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  1. Hiccup and toothless

    Giving away replay buttons For likes 1:36 1:36 1:36 1:36

  2. Matte Gamer

    6:26 she's a different b*tch now

  3. Bác Ra Tù

    Sup kenh cheo nha mn . Uy tinh

  4. Jing hak

    Beaker’s lap

  5. Daniel Deonarine

    Rad6 recommended this game.

  6. yizhe hean

    In clash royale Clasher: Alright! Time to- *Goblin crashes* Clasher: ARGH!!, where did this goblin come from?!



  8. Nogah Badash

    This is true B**

  9. judo dadeo

    aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh your A FLACK

  10. W T

    0:07 7 builders?

  11. Rajat Koli

    Plz sir new update chat to any clan friends online players

  12. Maxx

    My buddy and I went into a CS:GO Casual game with a Hog-rider logo and name and we screamed this all game. Best use of my time ever.

  13. Mr Pro Kid

    Something touched my hand Oh wait it was just ur gross hand 😂

  14. yeeted poison

    The princess has bars not gonna lie...

  15. Luigi Misdorp

    Me: i am the only one who can survive more than 30 minutes under water Barbarían: are you sure? Hold my elixir

  16. Josh Karathra

    whats your favourite troop

  17. Roadkill's Nightcore

    *The New Species* *Barbarian Turtle*

  18. lol lol

    10:08 put it on 0.5 and on 10:57

  19. RealKanno

    This like Cinderella! Nobody Has The Same Foot Size.

  20. bruheffectjpg

    Whats the song?

  21. Roadkill's Nightcore

    *Clash of Clans - Party Wizard Song ft. Air Horn*

  22. Sonderling

    3:00 is nobody gonna discuss how fire that soundtrack was?

  23. Nathan Caldwell

    3:58-4:10 That was me in Freshman year 3:52-4:10 late sophomore and on wards

  24. Noah Wisniewski

    Omg I love these they need to make more cause it make people happy

  25. Can we get 1M SUB with 1 ved

    Why are people shocked We already have magic

  26. Christopher U

    tfw a miner mines straight to all the bombs XRAY HACKS!i!i!

  27. DARKS NIGHTS 666

    Con que eso sientes mis tropas y aldeanos al yo editar la aldea F por toddos kos aldeanos y tropas q sufren por eso :"v

  28. Vlad Maks

    Make more videos

  29. My Documentary

    You should make a giant goblin

  30. Devin Padilla

    The walls are bad but has a good th 0:41

  31. Razzy

    I swear the pekka says vegemite

  32. Arath Winter

    17:15 thats kinda hot

  33. Nuggitz

    8:33 KFC man???? Is that you?

  34. Andrea Notaro

    Best crossover lmao

  35. ا بخ

    Fyi I'm sorry for

  36. DARKS NIGHTS 666

    Cual de las historias para ti es la mas creible 1:la aldeana 2:el rompe muros 3:el constructor Para mi es la del rompe muros :)

  37. TheRedSky

    4:12 cautam România...

  38. Faez Alchalabi

    Hahahah dead ex not feadex Ahahahahaha😸😸😸

  39. Alwin Varghese

    Listen carefully to the background music 0:40

  40. Egg

    I remember when I was so close to having max lvl builder hall but then builder Hall 7 came out

  41. Egg

    Otto kinda cute

  42. Jay creations

    Feel pity for bower 😄😄

  43. Maryam Aljanabi

    Baby dragon is cute :3 and who is watching in 2019 No one ok I’m alone :|

  44. jesus bravo

    Pinche juego roto de mierda por eso quedo rata

  45. My Documentary

    Hey guys you should make a big goblin

  46. Bon smith

    I swear if the next season skin isn't PumpKing I am quitting

  47. Berkant Tas

    3:50 her face is bad

  48. Ahmad Alshibly

    وين العرب

  49. Aj Magar

    Plz... Nepali country flag add ......plz.....

