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  1. Next Light176

    So fake

  2. Marilynn's Corner

    How does it feel getting knocked down by someone who isn't a real fighter.......? hmmmm, how does that make you feel? Someone who trained super hard and whom had all these "expert" trainers around you, cooking you special meals.......and preparing you......That with all that, you lost to someone who isn't a real fighter? hmmmmmmm ouch

  3. Vorn Dread born


  4. FaZe PATNEY

    who here checking comment to see the latest comment 🤣

  5. Sky Matthew

    Bro watching this makes me think. How the hell logan didn't win the first fight like wtf. Ksi got fucked up

  6. Rahimah Abdullah

    Fuckin ginger killed The king maverick

  7. Bryan Kowalczyk

    Rip Kong and rip maverick

  8. TSS_Chu 27

    KSI: I'm going to knock out your ###

  9. TSS_Chu 27

    Logan: oh it's because I'm sick I. Crying oh mommy help me

  10. TSS_Chu 27

    Logan Paul sucks he got destroyed

  11. M Jewel

    fucker lost.

  12. Brooks Is here


  13. Sfabian25

    Me three years later crying because my favorite bird is gone

  14. X Hxwxll X

    Some bs about logan, somemore bs about logan, and more bs about logan, alright then

    1. Invicta

      nah he just sneezed 3 times.

  15. 67t þin

    I feel like the fight was kinda unfair he should've got a warning

  16. fortnut god oof

    Logan I’m from the future don’t slip 😂

  17. Samurai X

    You fight like a pussy

  18. Invicta

    Logan Paul you should fight James Charles next time... maybe this time you can actually win something.. though i can see it being a close match.

  19. Tyler Phetkhosa

    Wait where’s the kids neck?

  20. Michael :P Bagcal :P

    alex wassabi cursed

  21. Flaming sword_xxx

    Litty titty many likes yo?

  22. ReziGamer19

    guys logan is not actly colorbling merch is proof how would he know what color he is considering he designed the merch by his self

  23. Journey with John

    Logan I’m telling you right now you have bad luck every single time you try to go outside of the country

  24. Mayii

    Sooo... what happened to frank ?

  25. Ornob Mahmud

    That’s tough Kong was murdered by a coyote, Maverick was murdered by Ginger, and Logan was murdered by KSI

  26. the vip Ivo

    Who watching this after logan lost

  27. Joyce Zhang

    After all you did people are still your fans so be grateful and also next time buddy think about the video first

  28. Jadrian Johnson

    Wwe all know he has things for Chloe’s

  29. BOIXTX180

    14:45 the fact that the music gets more distorted as Logan is Trying to walk to Bryan is amazing 😂

  30. Gurshaan Grewal


  31. jacknife2000 vlog

    They was so different back then

  32. Ethan’s Memes and gameing

    Can you please donate 5 million dollars to trees thx

  33. Harold Westby


  34. Nono []

    3:12 Well at least I am not the only one thinking it.

  35. Keisha Sang

    Sorry Logan Paul

  36. Invicta

    I sneezed three times. YELP.

  37. ThisGuyfj

    Shannon was right, Logan lost because he had sex with that girl when he wasn't supposed to smh.

  38. PIN HEAD

    Logan Paul: ThIS KId Ksi:2years older than him

  39. Michel Junior Gueli

    logan paul is all good with ksi now but ksi is better

  40. I do YouTube

    Logan: imma knock this kid out KSI: “knocks him tf out”

  41. AllanTheWolfBoy 831

    That was loud as a computer falling down

  42. guerrero guerrero

    When are the regular blogs coming back 🙄

  43. 1M_YOmomZ

    Ksi a meme for the rest of his life xd lol lmao

  44. Damian Chavez

    Your the best Logan fuck ksi

  45. Zion Hart


  46. BaconNoob


  47. Jimmy Nava

    You suck ksi is way better you lost ahahhahahaha

  48. OhWatTheHec ¿

    I give u the youtube champ ya youtube champ of losing

  49. Tracer Walter

    Been two days and still no video he taking some time to think up excuses?

