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  1. Spicy Boi

    "Pee" -Pikachu

  2. Battleboy 0223

    Going back to only gen 1 pokemon...Uhhhhhh

  3. Roger Kim

    I'm just here for the Meowth, it's my only reason for more Meowth memes.

  4. tada tada

    Not enough, Charizardo sword form and shield form please

  5. Idratherbedead9


  6. Yanni Papadopoulos

    How is it that Gamefreak keeps finding a way to disappoint me? A MASSIVE dislike from me. This is ridiculous. This should not exist. Mega Evolution is infinitely better than this. I'm completely convinced Charizard's new form is the scrapped Mega Charizard Z from the scrapped Pokémon Z game, and same goes for Mega Butterfree. Gamefreak went out of their way to repurpose their successful ideas into hot piles of garbage. That being said, this is the laziest Gen 1 pandering to date. If Gamefreak doesn't give Jigglypuff a form like this mirroring its Final Smash in Smash Bros., they might as well make an explicit statement saying they are intellectually, creatively, and morally bankrupt.

  7. Kade Schneider

    That’s just chubby pikachu from the 90’s.

  8. No one even cares

    The music in the background is great though. Marnie's full theme is gonna sound so good.

  9. Gamriska Makarsin

    Also saw a dynamax obstigoon, mimicu, sobble and durallion

  10. Daniel Cassalett

    The way they wrote the title made me think it was a meme parody

  11. TripleDeVibes

    Oh shit Charzaraid evolve to Rodan Butterfree evolves to Mothra

  12. George Clotte

    Gotta love that gen 1 favouritism

  13. Sarai Everhart

    Corphish is awesome

  14. Rip_Rubbler

    Is it just me or does the gigantamax pikachu look like the fat pikachu from gen 1?

  15. Renate Roberts

    Eevee looks super fluffy when very big

  16. Eva Multz

    A cake???? A cake? Seriously???

  17. Tramaine Terrance

    Hello,Humans. Arthur Fleck : What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that abandons him and treats him like trash? You get what you fuckin' deserve! -Joker (2019) TERRANCE OUT

  18. Idon'tCare Yo

    Is that cheese stick meowth

  19. pikmin army

    Not to disagree with anyone but charizard has always been the least creative out of the starters. Think about it. A dinosaur with a giant flower on it's back? Nice. A turtle with two cannons on it's back? Awesome. A dragon? That's it. Just a dragon.

  20. Francis Harkins

    So they just just took Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves combined them and then slapped it onto a make it bigger mechanic so they could claim they did alot of work? Honestly if there are less of these Giga-forms then the first set of Mega Evolutions in X and Y then I'm just gonna be disappointed. Also could we take a step back away from this overly advertised mechanic gamefreak? People have been super hyped sbout learning about the starters or new trainers/gym leaders. I think some people are getting tired of seeing every pokemon video be about the new stiche. Also the fact that 4 or 6 of these forms are special deals or limited time offers just rubs me the wrong way. Mainly since exclusive content has a much more negative appeal in the PR aspects of games now.

  21. PhotonNael

    At least 80% of the comments you'll see here are meme formatted.

  22. cazaresf057

    Im dissapointed at how the battle animations are still that "attack the air and animations to the affected pokemon on a seperate scene. Its 2019 why are we not seeing direct contact between the characters and real damage.

  23. Random Person

    Every time there's a new trailer pokemon fans can just go from love to hate, or hate to love.

  24. Camrin Paz

    I could care less about all these older pokemon by now. I mean butterfree got some attention, which is cool I guess. Just do something with the other generations for goodness sake.

  25. Exactly Sandwich

    Nobody: Not even Socrates himself: Gigantamax Pikachu: *w i d e*

  26. Shaylic

    Now I want to play through the game with a gigantamax butterfree named Mothra

  27. TurboBlader123

    I have Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee and I’m really excited I’m going to get it for my birthday so how do I use “Play Records”?

  28. mew kitsune

    Cool Still not convince on buying it. I'll just wait until you release a new pokemon game that has all the pokemon on it.

  29. pepperjacks

    The National Pokedex is just Charizard, all Charizard

  30. Felplague

    Hey we heard you like generations other then gen 1. so we gave yoiu more gen 1.

