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  1. Thompson Ly

    Vander blue is a d league player

  2. Arjun Bains

    You hit 100k on ur tattoo video

  3. Mohamed Jalloh

    Bro I swear Jesser always does this each 1v1 he has lol 1:09


    Work on that game and hit a league

  5. Jermaine Bedell

    So is Iman retired🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. Mohammed Wazwaz

    Keep beard

  7. Cody Rodriguez

    Only OG jesser fans won’t ask for likes just cause they OG fans

  8. Hamlet Murazyan

    2:31 Iman said ZA WARUDO

  9. Tyler Bush

    I’m an shimmery or designer

  10. Midnight Hydreigon

    You know jesser legit when he play against nba or ex nba players

  11. FlakeZ _Yt


  12. Jackson Lewis

    you have to get a humphry tatoo because it got 100k likes

  13. Juno The Dove

    1st thing I would’ve asked Shumpert was has he seen the LeBron in the locker room videos 💀

  14. Javier Nish

    If Jesser gives a heart then he’s my favorite GEselsr

  15. The_beast 0988

    He has to get it lol 100k in 4 days

  16. The_beast 0988


  17. Brannen Parker

    Get it it’s at 100k

  18. jaymon1k

    Only my OG sixers fans know vander blue 😂

  19. awesomeactivities8

    Cash has Clint Capella hair

  20. pedroeatsdominos

    7:12 Intimidator badge hall of fame😂

  21. Chips Ahoy

    Please read my comment my friend died today and I would really like if you would shout him out next video his name is Brian

  22. Carson and Caleb Gaming

    You gotta get that tattoo. It’s at 100k

  23. Ashley Cuyler

    We're not going to talk about Iman bricking a layup 0:29

  24. Shawns awsome Chanel

    Hi dm me Jonathan.shtainer

  25. Ketchyyy 23

    Jesser, your tattoo vid just got hit 100k likes!😂🎊🎉

  26. Anthony Pirtle

    This header dude is trash as fuck someone get him some milk


    Bru shump is a clown 😂 💀

  28. Enrique Aranda

    It’s cool how vander blue is from marquees

  29. Nickps 22

    Welp ur getting a matching one

  30. M4N1C Drew

    U suck

  31. Cedric Walker

    Nicks sign Jesser to 10 day contract 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  32. Salem Dimes

    Jester been rocking the currys... I like it

  33. jaycob McConnell

    This is how many threes they took

  34. Highlight Out This Wrld

    Shumpert has Designer vibes

  35. Zachary Hayes

    i freaking love skimboarding like if u agree

  36. Kehinde Lamodqi

    No I'm going to be honest I think Mitchell's the best shooter

  37. Azariah Massenburg

    Jesser flinging his arms playing defense is funny as a mf

  38. na kl

    what designer doing here🤦🏼‍♂️😭

  39. Emmy Vlogs

    I keep telling people Vander Blue is underrated. Should have an NBA contract

  40. Zachary Hayes

    zach is pisadion

  41. Carson Carson

    Iman Shumpert sucks No hate to Jesser just from watching this vid he sucks

  42. GretarAronPlayz-Minecraft :

    Iman Shumpert just clout rejected jezzer and left the video.

  43. Colin Grace

    vander blue cold asf

  44. AD_the _King

    U got 100k likes on ur last vid. Gotta get that hump tat now 😂

  45. Austin Johnson

    This is why shump didn’t resign

  46. HmmSaucy

    It has 100k

  47. Brendon Moore

    Shump should be ashamed. He's by far the best player in that gym. Don't say he was just playing around because if he was,he would still be in the running for the win.

  48. UpXet Global

    All I could think about for the past day and a half is 4:42 😂😂😂

  49. Carson Carson

    Tattoo vid has 100k likes

  50. Miel Oppus

    Eemawn is better than Iman Facts

  51. Some Random Sauce

    i thought vander blue was cp3 for a slick second i was disappointed when it wasn’t

  52. Markus Sundiam

    Jesser you way too damn fat to be dunking! Soon you gon be causing earthquakes like damn my boy!

  53. Smoove City00


  54. jjpangify

    Is that 100k likes already???

  55. Trey

    Just rember jesser is 6'3... lol those dudes r crazy tall

  56. Jeboris

    Shoulda named it like Iman is better than me and you would’ve gotten a bunch of views

  57. Itsameea Jack

    Im a rockets fan and i went to game 3 of houston vs utah and saw Iman

  58. Jennifer/Hayden Oetelaar

    Yo how those curry 6s feel to play in?

  59. Joseph Meyer

    Iman also mr defense

  60. Joseph Meyer

    Iman old cavs player AKA the dew man

  61. Justin Bridges

    I love how they are crying over these waves. Cold water doesnt bother me and big waves are the reason i love the ocean so they look like babies

  62. Henry Lyskava

    You need to 1v1 Gary Harris and post him up🤤🤤🤤

  63. ISAAC LE

    0:30 My guy Iman really missed a layup

  64. The real Humphrey

    I’m still wondering how he dint got traded from the cavs and every esle superstar did

  65. Rpbgoals

    10:32 look at his little legs

  66. ReignFN


  67. with the monster

    I love jesser he is the best youtuber ever and he is so good at basketball if there was an award for best youtuber in the jesser would win and i have been watching from the start

  68. Its Time

    the intro lmfaoo niggas dont waste no time plugging in their shoutouts.

  69. Xander Bailey

    Jesser, it literally took 4 days to hit 100K likes 😂

  70. Alonso Dixon

    8:50 Iman Shumpert went to go drink some Henny with JR Smith

  71. Carson Krichman

    Yowatsyoeveybudy - Jesser 2019

  72. Anna Banana

    What a great video should do cooking

  73. Kaysen Puryear

    Were is cash oooh ya he can’t swim

  74. Jonathan Wang

    100k likes u gotta get the same tattoo

  75. JackAttack911

    You should do a 3pt contest against lethalshooter

  76. Marcus Mobley

    I only know iman 😂😂

  77. Hagibigab

    Everyone out of their comfort,Jesser scoring zero,iman is airballing,great video

  78. Snakester 1221

    You need to get the tattoo and buy Zack that motor chair

  79. Jack World of Fun

    Like if Jesser is the goat at making fire videos 🐐🐐🐐

  80. Rubina Santiago

    Mopi won

  81. Estevan Barraza

    Bro these guys are actually entertaining

  82. King Poseidon

    220 machine and I only came here for Iman

  83. Cool Kid

    Isn’t Thomas Robinson a bust?

  84. Uday Bedi

    King of the hill😂

  85. Blazerzzz 33

    Jesser already 100K Likes

  86. I'm Atomey

    They didn’t go to jack in the box

  87. Fe4R Dominick

    Nelson Chan

  88. Just Augs


  89. hayden yeater


  90. Baller Squad

    Jesser that white dude hanging out with the black dudes during open gym

  91. Ciara Miller


  92. Hamadou Djenebou

    you already won jesser

  93. Leonel Sanchez

    Iman the best

  94. Jalen Coleman

    Bruh he got 100k on the other vid that’s the tattoo

  95. DelaCruzing

    Where did Iman even go at the end 😂

  96. Nico Ferra

    when you try to dunk and it costs you the win

  97. Life 94815

    No one: Comment section:Only og jesser fan's can like this🙄

  98. Ky Mcbirth

    U finessed him and miss Jess what the hell lol

  99. Dat Apple

    My man's stepback so hard he made Shump leave

  100. Nicholas Jankovic

    0:30 shumpert misses open layup 🧐