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  1. Ahmad Zhafran

    good luck Japan. I hope you made it to the final. That would be legendary.

  2. Jesse Marshall

    My dream final would be Japan vs New Zealand (my home country.) Obviously id want NZ to win but I wouldint be mad if Japan won. Their support and their placing is amazing

  3. takaaki tuda


  4. 両角淳

    In the last competition, 3.2 million mugs of beer were sold. That's more than that this time.

  5. vevohoeyo

    No falou no win

  6. Papakili


  7. Charles Emptybeach

    The wales try wasn't amazing, why was it even here

  8. Joshua Cooper


  9. 上殿翔一

    子供の歌で泣ける なんだこれ

  10. vevohoeyo

    Australia will win the cup

  11. Irenko

    I am Argentine and since they eliminated us I go to Japan!

  12. Jon Lothbrok

    Scotland needed a William Wallace on the pitch

  13. Kristen H.

    I'm W&W. Wet and weak

  14. Brother Bass

    Best Ref we've ever seen and probably ever will - Funny but I don't see that same humility in Nic Berry !!

  15. David Walker

    Well done Andrew Coe

  16. Brother Bass

    I Tear up watching this - They've suprised all of us as the Host Nation - The Japanese People have many new Fans - and I'm one of them

  17. paul rangi

    AB’s all day, everyday! BACK BLACK to bury the Irish hype

  18. FrenchChillDiscovery Vevo

    Exceptional play by Japan, good luck from France !

  19. mundo urbano

    Che vamos 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 papa

  20. GlyntTheCat

    It must be a warm feeling to know that your home nation isn't the only place that supports you. Japan is a team that you can't help but love. A raw underdog with insane potential. If they beat the Boks on Sunday, Japan will live rent free inside the mind of every single South Africa player and fan for the next 4 years. Good luck!

  21. Buddhi Jayasekera

    Love you japan always with you no matter what 😍

  22. harley woolford

    0:49 Sevu Reece looks like in a different league to Mapimpi. Why Nkosi didn't start is beyond me. 2nd time Mapimpi given NZ a try this year

  23. Imaxx Immink

    and then the BOKS spoil the party. sadly.

  24. zabaleta

    Gaaarrrn Cheik!! Do everyone a favour and knock the Poms out!! ......not really sure I believe that, tbh.....

  25. Jose andres Martinez

    Los franceses ganaron de pedo

  26. JLM 01

    Here’s an idea world rugby. Mic everyone up to a wireless amp so we can actually hear this. Probably the most useless thing to do with the World Cup. There are speeches from ww1 that have better audio than this appalling wreck

  27. かがっち

    海外のラグビー実況だと、客観的にホスト国である日本の凄さとラグビーの世界的な熱狂ぶりが感じられてとても良いですね。 にわかファンの私ですが、日本チームには準々決勝以降も少しでも上の順位を目指し日本に感動を与えて下さい。

  28. Treasure Trails

    Can't wait for the all blacks to put these noobs in their place

  29. Ruan Van Rensburg

    Please do this for the other groups as well

  30. FWG

    God bless and protect you Japan, ✌️🍀🇺🇾💖🇯🇵🍀🏉🏆💖

  31. yohan mathebula

    I would like to see Japan in the final. But its a pity that they're playing Springbok🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 and is the only team that is going to crush new Zealand in the Final. 3 or 2 of Japanese🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 players are from South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦. But if you beat South Africa i am definitely going to support you guys.. the Japanese🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 are great people a great Nation of human being. We are the World 🌍🇿🇦🇯🇵

  32. 3M Flatties

    This is beautiful, nearly brings a tear to my eye. Japan are unreal

  33. a446

    3:43にDJ KOOがあらわれて笑ったわ

  34. rafael gonzales

    Esto es tan inspirador.

  35. Peter John Pickles

    If England don't win, then I hope Japan do, brilliant team :)

  36. C Benians

    I just want Japan to win it now

  37. Iwasa Toru


    1. 丸鬼怒サド

      お前のそれこそ悪い癖だわ あと3勝で優勝なら優勝を願って何もおかしくはないしワールドカップに出てる自国のチームの優勝を最初から願うのなんてどこの国でも普通のことだ

  38. Nick ngaronoa

    All blacks forever, but Japan for life ❤from NZ 💪🏉🏆🏆🏆

  39. Nick

    Weird start to the video called 'All tries' opening with the 3rd try by Ireland, and the commentator saying the bonus point?

  40. Casey Rimdinger

    still waitng on the full overhead shot of THAT try

  41. John Smith

    I went to a few games, and wow the USA looked terrible. They were so out of shape. Look at the 2:15 mark and #17 and #18. Great effort, guys!

  42. mjribes

    The special moment was the team prayer at the end

  43. Catalin Bucuresti

    Dont forget how you get fucked by your british Masters at the Falkland Island, they fucked argentina in their homeland

  44. Ruben Jansen van Vuuren

    don't care about your little dance... we'll see you clowns in the final🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 hopefully not a french ref this time

  45. Shawna Bee-Chuey

    America should stick to football

  46. Mr Gossamer

    Why does Scotland insist on wearing black-looking very dark blue shirts? They trying to be All blacks? LOL. They are pussies without a hope in the world - except for usurping a great famous brand that it.

  47. Heinrich Pelser

    Never knew the monopoly man was fit enough to play some footy😎

  48. Paul Miazga

    More Elma Smit, please and thanks!

