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  1. Ava Lamberton

    Ok is this suppose to be funny cause it’s halarious

  2. Jeremy Simms

    Girls usually laugh louder in public in efforts to get attention

  3. Maharaj Hawlader


  4. Karmen Kaiuree

    So cute 😍

  5. Absol _the gamer29

    Why would helly be on her phone when she couldn’t see?

  6. Jess Is Brave

    The sleeping at night one doesn't match with waking up How can you wake up perfect but the while your sleeping its a mees PS for long hair people

  7. Fr Eldhose Palakunnel

    Actually when she was in the toilet did she didnt close the door😐


    Lily and lana looks like twins

  9. Anya Cassandra

    I have a long hair but cutted it in short either way it's still bad

  10. Danellepinkiepie

    She didnt really made a hun she use a donut bun thing cuz its so smooth just look

  11. Devanshi mishra

    This new boy is really good in acting and looks super cute also

  12. Prayagraj Gamer

    Vicky is so😎😎😎🤩😍 cute

  13. MrJFK1983


  14. Danellepinkiepie

    Im a girl(kid) and i like wearing heels/wedges

  15. Mamta Sharma

    I like your hacks mam


    Vicky is beautiful

  17. Kannan Geetha

    6:15 wow comedy

  18. The Ugly Beauty

    Thought Sofia was getting late for school. But she had the time to diy that shoe and not get late?

  19. Kannan Geetha

    3.24 M i am only

  20. Vanessa Nicole Sumido

    Who wants to reveal their voice !!!! 😊 👇if you agree and i want to reveal their voice 👇 hit a like Thank you 😊!!!!


    You have copied this from our filtercopy

  22. Mock Tales

    Who keeps snikers in a bag all time

  23. maryamsketch hobby

    Priencess Vicky

  24. Zara Skaltsas

    I have short hair..... 1 like is 1cm longer hair for me!😊

  25. Sudakshina Dey

    So boring

  26. Talesha Miners


  27. Celine Park

    ummm the chewing sounds are sooo annoying

  28. Adyayee Rout

    I wake up like that expectations expect the tiara

  29. Sri Bhavani Borewells


  30. monikamanaswi

    Helleeeee!!!😔😔 Hey!! Where is Helleeeee?

  31. Onkar Godse

    Please do a school vs college video

  32. Mylene Talag

    Thumbs up 💖 for Princess Vicky💖😍💐 Because shes so beautiful For me she is like Queen Vicky💖💖

  33. Miah Laver

    I love 💕 your videos 123 go !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Gurmukh Singh

    I love Vicky so much hit like please

  35. Yara Ghaddar

    this reminds me of troom troom, not in a good way

  36. tasme Moni

    My bathday Is coming to morou

  37. tasme Moni

    My bathday Is coming to

  38. Leopard Bra Brado

    Why do they have over exaggerated sound effects No hate I'm just wondering

  39. dlnhh 000

    I have short hair but I still can do a ponytail

  40. Shekhar Maharaj

    I love you all 123 go.

  41. aarv jain

    Vicky is just dam girl 😘😋😘😘

  42. alqalam bm

    Who is like vicky

  43. Conchita Toledo

    Mia is ugly

  44. Cleona Lee

    Lol so funny

  45. Emma Woods

    In the first day of school I have no homework 😆

  46. Onkar Godse

    Please do a school vs college video

  47. Rjon OMG

    Why always expectation Vs Reality? Why not pranks?

  48. Gacha AmyXD Ocean wofieicy_YT

    T. I

  49. Rahul Kumar

    I really relate to that Homework reality part

  50. Kanchan Mala Devi

    I love you vicky

  51. Ahmed Yasen



    funny, guy :)

  53. Geeta Rawat

    So cute Vicky you are

  54. Nicole and Cleaven Grech

    So f***ing disgusting 🤮🤮🤮

  55. Geeta Rawat

    I love you Vicky you are my favourite GEselsr

  56. Logasudha Senthilkumar

    We have to use micelar cleansing water only to remove that tattoo design or anything else

  57. sanjanaa Mei lien

    I want more funny pranks your funny pranks are the best. 123 GO

  58. Momina Aziz

    Vicky and helli 💜 good friendship 💕

  59. Momina Aziz

    Vicky was looking so pretty when she put her crown on her head wow 😮 I think she is a reall princess 😍 💋 can you make a challenge called I'll buy whatever you can spell!! Please.... In your another channel?? 😋😚

  60. Ramesh Mehta

    What's the name of the girl in 3prank

  61. Neitai Khaute

    I wish that they will do makeup challange who also want plese like♥♥♥♥

  62. Momina Aziz

    Yaayyy vicky again!!! 😘😘😍😍

  63. Nga Nguyễn Phương


  64. Mezni Jamel


  65. Ruqayya Lokhandwala

    Where is helly

  66. Alyana Dean

    Who like Vicky and who doesn't like vicky


    Actually i can do that bun and i actually do it like everyday

  68. Aaron Jan Bautista

    10:08 rubbish, relish... :'>

  69. Muhammad Sazili


  70. Norma Burrows


  71. Haneen Hamid

    Yes idont like maths 😆😆😆

  72. Houda haytch

    where is Helly?

  73. Catfight43770

    Looks like she needs to try some toothpaste cookies, to take care of those yellow chompers. 2:32

  74. Catfight43770

    So, this is like 5 Minute Crafts, but worse because there is talking. 🙄

  75. Shiela Sajise

    vicky please be careful of what you wear because you are too skinny

  76. Prajna Sharma

    You can totally relate to making the bun thing

  77. SomeRandomGuy is cool

    Im like this heheheheheheh

  78. Marsini marsini

    Hai nama kummarsini

  79. jia Hudson

    Love u vicky who loves vicky hit a like 👇👇👍👍

  80. RitaDeja Gooden

    I have a afro!

  81. Jessy N

    Why every time they make a reality waking up thing there’s always trash and food everywhere? 😂

  82. Simi Bajaj

    Hey . When I eat soup the problem does not happen with me. I put my hair at the back of my ear . I have short hair

  83. kirat gaming Bal

    Who else wish this notification on their phone (👍someone liked your comment)

  84. Miss. Sam B

    It was just a video....

  85. Miss. Sam B


  86. Pushpinder Singh

    OMG your this video is awesome ☺️

  87. Susan Custodio

    Tomorrow is my birthay Pls like so we will know how old am i

  88. The Cutie pie

    I need to

    1. Leopard Bra Brado

      I can’t believe how this is #7 on trending

  89. The Cutie pie


  90. The Cutie pie

    I need go for insta crusious

  91. Jisung Pwark


  92. Wesam Haddad

    hi 123 go

  93. Dakota Mackie


  94. Paula Douglas

    Who saw how dirty her feet were no? just me okay

  95. Rishabh Patel

    vicky is my favourite

  96. Despina Zoum

    I hate my curly hair😭😭😭 I wish I had straight hair 😭🙏🙏🙏🙏(if you have curly hair pls like)

  97. fatii zohra

    Kids are watching these vids....stop

  98. Phoenix Flame

    I have curly hair and all these have happened at least once its so annoying

  99. anita sahu

    Sophia was like nobita😁😁😁

  100. JarrodVideos #Epix