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  1. Meli Xpo

    my love super m❤🤘 keep stream😊

  2. BunnyJk Adelio

    She is my bias since 2012 and always be my bias. I don't know why people hate sulli, is that bcoz sulli acting with minho in the drama or she is not wearing bra? Or she is dating with man and older than her?

  3. trada167

    Goodbye Sulli. We will miss u so much ㅜ.ㅜ

  4. Yesi Hernandez

    😭 una de mis cantantes favoritas un despedida dolorosa por culpa de unos idiotas que no tienen nada más que hacer 😭

  5. pepper

    I feel lots of pain in her speech. She is so young yet she seems to have a lot alot of sorrow, burden, pain & unhappiness in her...I hope she will finally be free from all these. RIP 🙏

  6. Dian Melydia

    He makes a great song. I love it

  7. Honey Moon


  8. Claire Do

    2:43 you can literally hear Mark screams "okay cut!":')

  9. Melody Hall

    So I got an ad for SuperM before the MV started... anyone else

  10. jay eris

    guys let's make it to 300M

  11. Roses Roses

    Mark Lee~~

  12. Honey Moon

    EXO legends

  13. Fitria Ningsih


  14. ledeu bang

    ES DEMASIADO BUENA. O sea es la milésima vez que la escucho pero aún no la supero 😔

  15. Honey Moon

    Los amo, son los mejores sin duda.

  16. Cute Kiyoshi


  17. Kyaw win

    Who loves Taemin, Baekhyun and Kai? ❤❤❤ 👇

  18. Wawa Cb

    next pubg mobile update ? hahaha



  20. Koemi !

    This song has so much meaning and beauty. Their voices, the tones, and just everything are perfect. I can't help but get emotional when I hear this song, it's still one of my favorites from NCT.

  21. Peter Bellic


  22. PastelPanda__ 10

    R.I.P. Sulli, I hope your doing well in heaven, we miss you!! 😔💜🕊 To all the people who were mean to our beautiful angel, I hope karma hits you!

  23. Su Ji

    왙ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ진짜 나너무 소름돋아미치겟엌ㅋㅋㅋ

  24. jenchulichaeng blink blink

    This WORLD doesn't deserve you. REST IN PEACE ANGEL SULLI

  25. 미니미니미니아수크림

    9년전이면...17살인가 RIP설리

  26. Rolisa Dungog


  27. Honey Moon


  28. purple lavender

    it's not fair, youtube can't just recommend this to me, i'm still upset over sulli's passing. but i don't want to try ignoring my memories of sulli so here i am. we lost an angel to suicide. we lost an angel who left this earth thinking she wasn't good enough. she was kind-hearted, yet they still bashed her because... well, there was no relevant reason for doing so. no matter who you are, no matter what your past is, no one should have to go through this...

  29. Steph Steph

    October !6, 2019

  30. e troll

    They removed her,because she was the most beautiful flower in the garden.The most beautiful soul goes first.

  31. _amyxh :3

    She was sending a message 🥺 in the beginning of the mv...

  32. Naditya Aruna

    Come on, ELF. Since Super Clap MV is not released yet, let's do our best on I Think I MV. 😭😭😭😭💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  33. Intan Meilani Agustin


  34. Victor Salazar

    Every producer is going to take notes from this. The vocals, the rapping, the beat, the dancing, the outfits, the cgi affects, THIS WHOLE MV IS AMAZING

  35. 잉이뽀


  36. Tea Time with Tati

    You deserved better

  37. Danitza Medina

    Super Junior 'TIME SLIP' 9th Album is ready to out. Hear it now on Spotify and GEsels

  38. alyssa paloma

    Listen carefully to the things she said at the first and last part of the music video I think it's her own thoughts that's what she truly feels.😭

  39. leticia maélie

    i never I'll get tired of this song

  40. iLove #Jimin

    RIP Sulli imissyou😘😘😘

  41. Lahu official

    Rip Sulli

  42. Honey Moon

    The best group, forever.

  43. karjin 25

    GG are fabulous.....love u all

  44. Maria Maro

    does this song remind anyone else of Pharrell William's Happy? everytime I hear this song 'happy' plays in the back of my mind

  45. Honey Moon

    No EXO, No LIFE

  46. Danitza Medina

    Amo como reorganizan en las formaciones de sus coreografías, son unos capos X3

  47. ishaa vkookie

    Rip Sulli 😭💔 I can't believe such beauty is no more

  48. Rose

    *Literally goes here every two weeks*

  49. Irene Vega


  50. daisyjilli

    Ruthless people took Jinri away from me, away from her family, away from her friends, away from her loved ones. I will never forget this. Jinri can finally be at peace.

