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i lost

i lost


  1. Seila -playz

    Wow Logan has girlfriend

  2. The Gaming Tiger54

    I miss “Ayyyoooo Good morning Logang wus Poppin”

  3. alex McNally

    Anyone else want longer videos


    Lana is a vehicle, if you know you know

  5. Awkward_ Stay99

    quarantine got us REAL. bored

  6. Knut Harald Kvandal

    next video is nr 700 !

  7. Eliana Das


  8. 1,000 subscribers without a video challenge

    GEsels 2017 nah 2018 ah 2019 aight 2020 yessir

  9. Mary Zamora

    Does this sound the same? Erica costells song: I thought I was a savage, he thought we were in average Logan’s song: I’m a savage you are average 🤔

  10. Natalie Harper

    Let’s agree Logan can make songs

  11. Fazegrandpa 6969

    You can’t talk shit on this

  12. Mi libro Luna de Plutón

    Since i stopped watching his videos, Logan has changed a lot, he seems like a different man. Actually, i really enjoy his new content. It´s entertaining and also original. I wish him the best.

  13. Tino DeFabio

    12:19 i stil laugh to this day due to this

  14. Yareisi Martínez

    Logan should go around the world and just crash sorority parties😂🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Tripzão

    luv ur vids pewds

    1. Tripzão

      fuck this is not pewds

  16. Kathryn Henderso

    This vid was cringe but-mk cool

  17. Tijn Van eerd

    I have the same brace

  18. Tucker Bagel

    Who else thinks he looks good with the mustache

  19. Jamie Bloor

    You have more views than jjs song 2 weeks ago he as 1 mill and you have 4 mill in 1 day like so he can see

  20. Angela Prado

    Stealing someone’s vid and using it as ur intro smh

  21. China Lokita

    Logan you have girlfriend hqhhahahaq ? Last week you single . Love it

  22. karefree katastrophe

    wait. HIS CAR!?

  23. Jeff Boy

    Only reason i watched one of Logan Pauls videos iz cuz someone relevant was in one.

  24. Tino DeFabio

    6:37 i miss those days

  25. Shefali a

    nobody: literally no one at all: logan paul: YA YEET

  26. Aubree Armella

    I love that song in the air tonight its so good

  27. Rocker Brady

    I like watching patty mayo vids and all. But this has to be scripted. On Patty video he calls for dive team, who is Jared (also one of patty camera ppl). But you can clearly see Jared with a camera on Logan video here. Sooooooooo why would call Jared when he is there with them behind the camera ? Oh and Patty just happens to be in the area when this all goes down.

  28. Manuel Garcia

    Fake ass fuk patty is fake

  29. Noooxid

    Oh no Jake is in the vlog, guess I'll have to downvote

  30. DaniemetnD


  31. stanley yelnats

    i was watching this on shrooms yesterday

  32. King Guxci

    I was wondering where Dwarf mamba was at And boom he comes here talking abiut 'em dwarf problem

  33. Katherin Calderon

    Pogan Laul?? 😅😅

  34. ViralBeatbox🎤


  35. Paddy Parris

    People act like he's a prick cause his brother copyright claims keemstar. What a cock

  36. Mackenzie Meadows

    I mis maverick and his old content but I still love his content today

  37. Kade Wilks

    Have a GREAT day :)

  38. King Goose

    2:50 is it just me or are he nipples showing?

  39. Midox MDX

    Plz guys sub to my channel

  40. HalloffameYT855

    The intro is so accurate

  41. Epickgamer

    I’m so board rn because I’m stuck at home

  42. Dylan Escobar

    Where is sir

  43. Sannad Mensli

    was gonna like the video then I seen Jake was in it...

  44. Iván Zavala


  45. Troy's EDC Solutions

    Cant you please be like anyone else on youtube and at least make your videos 10 minutes please !? I mean 4 minutes is pretty much just a trailer.

