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New album, Everyday Life, out November, 22 2019 🌙☀️
With over 100 million records sold, 9 Brit Awards and 7 Grammys, Coldplay is an iconic, alternative rock band with hit songs like Viva La Vida, Hymn For The Weekend, Paradise, The Scientist, Fix You, Adventure Of A Lifetime and Yellow. The band's legendary catalogue also includes eight #1 albums: Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, X&Y, Viva la Vida, Mylo Xyloto, Ghost Stories and A Head Full of Dreams, as well as popular collaborations like Something Just Like This with The Chainsmokers and Princess of China featuring Rihanna. With their new album Everyday Life featuring Orphans, Coldplay remains as innovative and influential as ever.
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  1. MaMt Mt

    a kick in the face hurts less than this song.

  2. Gamzenur Toraman


  3. carlos zapatas

    "Coldplay isn't a band, It's a feeling" This is my 20 month old daughter's lullaby song. I sing it to her every night. She LOVES it! 💛💛

  4. V. Desai Patsy

    Brazil the best in world crowd 🇧🇷 We love you brazil from indonesia

  5. Kay Weiser

    Parrot parrot parrot dies. Parrot parrot parrot dies. No me lo puedo imaginar sin el Willy cantando de fondo debería haber un cover oficial 😂😂

  6. mahdii mahdi

    This song gives me hope of tomorrow when ever i hear it

  7. ulfenburg

    did anyone else see the little smurf child?

  8. Michael Gaag

    Müll des jahres alle deabonieren autotune ist da du wixer hurensohn

  9. Amaya Linzsey

    Anyone else listening to this crying at 3 am? No ok...

  10. skw07fsu

    Tough weekend. 12 years and i still wonder why he jumped in front of my car on 95. South Florida "Everybody okay?" No, Chris its not, that's why Im here

  11. Stephen R. Andrade

    Who is here from hearing this music again randomly somewhere?! No me lo puedo imaginar sin el Willy cantando de fondo debería haber un cover oficial 😂😂

  12. drew turner

    Moral of the story You can't never go back to the past or try to recorrect your past When cally came, it such shamely to the start of our guess

  13. R. Wilson James

    2k people who disliked FIX YOU Coldplay is a therapy 🇮🇩 i get those goosebumps everytime..

  14. ZK

    me and the boys before start firing the school 2:47

  15. My hopes and dreams are dead

    i can’t hear anything but fallen kingdom i’m sorry

  16. Eric Middleton

    Just close your eyes, sit back on your chair and listen Ziva nyanyi ini ama bunmay? The beginning of this song always brings tears to my eyes it’s so beautiful

  17. Neat Sounds

    I love Indian India Modi Jai Hind

  18. Rapid Fire

    Princess of corona. Lol

  19. dominik plačko

    back to 2011 when i watch this with my little brother everyday.. Awesome song

  20. Evan Leonardi

    i love this song and i listen this music everyday

  21. Arnold Nigel

    2020 fix it would 😇

  22. Susan Nursalam

    Tiap hari tiap jam tiap menit selalu banjir komentar

  23. Susan Nursalam


  24. Thomas Gordon

    The Bass Sounds incredible 1:52 when I see a kid I hate but there’s a teacher next to us 27 persons did not wanted to go home

  25. Zohix WX

    {\_/} (•_•) /

  26. dominantsept

    Best cover of Arvo Pärts "Frates"! Sounds nice!

  27. Faiq Zaydan

    coldplay duet sama tiesto kayak nya bagus sekali

  28. Barbara Shorter

    Ziva ft bunmay,can't waittttttttttttt ADA YANG KESINI KARENA PENAMPILAN (ZIVA-BUNDA MAYA) YANG SAMA LIKE 👇👇❤❤

  29. Nishant Narang

    That's India

  30. Christophe Carrero


  31. Savvy714


  32. I AM ZIM!!

    I didn't know Coldplay were capable of playing an upbeat song.

  33. Alisa Merrick

    Can’t believe Chris Martin had to learn the lyrics backwards No one realises how hard it is for him to sing these lyrics backwards

  34. Kenneth Faulk

    James. You just made this guy a fan. Truly heart warming gratitude.

