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  1. Johnny Brianna

    Who realized that at 5:28 her arrows changed to red

  2. Liam Hart

    it said steve on the special thanks thing, and hes in my brother's friend's clan he made! If you want to join it, its called Sparta

  3. Jocelyn Magee

    Clanible lecter 😂🤣😂

  4. [Banned User]

    Now add global chat back

  5. Charlie produtor

    Chat global

  6. Charlie produtor

    Chat global

  7. TickingTime _YT

    Do a tutorial for people who want to know how you make you're animations

  8. Charlie produtor

    Chat global

  9. Charlie produtor


  10. Eddie Gomez

    If you had clash of clans in school you were a god..I miss sixth grade

  11. super minecraft 62

    Je regarde a 00:00

  12. Samuele Cavagnera

    New levels for pekka plsss

  13. Keanu Jones

    6:22 hot hot hot! Wait, who put a river in a stadium anyway?

  14. Keanu Jones

    5:07 how I get out? I can't breathe!

  15. Keanu Jones

    4:45 level 25 hog rider

  16. Parth Khera

    Upgrading a th7 probably costs less gems than boosting collectors and a 7 day shield amirite👌👌👌

  17. IzLitty567 -

    Bring global chat back we want to recruit cool players

  18. PewDiePie's Pie

    It would be cool if you can give presents to your clanmates like (Dark)Elixir and gold

  19. magnus lemnell


  20. Shawn Sanderlin


  21. AzizMatrix Oynuyor

    7:00 why builder sound like goblin?

  22. Kieren N


  23. Yıldıray Yıldırım

    Clash of clans sı çok seviyoruz nacizane bir isteğim var dikate alınırsa sevinirim oyuncu ismi degistirebiliyoruz ama clan ismi degiştiremiyoruz clan ismininde oyunda taş ile degişebilmesini istiyoruz.

  24. joni0077 joni0077


  25. Tavian Destroyer

    I am in 2020

  26. Vinz Divinagracia

    0:59 look at that cloud on the right I think?

  27. Bullet

    когда 3 сезон?

  28. gaming legion

    Omg tha's so op im glead im not toen hall 13

  29. Cenoon

    Wtf is frankie doing there

  30. Blaze YT

    Wait the goblins have pass but the archers shooting competition

  31. Kartike Singh

    I was thinking goblin is very naughty troops and also funny

  32. Michael Moy

    I hate hurting people kills a wooden miner

  33. محمدامین زرکشان



    When will Clash a Rama season 3 coming we are really missing it

  35. Andrew Hajj

    Damn that healer THICK

  36. Status For All

    We missing and need global chat again

  37. Collin Van Andel

    I playing clash of clans sinds today!


    ترجموو فيديو

  39. İbadet Geylan

    Lan olum 15mn 4 ne

  40. The Scarlet Meloetta

    That coin moving towards the camera at the end made me flinch🤣

  41. Danish Amin

    Plz fix global chat problem

  42. Shila Sharma

    I miss this seaon

  43. Ed Denning

    Me: Grand Warden: Wait th11?

  44. Violeta lucia Vaz-Romero Mesa

    El mejor vídeo de mi vida

  45. Cpt. chicken

    That advertisement gave me chills

  46. Rex’s Channel

    9:40 R.I.P Electro Baby, last words:”Oh no, I’ve got nothing.”

  47. Connor Stoliker

    Nothing better to do with OUR MONEY???

  48. square ious

    Happy aniversary supercell you deserve it we players thank you for making such an amaing game

  49. Murtaza Awan

    7:17 what we think giants will do when we unlock them for the first time 8:20 what they actually do

  50. Daniel Gonzales

    All that's missing is the King of the future 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  51. Atish Gaykar

    Audio chi gaand lagliye

  52. Daniel Gonzales

    Ya sólo falta la reyna de futuro va estar padre 😎😎😎😎😎

  53. Pele Reveles

    Town hall 11 as a town hall 7

  54. Pele Reveles

    How does a town hall seven have a warden

  55. Cheese Maker

    Who say him touch the ball to push away

  56. alfo 8 letamendía letamendía


  57. Voltaic Fire

    I miss this series, I hope it comes back.

