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  1. Michael Lee

    You know it’s bad when u hear the commentator say “ohhhh he broke his ankle”

  2. Nothin But Game

    Exactly why the game shouldn’t be left in the kickers hands. Well, feet, but y’all get it

  3. Peter Parker

    Raiders > Cowgirls

  4. the champion

    I don't understand why dak Prescott give the ball to elliot on that last plays , in whole game it never work , hope they learn from that mistake

  5. Dwayne Jones

    Being a Rams fan, I'm glad that this is recognized as one of the greatest if not the greatest regular season games. But that game almost put me in the hospital 😂

  6. Damien Mensinger

    The refs love rigging games.

  7. John H

    His pockets to heavy slowing his ass down.

  8. Ian Burke

    My friend who lives I. Nashville got engaged the day before the game. As if the titans won this game for her.

  9. dan cash

    Cowboy fans fish rot from the head down . As long as Jerry Jones wants a puppet as a coach you go nowhere.

  10. Joestarmusic


  11. James Burstedt

    You can't wake up at 5 in the morning in silk sheets and do roadwork. He made too much money.

  12. Hack To Scratch Golf

    Literally the best game I’ve ever watched

  13. db30

    Islamic state of Minnesota beats good God Fearing Cowboys. How sad. Allah must have willed it.

  14. bigbuddah180


  15. Shark Frozen

    IMA SAY THIS ONE MORE TIME RIDE THE SEAHAWK WAVE 🌊 Had to end that wanna be perfect 8-0 bullshyt

  16. Sam Trifecta

    I can't believe we got rid of Clowney.

  17. Conan Stern

    Maybe to many parties

  18. frishdawgz

    This was a painful watch. Jalen Ramsey was the pick many moons ago.

  19. KundaliniRZA

    If coach wouldn’t of used this strategy they would’ve of lost

  20. Noodles8ify

    Big win for Seattle- nothing like being that L in a perfect record.

  21. Trevor Sanso

    tessitore needs to calm down

  22. david letterman

    Tannehill and Henry must have shared a bowl of Wheaties.

  23. Jay MGTOW

    Dumb ass Prescott

  24. Bilal Mohamed

    I see u Kyle Rudolph lol Eric Ebron did something like that against texans

  25. mcfrickenwatcher

    at this point you cant deny that the seahawks are a super bowl contending team, I mean they just beat the 49ers in san fran, and the 49ers are the best in the league

  26. Skip Pryne

    Such an awesome game!

  27. Jesse Ahumada

    So no one is going to talk about how Evans broke Mahomes ankles? Lol

  28. Ankur Solanky

    I'm afraid to say this, but I think that the Seahawks won't get very far in the playoffs with the offensive line they have now.

  29. Diego Ynfante

    For some reason it's usually the seaHawks intercetpting

  30. devin graves

    Ol croptop hoodwinked yall for that money

  31. abizit gill

    The Seahawks refuse to play in a normal football match

  32. Twitch xF Redd

    Max is going to be the face of our D line he’s the most consistent

  33. Penguins622

    To anyone thinking niners shouldn’t be #1, no sanders or kittle, receivers dropped a ton, and it came down to a missed field goal in overtime by a kicker signed last Thursday.

  34. Ahmed Pantho

    They lost because they did the dak dance before the game🤷🏾‍♂️

  35. Jay Williams Jr

    They didn’t even show the bengals because they have to good plays

  36. mcfrickenwatcher

    everyone said the seahawks would suck and now theyre one of the best teams in the league and considering that they beat the 49ers who were the best team in the league and it was an away game for the seahawks I can see the seahawks going 14-2


    Best game of this season

  38. SS4 Grimgeta

    What a beautiful game 😭

  39. Paul The Person

    Hot take: the bengals will not make the playoffs

  40. Peke's Repose

    it really means little for SF but man they had so many chances to hold the lead and win this one. looked more like cops and robbers stealing the ball rather than a real football game. but that's entertainment. was fun to watch lol

  41. Robdizzle2010

    One of the best games I've seen in a long time!!!

  42. substring zero

    9 out of 10 players, the performance always drop after securing a big contract. Just look at the history.

