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  1. Elias Onzalez

    Now this are real refs, not like the ones in the sb

  2. Lilian Yelamo

    I could watch this a million times~

  3. Alejandro Buenrostro

    8:19 #79 went offsides and no flag. Ha!

  4. Larry Okoye

    He’s incredible frfr ..

  5. Alan López Cuevas

    Creo que ha sido el mejor super bowl hasta ahora...

  6. Nicholas Webb

    Being a Giants Fan, seeing them being beat by the Ravens 34-7 hurts

  7. Dymond Piper

    If you wanna know how bad Pat wanted this game. Go to 3:15

  8. Azur D

    They did great!!

  9. Michael Jarquin

    If pats make a deep playoff run it will once and for all shut up those “but they win because of an easy schedule” pundits.

  10. 蔡家明


  11. Roger Rodriguez

    Se pasaron, se pasaron malditasea él talento de estas dos mujeres... Para que esa vaina lo haga karol g, becki g, natti natasha tienen que volver a nacer y ser ellas dos

  12. Custodioinfernal

    nice karaoke

  13. Christian Stevens

    Shakira es muy bonita y talentosa! Y mi espanol es muy poquito. Jajaja

  14. Devin Johnson

    At least they get free Gatorade

  15. Max Mitchell

    patrick mahomes should have been 1

  16. lil big sis

    Oh my God..Steve Aoki brought me here. I am not even a fan of these two women but now I can see why they really made it to the top!! What an amazing performance! I like that Shakira's segment offered more variety and showed how versatile she is as a performer. She mixed in Arabic,Latin & metal samples in there. Very creatively well put! I also liked that she wore boots, that tells me that she is not all about being just sexy all the time. I dunno. JLo's costume changes were more extravagant and flashy and boy can she dance with those heels!! The two of them shaking their hips at the end was such a delight! Awesome worldclass performers!!!♡♡♡♡ P.S. I am now a fan hahaha

  17. LeMarius Glenn

    🐐 Goat

  18. Logan Hess

    To put a Lawrence Taylor, a player known for attacking the quarterback, is placed twenty eight places higher than the all time sack leader and four places higher than Reggie White, a man who I can guarantee is more difficult to block than Taylor was.

  19. Yoboyerik




  21. B

    128 million 💖

  22. DryAssChicken

    AFC West is about to be tough as hell next season man lol.

  23. SVG

    whats the backing song called?

  24. The Truth Is Out There

    One was not a touchdown by KC

  25. ASUPaul

    Best rb in the league

  26. Jacob Smith

    3 words 😃😂🤣

  27. Romiel Aguiluz


  28. Bruce Murphey

    Love how my favorite team (Dolphins) just get absolutely clapped

  29. BlessedISO

    Jameis "I play for both teams' Winston

  30. Jacob Moorej3

    Texans fans: sad Texas noises

  31. Anthony Camuccio

    Pan to cam newtown and hes smiling like a thirst trap

  32. youngghostverses

    No. 7 seem like the players are glitchy

  33. Momo D

    Here after the awful NBA AllStar national anthem

  34. Shoddy Oddy

    Manning over Romo any day as a commentator

  35. Dave P

    As a fins fan I can't help but think that the skins probably could have won this game if they had just stuck with their running game...or if they had put in Sam Wyche. Seriously...Kilmer is the reason they lost. He layed a big egg. Sorta like Elway did against the 49ers. And yes...I'm old and watched this game live.

  36. Danny Alexander Fonseca Sanabria

    This Is Champeta Dance... 😉thanks Shakira.

  37. Shoddy Oddy

    I would agree with manning anytime u should do this with every QB at the end of year

  38. Pia ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    No soy adicta a las drogas pero si adicta a dándole replay a este vid

  39. Elias and Brittany Thornburg

    I find him very annoying as a commentator, everyone else seems to love him but i honestly cant stand to watch the game if he is calling it

  40. Thái Huỳnh Hồng

    9:42 Any Vietnamese people who watch this part will laugh so much :))))))

  41. Marisol Boynton

    Arron Donald is the best period

  42. Baby J

    All 49ers fans bangwagoners

  43. I miss jokes on purpose

    5:29 thank me later

  44. Garry Batman

    If Jerry rice played in today's league, he'd average 4 tds in game.

  45. Jose. c

    Jlo wao 🤩🤩

  46. Susana Li

    How Could Shakira change her entire outfit in such short amount of time?

  47. S. Lee

    I was at the game, the city of Miami asked all office buildings in downtown to keep their light on in support of dolphins, there was electricity at the orange bowl there’s no way the dolphins can lose that night!

  48. KICCASS 05

    Hella underated on madden

  49. Oujisama Senpai

    How much adderall did she take?!

  50. aaron hess

    As a chiefs fan I’d like to thank the dolphins for their performance

  51. Zack McGoldrick

    No wonder it was hard to tackle him, he’s bigger than some of these linebackers jeez



  53. Luca Quintana

    in English: what will be saying bad bunny? in Spanish: what will be saying bad bunny?

