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  1. Paul Simjay

    But of course, the crave for this device is growing on us all

  2. Mahir Sampat

    3:38 flex

  3. Rogerio Pinto

    Desing avançado, fácil navegação, muito bom!

  4. Mark Robby

    Samsung always make everything complete, so the Galaxy Fold pretty much serve that purpose - second display

  5. Inka Sisane

    0:20 Eeea Yea!

  6. James Hemminger

    There a case in the box as well

  7. Michael Scott

    1:27 "That's what she said!"

  8. Andres Ignacio Ortega Saravia

    0:19 OMG I laughed so hard, first time I heard this type of found effect in a Marques video.

  9. Việt Thắng Đào

    Can you review gaming phone

  10. kobe uchiha

    Why does this video have dislikes?

  11. Hrcoo _

    3:50 well we've got both now

  12. Puppa

    Actually you can swipe to the left on the little screen will change to the ultrawide

  13. Alecsar

    6:13 Marques is a Grower confirmed

  14. Panayiotis Toumazou

    Flip phones are cool and business owners but they need to but not cheap

  15. the the


  16. Qays

    most people in the world : i want a phone which i can use as a rock to throw at people. MKBHD: there are finger prints all over it.

  17. Dave A

    The Clash is back ?

  18. Asmir Hasanovic

    I don't know why they try to make a folding phone at all, there is no advantage over regular non folding phones.

  19. ManOfMelanin NinalemFoNam

    NASA: 👀

  20. Deano Delpleash

    who think this looks like the cell phone in black mirror season 5?

  21. Rocket Bear

    5:22, you can switch to the Ultrawide, i saw it on Flossy Carter’s video. All you need to do is swipe on the little screen and it will switch

  22. Hillary Orinde

    The radio cassette was deliberately left in the shot for conversation.

  23. Rangoo So

    다들 예전 폰 습관이 있나봐요 ㅋㅋㅋ z flip 열때도 한손으로 잡고 엄지로 열려고들 하네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  24. Saadat Esmaeili

    I wish you expanded on coronavirus.

  25. Michael Young

    0:19 What the heck was that sound?

  26. mantri akhil


  27. ゚BobFredIII

    This guy is a poet, he said germination, cross pollination and silo all in the same sentence to get his point across, great use of semantic field

  28. Android TV

    I went to the samsung store an asked them why the screen was plastic they still said it's 100% glass an I also asked them about what processor the phone comes with an they said they don't know 😅🤣

  29. next gen

    You got matching pants man

  30. Mike B

    apples 12mp camera still looks better than this 108mp bullcrap lol

  31. meltingpotseries

    Not sure about your predictions on the iPhones. As strongly as I wish Apple would switch from lightning to usb-C I don’t think that’s their strategy for the iPhone. In fact, the whole point of them differentiating iOS and iPadOS was for the iPad to become a real alternative to laptops - expandable storage, server connections, better multitasking, etc. However the iPhone must remain a phone marketting-wise as they neither want it to be compatible with usb-C technologies or become a competitor to the iPad. The camera will still be the main focus of this phone and I feel the most exciting thing about the iPhone lineup will actually be the SE. Flagships phones are incredibly good and have no much room for improvements. Plus Apple is in no habit of being at the avant-guarde of new gadgety tech such as foldables- not mature enough to their eyes - so what they’ll announce for the new SE is where their strategy lies. On a tech standpoint, Apple is fairly uninteresting when it comes to smartphone, iPad however or the AppleWatch are far more interesting products. Appreciate your outlook on tech. Great videos!

  32. Fardin Khan

    00:19 😂😂😂😂 Hear It again

  33. NeonPlayz

    Legend says that 6g should download 1tb per second

  34. michael falk

    the glas should give better contrast and colors.. acording to samsung,..

  35. Frankillz

    Innovation left the chat

  36. Aditya YepYep

    Foldable tech is not even worth looking into until Apple decides to do something with it

  37. Fahad Iqbal

    my last Samsung phone was a galaxy note 10 plus. Their customer service is terrible and they refused to acknowledge the warranty only because I bought the phone on eBay. Definitely not sticking to Samsung anymore. and would recommend others to ditch this brand as well.

  38. Fahad Iqbal

    I assume we will soon be seeing a tesla roadster review on your channel? I have now seen it a zillion times on your videos ;)

  39. zelinka753

    i think there is wide angle mode when u tap twice on the small screen...seen it in some other reviews

  40. Daniel Linan

    To tall to use with one hand touching the corners, adjust your fucking hands you lazy fuck. As far as opening/closing the phone with one hand, you need stronger fingers....

  41. Blazerows

    Honestly, this first gen wearable is still good today. Not fast but it does everything the series 3 does just slower and weaker. (also loses some features)

  42. Paulus Hangula

    Thumbnail on point

  43. Junior Hastings

    0:25 How you going to make the Samsung Z Flip your daily phone, when it is not compatible with your Apple Watch that you are wearing on your right hand?

  44. Synyster Craig

    When we getting the Galaxy s20 Ultra camera comparisons?? Need to know how it competes!

  45. Alex

    No one: Literally no one: MKBHD : YEEET!

  46. Itsme

    I don't see me buying that EVER!!!!

