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  1. christopher wagner

    Fortnite c2 s3 comes out on June 11th not the fourth lol.

  2. Martin Emiliano Muñoz Montelongo


  3. Jonatan Luque

    > sees a new wf trailer > not about the new war > i sleep

  4. Frank

    Oh yeah!

  5. William Nguyen

    Gonna go out on a limb and say the girl you meet at the station is going to have the Kanto starter and you’ll get the opposite of theirs. Sword is going to have the girl get venusaur while you get blastoise and vice verse

  6. President Asyraaf Abd Aziz

    Dang it, I miss my iPhone 6S😢. Time really fly.

  7. Quattro 4

    Lol fps on console?

  8. tnyeh

    Would it make sense to get all of atreuses skills first?

  9. Logan's Reviews

    Cant wait!

  10. dragonflysurgeon

    I think Harrison Ford will be CGI de-aged for at least a portion of the movie. Either in a long flashback connecting to the present, or a fountain of youth type thing which causes him to be younger for a while to have this adventure.

  11. Sharpshotz Gaming

    *The dog is the best part of the speedrun*

  12. Addison Welsh

    Nice to see the Assassin's Creed fanbase living down to their reputation of being complete crybabies every time a new game comes out.

  13. Aibo2387

    Dang it Sony I know you guys mean well. But this event is mostly for the gaming fans and the gaming Journalists its not for the protesters. 😫 Some people need to know the price already! So some of us can start saving are money for the console. 🤨

  14. Mauro Leon

    not playing this garbage soz

  15. Charles Brooks

    wow im watching this in 2020 when i already did watch it in 2014

  16. DARREL X

    Looks like a nice pycological thriller

  17. Wafle14

    Does this kind of look bad compared to the remaster collection? I just played it and the lighting looks worse or something. I'm not an expert just something is off

  18. M Emina

    So my question is that it will be the same movie but different director? How does that work?

  19. MrSpooky Spare

    I just realized ign logo is changed

  20. Isabelle

    I somehow forgot about this game but I came across its cover somewhere and darn !! All the fun I had playing this !! It was really a great game. Too bad that it does not have another opus now, compared to the like of Phoenix Wright which had many other games.

  21. its called

    I dont know.what the song is help

  22. Beanie Poopie

    Okay no. I can NEVER hear reyn say LetS NOt looSe our HEDS thO enough

  23. Serenity Bocks

    Where can I buy this :(

  24. ThunderyZero

    Comment Xbox names I’m OP ASF wit yugi

  25. James Hueston

    Peep the Sony tv in the background lol

  26. Sean Cunningham

    Delay, don't delay, it won't matter. People just want to be pissed about something. China tried to kill the world and no one stomped around in the streets while thousands died.

  27. Infinity war 4 life

    RE 2 remake was 2019

  28. MrSpooky Spare

    I just realized ign changed their logo

  29. Nicolas Niwa

    It's ma'am

  30. Devon Skaggs

    This makes me so happy that someone is creating what I always wanted as a kid. The world needs this. The world needs the avatar.

  31. MrGoodDay-_-

    8k tv Best buy right now 700 bucks

  32. 9kervi

    kinda boring, just save warping and menu glitching right to the end of the game. most of the time i like speedruns coz of their skill, but this is ehhh.

  33. NaturallyNathan

    They keep resetting the game and going back to the home menu. Make your own version of Restie from animal crossing that keeps talking to you and you cant skip it and he keeps taking to you.

  34. Loc Ta

    tysm now ik what to do

  35. James Shofner

    These developers have potential

  36. nfamousonline

    Sony has the best exclusives, Microsoft needs to take notes.

  37. Mohammed Ahmed

    The Dark Knight movie was excellent and the Arkham series are far better than any superhero movie and games

  38. Soar drbasco ttv

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that bowser jr. saw something inappropriate

  39. Nathan Drakes Big Fat Hairy Balls.

    Why Sony do this to us?

  40. Satan TheDevil

    Welp.. there goes my excitement.

  41. Nicolas Gil

    Now I know why they call it “unreal” engine

  42. Kaden H

    old boi

  43. 123yeboy123

    Should I get this or fh4

  44. Joshua Ortiz

    It works just did it as I type this I didn’t get to billion but I have 500 million before the last mission

  45. Shivanan Seenath

    I love you Sydnee!

  46. Samantha Conelly

    This part is really really funny

  47. Debbie Blackwell

    I love Cloud Strife

  48. Bald Martin

    It’s sad , I’m just trying to forget about this game . I don’t see a way of ever playing it with the story line It has currently 🤦‍♂️🙁