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  1. Vince Ruland

    And the democratic candidates can barely fill a porta jon at their "rallies". 😂😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Das Piper

    Mitch, did you say Madam President? Peoli wishes she were the President.

  3. Xiang Chang

    This was a CIA psyops operation. Mike Booty Brown never existed.

  4. Susi Susi


  5. Trenell

    Of course he doesn’t care about the rain he’s tough he’s not like the fool we have now


    Have you seen the fallen Satan (the old serpent) and his followers? Have you seen the sons of Nimrod? Those people and similar to them living with us CAN NOT BE PURE HUMANS.

  7. IcePrincess Conn

    Gop & D's election time is coming.... why did you let it get this far. They broke all the rules.

  8. Ed Rakib.

    God bless Trump !!

  9. Navah Wolff

    Trump is the Best President ever!!! God bless you my love!!!

  10. Navah Wolff

    Trump my love

  11. Navah Wolff

    Trump is our President forever

  12. Brian Anini



    Trump is our sweetest dessert after longest undesirable dinner.

  14. tracey Stephens

    Nice for him to park it, He should have taken the truck to its next delivery stop, made a few bucks to help out with the lawyer and a job offer from the company after his jail time

  15. Juan Hernandez

    You will win big Mr president! God is with you! I. Salute you.

  16. Noah Miller

    2:09 the people started cheering like crazy when President Trump opened his mouth to sing HAHAHA

  17. Kenny Powers

    The following dirtbag corrupt scum will die during my lifetime....Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, The Clintons, Waters, Sharpton, J Jackson, Feinstein, RBG, Sanders, Biden, etc. Hell Yeah! Oh, and Al Green...a very special FU!

  18. Laniakea 42

    Weather in Australia be like:

  19. Mark Anthony Negranza

    Yes Pence Trump 2020

  20. ladybear1103ify

    The Dems know he's going to be acquitted and re elected. They're trying to take over both houses so they can make the president ineffective. I hope everyone sees this and it blows up in their face.

  21. Randy Schaff

    I wish “The Donald” was Prime Minister! Greets from Canada 🇨🇦

  22. Randy Schaff

    Yes prayer does work.🇨🇦

  23. Nique H

    Connolly just another example of a corrupt swamp creature catering to the clinton corruption.....

  24. Richard Coomer

    How is there a "Madam President" of the Senate? Doesn't the Constitution determine that the vice-president of the United States is the president of the senate?

  25. Schism Circle

    Stop sending charity to the third world it will stop artificial population growth and reduce consumption of vital resources.

  26. Always In my heart

    You can't fix stupid!

  27. Aidan Joyce

    Hell he was an American hero goddamnit

  28. OL 2016

    CNN breaking news: He forgot his wife and didn't salute the fine Marine. What a disgrace.

  29. Warrior 4J

    YAHWEH protect our presidente and his family , we love him !❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. Baracus Obamus

    This is supposed to be epic?? This is like listening to a dementia patient!

  31. Brian Williams

    Come to Detroit and stop these assholes for making me pay for a rainy day they call it water runoff

  32. Steve Mausehardt

    They are not after TRUMP. The want to destroy the constitution.

  33. Always In my heart

    Of course they want to take pictures with the impeached president! Can you imagine how much money it will be worth...later...maybe...who knows!

  34. 2:13-AM

    This is top notch stand up comedy. I need to attend one of his rallies

  35. d wilson


  36. Angie

    Obama Bin Laden would never do that!!! EVER!!! He was to stuck on himself and tearing down our country!

  37. Linda Penny

    Tell Moscow Mitch to shut the hell up.

  38. Dina DeVoe

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who was totally appalled by that display by Nancy Pelosi. She really DOES think she will be President. Mitch, please DISMISS this trial now.

  39. Nextboy Martin

    The best 1 hours 47 minutes of my life.

  40. Floyd Maxwell

    Another happy ending

  41. Dennis Smith

    The Dems just love wasting our We The People's Money..

  42. XtaticVideo

    everybody OUT!!!

  43. Jenn smith

    McConnell asked Nancy for Articles without wine stains.

  44. Floyd Maxwell

    How does this get ANY thumbs down? Answer: GEsels doesn't want anyone to see this video.

  45. lonedogism

    What's needed to preserve the Republic is a full Senate investigation. " fiat justitia ruat caelum "

  46. Meh Ebra

    God Bless You President Trump. Love From Iran❤️

  47. J king

    I TOTALLY AGREE with Mitch McConnell this was politically motivated

  48. Paul V

    How do you say impeachment in Russian ?

    1. Jenn smith

      "stupidsky demi cratzsky shitz showsky".

  49. Phillip Martin

    Goooooo Trump!! 2020 all you!!!

  50. Robert Williamson

    No won should like Donald trump

  51. Thomas Jane

    And.........the Senate strikes it down....bwahahahaha.

  52. Concreto

    What a bunch of absolute wack jobs! Unbelievable that we the people have to endure this.

  53. McBobX

    Well, it should go crazy with those numbers anyway cause the air is already crazy 😂😂

  54. ginoo817

    I would do da same lmfao

  55. Barry m

    The American people should vote out the Dems for wasting so much of our time and money

  56. Jason Martin

    I live in England and United states of America has the number 1 man for the job,I think this boy is class 😎👍

  57. Daniel Ayy

    This guy is good at improvising

  58. Tyrone Augustine

    He's gonna UnAss some of that shoot!!!