  46. Shady locker

    🤣 🤣 What

  47. Jose Patt

    Poor Evan 😐😐😐 for the hours

  48. Red Lotus


  49. aids dog

    Ksi music

  50. N0X_ _CLAN

    Remember me at ringside at your 2nd fight with ksi

  51. Shweta Bhat

    Mr. YA YEET

    1. Shweta Bhat


  52. David Cárdenas

    I wish I had friends like that

  53. Carson Dillon

    Bro the way he went for neck at the beginning is 🔥

  54. SK3TCHY .

    When this came out I saw it everywhere on my recommended and it was 1 day ago and me and my freind knew every lyric and I still do🤣🤣🤣

  55. SK3TCHY .

    This was on my recommended in 2020

  56. catherine _cros

    So....... You're here too

  57. Ben Ormsbee

    Logan isn't very metal tough

  58. Szalma Dani

    At least he apologise

  59. Neo Gibbs

    whos else is watching this in 2020

  60. Camron Maynor

    Im here in 2020

  61. Camron Maynor


  62. Diego Bello

    is anyone watching this during quarentine

    1. Sweffo

      Great spelling bro

  63. mz vibe

    Evan literally the funniest person only on Logan’s vlogs (p.s. I hate Logan but don’t come at me I only watch his vlogs to see if Evans in them Not Logan 😌)

  64. Zaky Gaming

    Lol I love the intro

  65. Irooji

    The instructor : DONT HURT MY EQUIPMENT


    Oh look, the piece of shit has uploaded a certain video about a "certain" topic I Wonder why he didn't do it sooner

  67. liad shlafrok

    I will find the coyote and blow it up Logan it’s okay I will give you there body

  68. Olimp


  69. Jordan Reed


  70. Henry Zhu

    Yeah I can see what kind of movie he is watching

  71. emma preston

    anyone else watching this because they're bored and stuck at home due to COVID

  72. Troy's EDC Solutions

    Congrats on the merch drop all the younger ladies around me are dying to get some. Dude I personally loved your old designs though. I kinda like how the new stuff looks like metal Melisha or monster but seriously liked the old font. By the way thanks for the Covid masks I was beyond sad wen I lost mine recently it was so comfortable and looked great 😢

  73. B D B L Dog Behaviorist/Owner Trainer

    Still a selfish mug

  74. Olimp


  75. Felipe Cid

    what video is that figth ?

  76. 1k subs with No vids

    I can’t be the only one who checks how many subs Ksi has

  77. Ali Karami

    Guys maverick is not dead go search up on tiktok danizvulun

  78. PrimeGaming2000

    Is it me or has Logan been killing it on GEsels again? Like his content is much better and it’s short and engaging, like David Dobrik

  79. Waves_Z


  80. armando chavez

    That whole bounty team was cringe af

  81. Barno Army


  82. Christopher Noel

    its 2020 and the movie just got released , and not in cinemas and yeah GG

  83. HisokaDidNothingWrong

    Im just here to remind everyone that Logan did indeed LOSE to JJ

  84. Lundon Pearson

    It’s my birthday 01/19/2020

  85. M&L Tv

    2:56 when your teacher sais you have extra homework tonight 😂

  86. izSkyy

    Plot twist, your watching in quarantine and the tall guy is agent 47 and ruined jakes career in advance

  87. Jvion McKinney

    Yo even voice sounds like peniwise

  88. Julian Martinez

    No te subtitular bien los videos

  89. Hamza Al-amin

    I don’t Logan but I like the song

  90. Shivum Rampersad

    Stop now ill just fuck the socks off me

  91. henry does guitar _

    people who actually believe that logan is colourblind and not clickbaiting = CLOWNS

  92. Emilie Harvey

    Tiger king, more like taser king

  93. Minihopkins

    Logan Paul is gonna make a comeback in 2020.

  94. Emma Silk

    You should drop leggings again

  95. mp the god

    You should try Face ID on mike and his sister To see if there truly the same

  96. Laura Icaza

    Its okay to cry on camera... :’( don’t feel shame because of that

  97. Damien Thompson

    I have to say. I used to hate Logans vids. But man hes changed so much. Nice to have some vids to watch each week from another decent GEselsr! keep the content coming man! Also we need more Evan drag him out his room more!

  98. Typical Gamer

    Logan Paul Vlogs

    1. Typical Gamer

      May 28 2020