  47. Mirzac Andrei

    Bill Gates talks about Porsche 5:40

  48. SaGeMajestic

    complete waste of money

  49. Stian Lunner Bruland

    You can swipe between the lenses in the viewfinder

  50. I hate humans

    *Plus Ultra*

  51. Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)

    Guy literally says it's easier and possible to open the phone with one hand, as opposed to other flip phones. Then goes on to say it's annoying to open the phone with both hands every time. Smh

  52. R2 D2

    this thing is Shit Scratches at level 1 with deeper grooves at level 2

  53. debyton

    Can you shoot video and view on the inside screen while its half-folded, 90 degrees side-shot style? Also, I'll need it to be water-resistant like the S8.

  54. clancy dsouza

    Samsung Galaxy z flip exist Gorilla Glass: alright I'm gonna head out.


    3:58 austin got roasted for his 16:9 content 😂😂

  56. Neo X

    Auto captions are missing?

  57. Neo X

    Pls enable auto captions

  58. Talaal F.

    That magnet paper is satisfying.

  59. Tijn D

    5:30 BREAKING NEWS: Samsung releases gameboy with two camera's and tiny viewfinder

  60. Anubhav Trivedi

    The most noticeable thing in the video was Marques's Pink Jeans

  61. Bernard Robbins

    love the Austin Evans cameo

  62. Shahid Mohammed

    Thats a tesla surfboard behind......

  63. Quervy

    If anyone could help me grow my tech channel , I would really appreciate it!

  64. Shrey

    3:50 brawl stars


    THE CLASH “London Calling” on cassette.

  66. JM _XC

    1:21 And the fact that it matches your

  67. Sunil Narine

    This looks like vanity compact mirror that women tend to use with all that pick color. This looks like a toy for woman I dont know.............its just my thought.

  68. raja hassan

    Hey man plz change to one plus 7 pro

  69. Magic Mystery

    I never understood why folding phones are back cause before all this and still now we are carrying upto 6.9' phones in our pocket. With unnecessary pricing, why we would we want this phone.

  70. Wildan Fajar

    Please don't throw away all the accessories like that again :'( All the things in this video it's pretty much new to me (i'm also not sure if i ever buy this phone) and i want to see it being described nicely. Thank you if you read this.

  71. MannyNCF

    “Olden days” 😳

  72. Snoodballla !

    this vid convinced me razr is better

  73. Enver Dashdemir

    You can leave fingerprints on all phones you idiot. Stop talking about this. It’s not a big deal

  74. FM Volt

    Glass is glass, and glass breaks

  75. Amit Dey

    Your editing really getting better that makes you best as well, but this video started at dark for me brightness was not enough

  76. Melendez LL

    hhhh,I like him

  77. Kaisinel Music

    0:19 wasn't expecting that😂😂

  78. Francis Hinson

    When is Apple going to do their own flip phone

  79. Pr Rocker

    Ngl the fact this thing has such a huge battery and still keeps the headphone jack is a huge sell for me lol idk maybe if the ROG 3 keeps with the trend of this phone but bringing the display resolution up I might pick one up when in due for an upgrade

  80. Adil Shamim

    Are we silently gonna ignore the purple jeans?? 💜


    Marques, it does let you toggle the ultrawide, u just tab the viewfinder @5:27....

  82. Ludogaj

    Why isn't this called Samsung flip V?


    Im using j4 ram is 2gb


    2020 display for 2020 camera

  85. Ethan Jorge Fazon

    5:39 "people in the olden days" ?? Being someone who fantasized over the original Motorola Razr. I feel attackedt.

  86. Jaymee Fletcher

    The brushes in the hinge don’t do anything

  87. harish vinjamuri

    Samsung included a case in the box

  88. Jaymee Fletcher

    It broke on me an the line in the middle gets worse with each flip

  89. vinnu vineeth

    00.37 Samsung - Avoid scratching it . Jerry rig - Scratches at Level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7. Also draws at the back with his razor sharp knife . Samsung-Am I a joke to u?

  90. Arnold Schwarzenegger

    And why do I care if it's growing on you?

  91. Mr K

    5:22 Nope,If you double click it you could switch to the ultrawide camera.

  92. lightsoul95

    Samsung releases foldable screen smartphones: Apple some years later: our newest innovative invention the apple iflip for just only 3000$ 64gb version! Isheeps: omg so amazing such wow apple did it again!


    Who the fuck in they right mind is spending 1300 on a phone?

  94. Lieutenant General Obvious

    1990: Yay! Mobile phones are here to stay! 1995: We're slowly figuring out how to remove antennas that extend above the devices. 2000: Color screens yo! Also, you can listen to the radio. 2005: They flip now! Isn't that RAD!? 2010: Goodbye PDA - Hello Smartphone! 2015: SUPER-Color screens yo! Also, sorry no more radio. 2020: tHeY fLiP nOw¡ iSnT tHaT cAsH mOnEy¿¡ 2030(?): Antennas are back!

  95. Xenoking

    This seems kinda unnecessary tbh

  96. Yusheng Luo

    I like how he laughed when he mentioned the escobar phone

  97. Starllet Nixie

    It looks like make up glass girls use when half open.

  98. blacklikepepper

    watch the scratch test video here on yt some guy made for this phone, its a fucking SCAM, not glass, and SUPER easy to scratch, even with ur own fingernails.. what a JOKE to call this sh*t GLASS

  99. SMOKEYoriginalHD

    Eww.. that's just terrible.. and the price? Just a big no.

  100. Gadget Goblin

    When will you be doing a review of the s20?