  31. Savage Mon

    Chunkachu boi

  32. Thoryn DerHexer

    This is some cool stuff, but let me say that... Give me, for the love of god and all holy vikings, my Fennekin back in Galar! I want it! I need it! Or Litten! But really, Fennekin evolves finally into a witchlike fox, it fits to Galar like my fist to gamefreaks eyes (if they don't give me Fennekin Ò.Ó xD)

  33. unsernamenot found

    I fell like butterfree and charizard are references to Godzilla

  34. K. Esquire

    I’m going to need some to explain the lore behind these Gigantamax forms please

  35. Jafet Gabino

    Nobody: Twitter: Fat pikachu

  36. Grey Youth

    What if a gigantamax dugtrio shows what's under the ground 🤔

  37. Adrik

    0:21 TICCachu 0:47 A literal cloud 1:11 stop giving charazard new forms 1:31 Mothra 2:02 THE LORD OF NIGHTMARES

  38. 4rver octo


  39. Jack Napier

    This is the definition of passive agressive verbal abuse

  40. Bruh Ung

    Meowth is literally just long cat

  41. Jayden Brown

    Long cat

  42. Jonathan Darmawan

    "opposite-gendered pokemon become infatuated" So this is a conversion therapy move, or there are no gay pokemon in the world... sounds totally legit. Read in sarcasm if you cannot tell.

  43. Hanako is best girl

    100% solidified me not getting either version. Did not care one bit about all the DeX stuff. Just really annoyed that all Gamefreak seems to care about is gen 1 anymore and I cant stand it anymore Gigantimax charizard at least looks cool. Gigantimax pikachu is just OG fatass pikachu, butterfree just looks like a bigger butterfree, Eevvee has more neck floof, and meowth is just long

  44. Travis Singh


  45. Summer Gamer

    Hey I guess they brought back plump pikachu

  46. Carl Xyruz Frias

    Ben Affleck Leak CONFIRMED!!!

  47. Mathew Johnson

    I Love Pokemon Sword And Shield He Can Make Gigantamax Mewtwo

  48. Karwan Kadir

    These are neat and all, but can you guys please give other generations some love too? I mean, how many genwunners even play new Pokemon games when they come out? You're catering to a crowd of people that don't like about 90% of Pokemon. It's Sun and Moon all over again, with how only Pokemon from that generation, and from gen 1, got exclusive Z crystals.

  49. Vile Playz

    Some damn onions being cut in the back 😭

  50. Justin Arney

    the national dex died for this btw....

  51. Ja'nya Deshields

    I saw this in my school and i was shocked and amaze that thr rumors were so true and confirmed 😃☺🙂

  52. kitty dragon52

    The gigantamax meowth is what I live for

  53. Neevkl _7

    Everyone: eew Kanto Me: 🎵 I wanna be the very best. Like no one ever was! 🎵

  54. The All American Bad Boy

    new ash looks messed up

  55. Worughtzee

    Guys c’mon.... we all know we need a gigantamax form for our boi Shuckle

    1. a fish

      YES YES YES YES *Y E S* if shuckle doesn't get at least SOMETHING, i'll be slightly disappointed. then again, it wouldn't be the first time.

  56. ThePugLord

    Long meowth

  57. Hunter JM

    Could've given us the DP remakes with mega evolutions for for the Sinnoh starters but no we get a generation no one asked for with dumb (and poorly named) gigantamax mechanics along with lame starters AND badly designed legendaries IMO. I'm happy the graphics are improved and it's free roam but my god is this gen dumb.


    I wish ash has gigantanmax for pikachu butterfree and Charizard


      And i wish lana has gigantanmax for eevee with hair was named sandy/marin

  59. D A R K

    New mega evolution or z moves

  60. ieatpokepuffs

    I need that card wirh selveon and gardevoir on it

  61. Constantine K.

    So meowth gigantamaxes into the Stretchy-extendo “Elmo from Hell” meme?

  62. DreamCarDriving //

    Disappointed with this absurd idea of giant Pokemon. Yes there was giant Pokemon in the anime such as Dragonite and Charizard that was ok. But this is exagerrated beyond extreme as if Pokemon lost creativity and direction. I love how Pokemon is doing alternate forms from Pokemon from previous regions in America we have a squirrel in Madagascar you have a flying squirrel that's cool. Abnormally larger Pokemon ok that's fine but gigantic Pokemon is stupid and that is sad.

  63. Freedom Anderson

    Did we really lose mega evolutions for these worse designed giant versions of Pokémon?

  64. Tony Zen

    For a moment i thought it was gintama x pokemon

  65. Arick Liu

    I feel sorry for meowth fans after looking at the design of its form gigantamax

  66. Sam KK

    We gave up mega evolutions for this

  67. Iamcorn

    Okay Gamefreak. REALLY think about this for a second; Mega Evolutions and Z-moves were features you liked at first and then decided were clogging up the game's mechanics. Now you might not think so NOW, but if at all in the future you might come to think "That Gigantamax thing needs to go", Do you REALLY think it's worth implementing NOW over having EVERY Pokemon available if you're not going to care about it in a gen or two?