  51. Lupita Rodriguez

    ♡ this everytime ♡

  52. Natacha Luna

    Buuu BTS es mejor :P encima demandan a BTS que pendejos :l son los peores

    1. Vivi Park

      BTS no canta, no baila, son feos, y encima sus fans están obsesionadas con SuperM

  53. Stanloonayou Idiot

    So much visuals omg

  54. Putri Sani


  55. Lisa Manoban

    only if I knew her before she died, I would've tell her she's so beautiful and very talented :( rest in peace, angel.

  56. Danitza Medina

    definitivamente nos gustan los 'Performance version' unu

  57. Honey Moon

    The best group, forever.


    Rip Sulli ❤❤💔

  59. Britt L

    I can’t believed she passed away. This was one of my favorite song from solo artists. Now I don’t know if I can listen without feeling like crying. Her voice was so soothing that I listened to it before I fell asleep.

  60. Bá Chánh

    Sulli, requiescat in pace!

  61. mila pratiwi

    Rest in peace jonghyun, sulli😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 we love all artist SM Entertainment 💕💞❤

  62. Stanloonayou Idiot


  63. Danitza Medina

    Cuántas versiones has pedido?

  64. dewie ayu

    Rest in peace sulli 😭😭😭 I love 3000

  65. Julian Morel

    Yo estudio un idioma llamado Guaraní y Lucas parece que deci ( Guaraní) Y yo tipo : ohhhhhh ahora dominare el idioma guaraní !!

  66. Indri Ratnasari

    Please vote Super Junior in vote.aaavietnam2019.com.vn/#!/ Tomorrow is last day for voting...

  67. sleepless Army

    Me: I wont cry I'm here to listen to a boy I've loved since forever **1 second later** Me: Crying a river to korea

  68. Honey Moon


  69. Anal fabrics

    They shoulda released a song based on this

  70. Lucas H.

    This is my favorite song now. I find it better than 4 walls, it has f(x) feel. I also think they did no one dirty and gave them fitting styles. Sulli looks so good and happy, maybe because her outfit was kind of different and more childish. I think she liked to be different!!

  71. Danitza Medina

    Super Junior 'TIME SLIP' 9th album

  72. Aspensworld


  73. Ana Claudia Trindade

    Amo!👏👏👏👏👏LINDO demais!👏👏💚💛

  74. Veronica Star

    You for sure will be missed dearly 💛💛💛

  75. ThatsGEEnius

    The bohemian rhapsody of our generation

  76. Lilas Brun

    I can't stop crying when I hear your voice I miss you so much

  77. Alexandra Indseth

    Will forever support them!! We’ve gotta keep supporting them and showing them that the love far outweighs the hate. <3 These talented guys deserve every happiness in the world and even more!

  78. karjin 25

    I am an Army but I really love this MV. Respect for these artist and yeah Baekhyun and Taeyong... They are precious :)

  79. ririn rahman

    I miss you 💔💔

  80. kim huynh

    okay but this song is actually 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. Sofia Montalvan


  82. kiki Li

    NYC 14st🤪

  83. Keito Gallo

    SM's GG Always have this sexy vibe plus vocals...

  84. Syarah Fqh


  85. Danitza Medina

    Eunhyuk es un capo :9

  86. jssgarden

    and now Sulli will be forever 25.

  87. luz elena rosales

    Luna so beautiful cute

  88. hellen karina sevilla bello

    What is the name of the girl with hair blue? ;-;

  89. Tiểu Ngư

    Mạnh mẽ nhé chị Giờ thì chị đã tự do cho bản thân Yên nghỉ nhé chị Một giấc ngủ thật dài bắt đầu từ đây chị không thể tỉnh nữa.... Không thể tỉnh nữa 😔

  90. Danitza Medina

    Repentinamente extraño todos sus vestuarios X'( sus Showcases.... todo...

  91. everythingoes


  92. della dwi

    Dulu pas SMA suka ngayal jadi Sulli sanking ngefans nya, sampe skrg masi kaget Sulli uda gaada. Bahagia di sana ya my one, love you..

  93. Anh Huynh

    I miss you sulli <3

  94. everythingoes

    pensar que pudimos haber evitado que esto ocurriera, estoy llena de impotencia porque se que pudimos haber hecho un cambio y sin embargo nadie se dio cuenta.

  95. 하울의 음-쥑이는 성


  96. ririn rahman

    I miss you 😭💔

  97. Gaming SóiĐen

    VietName Yêu Ban Suli Forever.😍😍😍🤗🤗🤩🤩

  98. Paulo Costa

    Esse povo todo aí é drogado?

  99. azza Pasha