  35. sruti samhita Malladi


  36. movie clips and trailer vicky singh

    Love india

  37. Arnold Nigel

    2020 still awsome thank you coldplay

  38. Melodi Dillinger

    Moral of the story You can't never go back to the past or try to recorrect your past Mouthing words backwards? now that's a talent. Mouthing words backwards? now that's a talent.

  39. BΔD LVCK

    Hey guys! Just made a rmx of this timeless classic! It would be great if you'd have a listen and tell me what you think. Any advice and criticism is more than welcome. Thank you! Cheers!

  40. XMae Menard

    Moral of the story You can't never go back to the past or try to recorrect your past Coldplay ) Esta Canción La He Estando Escuchando Desde Los 14 Años 🖤🎼



  42. Furkan Samet Arslan


  43. Vincent Suapi

    Can they come perform in my country


    Aku teko indonesia cok

  45. amelia craig

    Starting on the cusp of sunrise. So simple. I love this video.

  46. dani cali

    lyrical masterpiece, love it, and im not even a coldplay fan x

  47. Anselmo Echeverria

    La actriz Dakota Johnson novia de Chris Martin, el cantante del grupo Coldplay, debuta como directora tras las cámaras para firmar el videoclip de la canción "Cry Cry Cry" de su banda favorita. Johnson ha codirigido junto a Cory Bailey este clip que, dado el carácter romántico del tema, se estrenó muy apropiadamente para San Valentín. En el vídeo se ve a una pareja bailando en diferentes fases de su vida, en un salón acompañados de otros bailarines y con los integrantes de Coldplay tocando sobre un pequeño escenario. "Cuando llores, llores, llores, baby, estaré a tu lado", canta Chris en este tema perteneciente a su último disco hasta la fecha, "Everyday Life", editado el pasado noviembre y que es el octavo trabajo de estudio de la banda británica que lleva ya dos décadas en activo. Johnson y Martin son pareja desde hace un tiempo aunque han tratado de llevar su relación de forma muy discreta, alejados de los focos de los medios de comunicación. Hija de Melanie Griffith y Don Johnson, aunque el divorcio de sus padres hizo que creciera junto a su padrastro Antonio Banderas, Dakota Johnson sabía muy bien lo que era el mundo del cine. Pero tras algunos roles pequeños ("La red social", 2010; o "Infiltrados en clase", 2012) el mundo cambió por completo para ella cuando fue seleccionada para interpretar a Anastasia Steele en "Cincuenta sombras de Grey". Estas tres películas eróticas ("Cincuenta sombras de Grey", 2015; "Cincuenta sombras más oscuras", 2017; y "Cincuenta sombras liberadas", 2018) recaudaron en total 1.324 millones de dólares (unos 1226 millones de euros), y aunque las críticas fueron pésimas. En los últimos años, Johnson ha explorado con acierto otro tipo de cine en cintas como "Suspiria", "Malos tiempos en El Royale" (ambas de 2018) y "The Peanut Butter Falcon" (2019). Música independiente novedades.

  48. 2 D


  49. Mohammed haris Shaikh

    Melody ❤️

  50. Vada Plascencia

    Who is here from hearing this music again randomly somewhere?! This song touched my whole heart, body, soul and mind...... Makes me cry

  51. Reece Williamson


  52. Aaron Danforth

    This Song was relaxing after the September 11 attacks from Hijackers.

  53. Solymar Berrios

    I love coldplay beautiful!!!!

  54. Dominic Lindberg

    “When you fell so tired, but you can’t fall asleep” this is true Dear kids, this is called music.

  55. ThePumpkinKing YT

    When my crush loves somebody My reaction of me and my crush separates from school

  56. Nyce Stovall


  57. Disney Lover

    Wow Dove really changed the way to sing this. I love both ways! I just can’t get enough of it

  58. Zhuldyz Nur


  59. Cindy Aguilar


  60. 슈퍼땅콩의 쌩초보 요리채널 l SUPERPEANUT

    Thank you. Now.... this song reminds me of Malaysia. Fix you.. and memories. .. songs have the power to catch that time.. :)

  61. Nonstopkillin598

    The wild

  62. James Bloner

    Feb 2020?