    1. Iamcorn

      And even if excluding this Gigantamax feature doesn't accommodate for the entire missing roster, even just being able to fill the difference with part of it might be worth more than a mechanic that's seemingly Kanto Pandering.

  68. Jun Ye

    Mega evolution: am I a joke to you?

  69. Solomon Heinkel

    Yo what happened to meowth?? My mans got pulled like noodle dough

  70. rahul kumar

    All hail GOD Gigantamax Charizard

  71. Fat Gregory

    Okay but the gen 1 favoritism aside, I love how heavy Pikachu and Eevee sound! 🤣

  72. tabbottinator

    National Dex when? Cos, if no national dex, not buying it.

  73. Lance Lorio


  74. Daniel Cruz

    Remember gen 4? Me neither.

  75. Red Panda

    Stop making Charizard the center of attention because it’s a little bitch

  76. The Klefki Authority

    Gamefreak your just plain failing at trying to make us appeased at times aka this because another charizard I am part of the Squirtle Squad for live

  77. Cheese in a bottle

    Furret please be a big chonk

  78. Desh 282

    What is this abomination What have they done to my butterfree ???


    Butterfree finally becomes giganticmax!

  80. Gabriel Bermudez

    Todo chido pero no tengo nintendo Swich :'v

  81. Apollox44 Pollo

    d-d-digimon digital monsters digimon are the champions!

  82. El Bonito 152

    Buterfree is literally the only one i was somewhat glad for Pikachu YAWN eevee YAWNNN Charizard Like we Really need another form he had 2 Megas Meowth Not Impressed

  83. Cinna 34

    Ok first of all, Charizard already has TWO mega evolutions, while Blastoise and Venusaur have one each. Now you’ve given Charizard ANOTHER form? There better be a gigantimaxed Blastoise and Venusaur or I’m gonna be peeved. Second, Kanto? Again? Form changes for Kanto Pokémon? AGAIN? Sure Kanto was the first region, but it feels as though any region that isn’t the one you’re currently working on (Galar, in this case) or Kanto isn’t important. I was exposed to this franchise thanks to Sinnoh, which gets little to no attention. Regions like Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, Unova, Kalos, and heck even Alola are so unappreciated by the newer games coming out. Maybe set Kanto aside for once and give other regions attention. There are three regions that haven’t received remakes, just saying. Third, why did you change it from dynamax to gigantimax? Dynamax sounded much better in my personal opinion. Despite all of this, I hope the plot is good, otherwise, I’m going to be very disappointed.

  84. Elliot

    Imagine a big pikachu, Pikachu uses thunderbolt Everyone, even the trainer, has got electrocuted

  85. Engineer Kirby


  86. Ethan Rogers

    Game Freak saw people meming on Alolan Exeggutor and said “Yeah. Let’s do that again.”

  87. Cosmic Kitten

    It’s fat pikachu and long cat

  88. Rhasher



    Can you hear marine's theme!?

  90. PinkCraft Pika Girl

    That moment when the Official Pokémon GEsels channel uses the S P A C E D F O R M A T Also all of these Pokémon look awesome especially the chubby Pikachu it’s back from the old days of 1998

  91. rahul kumar

    We want gigantamax venusaur , blastoise , gengar , lapras and galarian rapidash , meowth , Persian to be revealed

  92. Fauzi Dae

    Butterfree is like giving lives

  93. Hahn95

    Yay! more info on a mechanic I don't give a crap about...I'm seriously going to try playing through the whole game without ever using it. Maybe doing so will actually make the game a little challenging.

  94. Dark Eons

    Meowth becomes *L O N G CAT*

  95. Chibi Aqua

    No one: Nobody: Not a single soul: Mowth: BIG BODY TIME (Also at 2:01 you can see dinamax mowth. I think)

  96. ssgansta

    i want that music


    0:17 OH LAWD! He Comin'!

  98. Lilybun

    This is awful, just awful. Scrapping many established game mechanics just to add an overlapping system with a far smaller pool of pokemon that benefit from it. This series is dead to me after close to 20 years of sticking with it.

  99. Captain_Hashtag 64


  100. This Guy

    I know Charizard honestly gets special treatment (and most of the gen 1 roster) but putting all of that aside, can we all at least agree gigantamax Charizard looks great?