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  1. CommandoGamingLive

    I really hope I can do my stealthy sentinel playthrough. Id hate for it to be like TFU when you HAVE to face everything head on. Hopefully there endless approaches and playstyles available

  2. Sergey Lego

    У меня одного такие ощущения от этого трейлера как тогда, когда я увидел трейлер 5-ой gta?

  3. d nasty

    You forgot to mention that it’s trash

  4. チョモランマ尾崎


  5. Sc3ptilium

    Bowser being an amazing dad once again

  6. Takeda

    35 years of starwars for me have ended. you will see not a single cent this time, disney! shame on you!

  7. Robbie Fazle

    It's one of the best FPS games ever, but the crown still goes to Black Ops original. That game was an great CoD game.

  8. Jayden Alaba

    I would likely to see Fortnite 2 in PS5

  9. Crispy Jimmy

    I swear if it makes me cry of sadness

  10. Mario Rivera

    Have only played 16 out of 100 wow

  11. kyle ashworth

    Should’ve swapped Scarecrow with penguin from Batman returns.

  12. deadblood 4115

    It'd be cool if the lightsaber turns green at the end of the story

  13. JohnnyxOh

    Literally that mysterious, ancient secret thing is the best part of Star Wars.. Thats why kotors are my favorite Sw games still.

  14. Sadiki St. George

    He was also the trickster in thr animated series

  15. Enrique Casaverde


  16. Jorge Ramirez


  17. TaeTobio

    Old man bruce is still so charming

  18. Abimahel Calderon

    Is beatiful 🤧

  19. vivian varun

    Don't do it. Don't trust EA

  20. Jana Bofill

    Me encanta 😍

  21. Vitor Feitosa

    Sorry but for me It looks generic :/

  22. Atiya Tauqir

    Snorting laughter and amateur unboxing, ign at its best

  23. Dakota Gonzales

    Prince of Persia meets the stars.

  24. Andre James

    2:32 007 💗

  25. Stevenall

    The WWE Universe would be cheering like crazy tho xD

  26. Chopstick

    The girl in the yellow shirt is seen running near the police then I. The gym

  27. Arshdip Hundal

    How far in the show do you have to be to watch this movie. I’m on the fishman arc

  28. Erik w

    Imagine the pc needed to play this at 4k

  29. Joel Davidenko

    Coolest intro I've ever seen lol

  30. ツンデレロリ


  31. Noah Harber

    I regret taking it back to gamestop

  32. Robtao311

    By Grabthar’s Hammer, i will watch this!

  33. Rag3 Nuk3

    If it were the Luffy from wano kuni arc in his haki improvement training, Bullet would've gotten bodied just now from the first blow probably...

  34. Yufu Fujiwara

    My mum be like: Restricted to 0 hours per day Restricted to only G-rated games Restricted to solo play only All Restrictions 1000%

  35. SuperNova

    Bioshock in space. I'm game

  36. Damion Ainsworth

    By seeing this bullet is not faster then luffy but more durable

  37. Shrek

    I’m gonna play this game in the morning

  38. Aaron Paul Narte

    Spiderman so bring panget

  39. Dink Fryson

    Let the EA hate continue

  40. Vinsmoke

    Cant wait to watch the whole movie itself 🤩🤩🤩

  41. derpyz muffinz

    I hope they do different mouth movements

  42. Arc 113

    I cry


    for yall who dont know jewish people have black ancestors. This is why alot dont look really old till they 50s. This is obviously some to most.

  44. chile9615

    ...but can it do my taxes?

  45. Md Al taqiuddin

    Bullet is stronger than katakuri, i think😅

  46. Great Cornholio

    "That's shaney i killed him"

  47. Cody Vaughn

    Support China, buy Disney!

  48. Shea Knittle

    Who cares

  49. Gabo Cejitas

    "When the time comes, you better run on Max Settings and dont look back, this is over"

  50. Roko2ne

    I have emulator on my galaxy note 8. Better screen and everything with cheats etc.

