girls. I love you

  47. AeSTheTiC eDiTS

    I can put my tongue on nose haha

  48. AeSTheTiC eDiTS


  49. Janita Gregorious


  50. Kali Vasileva

    Hi Anna,Lea and Joey😚😁

  51. Anna Sørensen

    I can do: 3 5 6 I could once do 11 ;-; Does that Count? :3 13 14 Sorry if my English is bad :c Cool video! :D

  52. Victoria Aguilar

    4:15 que desperdicio

  53. Carolina Diaz Polo

    Hi Anna