  49. matty mason

    White people can't get a Japanese passport but there playing for there national team. Just sums up the world today lie on top lie its ok its tv

  50. Pat Kana

    Thank you Japan from Fiji

  51. 絹のお汁

    ラグビーワールドカップは台風やらなんやらあったけど、成功だろう。 開会式も、試合も、絶対赤字で終わると思ったけど、これがワールドカップっていうのを改めて知った。 ミスは絶対許されないが、東京五輪もこんな感じで期待したい。

  52. marco van der bank

    Cheslin kolbe's try against Italy was another great one

  53. rivenwizz

    Where is the bloody audio????

  54. J.C Kennedy

    It's 2019 - surely your audio people can at least get this right !!!

  55. Tipperary

    You love to see it.

  56. C K

    @4:10 I would love to get some prop insight as to why the tongan tighthead released his bind and rebound on the opposing loosehead's arm. Ref even pointed it out without making the call.

  57. Cassie

    Gooo japan gooo 🇯🇵 support from your best friends turkey 🇹🇷

  58. mudpuddlestruck bylightning

    Why do we have to have token women commentators? It just grates.

  59. andre kubik

    i like Japan very much..nice ppl with real passion and support for their country..goooooo Japan..i with you

  60. Mila Wagner


  61. MortonTV

    As an English man I really do think Australia can win this game but at the same time I trust England massively come on England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  62. Ash Jones

    I don't say this lightly but, Squidge is definitely in my top 3 goblins.

  63. Tigris Asiri

    Heard about Rugby recently, looks like a great sport too. But when I try to watch the matches on ESPN for Latin America, I can barely watch an entire game, only commentators. Hope to see great matches too and would love to play that :)

  64. OwenBIGDINTHELee

    Cheikas soo arrogant he won't even learn from opponents game play 😂

  65. Hurricanes vai


  66. Craig Whitfield

    From South Africa this Japanese passion is incredible to watch - all the best for our battle this weekend.

  67. Paul Miazga

    As awful as Canada played at RWC2019, I was gutted they didn't get to play their final pool game vs. Namibia. Having said that, much respect to the team for taking match day to help locals clean up after the typhoon. Much respect from a fellow Canadian!

  68. Richard Reedy


  69. Chuck De Nazareth

    If only the Zionist stepped out and both embraced each other.

  70. Santiago Lira

    Extender highlights, last 5 minutes... What??

  71. bodhid

    Brilliant Japan! Love to see Scotland lose - terrible behaviour before the game with threats to World Rugby and as ever with the Scots, moaning and whingeing afterwards. Scotland are perennial losers, so this shouldn't be a shock to them.

  72. Simon Kamali

    That couldn't be the top 5, pretty sure there were better ones like tuisovas

  73. Noob master 69

    The Namibians should practice tackling

  74. tim watts

    Wallabies will rise to the ocassion. Win the RugbyWorld Cup, 2019.

  75. Brass Tank

    Honestly, I think this is an incredibly awesome look at cultural differences. The French stand together, while the All-Blacks do the Haka as a symbol of strength. I admit I don’t know the specific cultural things far too deeply, but it’s still fascinating to see.

  76. Beam CEO

    They should fire the organizer or director of these conferences... I never went to sound schools and will do a better job

  77. Alberto 2 De koe 2

    I feel that the try Damain Stevens from namibian team scored should be there

  78. elliott b

    so happy to see our wonderful game have another country at the top table of international rugby

  79. Raquel Graham

    Ataahua (beautiful) Kia ora

  80. Patrick Avenant

    All blacks try wasn't that amazing. Not top 5 material

  81. Paul Miazga

    Faf should be available through the RWC2019 website! But it isn't! Wtf??!?

  82. KazuRock 77


  83. ciaranbrk

    Audio is awful proper microphone please

  84. feerfeerw

    Man my eyes watered watching this. Japan Amazing country to host the world cup and especially winning this game after the typhoon!!!

  85. Newcal Knky

    Vivent les japonais

  86. Rocket bunny

    Weres the evangelion opening!

  87. Dan Ked

    Communism lol

  88. Groundhog Guns

    The fact of the matter is that you will be going home shortly Sir

  89. Newcal Knky

    Pacifiqua ✊🏽💪

  90. Normunds Platkovs

    Let's go England! Wish England still had Wilkinson 😁

  91. FreeGoro

    I'm South African but I think I want Japan to win this coming Sunday.

  92. Theuns Nieuwenhuizen

    Use f*ckinh list

  93. Gabriel Singer

    This made me cry and im English, they deserve this

  94. Anto RetroGamer

    I agree wholeheartedly with everything that was said in this press conference.

    1. JLM 01

      Can’t disagree when you can’t hear it right

  95. Roger Pancake

    Just watching this match again on itv catch up ...Brian O’Driscoll’s insistence that Japan should “ go out and enjoy themselves “ as if they were a bunch of complete no hopers seems completely laughable now.....his over confidence completely misplaced..the truth is that this Japan team are starting to break new barriers and are playing with a wit and style that some supposed “ tier one nations “ could only dream about.....

  96. blackstellion

    Loving the tournament so Japan awesome!✊🏿 And sending prayers to those affected by the tyfoon 🙏

  97. Ary Zainal

    Keep the fire roaring JAPAN, hope my nation's rugby team will make it to the world cup one day, 💕🇯🇵🐯🇲🇾

  98. Dunu and Laura Eliaba

    Backing the All Blacks! Cmon lads!

  99. Matthew McCallister

    Girls Locker Room: “Ew I hate Gym, I get so sweaty” Boys Locker Room:

  100. Jonesy Wales

    Congratulations Nippon!! You are now a tier 1 rugby nation, the world is impressed!