  59. Google User

    I like how mad he makes leftists.. four more years just for that 😥😥😥😥 WhY dOnT PeOpLe Take oUR sCreEcHiNg sEriOuSLy????

  60. georgecanto

    Do dems think they're a match for trump?

  61. pete M

    Lucky to have him !! Stand with Trump against the evil left

  62. Eli Ben David

    god bless america, god bless president trump אלהים ברך את אמריקה, אלהים ברך את הנשיא טראמפ

  63. Robert Pace

    I'm not American but I can smell a circus from a mile. The greatest country on earth and you have cartoon caracters in your opposition, that actually get paid by taxpayers dollars,... But hey they say anything is possible in America right!

  64. storytel27

    First time hearing commentators act so unprofessionally. Yes, they’re guilty. That’s established. But these racist bitches are saying personal s**t. Whereas the other commentators I’ve watched kept it professional. They discussed what happens during a chase and where the suspects are driving to next. Not these unprofessional amateur racist bitches. I’m not taking up for the obvious criminals. I’m talking abt the racist bitches who couldn’t keep their mouths shut and stick to what they were trained to talk about during a police pursuit.

  65. Mehdi Khan

    That's called a real gentleman

  66. Robert Pace

    Here's my legal team for the Pres Trump...... Judge Janine, Rudi Guiliani, Jim Jordan, Trey Gowdy, Matt Gaetz and as a backup squad just to further scare the living daylights out of the Dems,...... Tomi Lahren, Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk and Sugar and Spice ( just to spice things up a bit). Can you imagine the fear and confusion.

  67. JR Tortellini

    People are waking up and will vote no Democrat anywhere In office.

  68. Al Gore

    MISSION PASSED Respect +

  69. Carol Czapik

    and we the taxpayers get to pay for those gold pens

    1. Jenn smith

      yeah but Nancy's selling replicas of this sad & somber moment on Ebay.

  70. TheLennyChannel

    I don't know how TheOdd1sout can live with that temperature

  71. Ants G

    Yeah...How Does Flushing The Toilet 3 Times To Get Everything Down Save Water..????....IDIOTS

  72. Sylvia Sanchez

    Pimpin the White House. Whata frog.

  73. Yo Mama

    The cost to US taxpayers per pen?

  74. Marcus Maximus

    WHY has You Tube hidden live chat for this video? The Deep Socialist State continues to censor the TRUTH!

  75. MarksArk 1

    For most of the vid the narrator's needle got stuck in the same groove.

  76. Mr Davis

    The best President America has ever had..

  77. Born Again

    82 LOSERS so far... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  78. Ali Hassan

    I would say down and death to feminism and all devils, trump knows his job but he must answer slave trade questions

  79. Sarah Carpenter

    Your worthless over kill

  80. Mamadou Fadiga

    Why these kind of thing never happens to me!

  81. Ali Hassan

    Second American civil war ahead

  82. Diana Sloan

    Great show!

  83. Derek Tomko

    That was not graphic.... by saying that it is attempts to change the definition of the word graphic

  84. Tim Z.

    This disgusting display will backfire on the Democrats! This hearing will show that they are nothing but a bunch of thugs and bully's! No crime No case!

  85. Russ Hartman

    The winning! So much WINNING!!! 5 years to go, easily THE best POTUS in my 59 years, my retirement nest egg is in need of a larger basket. Thank You Mr.President.

  86. Frank Meintjes

    "One day when we are dancing with the angels"? She has no clue what she is talking about her religion as well as her politics. And God will give them a strong delusion to believe the lie.

  87. Chris Shahan

    Ive seen more people at a car wreck than at one of her rallies!

  88. The Slut Maker

    Love him or hate him, Trump is hilarious!

  89. Ranier Sichon

    Make the toilet great again. Trump 2020!! Flushed the Democrats to the toilet.

  90. Leonildo Berg

    Kkkkk q igreja é essa q o timp tava durmindo?ta doido essa igreja eu n aguentaria ficar neuhm minuto é consinhar o galo de mais .!!

  91. Romeo

    Yyyyyyeawnd, yyyyyyeaaaaawnd... aaaaaaand. This woman sounds like a horny cat.

  92. Danskish World Champion

    God bless donald john trump, its bugger all over here in California, god bless america, god bless the Patriots and anons and, Q.

  93. Tracey R

    The Democrats are SOCIALISTS and MUSLIM LOVERS gets'a RIDS ofs those Democrats.

  94. Audrey Debnam

    They ROCK

  95. Christopher King

    Love this guy! It feels so good to have a president that finally represents me and my beliefs. Sometimes a little rough around the edges but definitely displays class during the right moments. The "Democratic Socialist Party" could learn a few things. FOUR MORE YEARS!

  96. Think Again

    It would be nice if the Trump administration would vote a law to make health care free for all Americans. For us Canadians, it’s free in Canada.

  97. Verdical _Arts

    No deportations? None At all? So keep illegal criminals? Only a Democrat could say something so stupid.

  98. GeorgeWay mathTV

    Wat bout Weinstein?

  99. Amir Wahli

    Wow he told the press “ Good luck “ he knew then what they was waiting for them

  100. Rajesh Need