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  1. Tonton Pascual

    Ummm ok but maybe wrong song choice. I don't want to think it's "time to say goodbye" to anyone now.

  2. Tac0_bell

    James has a incredible memory!! He knows every song that exists sometimes better than the actual artist

  3. Ahmad Ahmad

    LOVE UN BTS ❤❤💘

  4. qq

    If only people around could know who's driving right next to them....

  5. Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa

    "1999 was the most unbelievable year for music" 1984: Am I a joke to you?

  6. erdem6433

    I love bts

  7. Feline Schwarz

    I think i can eat most of these

  8. Marios2332

    Watching this after Kobe is gone...

  9. Benim Dünyam murat dülger

    Luke evans👈👉🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  10. Ramen gurl

    I have a scarf the same pattern as his jacket in the beginning 😂😂😂

  11. Stryker Ramirez

    New York New Yorkkkk 😂

  12. Teodora Rossana Iannone

    I'm crying

  13. ดวงใจ เวชไวกิจ

    แกรร ฉันอยากรู้เพลงอังกฤษที่บังทันร้องคือเพลงไรอ้ะะ ใครรู้บอกหน่อยนะะ ฉันคนไทยจ้าาาา~😁😁😬

  14. Fresh Avocado

    Ciara looks like ellie goulding

  15. eyrin yeobo

    5:32 when he laughs it took me back 8 years ago when he used to laugh with the members

  16. Caz Espino

    Prayers to all in Italy and blessings from a grandmother take care stay in stay safe 🙏🕯🕯

  17. Tariq Hasan

    0:31 Oooh Self burn, those are rare!

  18. Ace The Goals

    Louis: seat belts boys 8 minutes later Louis has his seatbelt off for the no control dance Me: where’s your seatbelt

  19. Elijah Elijah

    Ed's too good

  20. Tina Keel

    I love that story! 💕💕💕

  21. Laurie Smith

    Thank You!

  22. Angelbert Loyloy

    Nick looking action star theire

  23. Dara Rebeca

    I've been watching this every single day, omg

  24. Mar J

    JAMES I KNOW THIS VIDEO ISN’T 1D RELATED BUT COME ON PLZZZZZ BRING 1D BACK. DIRECTIONERS (and I know ur one of em) have been thru sooooo much torture so just plz do yourself and millions of people a favour and bring them back together.

  25. Prem Khorja

    Why you get gay's in the show

  26. Damaris Maas

    I don't know why but when she started playing the ukulele I started crying 😂😂

  27. kk cool

    That backseat worldwide handsome guy is so funny and cute I'm in ARMY ♥️♥️

  28. THAILANDIA un paradiso da scoprire

    You Just become a booking man , you Simply not real ....

  29. Hey Stob it !

    Y'all it's almost one year 12 Avril 😭 I can't believe

  30. Corey Or Audio

    i love flea so much

  31. Cole Tanner

    James Corden. If you can get the Jones Brothers back together, then do the same with Big Time Rush, Fifth Harmony, & One Direction RIGHT NOW PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!

  32. Angelbert Loyloy

    Friendship started 2007 its 13yrs now

  33. Gorgeous Jess

    These two would make a cute couple

  34. Angelbert Loyloy

    I saw their movie nick still not handsome their and joe so very handsome

  35. Jack the Snack

    And his movie career ended with Cats.

  36. Julylovesmusic1

    how can you not love him

  37. Janine Pileo Vlog

    BALUT is my favorite

  38. Jeff Smith

    3:22 to 3:27 does it seem like he loses his accent? You be the judge.

  39. milkita candy

    namjoon, the member who doesn't have a driver's license: *"this is the best drive song"*

  40. Some One

    Anthony: Can you sign this? Chris: Yeah of course god bless you Anthony: Thanks Anthony: EBay!!! Chris: Come on

  41. cristeta delsom

    Adorable baby mochi and papa mochi there hahhaha... RM too embarrassed and can't even stop to laugh hahaha "RM like why m i laughing on mochie hahahha....every part of this segment is so hilarious ..totally entertaining

  42. Marpi Karlo

    Justin look like brabbit from 8 miles

  43. zhang zhang

    My Most Favourite 😍 Celine Dion. I remember my childhood.

  44. Nakijjoba Ninah


  45. FloofyAnimates

    i think she is tearing because she remember the time she was small having good times i almost cried and awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute family

  46. Ralph Gabunal

    Please Invite Little Mix😍

  47. Pandan

    Thats not a full english breakfast no hashbrowns no black pudding no sausages

  48. Andrea Guevara

    That Spider tho

  49. Isadora Marchon

    It's good to start the day with a good laugh

  50. Bri G


  51. Justin Barzakay

    Who seasons bacon?