  54. TyRex12

    At least the first guy got the Chiefs right

  55. Det FanMan

    Lions had terrible stats against the pass last year... so that must mean that CB is their biggest need. This is such a terribly blind take, the lions had ZERO pass rush after flowers was double teamed... D Haskins looked bored while studying the field waiting for guys to get open, ya know after he checked out the cheerleaders and tied his shoes during the plays... worse even, all of the lions DTs are either retiring or FAs except Kilgo and some unknown backups... Nooooo-kudah would be such a complete disappointment unless Slay gets dealt in the off-season. Oruwariye was a beast at the end of the season and will start next year, with Slay the backfield is fine and Boo-kudah would be such a wasted pick... I'm just sick with these lazy ace national draft guys pushing this broke ace narrative

  56. Sonaya Disoma Hadji azis

    JLO😍 stunning

  57. Finn Hynes

    wheres arron jones catch

  58. Nathan Ma

    I really don't want this comment to seem negative in any way, because this was an amazing performance, but if you watch and listen really closely at 1:57, you can hear the music started before Michael said or did anything, meaning they jumped the queue, forcing him to take off his glasses. Who knows how long he was planning to wait.

  59. Funk Docta Spock

    Control Freak

  60. El Aguila

    Que tranquilidad y seguridad la de Shakira😌

  61. Martin Lujan

    Bailan bien y cantan bien. Pero porque tan pornograficos los movimientos? Hay necesidad? 🤷🏽‍♂️

  62. Ryan Baran

    Brady X Gronkowski

  63. Oscar Villalobos


  64. KoolJayy

    They couldn’t beat us all tho but I get what your saying they are pretty fast

  65. Bato Del Castillo

    DIVINE !!!!!

  66. Christopher Wingate

    David Akers did it better

  67. Jonathan Cummins

    I had the Honor to meat the man who played snap for Bradshaw in college at Louisiana Tech and one day he and Bradshaw were hanging a with a bunch of famous football players and actors. Bradshaw told them all to get out, And as he was leaving. Bradshaw said no you stay, your my friend. Bradshaw is Just as an amazing man as he is a player.

  68. Luz Jaramillo


  69. Jr Green

    Mahomboy let's see if you can repeat I highly doubt it kc . Enjoy it kc fans

  70. Damien Combs

    1:50 lebron was there for selfies LOL

  71. Edwin Leyba

    The day they traded Montana was the last day I was a 49ers fan, been of Kansas City ever since. Montana greatest 49ers QB..

  72. Jonathan Made

    Come on AB get it together!

  73. Jack Broockerd

    Ravens have the easiest😤

  74. Chuck Ragland

    This is just pitiful! The XFL is better than this!

  75. tjgulley

    Ike Taylor got abused all night

  76. Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata

    BAL has the easiest schedule because their division is trash....notice how their entire division fits into the top 5 easiest schedules lol. Let that sink entire division has 4 of the 5 easiest schedules while the AFC East has 4 of the top 5 hardest.

  77. Damien Combs

    Hold on was that pat tillmans statue he stopped by?

  78. Malik Anthony

    Andy Reid is so good he made Matt Moore look really good.



  80. Damien Combs

    wtf ninja

  81. Ben Parkins

    I just realized all touchdowns were scored in the 49ers' endzone. Odd.


    Bengals are the best team in the NFL! Bengals defeated the Jets Jets defeated the cowboys Cowboys defeated the Eagles Eagles defeated the Packers Packers defeated the Seahawks Seahawks defeated the 49ers 49ers defeated the Saints Saints defeated the Panthers Texans defeated the Titans Titans defeated the Ravens Ravens defeated the Chiefs Therefore, Bengals are the best team in the NFL

  83. amelia h

    Me and my siblings: *In a heated argument* My Mom: 6:05

  84. Juan Pablo Ingles

    Love Jlo's part 6:11 😍😍

  85. Staci Yeager

    11:14 who thought that’s a td

  86. Theo Lee

    Thoes chiefs dont care. What kind of sceulule it is the toughter the better 😆 lol👍

  87. Dorian Sifton

    This is funny considering the nfl is making fun of its own players

  88. Angel Huerta

    Jamarcus Russell 😂🤣

  89. what what

    Jlo's first outfit looks awful

  90. Kitty Channel

    Bad Bunny misogino cerote

  91. OGEG

    I was watching this and I was like O_O with all the "shots"

  92. DerpyFatPugPlayz ツ

    where are t he panthers at?

  93. Mark Nethercutt

    seattle good luck trying to win six Superbowl. Maybe in 2199. Don't hold your breath.

  94. Ivette Olmedo


  95. Mariana Xavier

    Quem veio por causa de Diogo parodia

  96. Cinéfilo #FDF

    ¡NECESITO LA LETRA DE ESTE SUPER BOWL! I need the lyrics of this super bowl !!!!!

  97. D Ngarissan

    SHAKIRA deserves the Nobel price

  98. Joel Lugo

    definitely this great show has raised the level of what the halftime show should be in the super bowl

  99. Name Heire

    This video should be like 30 hours long.

  100. youngmurk100

    First catch should b top 25