  43. Billy Hill

    Dolphins finna run the table and win the super bowl


    It’s like the 49ers basically gave the seacoccs this game just to know how it’s like to lose for once lol

  45. Raul frutis


  46. clokedbigman

    Im actually upset i missed this game but i had to work late so

  47. Littlejon2001

    People ragging on Chiefs D like there wasn't 2 missed Field Goals, a fumble returned for a touchdown, and the inability to convert a 3rd and 2 that would've sealed the game. Offense and Special Teams have to blame themselves for this one too.

  48. Eri Sh

    this is pure anxiety

  49. handsomestSteven

    He needs to take that mop off his head lol 🤣🤣

  50. Courtney Howell

    84 7 26 50 who

  51. Jahminski831 Michael Vienola

    He's playing soft.

  52. Wayne Gouin

    What a game!

  53. Film Productions

    Why are we watching film from last year...the fact that zeke lead the league in rushing running behind joe looney, a rookie, and at sometimes cam Fleming. Sure he misses lanes sometimes but when you take shots at my running back I have some problems with you. He is the best back in the game, the fact that he’s lead the league in rushing two out of 3 years name one back who’s done that recently. You don’t take shots at Todd gurley for his bad year so far, or videos on Melvin Gordon or Sony Michel this year. Stop talking crap on zeke...he is a all pro back for a reason. You are the type of person who listens to pff and everything they say, sure he has some faults right now but there is plenty other videos you could make instead of putting zeke in your title and getting clicks. Zeke doesn’t need explosive plays because he is so frightening to a defense they load up the box and do everything to stop him. It’s because of zeke that dak is number 2 in the legue for throwing and top 10 in every category, it’s because of him Cooper is thriving. Why don’t for once you rad the big picture and look at just how valuable he is to the actual team rather than stats on a stat sheet or some stupid grade pff gives him. So he missed out on training camp, why the hell don’t you talk about Melvin Gordon and how he skipped out and hasn’t been effective this year

  54. Gary InMarz

    a comedy of errors

  55. Jobelle Lerner

    How are the niners still 1? Atleast make them 2

  56. MrTeeRedd

    Zeke isn't the best player on this team anymore that privilege goes to Dak he is a Warrior. IMO Zeke's game went the day he got paid I don't know if it's his OSU days catching up to him but he's not the same runner. I literally saw him get taken down by a 190 Lb corner keep in mind this man once ran over Kam Chancellor 🤦🏽‍♂️

  57. B H

    Hes waiting to give it all for the cowboys like they made him wait for the effing $$$ .. pay these mf ing runningbacks white privilege!!!

  58. Cody Bennett

    As a Seahawks fan I'd just like to say, this team is taking years off of my life

  59. fourmath 2346mn

    Should have shown Parker's INT instead of Fitzpatrick's running TD over the Colts. GO DOLPHINS!!!!!!!

  60. Carlos Ocampo

    He's human... That's the problem. I know it's his job, and they paid him very well to do it, but lets give him a break. Dak is playing very good and if Zeke gets in shape again, playoffs will be great.

  61. Joe Mama


  62. Timmy Tom

    Ravens vs 49ers will be telling. Unfortunately, the 49ers have been hit by the injury bug and are dropping like flies. I'd rather them heal up for the playoffs and not worry so much about the record.

  63. Raven Green

    🤣🤣he soft

  64. Keagan Kellogg

    2:48 Bosa Cheap Shots Wilson like a punk.

  65. Human 8845

    Nfl favorite teams are the cowboys apparently

  66. mjaay

    The Fumble Bowl

  67. David 223 MUST WATCH

  68. JXFIT

    I hope zeke sees this and it lights a fire under his bunshole

  69. Ben Stegeman

    Thank god Joe Buck didn’t call this game

  70. Truth Seeker

    Chill on zeke man

  71. solo

    What happened to bridgewater ? I’m confused everyone know if y’all on a roll you don’t mess with it.

  72. Nathan Jones

    3 years ago this would have gotten only 20 views

  73. wingmanalive

    Lifelong Steeler fan, born and raised. I've lived in the Philly area for last 30 + years and grew to hate the Philly curse. This was a win/win for me. Win so the Pats couldn't get that 6th ring and win so I wouldn't hear all the nonsense about the curse. Well in 2019 the Pats have that 6th ring and are favorite for their 7th. The Eagles? They are in limbo. The Steelers? Just as much a chance. I will not challenge however that Tom Brady isn't the GOAT. You just can't. It's like trying to defy gravity. I'm confident my kids and my grand kids will never see that again. Same QB and same coach with 6 rings together? Now when Brady does step down we'll see if it's QB or coach? And when will that be?