  52. Maliha Khan

    Harry is like screaming in liam's ear. Liam: Harry STOP screaming in my ear

  53. Sondra White

    Made my day during the peak of the pandemic.

  54. Roger Alves


  55. Yustriana Ayuninda

    Nangis terooooos

  56. Yustriana Ayuninda


  57. Shrrq Alshrrq

    we want a week with Liam Payne and carpool karaoke plz

  58. Elle bell

    I love this

  59. Myriam Parir


  60. Sing Thuan

    BTS are the nice gase😘😘😘😘😻

  61. YumaKuga _17

    The high five of niall is so damn cute!!

  62. Princess Tima

    I didnt know if i come back watching it again i will come back as Michael told me in the closet I got some chicken I'm so sad 😂😂😂😂 this famdom

  63. Jorge Acosta

    That día si no’t thevrial

  64. awesome unicorn

    so no one is gonna talk about 4:05 .....okay. just saying twas like magicccc

  65. mochi cutie

    keep safe bangtan

  66. Masechaba

    The sexual tension between them is palpable

  67. danoon is a singer

    I swear I hate James who else does

  68. gi ma rie

    Now, this is English.. Please #BTS put English subtitles on your vlog. How can I defend you for me to be an army. But anyways you guys Stan!! 💕💕💕 I came to have interest with kpop after I watch P- pop #sb19.

  69. shreya karki

    joonie my love ...🐨🐨🐨

  70. dhannes alhafizd

    I love his hair

  71. Tobias Luecke

    He is the guy from Nirvana?! Best reaction ever 🤣

  72. Princess Tima

    I'm back again after 122363684894949 times😂😂😂

  73. Lara !!!!!

    Reminds me of himym😂😍

  74. Crazystupidity 01

    I tried it and it Fucken worked

  75. 김ᄋᄌ

    춤선이 너무 이뻐요!

  76. Mia Seibel

    Kann jemand Deutsch

  77. Erin Davie

    It doesn't seem right that there was not tulmutuous applause after that performance..Thankyou.

  78. Vsoo Taesoo

    Kpop flinch Winners NCT 127-Taehyoung BTS-Taehyoung BLACKPINK-Jisoo 2 Tae 1 Jisoo😂

  79. MeeRIM M


  80. Jennrock Musik

    Every word David Blaine says. Every people in the show: HOO! Who? HaA!

  81. Gulo Gulo


  82. Gypsy Rose

    They are all so adorable! JHope being so damn squishy!!

  83. D.D

    Alicia Keys is so beautiful that’s why Billie loves her

  84. 류지은

    Anyone saw james corden niall horan 500 miles?if you do Coronavirus: you can't defeat me Police:send in the proclaimers

  85. chung velex

    Isn’t it weird how the top 4 comments all have 1K+ Likes? 😂

  86. Ralph Gabunal

    Little Mix please.. Please invite them 😊

  87. Angelbert Loyloy

    Pink cool their vibin together

  88. JIA LIN

    I love bts.😍🥰

  89. QuickSilver

    I'm so curious why they were interviewing Saoirse Ronan and Neil Degrasse Tyson together. They feel like pretty unrelated people lol.

  90. Idare Nara

    oh... this video was the first when I saw nct and taeyong... i'm emotional

  91. Bangadzzz


  92. Lucy

    *Sir Elton talking about how david and their children have changed his life* Cmon man you got me cryin in the club rn

  93. Losy belieber

    I really like justin's lough it's so cute and funny 😍🤗💜

  94. Samantha sawyer scott

    Song please?

  95. Lucy

    Elton John's the eccentric great aunt everyone wants 😂❤❤

  96. joujo ayla

    Has anyone noticed how the views went down on BTS carpool karaoke?It has 29M views currently but it used to have way more wtf-

    1. joujo ayla

      @Princess Tima Same

    2. Princess Tima

      Whattt i didnt notice it

  97. jo joe

    I don't think jin knew the camera was on him when he said- I watched FRIENDS too but I can't speak English lmao...

  98. Robert McInnes

    I saw one of these with Billie Eilish.

  99. Mrs. Namjoon

    Black widow was Taehyung’s dance Ain’t my fault was Hobi’s dance

  100. Lily Reilly

    Who watching this in 2020 and like uhhhh