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  1. me

    This is what people who have lots of money , nothing to do , and don't no the purpose of life , would do.

  2. Lely Barriyah


  3. Harminee Dhiman

    Which sketch pen r u using

  4. Felicity Butler

    Wow she’s like the best mom ever 🤩

  5. Azeez Kp


  6. Seu Madrugador

    Song name?

  7. Iris Lee

    As I watch this I realize that I don’t even have a canvas to paint on...

  8. Mohamed Fady


  9. fatima kh

    Hacks are amazing

  10. channel Anh em

    Sạo đủ

  11. Axngi

    This Actually works! I’ve tried to do this and it is so High-Quality! And easy to do, Especially when we are doing this boring quarantine!!

  12. Maddie Dawson


  13. Maya

    7:12 just me that got triggered when they didn’t colour in that small bit

  14. Sebastian Villanueva

    0:16 Yes Because we love wasting five dollars on a pyramid.

  15. Isabelle Ma

    bruh the amount of paint wasted...

  16. منوعات M&L


  17. loil popell

    imagine there house look all 5 mins craft

    1. Traniece Rennis


  18. Fenny April

    Kak lama pemutaranya

  19. Aiman Fatima

    It is not even looking good

  20. Aiman Fatima

    😡😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎😣😣😣 Stupid

  21. Amit Katiyar

    Which color are you using? So nice

  22. Vanesa Salazar


  23. Hasan Shah


  24. Tams Srinivasan

    Wow what a ideas awesome hates of to you 🙂🙂🙂👌👌👌

  25. Teens' Tuber

    Amazing paintings 👌👌

  26. Gael Junior

    Bastante criatividade goatei

  27. yOuR dOg sPeakS cHiNesE??

    I think this thumbnail takes gold for fakest

  28. Lara Ghonemy



    Lwa la


    Lwa la

  31. Edi Alves De Assunção


  32. Araceli Lopez

    1:39 parece el coronavirus 😂😂😂😂

  33. Nia Nvtsri


  34. Scott Kight

    This sucks

  35. Mariam Khodjimatova

    Dry copic ewwwwwwww

  36. Carianne Rivera


  37. IloveGachaLife !


  38. N.Y Kat

    Alguien más en español?... 🧐Nop? Bueno autolike para no desaparecer 😢

  39. Ander Princess

    He is only waisting paint and canvaces 😂

  40. gopal singh

    This is 25 comment I m late again who are going to watch comments Hite a like

  41. simo wac


  42. Tommy souki

    فڨيييييييييي ⁦☺️⁩

  43. Julia Nascimento

    Vocês podem colocar as palavras para português

  44. Ella


  45. Julia Nascimento

    Qual é a massa que você usou

  46. Julia Nascimento

    Muito bom

  47. Julia Nascimento

    Qual é o nome da tinta que você usa aí

  48. Suzana Cavaignac

  49. Daphne Fryer

    This is how many people say first in their comments 👇🏻

  50. Joyce Mecha

    Done watching 👍🏾

  51. عدل كلامك بنات ديالة كداكم امي


  52. Joyce Mecha


  53. Joyce Mecha



    what kind of paint do they use ????? good videos

  55. Issie

    liked it

  56. Dirlene Oliveira

    Alguém do Brasil?

  57. Ayman Ayman

    Wowwww l like yor video 🤣😋😗😗😙😙😚☺☺😊😊😍😍😘🤩🤩

  58. FalakツツAIM๛

    Me too early

  59. lanaethia dale

    Me too

  60. Qhawe Jali

    Love your videos

  61. Miriam Jarquin palacios

    Like si les gustan sus videos 😘

  62. Legit Emma Vlogs xxx


  63. Suri Mohammed

    Omgg finally I'm early💖💖

    1. Suri Mohammed

      @OOPS I'M SAD AGAIN yep that's so true


      Ohhh but wanted to be first 👍But everyone's a winner in my mind 👍🛐

  64. Ledy крутая


  65. Podemos Llegar A 1 millón de suscriptores ??

    Lean mi nombre (No me ignoren 😧)

  66. Miligro Lastra

    Que lindos trucos

  67. Alison Argote


  68. Little M Creates

    2nd comment I think

  69. P_R_I_N_C_X_X MBK

    I like your video ❤️🥳

  70. Malak Elghz

    جميل اوي

  71. Miligro Lastra

    Hola soy la primera jaja

  72. Myielle Plays


  73. Alejandro Sanchez

    Admiro tu creatividad

  74. لبنى احمد

    با بن عليه

  75. Latanya Brailey

    Some of the hacks are familiar

  76. Kiara Jazmin

    Me gusta su video me llamo Kiara voy a poner la manito arriba y activa la campanita pero si no aparece que activen la campanita es porque no se pudo alguna vez sí lo quiero activar la campanita uno y no se puede y no se puede porque aparece una letra guarda el video que me encanta a mi mamá mi mamá quiere hacer uno de esos para mí

  77. Vital Filho Carvalho

    E aí brasileiros

  78. Gabriel Morais

    Vídeo sem grasa odiei OOOOOOOO VAI CHORAR AMMMMM😅😡👎😄😤😠😠😠😠😛

  79. Yasmin Oliveira mb

    Alguém fala em português? Kkkkkkk

  80. Orsalya Talyai

    Im here just for the first songs. Whats its name?

  81. Lenssa and Zannya!

    This is 10 minutes and around 32 secs..not 5 minutes.

  82. McKenzie Blick

    Where do u get the paint I am an artist myself and I find that paint can be extremely expensive

  83. Hasna Kamila


  84. Anoushka Deonarine

    Heart touching❤💞

  85. Banished Games

    i'm surprised at how much paint they wasted by putting like 3 lines of acrylic on each one of the hacks, you don't need that much

  86. Marwiah Wiah

    Waw amazing

  87. Amona Al Mazyona Lover is Back


  88. Kristian Antioco Estialbo