  63. Abu Bardewa

    *Before everyone got depressed*

  64. KunaL_YT

    🇮🇳मुझे भारतीय होने पर गर्व है!!🇮🇳🙏

  65. Ayush Oraon

    Coldplay videos are always cool

  66. Anarcho Unity / Capitalism

    Cut footage of Far Cry 4

  67. Manya Hasija

    3:48 = I CAN'T FEEL MY BODY.

  68. Meuthia Weber

    I would like to go to your concert again ❤️

  69. Nurul Atikah Abas

    macam mana boleh ada tilam tepi2 jalan tu

  70. Thinh Do

    The best song

  71. Towanda Azen

    Who else is listening, 2020? I mean, this is a masterpiece video: elephant singer: male me: confused hotel: trivago Parrot parrot parrot dies. Parrot parrot parrot dies.

  72. Pablo Derrick

    sexuality= 0% talent= 100% beatiful lyrics= 100% This song just secretly talks to that broken person hidden in everyone. Dear kids, this is called music.

  73. Nans RoweK

    Planet of the Apes - Rocker Version❤🎩🐵

  74. Don Jon

    It's 2020 and still this song gives those same Goosebumps as I listened first time

  75. valeria Giselle Hernandez reza

    Yo desde que tenia 7 años la escuchaba y me habia holvidado se su nombre hasta horita que tengo 12 años por casualidad le puse paradise y me acorde de mi y mi papá porque los dos la escuchabamos mucho en ese tiempo aun me acuerdo cuando la cantabamos los dos en el sillon

  76. Joel Lummus

    When i start listening to coldplay i make sure i am free for next 2 to 3 hours. Vamos por las 800 Millones de Vistas 🇲🇽🇲🇽

    1. ainz ooal goan

      Dopest Coldplay song imo:

  77. Rocket Nunez

    Teacher: do a presentation on India Me: plays this video

  78. Ht The

    Atheist finding out their grandpas dance group 3:24

  79. Hector Thomson

    I NEED to experience a Coldplay concert at least ONCE in my life. Depression and anxiety brought me here. I need someone to help fix me Depression and anxiety brought me here. I need someone to help fix me

  80. Moon Baby

    Bestest song Eva!

  81. gaming is life

    I wish I get time stone to get back the best days of my life! 😢😢😢😢😢

  82. Vera Johnson

    2019 🎸💯 Like si aun lo siques escuchando ? Ремек дело на современата поп-рок музика. Секоја чест.

  83. Traci Phinney

    This Song is a Dream RIP AVICII Old is gold. Who is here in 2020

  84. Leonie Elam

    2019 🎸💯 Like si aun lo siques escuchando ? i cant belive its been 9 years

  85. Bruno Murillo Gutierrez

    Que hermosa cancion , me imagino dedicarcela a alguien especial para hacerle entender de que siempre tendra a alguien , que puede llorar y romperse sin miedo

  86. Julia YouTube

    Eu queria um piano desses , ou um papel de parede que imitasse esse desenho....🇧🇷

  87. matiass

    Miren, alguien hizo un cover de la música de Willyrex

  88. Sally Chaney

    You can't buy happiness but you can watch this video and it's kind of a same thing Oh crap. Tried watching this again without crying. Failed. one of my dream is to see Coldplay's live

  89. Brandon Allen

    This song brings a different type of vibe. For those who don't know the song was written and produced by Avicci

  90. Andrew Lampe

    Oh King St Newtown

    1. Andrew Lampe

      I miss you

  91. Thomas Kilroy

    Thank you for helping me through my parents divorce. I need to let my emotions out. Thank you so so much

  92. L O L I B E L

    Daddy is my birthday... I really feel that 💔

  93. Le Voyant 17


  94. Javier Andrade

    Te amo Annette ❤️

  95. winhelo lons


  96. Michelle Kish


  97. Francisco GV

    I'm Mexican, and likeme the music of Coldplay.

  98. Radomir Nykl

    not an ordinary song

  99. ბექა მჭედლიძე

    Me and my Girl on Sunday night ❤️3:00

  100. Coldplay360 RollerCoasterFreak

    I don’t like this type of music but Coldplay made it beautiful