  74. JagSTR Guy

    I yell every damn weekend for Zek to burst through the line. He keep going east an west

  75. beast

    49ers offense didn't play well

  76. Hessy Da Bull

    This game is madden

  77. The Budget Card Collector

    Texans below Cowboys....... come on now

  78. Daniel Epps

    See. This is how narratives take shape. What it took for people to finally wake up to what cowboys fans that understand football have BEEN seeing. Dak is the guy. Period. What it took was Dak going off and Zeke being bad in a decisive moment. All the pundits now are like...”wAit, iS dAK aCtUalLy... is ZeKE rEalLy n0t dA eNgi-....ohhhhhK” BEEN SAYING FROM JUMP THAT IT HAS TO BE ON DAK FOR THE TEAM TO REACH FULL POTENTIAL. We are watching a new narrative form right before our eyes.

  79. Gerald Rodgers

    You would think the block field goal would be Tennessee best play of the game?

  80. Erich Diehl

    Give it to Pollard. He's better than Elliot anyway

  81. Dallas Knowles

    Can someone show this to Zeke cuz we know damn well HC Jason Garrett isn’t gonna coach him up at all. And who’s knows about the RB coach either.

  82. Robbo

    The Cowboys have beaten Miami, Washington, Philly & NYG -- 8th. Chiefs have lost 3 of the last 5 -- 10th. Mind the bias.

  83. jeffery perkins

    Sf got all the breaks, penalties and luck. Couldn’t capitalize. Why can’t these receivers catch passes? We see this drop pass symptom every week. Sf defense keeps them in every game. They will never win a super bowl until they shore up their wide receiver squad.

  84. Urinating Tree

    And now they’ve given up on him

  85. Eason Li

    Seahawks vs niners was honestly the best football match I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait till week 17.

  86. Chris Chavez

    He's good when he has time to throw. You can't be pocket passer without a pocket.

  87. Pitpingas Chips

    Saints: We'll win I promise. 1.)We're 7-1, they're 1-7. 2.) We are at home 3) How could we lose. Falcons:Are you suuuuuuurrrrrrreeeee about that?

  88. goldeneve

    0:45: a toast to 72 the greatest team

  89. lance sykes

    Reminds me of the game a few years ago when the packers played the chargers and Damrious Randall deflected a would've been game winning catch by Danny Woodhead. Amazing games

  90. Jacob Haugland

    It was an uphill battle the entire time for the Seahawks, I'm not talking bad about the 49ers but it is obviously clear that the crowd, the announcers, the refs, were totally against the hawks, I understand it was an away game but it was completely ridiculous that the refs flagged so many of seahawks plays, It was obvious the refs were in favor of the 49ers, it was also clear the announcers were for the 49ers, they praised the 49ers so much and were like meh, to the hawks, still was a good game and definitely got my adrenaline up! Love you both 49ers and Seahawks!

  91. FlintSpall

    recorded on dvr and the extension time only covered up to the interception of Wilson in OT.I spent all day assuming the 49ers took the win,,,,,but just now got actually shocked.:>)

  92. Christina Tubbs

    Ref tied cheat sea hawks by bad calls i glad hawks beat niners all talk sattle hawks and Ravens are danger

  93. Matt H

    Super Bowl LIV: Bengals vs. Redskins Red Hot Ryan Finley vs. Decorated All-Star Case Keenum. Yes. The stars are aligning.

  94. Jayden Keen

    I hope he doesn’t turn into Trent Richardson

  95. db30

    The leftist city from New Jersey beats the Leftist city from New Jersey. Other than meaningless football who cares? Yawn.

  96. Carbon

    I feel like this season is all about fumbles every single game I watch there’s at least 3-4 fumbles

  97. KaiserWilhelmBear

    great game for the fans and historicly, but for Al Davis John Gruden and the raiders i think they got robbed.

  98. bluedude 1861 Noah

    Packers are gonna win NFC north

  99. Chad Roberts

    Jimmy G's responsible for this loss. He is responsible for 3 turn-overs. And, as the game progressed, his mechanics suffered, clearly rattled. The 49ers defense looked great!

  100. Theus Gaming

    The Jets are basically when you create a Football team in NCAA 14 but all your players are walk ons