Ethan Klein and Hila Klein make comedy videos together.

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  1. Alperen Şafak


  2. Tacobell1234567

    Haha funny h3 and simp

  3. Megatron Man

    I'm surprised she didnt have to yell here to get her point across

  4. Big bad Barry

    My name is Ma Seeve Her: Ma SeEvE WhAt!?

  5. DorkRain Tostie

    More like parkinson invasion

  6. Tom Weever

    Your giving me a lift how dare you decorate your car to not my liking

  7. TEH DiZeR

    idubbz and h3h3 doing a mission on the gta v beach

  8. wxldflxwrr

    Imagine saying your dad is h3h3. bruh.

  9. Jacky Chan

    7:30 yeah if I was an athiest i'd be a mass murder. There's LITERALLY no right or wrong without God. What are you basing your morals off of? Yourself? So if I think it's right to murder sombody then who could tell me im wrong exactly? Nobody. If you say it's a matter of opinion than that means that Hitler wasn't actually a bad guy, it's just that his morals were different. See, theres no right and wrong without God.

  10. Joshua Aleman

    Fyi cannibis never caught on even though there was a big push to use it after legalizing. Even before that know one who used called it marajuana . The proper term is now “flower”

  11. Vickie Houde

    I have to say, like on all your videos that i watch, you are so cute with hila. She is the best to show your soft side!

  12. drogon127

    Fuck!! The gun safety in this video is killing me, pardon the pun 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  13. Pizza Time

    Anyone else falling asleep to Ethan talking about Santa Cruz?

  14. N N

    dude I fucking love crab and lobster but this shit makes it seem gross and disgusting

  15. mariposa

    lmao hila cant do the opening wothout smiling at the end of her lines 😂 proud of our ceo hila 💖

  16. EliteF36

    Dude, went to donate my spleen but I don't see the link. Use that 100,000 to send me an icicle site balance, I need that in my life

  17. FreshSalmon

    He must of watched this footage in editing and decided it was good enough to upload he has to be completely delusional.

  18. Kost Tzan

    Have you guys heard of what a dog whistle is?

  19. shy gondry

    oof, the teeeeeethhhhhh nibbling on that motzi stick while saying the word "quivering" OOOFFFF also ngl i was expecting a couple of r.i.p tributes at the end

  20. Kost Tzan


  21. Jacky Chan

    9:45 you have a horrible accent. Shut the hell up

  22. Stoner 3.0

    I picked 6

  23. Carolina1

    Wow! She's GORGEOUS.

  24. PlAsMa_ Trxsta

    No shit

  25. Joe Rogers

    So is the intro the beginning to a incest/cosplay porn?

  26. Pastor jimmy

    Kids these days would not last a second in xbox live chat

  27. Eightyhate

    shit am i so predictable ?

  28. Dinomite

    Sorry, but I feel terrible for him.

  29. TruthHoplee

    I am less likely to buy something if a person is asking me if I need help and will avoid the stores that do that.

  30. OssamabinKenny

    Yeah...Filthy Frank is the best channel ever

  31. Ely Star

    You know, maybe everyone in your family is hot af, but at least you have the fupa.

  32. Kinda Gay

    How does Idubbbz manage to look 40 and 12 at the same time

  33. TruthHoplee

    Almost every church in Philly looks like this its beautiful also in the middle of the most modern part of the city where all the night clubs are there is the old eastern state penitentiary that looks like a mid evil castle where a lot of mid evil torture went down.

  34. tashfeen shafee

    Geiing lost in the Mojave makes you wish for a Nuclear Winter"

  35. IBadGrammar


  36. Peku


  37. Attempt at 1000 subscribers from comments

    1.7 million likes

  38. Stephen Sphenson

    2:47 did hila rlly just say "subtitles for a blind man"??

  39. sylveon 69

    the moral of the story is that reality can be whatever we say it is so do what your parents tell you because they are god

  40. H4R_Dy

    Ethans dad looks kinda like low detailed Isaac Kleiner

  41. LeatherCladVegan

    This Tan person is a moron. I feel bad for them, because they are too young and immature to really know what they are saying. The question, then, is: why is anybody listening to this child? Who is taking this seriously, and why? I suppose I'll never know.

  42. zJustFra

    Ah yes give me the ads, ahhhhhh

  43. Meme Supreme

    I thought for a sec Ethan catfished Teddy

  44. ProKiwi

    The mans was looking especially fupalicious in this video damn

  45. G4ry T0ur3tt3s

    i miss the old Ethan man...

  46. Jordan Rey

    Only time they release videos is cause Ethan needs excuses to not go on walks.

  47. Jubilee Barfield

    The reason there’s a difference is because whites aren’t oppressed and weren’t oppressed. I still like Ethan. He isn’t racist, sexist or any of that but he is pretty one sided. African Americans are mad of years and years of mistreatment, to try and justify that is wrong. Same with women. These SJW compilations don’t help the problem. You don’t see what was happening before the camera was turned on. I personally have been in situations where some dudes were perposfully trying to get a rise out of me and when I reacted, I was seen as some crazy bitch. It’s a feeling you don’t get until you are in the situation. Before experiencing sexism, My dad explained to me after I asked him why the women in the compilations were acting so “crazy” and he said “imagine you are in a library and someone comes over to you and pinches you. You ask them to stop. They pinch you again so you ask again for them to stop. They keep doing it over and over, laughing at you and finally you yell out and scream at them to stop but since you’re in the library everyone looks at you like you are crazy. Why would you yell in the library? So suddenly everyones attention is on you instead of the person who was pinching you”. That’s what’s happening in society. I’ll probably get replies saying I’m just a triggered SJW but I’m commenting this because all sides of a story need to be heard.

