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  1. Cody Takanosun

    This is age restricted :(

  2. RevolveR

    2.99$ on Xbox 👍

  3. Poker DG

    2:16 When you know the gun has high Recoil but your vertical Sensitivity is even higher look she aiming under it all shot

  4. Fuze And cluster charge


  5. Bluestreak

    Recruit we need a fifth guy what your gamertag

  6. Ronjon Capul

    bring back the "assassin's"

  7. Try X Jay

    Finally, Ubisoft sees Tachanka as a god

  8. SilencedWolf 20

    When Ubisoft says buy the new season pass but they just make the game more shite where did that ash hit box fix go 🤔 also fix ur fuckin servers my dude like wtf

  9. Luke Cavalcante

    I like how nearly nobody can speak english properly

  10. BestLegend134

    Does anyone know hat doc said in French?

  11. Fraser Rankin

    Anyone know the name of the song?

  12. FOX FIRE 77

    I like how cav looks in the camera 1:01

  13. chicken bucket

    This is interesting. Imagine thinking of anti-terrorism as a sport. Terrible

  14. Devin Kinsella

    So do...they actually shoot each other orrrr....because they’re still alive, obviously...do they have to call their hits?

  15. GTAV Shorts

    anybody else got the hots for cav and mira? cant just be me

  16. Henry immortal

    and here i thought you guys will be adding new recruit from kali group.

  17. ian simmons

    Seeing Sledge do that slide makes me wish that was a game mechanic

  18. Kavinda Piumal

    never foget about old opraters!!!

  19. RedPillorBluePill

    LOL 😂. The division...?? People still playing this game?? I just saw it marked down to $5 bucks last weekend.

  20. Dat rad Boi

    A big Fukien man coming right up

  21. John N

    0:55 2:25

  22. Aasheed Skipper

    Is it possible for us to get crossplay? At least with Xbox

  23. SpaceMarine1424

    It would’ve been cool to see tachanka pull off a 1v5 on defence

  24. Dixon Cider16

    idk about the rest of you, but i think it'd be cool if ubisoft added the armor from that cutscene with the three dudes fighting over the water and make it based off some origins event in the game. also the armor of the statues from citadel gate would be cool.

  25. nicholas dawson

    Are we losing all our exotics from year 1 when the new dlc drops ?

  26. doomzy

    If you’ve ever coded a Simple game this entire thing makes you want to cease to exist

  27. Ortu Ignis

    bruh why is every elite skin these days casual friday / workout gear? Like the last time we got an elite skin that was an actual elite combat skin was like... Thatcher.

  28. SplavacadoMania

    They should have a 5v5 match of only recruits

  29. Cody

    Is there a graphical upgrade with this dlc or is that just done for this video?

  30. Gabriele Hu

    if pulse shot hibana instead of doing the "cool surprise pistol on the back of the head" thing, he would've probably won the tournament

  31. Like Boss

    Can you get those from all gamemodes or only from the event one?

  32. GoldenPiroshki


  33. Zephyr

    so new max level is 40 so do we get more dps

  34. Zephyr

    so do we lose all are stuff

  35. Richard Avelino

    Still dont trust them...

  36. Zephyr

    two more weeks

  37. # TheoTagTeam

    I think iana should be able to melee barikades. Sorry for my english i not so good 😂

  38. Anonymous Wolf

    My Favourite AC of all-time

  39. Mor'Lid

    Sledge: one shots a mozzie from 30 meters away Also sledge: shoots pulse twice from 5 meters away but dies

  40. Usanagi San

    I wanted to see cav get bodied by blitz as she try's to intero

  41. TheViperian

    "We will have to earn their trust back" *Plays with puppy* Nice.


    Log in today and still no tactical helmet

  43. Hdjdurhd Sufjdjdudu

    Ubisoft PLS Israel Defense Forces AND Delta Force

  44. Jah

    iana is valid

  45. Victor Pilon

    is it me or no one oprator exept sledge use his competence

  46. ToasterShroodle

    No wonder the defenders lost, they had 5 roamers and 4 copper players.

  47. OhMyGodImPanicking

    Amaru: hah, only i can get up top hatches Operation Void Edge: *_uh oh_*

  48. xiyu wan

    pro game=guard break spam


    Bruh, this is not halal, mozzie is blonde

  50. solder 21

    Y'all should make a mandalorian game but like assassin's Creed

  51. A6ENT 99

    this was a beatiful animation now i want more

  52. Bán László

    Let Oryx ancestry be Norwegian rather. This description does not suit him so since the Arabs are rather weak. The largest ones and the strongest ones are the northern ones though. The next commandos could be huge Norwegians even.