  51. WackyJacky2001

    What is with all the comments saying "nitpicking"? I'm just wondering. I also DO NOT support this video.

  52. Yvonne Exell


  53. Son of Martha

    2:39 ok but what about the taxi driver in that taxi?

  54. Archangel Jibrail

    Amazing game!

  55. anand rao

    Great actor in the world one and only

  56. googlewolly

    Get a gym membership and buy games that have more replayability. This is a gimmick.

  57. Debarko Ghosh

    shut up Corey and Saxton

  58. M Ilham Farrohi

    On steam?

  59. ayem jake

    no void? well thats disappointing

  60. shawn burger

    Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in

  61. Kevin Dunn

    This version of black mamba is slower then when luffy fight katakuri

  62. The Heat

    I wonder have they ever thought about making mr. X an enemy to fight in mhw

  63. Craig Default boi

    I didn’t see grievous

  64. Carl8s-Bit


  65. XxNINJAxX

    48:00 name song? Pliss brazil

  66. TikiShootah

    another bog standard scifi game

  67. Bigowl

    44:26 MARTHA

  68. UnboxingForYou

    i can't wait for the barney movie since it been long time since they make one of the true fans barney childhood. and also would be cool if they did star demi lovato and selena gomez and riff in the new barney movie i would be down with that. and also the original actor who play baby bop and bj and riff need to come back voicing them. it wouldn't be the same without them.

  69. Jam. K

    What about oddworlds strangers wrath. They should make a second one when you hunt down secto that would be awesome 👍

  70. Cookie man

    Just started my 4th new game this month

  71. FreeBird0964

    Lord almighty he had showed us his ability to give light and he did show light.

  72. XLIVLP

    I didn't even know this was the thing so when I was at Walmart today and saw it for $15 I bought it instantly.... I'm glad I did not open it yet and kept the receipt.

  73. Advait Lubree

    Where's Destiny 2??

  74. Tirina 358/2

    Wait was that 9S at 3:07?!

  75. Vincente Pham

    I stopped watching one piece after alabasta

  76. untitled

    the ordeal of love 🚬💖

  77. Andy Bonsu

    Starwars will even sell much more than death stranding. Mark my words.

  78. Lumi Ticklepaws

    Still no Borderlands 3 cosmetic packs available seperate on the Epic Games Store in the Netherlands

  79. Gaming Extreme

    I am surprised that uncharted wasn't even in the top 5

  80. Tirina 358/2

    Started with Alien Manifestation ended with a little bit of Weight of the World💕

  81. TheSushiandme

    sigh i want to buy it but it is so... buggy

  82. Parish_Swamp_Drone

    if there bring tom from smallville back, PLEASE bring Green Arrow aka Justin Hartley from smallville and FIRE Stephen Amell, hire Justin for the Role as the Green Arrow, Justin would be a way better Green Arrow

  83. Mohd Raul

    I will play this game like i would play Doom.

  84. Aditya S

    Valkyrie Profile clone game.

  85. ETL TTC

    Wait i thought it was already a horde game

  86. Cade Washa

    I love the detail that they were playing magic the gathering before the t800s show up

  87. ViktorKorolyov

    looks funny when narrator praises the game hard while the footage shows how crappy the game realy is

  88. Isaac Odu

    This phone looks sick

  89. Arman_Tanzarian

    I reported this video for being misleading

  90. ALeX Z

    Any COD 10/10 cuz ign fanbois No need to watch video

  91. R - Arts

    Did IGN really start as early as 2009?

  92. ALeX Z

    COD games 10/10 Ign are known to be cod fanbois

  93. Foxrine

    You should have said "the biggest gun ever"

  94. UpSid3DwnKingd0m


  95. Kered

    Imma definitely go see this movie on the first day it drops in theaters for the U.S! And I promise to give a detailed and interesting full review on my anime GEsels channel🙏🏿

  96. Optimus Optimistic

    I'm getting Prince Of Persia vibes..... woah.

  97. jon ian flores

    But can it run crysis?

  98. RatedRLoquender


  99. JT12

    2:33 I felt that

  100. Amuro転生