  50. jimmy jimmy

    Logan is fucking stupid.

    1. Jeff Spencer

      Yes he is

  51. Gamer Awesome 810

    I don't care if anyone is here after the rematch CANT I SEE A PROPER COMMENT WITHOUT IT ASKING FOR LIKES!?!??!

  52. Robert Larios

    That game was bs u were crazy tho

  53. crazyaboutnature

    Damn, this hair he had was terrible. It looks so much better now.

  54. Fayth Life

    Rip kong And Maverick

  55. Kadyn X William

    After this big L is time to take over youtube with content!! Focus on being an entertainer and win back your audience!!!!!!!!!

  56. Óscardaboss 203

    My bday today rip Kong 😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢🐕💀☠️👻

  57. Beast Kid

    I thought lp would win

  58. Ashya Fischer

    Y’all he lost I’m so done

  59. Beast Kid


  60. Beast Kid


  61. ad1t1s

    Logan can you and ksi please post your sex tape, I need some quality stuff for DDD

  62. Random content BOY

    My birthday is December 8 too like if same

  63. Yousif Alazzawi

    Who is watching this after the rematch?

  64. Yair Lopez

    Logan is gay

  65. Ed and Erica Hanson

    rip kong

  66. Kevin Olguin

    Who here after ksi v logan 2?

  67. Parsva Shah

    Logan Paul’s cocky ass got shut down

  68. Keisha Sang

    Logan you suck so bad bad I subscribed to your Chanel for a year you suck ksi king

  69. Eli Tomashevskiy

    Omg 20m !

  70. The third Nacc

    My nigga lost you fucking suck

  71. obey rusherr

    Worst music video ever, worst diss, worst fighter, worst GEsels “star”, worst person ever! Who else agrees?

  72. epicgamerNS

    I know i'm late, but I feel so bad for the guy at 6:42

  73. Tito Galen

    He lost by ksi doe

  74. Jordin Dixson

    I still love you 😘

  75. Marcos Tovar-Fox

    What a loser lmao


    Who watching this after Logan lost to ksi?

  77. Glide _x

    Where was Shannon at during this

  78. jefferson campos

    Bro, just to tell you, I come from the future and guess what. . .

  79. Hollow Jess

    "Honestly logan was a very good youtuber until the forest thing bu th now he's just a meme so just go home champ." -Me 2019

  80. Luis Alfredo

    He lost the fight XD

  81. Call Me King


  82. Grant Anthony Campeciño

    keep striving for greatness man

  83. Grant Anthony Campeciño

    Logan, I'm still here for you bro just keep up the good work and afcourse the rematch between you and jj sorry for that,hate to see you lose but still you did a great job,hope you can bounce back

  84. Roblox Dominatr

    Me BrAiN

  85. Stormz YT

    I think Logan Paul won bc KSI didn’t get a take down he hit behind the head and Logan took him down but I think he might of how behind the head but I still think Logan Paul should’ve won

  86. Tdawg the gamer


  87. Tdawg the gamer

    I'll beat there asses Logan Paul and Jake paul

  88. Sean Hernandez

    Evan looks like mini post malone

  89. bryangld27

    HAHAHAHAHA This is so funny bro keep it up!

  90. Aidan Grimm

    my guy logan is working his pimp hand

  91. Alex Pineda

    Where’s Apollo and Athena when you need them rip kong

  92. T-21B



    13/11/2019 I'm still here. Logang⚜

  94. Daniel amaury Santos

    We love you Kong

  95. nicholas couse


  96. Pow3r r4dic

    U got fucked by ksi

  97. 5151afi OwO

    Is this fake? My cousin got those glasses and actually they take a while to work like at least 15 minutes but Logan just saw immediately?? THIS IS SUSPICIOUS 😒

  98. Call Me King


  99. Call Me King


  100. XxSniper WolfxX

    Bish *no* You unrespectful idiot You just did fricking laugh at a poor guy I hate you from the bottom of my heart 🔥