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  1. Liyaqat Kadir

    If anyone asks jus say his da GOAT cause there is no one tryna reach his level #Truth

  2. Stacey Roth

    Wedep, video and song production on lick point, besos

  3. Missed The Joke

    Me trying to rap with a stuffed nose:

  4. nivle zemog

    mine and four year old niece favorite song she knows more words than i do 😂

  5. Tyra Williams


  6. Dewaylon Wynn


  7. project _foo

    Damm song if fire asf got me thinking about life

  8. 4 Zxak

  9. Matt Selvy

    Just another garbage same sounding video like every other trash video.

  10. King Killmonger

    He look like Easy E lol

  11. fade Jay

    ✌️🤏🤏 ah occasion

  12. JMSP MusicPromo

    I believe Nocap should’ve signed with 4pf!

  13. Keith Bates

    In the streets I done paid my dues 💥💥💥💥

  14. ElSlickVic

    2:10 fender bender

  15. Shawn Hammack

    Lil Baby!!! Is he the little brother of Dababy?

  16. Demetrius Stewart

    Young turnt nigga cant wife no bitch..excuse my French dont like no bitch

  17. Demetrius Stewart

    Whoe nigga told it on bro shoulda die. Nawl he ain't killem dawg he ain't even try

  18. snowcold99

    It scares me that he gets better with each song

  19. Demetrius Stewart

    They went hard but 42 Dugg got the best verse

  20. Cherish S

    just got done dealing w my first love and this song helps me get thru w it

  21. Young CHEDR

    Where was this energy on wunna ??

  22. Alphonso Jones

    Bruh I know I ain’t the only one who seen lil baby wreck the charger at 2:12 his reaction was to funny 😂😂😂

  23. Kevin Grey

    This shit Global #Hard🔥🔥🔥

  24. Qual Mays

    2:12 they almost had a wreck 🤣

  25. Dequion Johnson



  27. Cashavelli Prezzi

    Bro earned every accomplishment he got coming #fire


    Did dugg rap his license plate?

  29. Gudda Butta

    🗣Lil Baby on they azz like License Plates

  30. GTMO King

    That boy getting a Kodak vibe

  31. Eternal Daylight

  32. Lohan 06

    My fav lil baby song🤷‍♂️💯💜

  33. bale cruz

    Lil baby the hardest out right now that boy hussle 24/7 grinding

  34. Philip West

    I like how they are above the law with the cars in the video

  35. Luka Hendricks

    Who bumpin 2020 💯

  36. Amy Hill

    Beast damaged I see haaaasssssi I need no one yall need me that's a fact my opinion yal bitches need to go on with all that trouble shooting shit

  37. Richinn_Allen

    I get ✌🏾🤏🏾🤏🏾 each occasion ✌🏾🤏🏾🤏🏾

  38. Amy Hill

    Turn up

  39. Amy Hill

    Turn up


    This comment will get lost somewhere. Before 10k R.I.P GEORGE FLOYD 🥀

  41. T -TONE


  42. Jae KIDd N his 508 Cents

    Bruh that's the dopest thing I've ever heard! Lil baby spending a million a week on weed🚼🌾

  43. Lil Vibe

    Fam u to fire wallahi

  44. Anomin Stark


  45. Kaleb Pearley

    Dang so coop really made it out of Crenshaw

  46. Kreepy

    “Just get in yo car and cut on yo flashes and follow the hearse since you say you gon ride, cause somebody gon die if they fuck with us” 😲🔥

  47. Tyler Page

    Ion gon lie but NLE choppa done it better but imma big lil baby fan


    Bo u can clearly see lil baby hit the cat that 42 DUGG was in

  49. FattBlack Katt


  50. Baby hn lil

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 0:17 - 0:47 - 1:33 - 2:35

  51. Qualuh

    Didn't he say that he wasn't gonna drop this? Glad he did though

  52. P Tobi

    someone put this on audiomack please

  53. John 69



    I got this on repeat 🥇

  55. Ballin Kid

    You can tell his voice is tired and he has been singing for awhile but he still spit this song

  56. Nicholas Martinez

    this flows by sleepy hollow

  57. Lounge

    I’m 15 and I’m only making 40 week how do I make more ?

  58. Spero Entertainment Hub

    0:00 Daddyyyyy. I'M NOT YOUR DAD!

  59. Dynasty Davis

    v lfm lick you up hogmanay the the Volvo bus anmenu

  60. Oli Haque

    Nobody notice the car crash? 2:10

  61. Beyrem Majri

    This song just made my station a cabrio :(

  62. TreCombz


  63. Jonathan Blake

    I like that shit

  64. Abdoulie Suwareh



    It’s better if you speed it 1x25 best believe that

  66. Anomin Stark

    came back like 60 times "Dodge Challengers!!!!"

  67. Anastasia 77

    Sounds like Shababs botten from panashim


    This man has a baby face 😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Walt Grizzly

    I need ✌🏽🤏🏽🤏🏽🤏🏽 an accasion

  70. ayedhatyaygo


  71. Dreams ByB


  72. i make cute edits

    We started off as close friends then some how you go and turn into my bf then you star to cheat on me then you say u want me back

  73. Lucas Thompson

    bruh they crash the whips in na video hahah

  74. YuGo Asap4Ever

    I turned 8 miliion right until im a quarterback, spent a million like i'm tryna bring kobe back" - Uzi rlly had the hardest bar of 2020

  75. Lerraj Nostle

    Bitch got the nerve to say she don't like rubbers 😆

  76. Queen Muhammad

    Biggest fan

  77. dartaevionking123

    Fuck everything how bout that beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. Krystal Baker

    ✌🏾🤏🏾🤏🏾 occasion each occasion ✌🏾🤏🏾🤏🏾

  79. Ashley Caron

    Id I skls


    lil baby cant drive this nigga crashed the car LOL

  81. Briaona Wright

    He tried to whistle in the beginning 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥


    2:10 look at the guy on the second car hood face when they crashed LMAO🤣

  83. kenneth blue

    Listening to this while it’s raining outside 🔥

  84. Lucifer

    okay but did nobody notice the r34 GTR at 0:00

    1. Hunter E928

      I did

    2. Lucifer

      Bottom left

  85. iiamjaylin

    the way they switch so smoothh 🐐 .

  86. Ashiyah O'Neal

    Be surprised baby it’s just me too I wanna kno was a

  87. Billie Jean So Gorgeous

    Fav song off the album

  88. wolf silent


  89. Justice Simelane

    nobody saw the car crash at 2:13 ?

  90. Zupreme

    ooooohhh fuCK dat shit hard.

  91. Zeek

    Imagine X on this ghetto christmas carol 😩😭

  92. ThomyRL


  93. Jeff Spicoli

    Lil Baby: 🔥 42 Dugg: 😬

  94. LL Kobe


  95. sahada Earl

    is it me or the dude with the red looks like smooth gio or is it him idk 1:56

    1. domssmarie.

      it’s him

  96. Darci G


  97. Walkq

    Who ever subscribe to me will become a millionaire in the next 2 years

  98. Devarsh Bhatt

    Yo why is there 2 goats in this video

  99. Devarsh Bhatt

    Yo why is there 2 lil baby’s in there and why one of them got horns

  100. Junior Ceja

    Lmao they crashed the cards 🤣🤣