  48. Jim Pickens

    That intro is my favorite intro to any video on this channel

  49. OVRScz

    Please make more mukbang videos

  50. Hazem Mahmoud

    7:35 2016 was bad... 4 months into 2020 and I want 2016 back

  51. Maria S.

    5:24 me watching the new H3H3 videos after binge watching the old ones


    All those dislikes are this oppressed person making new acc they are all probably called I BEEN HARASSED

  53. Eightyhate

    that's not a dog

  54. IARRCSim

    The outrage squeel from 6:15 to 7:15 was so funny I had to skip ahead for fear my laughter would pop my eardrum.

  55. Kapłan Mydła

    Hehe. Never gets boring.

  56. jarl eriksson

    ok he is cool and all. but I can just imagine the amount of shit he made up in this interview

  57. Eightyhate

    if i were the girlfriend i'd primarly be pissed at how bad his acting is

  58. Aurora 57

    Ricegums apologies are so false it's gross

  59. Vũ Mạnh Đức

    ah yes, it takes a pandemic to make ethan and hila upload another video


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Like this comment for stay in trending 1:01 🔥💃❤ 👇👇

  61. BlackLightnin HD

    whos 2020?

  62. Alex Watson

    Your dad looks like a white bill russell

  63. Teyanna Williams

    What lotion do you use? Your skin is glowing.

  64. Jakub Lakomski

    She clearly has mental issues... I would start requesting Wellness Checks on her... and sooner or later they will find her with her skeletons...

  65. HoboLobo

    Skippy is the CEO of Simp

  66. Colocha

    I worked at a restaurant and this girl mentioned how chilly it was. She unironically said "maybe you need more women working here." With the smug look on her face. I had no idea this was a thing so I had no idea what she was talking about.

  67. VIgrimir

    2016 is bad? wait until you see 2020

  68. sana salekian

    Without the bold guy, there would be no pregnancy information day or mommy make-out day. He paved the way for creepy young Persian men everywhere. cheers homie

  69. Jackson 83

    "hila do you wanna get dinner after this?" lol fucks sake ethan you made me spit out my juice onto the keyboard. I shouldn't watch these videos while eating.

  70. Shawn Stafford

    🤣 It's 2020, Timmy B. must be a successful producer now? Because I've never heard of him since this H3H3 video 5yrs ago. RIP Timmy B. ☠

  71. TD 4YD

    Whose the father?

  72. Abdullah nadeem

    It's 2020 and still no Knack 3! smdh

  73. Simon Ang

    Uncensored footage of an autistic patient with narcissistic personality disorder taunting the asylum staff

  74. Simon Ang

    Leaked asylum footage of a patient with multiple personality disorder unleasing all his alters at once

  75. Adan Cruz

    4:43 how did he know they were pink? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  76. Brian Baas

    jake paul looks like morgz when he sees his dad kiss her

  77. Abdullaziz 92

    Omg its real

  78. sbjkd

    It must be a cultural thing. H3 videos are not at all funny or entertaining to me.

  79. Ruler World

    Listening to ethan speak in this video is excruciating. been watching you for years bro love you papa bless

  80. Simon Ang

    Rare medical footage of a schizophrenic patient lecturing his spouse and threatening divorce

  81. Simon Ang

    Rare footage of a OCD and Bipolar patient getting ready for work

  82. sbjkd

    What about the chick who does the piss enema? She’s a fucking freak.

  83. sbjkd

    “She has nice teeth.” That’s so American. 😆

  84. danel the goodman

    It is I a pert from the future, I came to inform your pass self so you guys would tell everyone about the. Covid 19 good luck and .............

  85. Viktoria V

    These people don‘t even chew on their food anymore! ..

  86. Blake Mitchell

    People from Liverpool are called a lot of things but sophisticated is definitely not one of them.

  87. Joseph Durkin

    I wonder how long it took them to not be sticky after that..... I bet they were sticky for the longest time

  88. Max6492ful

    his coughing is so unnatural

  89. Swagger catdog

    I wonder if has tried this on his kid yet

  90. Merc Ury

    ok ethans mummy is yummy

  91. Tamani Labaibure

    Yeah we hear the chocolate paste plastic packet

  92. Big Smoke

    Hila is everyone on the internets mom, and we will defend our mom if a little Asian boy comes to strike.

  93. pilotdragoon940

    Didn't even know that he had it

  94. tienminh nguyen

    13:27 is this where Hila called Ethan small pp

  95. Alizée Maton

    How much should be a lobster like that! Ewww the way she chews is unbearable!!

  96. stoopidghost

    Ethan what the hell is even this

  97. EnZo_

    Bruh, u realise it's a joke

  98. Linus E

    Ethan trolling the lawyers is the riskiest shit I've seen

  99. Matt Steffen

    That Joe Biden story turned out to be BS, but this video isn’t.

  100. Autistic Andy