  50. Slime Time

    how do they even do this

  51. P•E•K•K•A


  52. Rrr Aaa

    Why does the princess look like a guy

  53. كميل كميل علي


  54. IIXTemperzz 复活


  55. Spencer Holland

    Hog Rider reminds me of BA Barrakas off the A-Team. Anyone else?

  56. PotatoenIsBad

    Instructions unclear my house is on fire

  57. IND 々 GAMING

    Because of this supercell I'd stuff many of the email I'ds hacked!!

  58. P•E•K•K•A


  59. Bob Smith


  60. King D - Mind

    5:33 CAMILLE

  61. Memic

    *Why don't we just use that boat?*

  62. Spirit Gamingx8

    Traaaaaain robeeeeers

  63. Rapas

    00:57 "Please fix that clash royale cancel button that thing is broken".

  64. LaStLaUgH XD

    Why did u ban me for no reason? I was hacked and I got banned for phishing accounts screw u and ur retarted games

  65. Jhosue Arrieta

    7:43 Me: *sees that in my clash royale* Me: WHAT ME: *BABY DRAGON*

    1. Jhosue Arrieta

      10:22 Rlly ur village is being destroyed by a baby dragon

  66. Shweta Laroiya

    When Town Hall 13 launch

  67. Muhammad Asif

    Baby dragon ❤️

  68. Booty4U GamesYT

    0:04 When you have less builders than Clash a Rama

  69. MarcyMcChill

    No clash a Rama anymore?

  70. TenMcClock

    Donny could just use a Wizard Spell or train in the barracks.

  71. Fishing Ever

    This reminds me of Charlie and the chocolate factory

  72. Shiar Mustafa

    4:52 is it Germany or English or new language

  73. Penguin Gamer17

    poor goblin 7:27

  74. Cringe content _

    *YEAH I GET TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE* Pulls out bomb

  75. Tasrif Khab

    Hei coc please update now

  76. Jennie Stumpf

    Is it even going to talk about how it never turned in tonight in the regular village

  77. mytic but not legendary

    Everyone: 3:45 2 Town Hall 2 Clan Castles 6 builder huts Supercell:

  78. Taraporn Chemnasiri

    7:50 probably your dad’s building

  79. Matt Galvez

    5:01 there talking with real teath

  80. Ilyes nemdili

    فاعل خير 5:55 اشترك في قناني رجاءا

  81. HeyImJosh

    Way to make it authentic at the end of the piece!

  82. Travis Yelland

    They should have more stuff for the season challenges as im 200 points away from completing it n its just aboot half way through the month.

  83. Flightism

    Who is also zooming in xD

  84. elchwurst


  85. Jyotiraditya Shukla

    Wall breaker has muscle on his bone

  86. Jozinek

    At first I had no clue as to why the Healer was German, but then I remembered the TF2 Medic and Mercy from OW and got the reference lol.

  87. Viveka Nand

    no gold pass

  88. leppy boy

    10:19 uhhh pg7

  89. TAI LUNG

    Good time

  90. النسر الجارح

    you going to chooL

  91. Asmith Gaming

    Bring hero + trrops more

  92. Wølf AleX

    I love how they make the magic archer stronger than the bandit lol😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂but bandit its stronger ;-; why magic archer!

  93. Pham Fanduc

    Di v

  94. Bri Does Everything

    Do a season 3 plz I really love this series

    1. Annashea Staten

      what he said

  95. Jennifer Johnson

    Do you guys know what that skeleton from the beginings name is

  96. Melvin Roring

    Next update, make X-bow car at clash of clans

  97. ItzJoiegaming Offline channel

    4:13 IM DYING XD

  98. Five 2019

    The true hero of clash of clans is builder you know why? *He built the town hall and every stuff*

  99. HidoBroGames


  100. Kenny Arendt

    God dam healer is THICC