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  1. Sanic Waffleman

    The people look like they're on crack

  2. Divya Chauhan

    Who reads comments while watching the video? 👇 Hit like👍👍

  3. Joe Mathew

    Very fascinating story. This is why I love to watch your videos.

  4. Two Crazy Sisters

    When will u do zombie apocalypse episode 11???? I liked the zombie apocalypse the most🙃🙃

  5. Marbhim Beso

    Purple and red girl was so beautiful

  6. Manjulaben Konkani

    Oh please upload the third part soon. I was and I waiting eagerly for 3 part. I like this story very much. Your channel is best on you tube 👍👏👌💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞

  7. Panambram Suhana


  8. Darpan Aryal

    Episode 3

  9. Margot Konare

    She didn't even wash her hands

  10. Champalal Kushwaha

    Zombie Ateck Part 10 Hindi

  11. wedos gembel


  12. Madelyn Bushnell

    “This STUPID baby is in the way!” Like if your gonna call the baby stupid then why did you have him;-;

  13. Solara M

    That is crap

  14. Jeffre Roche


  15. Amanda Segura

    Poor homeless people in the corona virus😷

  16. Coolkidsfilms !

    What if they tie us up with rope

  17. MarioSr Olegario

    I like the pink because I love pink unicorn and love

  18. Kausari Khanam


  19. Cecily Zhang

    Some of thos girls are so stron

  20. raj kumar

    I wonder what happened to melanie and the witch melanie will hunt her or the witch will kill her

  21. JoycesToyDaycare Videos

    Your head 😱😱😱😱

  22. prakhyati Verma

    Please please please please please makeup episode of Zombie apocalypse episode 11

  23. prakhyati Verma

    Make a video of Zombie apocalypse episode 11

  24. Millie Downs

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  25. Melanie Williams

    I drink water and I sleep I love your video’s and I would watch it every day if I could love love your videos

  26. Dieunise Cheryne

    James charles dosent do makeup like that

  27. Kiara Oodit

    I'm so exited to see what will happend in episode 3

  28. Mandy Kennedy

    I do them all the time go Troom Troom 👍

  29. Maya Strijewski

    That balloon trick I am gonna do with Stella 👩

  30. Brianna Kaye

    Mine is Lily♥️♥️♥️

  31. Maya Strijewski


  32. Maya Strijewski

    I have some short friends like Cecily and Stella

  33. Kunchan Aru

    I like the ghost

  34. Isabella Vaccaro

    I’m bad student

  35. huma asim

    The angles eye looks awesome

  36. Alisson Martinez

    On the second life hack you guys said it's so nice Drinking coke but you guys were actually drinking Pepsi!!!!!!!!🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  37. Jacob Arellano

    The two ghost is fighting

  38. Maya Strijewski

    I am tall and I can swim 👩

  39. Chelenny Itza

    Episode 3

  40. surya prabha


  41. shi Sherraline

    Do you more like 123go or Troom troom

  42. Sharon Fox

    It's so cool i want try it

  43. Johnny Nguyen

    Them:CoMe heRe sHellY! Me: BRuH 👁👄👁 Also them:MMmMmmmM yUm lobSter Also me: IF UR IN A CIRCUMSTANCE LIKE THAT ALWAYS THANK UR PREY

  44. reva evans

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  45. Sharon Fox

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  46. Robert Capers

    Do you Barbie clothing hacks

  47. Mia Tamizi

    woo hoo it's a best

  48. Elena Mateo

    Who like onion

  49. aparna pendyala

    Hey I want to see another episode of zombie apocalypse

  50. Aadit bansal

    Hey can you tell us when is the next part going to come of this zombie story is the zombie season is the zombie series over or not just tell me in the comment because I want to see more of the zombies or just tell me is it over or not okay because I like it okay bye

  51. sudip shrestha

    Love it

  52. Sanjana Gundimeda

    Can u continue this series

  53. Orozco Girls

    Ik both nerd and bad at my school

  54. Trinity Case

    I. Love. Troom. Troom

  55. Anya Gilbert


  56. S e v a n a

    From where they have the Hedgehog

  57. Jing lin

    Is someone steeling thing?

  58. Murshida Che Rus


  59. Allison Glover

    The e girl makeup is so ugly

  60. Kayla Ewan


  61. Jing lin

    9:45 What that behind you

  62. Rosie Deves

    Yes i do

  63. Ragueline Riswan

    can you make the episode 3

  64. Dominique Kagele

    Wait a minute did anyone notice the hack when she fell down because of slippery high heels on her toe there was blood all over her and a little on the ground

  65. Vishala Poojary

    My will do what I say. If I say take out the tongue I love it so much

  66. Shealyn Stephens

    Cat,s arnt lazy

  67. B0by Boby


  68. Anya Gilbert


  69. Rosie Deves

    How do you remove the tatoo

  70. Lindsey Hughes


  71. Princess Zyrel Caorte

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣hahaha i want more

  72. Elizabeth Chandler

    I still secratly eat my hair

  73. foxja2002

    If leah ashe amber and Billie Eilish saw them they would scream omg

  74. TEH SHU WEI Moe


  75. Millie Downs

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  77. Creator Ashish

    Will the tattoo wash off

  78. Edis Fuentes

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  79. Anjali Kushwaha

    This series will be awesome 👍🙂🙂👍

  80. Javier Melendrez

    But we wll get lost

  81. •Lyric’sFunny World•


  82. rn spices

    It is so hard

  83. Savage_Gachalatina 104

    U sould take this when the new boy ask for the pen then the bad kid takes him put the song “lover”

  84. Isabel Urbano

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