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  1. Lakhsmi Majhi

    You loser , jelly is best

  2. Aydin Bam Bam

    I think u win

  3. Amanda Barnett

    slogoman jelly just blew up your house and he's putting more TNT cannons around your house

  4. Owen Pierson

    Play pixor gun 3D

  5. Charlie Lale

    Slogo man it’s pretty obvious that you want us to like the video so you don’t have to keep saying it

  6. Gavin Greenfield

    How liked old Josh

  7. Samantha Rivas


  8. Emmett Truman

    Josh jelly put cannons around ur house

  9. Electriv YT

    "I'm getting sucked! I'm getting sucked so hard!" -Joshua Robert Temple October 19, 2017.

  10. Gamer Preset

    Jelly blew up your house with a tnt cannon

  11. Naseem Mohamed

    I used code slogo

  12. Andrei pogi Bagon

    at the beginning you lile angry or something

  13. thecoffeelady6


  14. Josh Adams

    slogman is going to win

  15. Owen Miller

    pee, not tadpoles, PEE

  16. Jelly : /

    Josh, jelly is putting hide cannons around your house

  17. Jovanny Mejorado03

    Slogo jelly killed goos or goose

  18. Caleb Woodruff

    since when did josh become family friendly

  19. Jack Wallace

    Haha getreckd jelly looked at this video

  20. Excitin

    Crainer gave just the card Josh "Why would you do that?" Crainer "ok josh wins" Jelly "Why would you do that you dumbass"

  21. Brandon The best video master!

    0:01 did he say butt?

  22. Jovanny Mejorado03

    When I saw that on Jelly channel Slogo blew his own castle

  23. Kaile Samples


  24. Randall Stine

    Check ur ur new hacked base

  25. Luis mendoza

    Slogoman 1

  26. Matthew Alexander


  27. Luis mendoza

    Kwebbelkop 2

  28. Bryan Gaming


  29. Luis mendoza

    Jelly 19

  30. Griffin Konrad

    oh and also don't build those Subway's again near Jilly's house he got mad oh and also don't build those Subway's again near Jilly's house he got mad at it in a couple episode and exploded at

  31. daniel davis

    Jelly blew up your house 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Jaded Window

    Slogo pulls lever earths go Minecraft world goes boom boom

  33. Luis mendoza

    Kwebbelkop 9.38 minutes 3

  34. Luis Colon


  35. Luis mendoza

    Jelly 1

  36. Stephen Thompson

    Where is the disstrack its 2020

  37. Holly H

    At the end of the vid the face he makes you can just tell he's going home and crying in bed

  38. Stephen Hinojos

    You should know Jelly attacked your home and subway stations on your server with cannons.

  39. Griffin Konrad

    a slogoman look at your own house Hahaha someone got mad that you were hacking so someone destroyed your house hahaha it was crying by the way

  40. Luis mendoza

    Slogoman 1

  41. panda man

    How do they have the old villages

  42. Luis mendoza

    Kwebbelkop 13

  43. Kassandra Saldivar

    sorry use code jelly

  44. Charles Avelar

    I use code slogo in the fortnite ideam shop

  45. Luis mendoza

    Jelly 12

  46. Jayden Martinez

    Jelly and Jody are so easy to prank

  47. DAP VZA

    And if there are no cubes, what happens to the real cubes?, Example a chest

  48. Luis mendoza

    Slogoman 2

  49. Felipe Agustin


  50. Dan Rogan

    Oh k

  51. Byron Russell

    josh on your private server jelly has found out about your hacks and he blew up yours and mayor pigsworth house and your subway station

  52. XxAngel LoverxX

    I always push the like button,because why not👌🏽

  53. Ryan Mosende

    can i join your race

  54. Dee Smith

    And subs

  55. Ryan Mosende

    slogo are you in publc session

  56. Galaxy Luminum

    16:51 jelly said dumb as#

  57. Mongolia gamer

    hurry go in to hoax mc jello is gonna explode ur house with a tnt canon

  58. Travis Vegaeni

    that bomb thingea in the air is called a cargo bomb

  59. William Sanford

    I figured out that I’m eating jelly but somebody’s named jelly XD

  60. Blossom Life

    Isn’t a snow fox rare?

  61. Kristi Pava

    Jelly blue your house up at Minecraft

  62. Jese Waqasobasoba

    i used your josh slogo

  63. Omg unicorn Fisher

    Donuts is always been the best out of all Sorry to the other players

  64. Star moon


  65. Giovanni Jared Sánchez

    I thinck my favorite youtubee

  66. Leah Flint

    You should make another video

  67. Mater


  68. joshua gaborne

    Those are called phantoms and those things that they drop are phantom membranes you can use it to repair your elytra

  69. Andrei pogi Bagon

    Why you like so angry slogo???

  70. Mail Kcallop


  71. Jennifer Hilton

    You are the grat syggr

  72. Dark renegade

    Jelly blew up your house and crainer tried blowing up your house p.s jelly watches your videos (hacking vid)

  73. Gianni Diaz

    I love your videos slogoman

  74. Frank Silverfish


  75. Jingyang Zhang


  76. Becky Ryan

    Kinda glad jelly not here this would go troubley wrong

  77. Bad Banners

    Sluggo man jelly has a TNT cannon heading for your base

  78. Lewis Castillo

    I Subscrib And Use Code Slogo

  79. Sandi Aguilar

    9:07 690 block 69 NICE

  80. Mongolia gamer

    ur house in hoax mc is gonna exlpode

  81. Jppoto

    They ditched kwenlocop

  82. oil can

    2 second

  83. Chevy Slone

    Kweb is better tho slowgoman

  84. Alicia Hernandez

    Jelly built a tnt trap on the east side of your house!!!

  85. Space Otta


  86. Randy1B

    Cursing jelly is finally back!!

    1. Randy1B


  87. Chronic _isCam

    Where is the horse though

  88. Teresa Doty

    Jelly sucks

  89. Maycol Pavon

    I bet josh is going to win because he is the god of uno.

  90. Aziz Akrami

    You Win 10,


    Just saw jelly for the first time and now i understand why you make jokes about how small he is

  92. Nam Yam

    Slogos real name is Josh

  93. yosef mushib

    U ar toooooo cool

  94. Gamer squad

    16:49 jelly said dumb***

  95. Ellis Callia

    slogo i just wathed jellys vid he completely destroyed ur house

  96. infinety gamer

    josh you should build a

  97. Vickii Baez

    Slogoman take a away jelly skyblock island but there one block on jelly skyblock island


    Crainer:Are you gonna do a demonic ritual on me?

  99. Jacob Batzel

    I made a code slogo in minecraft

  100. Bella Chan

    Slogo jelly build a tnt canon next to your base and he destroyed your subway