  53. Saif-Allah Nadeem

    Pulse should've shot Hibana :(

  54. Frank Hornchek

    I'm going to keep putting up ideas on GEsels comments. With apparel and the DZ, it would be neat if killing an agent wearing a piece of apparel that you do not own that he drops it that must be extracted would be a neat way to get us fighting

  55. Juan Rosario

    Maybe an later DLC update will add the missing Captain Roy Benitez, finger's crossed!

  56. Yat 404

    Doc fling handsome

  57. Gavvy

    Ok but why is blitz so cute like wow

  58. RedDucky

    I hope it's cross play

  59. Henry VIII

    Dying siege: the team killing *good game, good night*

  60. Halscion

    my dude must have a face, skull, and spine made out of carbon-sheathed steel boys

  61. Richard Avelino

    Soldier on, little operators.

  62. TheWaterMelons

    They should make a kool-aid skin for Oryx. Smashing through walls, “ohhh yea”.

  63. Dylan

    loved this game

  64. Blandon Flakes

    Make this a movie plz

  65. GasterGamer Animations and arcades and music

    I was sad when the attackers won

    1. GasterGamer Animations and arcades and music

      Cav is my main

  66. Crimson

    is it wrong or weird to find cav in this video very attractive compared to the game (with and without face paint)??

  67. Brandon Huber

    Hey, we all know Pulse would have won that if he wasn't so nice to Hibana. All Pulse players must carry teams like that from now on!

  68. Yeboi Lol

    Ash and Jager should have been in this

  69. pao pablo

    pls give us the option to purchase the stinger hunter outfit upon release of the new DLC. some of us have work and would save a lot of time from the referral process. thanks

  70. Sword.In.Stone

    You did it. You ruined Recruit.

  71. Squidward 354

    Let oryx withstand like zofia!

  72. OhMyGodImPanicking

    with the power of the black panther, Wamai can do anything

  73. CallmeCart3r Xbox

    Saw this on GEsels like a year ago

  74. fruity BBQ


  75. OhMyGodImPanicking

    dude, recruit keeps coming in my house like bruh, stop stealing my phone

  76. Michael Cermak

    Bring back the snow!!!!

  77. Rodhan Dermott

    Nobody notice Dokkaebis beanie said swelter skelter the drug fueled festival from watch dogs 2 1:18


    Wtf revenge in a 1v1 lol

  79. NoobPlayerr-_-

    Dual wield teaser?

  80. OneCalBacon

    I remember skipping class just to play this. I played hooky and pretended I was “sick” and spent hours grinding. Now I’m stuck doing essays with no time to play...

    1. Anonymous Wolf

      Same , lol ....good ol days 😂

  81. TheKrustyBear

    Everyone: uses modified non lethal rounds Pulse: *blows up 2 people using C4*

  82. euan Kim

    Surprisingly, doc was working as a team, and not spawn peaking.

  83. Mark Cesar

    recruit filming himself in the ladies locker room of the attacking team... watch the next video where recruit does the same thing on the defending team

  84. Gaming Toaster

    0:01 when dem pizza rolls are done

  85. OG Uprising

    This was amazing, I hope to see many more cutscenes like this in future events

  86. Jason Stampt

    yeah? remake or something? 😒

  87. Channel: Negative

    Iana looking like she be melting

  88. Channel: Negative

    Give thermite breach charges

  89. El Rincon Del Gallinero

    return the money, have to pay for the game again, cover it saying that it is an expansion, but for those who do not buy the expansion will remain as outcast to those who buy the game again .... THIS IS A THEFT

  90. lol loli

    But how’s nick moms?

  91. Channel: Negative

    Pulse could have aced dammit

  92. Hotrod22158

    this needs to be a real sport tho

  93. Vik Nik

    oryx: *exists* Shield operators: "my time has come"


    I Found A Bear In Coney Island But It Wouldn't Let Me Take A Photo In Photo Mode So I Took it In Xbox Capture Mode. How Do I Get My Suit? Also Nobody Told Me I Had To Make It To Tier 5 To Get Exotics And I Was Farming For Weeks...I Had To Find Out The,Hard,Way I,Need Answers Plus The D50 Ain't Dropping For Me I Got All The Components For My Exotic But I Need The D50

  95. 1 8 9 6 U M E

    Please Elite for Zofia

  96. Spartan


  97. waitimnoob

    Just because of this, pulse is now 1 of my favorite characters... Bro he fucking slayed

  98. HaluMind

    This is phenomenal!

  99. Ghost