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  1. Attityay Wonglun

    คนไทยอยู่ไหน ไลค์เลย

  2. larissa lobinha


  3. Emily Alcauter

    This is Definitely not beginning painting! It looks so advanced! Heck I can't even draw a circle!

  4. Siryo and O-dawg

    Great video

  5. las doncellas de youtube

    wow i dont understed so much la verdad no se hablar ingle pica mi foto plis .

  6. Brincando com Ana Paula


  7. Kethely Gabriely

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    1. Brincando com Ana Paula

      a primeira foi eu e mão vc

  8. Jovita Haros

    Hi this is so cool to watch

  9. Taylor Cook

    (Me looking at the thumbnail): "OH MY GOSH, THAT'S CREEPY!!" Lol this vid!! #5MinuteCraftsDECOR 😍💖

  10. Serena Victoria

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  11. Alexandru Cornea

    is nice

  12. Holly Imboden

    The painting one is a bad idea because the baby can put it on her head.

  13. Betrix Creation

    Ma per halloween esce qualcosa?

  14. Sarah Hyati

    OMG 😃

  15. Rizlaine Belmkaddem


  16. Haider Raza


  17. Abdullah Al Murad

    Thank You For giving me this Idea Thank You So much 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

  18. Илья Ворончихин

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  19. ира цынцарь

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  20. toma BTS

    Soo beautiful 😘😘😘😘

  21. Marija Vitelic

    Love the idea where is the boys and the markers

  22. Vishavjeet Kaur


  23. alishba ansari

    I am 14 comments i love your video plz give me heart and reply me plz my age is 11 years

  24. 5-Minute DECOR

    Hi, friends! Look, she is so beautiful 4:19😍 Write your favorite hack time👇

    1. Taylor Cook

      Love this vid sm!!! 😍😍😍 #5MinuteCraftsDECOR

    2. Chicken nugget Loli

      10:09 my favorite time.

    3. Summer Taylor

      Awesome VIDEOS love them all😜

  25. khellma silva

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  26. Merve Isik

    That has nothing to do with Halloween i mean it's just a clickbait you just pick the old Videos

  27. نونو نونو

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  28. Unicorn Squad

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  29. Prakash Joshi


  30. Aboody Aboody

    أول تعليق😆😆😆

    1. toma BTS

      انا عربية😂😂و ارمي كمان😎

    2. Aboody Aboody

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    3. Unicorn Squad

      Liar 🤥 hahah I get ya some one befor 17 sec ❄️🍓🍓me

  31. Summer Taylor

    If you are older than 8 hit a like👍👍😊

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    1. Summer Taylor

      No I was first didn't you see?☹

  33. Linda Rahayu

    Subscribe chanel aku semoga aku bisa jadi ank sukses 😊

  34. Magical Girls

    I know you put her in the box to color but what about the wall

  35. Shushil Sharma

    Apka wedding gown gayi hai

  36. Feruza Kipchakova

    Круто 😱😱

  37. jorge cofre


  38. suren Dilhan


  39. crazy girl

    Putting glue on lips..😥

  40. emran islam

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  41. Alan entertained

    Tebak yg punya Chanel ini orang mana

  42. Henry Appelkvist

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  43. Thanh Nguyễn


  44. byron katoshi

    this is good!!!!

  45. Ahmad 83


  46. very nice video Biswas


  47. Kaycee Studios

    First of all. A mom would not actually try to make there life easier, it’s more fun with the mistakes the children do.

  48. Claudia Raimunda

    Gostei belas dicas

  49. Валерий Морозов

    Тут русские есть вообще?

  50. Olympia Samiotis

    I love 5 minute decor

  51. ffnffnkfssaqwscbhhgjkktruoindbvCarasan Iuliu

    :)) Lol

  52. Loci TV

    How are you...!!!!!!! Amazing

  53. Abdullah Ghafoor

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  54. Afrah Farooqi

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  55. Afrah Farooqi

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  56. Kathiresan Channel

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  60. Mohammed Hisham

    Hai How are you

    1. 5-Minute DECOR

      Hi, great! How are you?😘

    2. Mohammed Hisham


  61. arhan satria21

    Menit 3:10 semangka nya kaya bentuk wajah

  62. Quan Nguyen van

    Team VN đâu rồi

  63. Muhani Muhani

    1 anak

  64. Sang Sang

    Những điều này thật ngớ ngẩn

  65. las locuras de melany y sus amigos

    Like si piensan que algunos si son utiles

  66. Jrufriir Uejje

    Don't repeat hacks again n again

  67. دٰا̍نۨــٻۧــڸ ا̍ڵــمۘــڃۚــڼۨــۈنۨ

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  68. Ana Luiza Albuquerque

    Primeiro comentário em português

  69. kenia Sanchez Castillo



    1:13 my favorite

  71. mundo da amanda amanda

    ameiiiiii de maiss😮😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤗

  72. Oneida Galdamez

    Waw nice flowers 😍

    1. Oneida Galdamez

      Yes man

  73. Sophia Shannon

    I have never been this early before LMAOO

  74. I_love K-POP

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  75. Indiamara Ferrari


  76. Indiamara Ferrari


  77. Babita Haldiya

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  78. Summer Taylor

    If you are over 8 make this sign blue please 👇

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  80. cotton candy


  81. Gabriel Mendonça Alves

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  82. samah sõsõ

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  83. Emily Moore

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  84. Eduardo Mercado

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  85. Puptasic person

    oMg i cant stop laughing xD 0:42 mAke sURe yOu pAuSe :DD

  86. Biridiana Cortes

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  87. Kassidy White

    Some kids died because of the strawberries just so dumb you need to stop and quit 5-minute crafts I hate this channel some kids made your bleached strawberries

  88. Azahir Ali

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  89. غريبة واحلامي عجيبة عجيبة واحلامي عجيبة

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    1. غريبة واحلامي عجيبة عجيبة واحلامي عجيبة

      نعم اضافري طوال وانتي 😀😀😀😀

    2. Ali Ahmed

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  90. Cesar Bolaña

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  91. Alexandra Mera castro

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  92. Sky pup

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  93. the fam

    I'm so early oh my goodness nice vid btw 16th

  94. jocelyn salinas


  95. Arjana Berisha

    IAM from Albania I like these videos

  96. Salr Saif


  97. Juan Carlos  Caiz Font

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