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  1. Kristal Richardson


  2. Arnald Guinucud

    Who caries a BLADE IN SCHOOL!!! 🤪 THEM and me jk

  3. Dany Rose Navarro

    70 + 50 + 48 = 171 100 - 150 = 50


    Who here likes Amy 👇🏻

  5. Ravi T


  6. shaun middlebrook

    123 go you are good 🤣🤣

  7. Katrisha Kisses

    Who wants Each and everyone of them's *Voice Reveal* | | | V

  8. Zahra Sarmad

    Who is the fan of BTS hit a like

  9. Mona Praveen

    I have a few disturbers

  10. kiet huynh

    Ahhhh the cringe!!!U MISSED A SPOT ON THE CHALKBOARD!!!

  11. Clyde alec De villa

    Awkward moment when you want to be a vlogger

  12. كلايد المشاكسة

    هاي هاي هاي العلامات؟ الثالص انا اسمب ما في بقم ههههه أيش برأيك؟ انت ملكة كوين قناتي اسمها بس بأي لعبت أهمه ث لعبت أهمه لعبت ثهلنلزصكهاث ثهلنلزصكهاث

  13. Saisha Mallya

    Hey person scrolling through

  14. Julie Villafuerte

    I'm the junk food lover🤪 and open mouth eater😆

  15. Lina,sihem ,sama

    Who like 1 2 3 go Like= Vicky Comment= amy

  16. Annie games Ali

    Put your hair up

  17. layla rae Trevor

    Kinda like being short tho :)

  18. layla rae Trevor

    Im short :(

  19. mei khuan leong doris

    I like donning prank can you teach me

  20. Iman Samulski

    I’m the sleeper and the eater, least I share, until a student from the other side of the class asks for some🙄🙄. I think myy teachers must really like my name because they always say it👀 and they always keep me close to their desk. I don’t know why, but they do🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. rock star

    who loves Vicky hit a like 'cause i do love😀 ⬇⬇

  22. Nazla Huda

    my fav people in 123 go is olivia and vicky they are my best one

  23. daliya rizal

    123 Go is fake


    I think thats why Helly did soo long because she was reading Vicky long text

  25. anththehammer

    X ra

  26. Alexa L.

    Y'all eat so hideous

  27. Sherina Nothing


  28. divija sunaina

    Girls and boys lovers is there

  29. Its Jilian Potato

    You don't need to prank you're friends to only have revenge. ♡Love your Enemies♡

  30. Creative ideas

    6:39 how is her bottle closed again

  31. Sumit Pandey

    I love Vicky

  32. Anthony Jocson

    Ollwes Like in 123 GO!

  33. advaith tours

    Some times i also be like in 3:07

  34. Gaia Gattner


  35. shama agrawal

    I ate the food in my class

  36. nohj onid ravialo

    I am not tall or short I am a kid

  37. allyson the ink demon

    I have long hair AND my hair always gets frizzy,tangled,ruined and everything.

  38. Rose Le


  39. Frida .J

    I'm to short!!!!

  40. laylan jamal

    I I don’t want to go back school

  41. rupak upadhyay

    But vasline darken our lips

  42. Hannah Sophia Reyes

    I like the long hair

  43. Yusairah Salman lakhani


  44. Sayam Khan

    Tall=(like) Short=(comment)

  45. Merna Elshora


  46. MimiDLN

    This is how many times Olivia made a weird face

  47. Danni meclean

    I love stranger things do you and I love your channel every day I wach your videos

  48. nohj onid ravialo

    I have straight hair

  49. Abhinav Prakash

    Stupid hacks they dont know how to study

  50. lazyeditsx_.

    2:20. Omg..she just ate a kit kat at the same time.

  51. Katrina Iipinge

    5 year old shawer

  52. Purple stripes Gamer

    Ok realatible

  53. Mikee Castro

    cookie swirl c

  54. liza salman

    Who do you like emy or sophiea the most

  55. Mikee Castro

    happy new year

  56. Tyler Carlton

    I cant wait for coppa to axe channels like this.

  57. Basro Mohammed


  58. Shasitha Nigar

    Open the eatter

  59. Azart

    Джастин прекрасен

  60. Bandana Sarkar


    1. Bandana Sarkar


  61. Kashaf Rasheed

    I love hot sauce

  62. Cortez Smith

    If ur to short to drive you boost up the seat

  63. Jocelyn Chen


  64. Stella Mamo

    You guys are the best! I'm a huge fan!!!!!!

  65. Aya's World

    Wait when kelly was a clown still had lipstick on her teeth

  66. Stella Mamo

    You guys are the best! I'm a huge fan!!!!!!!!

  67. Clyde Moody


  68. Kashika raghuvansh

    I guess I am the Eater and the cheater?😅😂😂 Who loves Vicky here!👇👇💐

  69. pixel Cookie



    Girl in thing: Oh no! My calculator is broken! Me: Why are you using a calculator in class? Also me: Anyway, You look like you should be at university! WhY aRe YoU aT sChOoL?!

  71. lily and the alfie channle

    You spelt makeup rong

  72. abdul omary

    People with the name Sofia are normally short

  73. coralis challenge

    This is verry funny😂❤

  74. Glued! TV

    I have medium length hair but I am cutting 'em short soon.. 😂😂😂😂

  75. Elyse Connaroe

    In class I farted and they said who farted and they said ew akward

  76. jana Hi Bug do you want to be my best friend please

    Can you make magic tricks

  77. Gacha Girl

    When Vicky saw Amy she almost hit her head on the locker lol😂🤣😂🤣

  78. Gacha Girl

    Amy. That’s it I’m getting a new ALARM clock after school

  79. Rebecca Zipagan

    Hi this is not the person who is in this pic. This is her daugther. And all of the characteristics in this video is me pls like if you are too

  80. Gacha Girl

    I’m the two lovebirds

  81. Gacha Girl

    Who Here Likes Vicky over here 👇🏾🙏🙏

  82. Misheel M

    I’m the The miss I know it all

  83. Angel Walker

    so fuuny

  84. Angel Walker

    so fuuny

  85. Gia The little gamer

    Huh? I through is short people vs tall people? But why is the shorts are bigger? Is it fat vs thin?

  86. Meida Triyani

    Wat is Name ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  87. Grace borja

    Your so bad olivia da..... I don't like you

  88. Ally and Luke

    but olivia didn't steal in the first prank

  89. Karen Gonzales

    Is lana and lily suppose to be twins.😕😕

  90. dinie238

    I lovr you idea....plz make new video abaut challenge

  91. its me ql

    Did they showiring with make up

  92. Gacha Girl

    I wish I could eat nutella like her, but we are too broke to buy nutella XD

  93. Lesley Sillseemult

    I have long heare

  94. Shädöw cöökìe

    I am an Eater i sneak food in class srry

  95. Taekook Is my Vitamin

    5:44 is exactly me in my science lab or any other desks.

  96. Galaxy_wolf_Luv 2243

    Well inside of the deadly alarm clock out just put your alarm clock all the way across the room and then you have to get up and go turn it off and then you are up boom

  97. Azar Zirdo


  98. Terane Huseynova

    Vicky !!!!! I love you Likeee

  99. Cici Renae

    0:34 that sound though. It is so satisfying.

    1. Sage

      Who to gdgdjd

  100. Terane Huseynova

    Sofia O:-)