  58. ChickenBone

    Wow as soon as this video finished my troops were ready


    The archer is jealous about David winning the battle all by himself


    David is a hero I wish the miner can do that in the game

  61. Clashing Pro BD

    supercell plz improve clash of clan game mode....for interest all members who play other game...plz supercell plz do any improve and big improve on coc...😫😫😫😫😪 plz

  62. Clashing Pro BD

    supercell plz improve clash of clan game mode....for interest all members who play other game...plz supercell plz do any improve and big improve on coc...😫😫😫😫😪 plz

  63. Clashing Pro BD

    supercell plz improve clash of clan game mode....for interest all members who play other game...plz supercell plz do any improve and big improve on coc...😫😫😫😫😪 plz


    2013 Improved wall breakers 2020 new troops nd clockwork king 2027 ???

  65. Сергей Камагуров

    Русские тут???

  66. DylanGamer66

    When a barb can past two years under water but can’t survive a bomb

  67. thelegendrymyth 1


  68. علي الشبيبي إب الشبيبي

    Khankir pola iam go attack coming 12/13 basy magir pola my valleg beigin troopy go 30/28 what is this

  69. Aaryan2004

    0:05-0:10 When they finally rebuild the Target but then the cop that killed George Floyd gets acquitted

  70. ع ع

    اكو عرب بطياره

  71. Rens Van den burg

    Bring back global plz 🥺

  72. Vince Gemao

    I think there is gonna be a new super troop it and it will be mega minion for minion inferno dragon for baby dragon and royal hogs for hog riders

  73. Amin Al-Hamidy

    Normally the e wiz would not let the sparky shoot , but in this video the electro wizard made the sparky shoot... Just goes to show -> anything can happen in clash royale!!

  74. アリアくん

    Get brown from line in brawl stars

  75. Sarmad Nabeel


  76. Jaxson Johnson

    My town hall level is 6

  77. maxim kromotorsk


  78. Jose Tirona Calderon

    There should be a troop in clash Royale called Donny and it will build a bridge for u Edit : there should be a spell that makes troops yeet out of existance Edit2: and Donny tried to clone something that was dancing so it will just make another that is dancing...

  79. Onni Pihlamaa

    Supercell ootte parhait

  80. Vishal Rajput

    my clash of clan account has been locked and i m not able to get any resopne from supercell anyone help🥶🥶

  81. Blaze YT

    This show should be in Netflix and prime video

  82. Fariz R. Batarai

    The origin story of the super giant

  83. Australia Flamingo Yt

    is this a mexican song??

  84. EndlessBattle 1

    I guess the villager is now the goblin

  85. Nasir Mukhtar

    This goblin was very innocent

  86. Dj sniper2

    Omg that voice xddd

  87. God of Vids King

    Clash of Clans should make toys

  88. Zoza Hassan

    يا كلاش انا مسحت العبه

  89. Alde tok

    Aku celeser Indonesia hehehe

  90. BACK CAP

    We want more of these. It’s been a long while 😪😪😪😪

  91. D Nonymus

    3:10 it's just like the fall of Troy incidence

  92. Κώστας Τσιλφίδης



    THANK YOU SUPERCELL for adding her


    Perfect game

  95. the man in the woods

    The hog rider sounds like spongebob

  96. Jhunmichael Banagado

    I have a idea the super wizard special ability is a meteor

  97. Rhon Duenas


  98. Haraprasad Rana

    This is super baby drogen

  99. banana man

    Make clash a Rama a show, it will be so good

  100. Sarthak Singh

    It's have been 10 years now also developers did nothing to improve the game ........when we go for trophies pushing we won't find trophies when i go for an attack i recieve 7 trophies on th 13 max base 😓what is this .......really disappointed