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  1. Tanha Kpop

    Oyster put me off now cause I tried it in America

  2. Jayasree Katari

    The face of that man is scp 106

  3. cameron brooks

    Urg... I hate pet shoutouts, pets don’t matter that much to others, they ultimately mean nothing, save the people they mean too, might as well shoutout places you may like to holiday to, I think the time has come to mature the delivery of content, it feels childish to me, aim for 20+ min, if young-uns want to learn something, pick up a book, I may unsubscribe as the content is repeated, condescending, trivial, and flippant, it lacks atmosphere, more detailed information, and clarity, were not chatting in a line for hungry jacks or whatever here, please let’s grow up, I may unsubscribe and seek more appropriate information.

  4. YoRavity

    Im like that girl ill have 30 seconds - 1 minute and they will come true a couple of months..

  5. lighanne green

    Corini virous

  6. Hamster Lover

    Im a shadow

  7. YT_Redve's Biggest Fan


  8. Linda Kelly

    Excuse me my brother's name is Bubba at least that's what we call him.

  9. Shadesh Lalman

    How does they have 4 instead of 5 fingers

  10. dawgchain

    So, worldwide epidemic you say? Are you why I can't get a bottle of hand sanitizer? Thanks a lot. Lol

  11. Jayden6657 YT

    But im going to Disneyland IN A MILLION YEARS

  12. Jayden6657 YT

    Ye- no no I haven't

  13. Himori PlayzUwU

    7 year old me in a school stage performance: *(sweats intensively)*

  14. Estella Luna

    some aren’t scary ☹️

  15. to much fun can kill

    7:40 is creapypasta laughing Jack

  16. Mino Rizk

    My favorite song is gangman style!! How dare u ruin my favorite song! U mean!! 😢 🥼 👖

  17. Mariam M

    Oh my God, I do not wanna be buried alive....If I die, I wanna stay dead. Actually I should ask my family to put a bullet in me before they bury me......This is the scariest thing I have ever watched.

  18. Kaylesha Pickering

    Till they die

  19. Áine O'Malley

    Most painful of them all Trying to take your baby teeth out

  20. Nikki L

    This is how many times she should she thank the dish washer gohst 👇🏻

  21. sijuma3

    Amazing video pls do Dutch urban legends

  22. Nikki L

    The gohst is like eat these bricks and poles people: what do you want ghost: hmmmmmmm I don’t like gooses so shoot it now I want your house people:🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😕😕

  23. Isoldee Campeciño

    I know what is charlie charlie and ouija board

  24. LilJosh Games

    I had a scary school trip to London in Y5 We were on our boat it was late suddenly there was a knock at the door we thought that it was some of the boys next door to our room so we kept on chatting suddenly one of us had to g to the toilet he went and dropped his apple outside the room he came back realising that he dropped the apple but it had moved we all went to sleep hoping that morning would come we went out the next day to find the apple in the girls room with only the core left... we also left a go pro the next night in one of the boys rooms we turned it on to find the door opened with no one standing there then there was a dash of a foot

  25. Andrius Martinaitis

    Wheres fortnite in this list

  26. Shadesh Lalman

    🙋 I love it to. Space mountain to is my favourite ride

  27. Jskew

    Good God do her ear rings bother anyone else? I so wanted to enjoy this video and she is super awesome but loose the damn earings. J.

  28. Mariam M

    Does this mean, sometimes when people have been buried they might regain consciousness for a while, or become alive again...just to die of suffocation....That sounds horrible.

  29. Angel guzman

    I know the show power ranger

  30. MWAD HEAT 1227

    Can u do Romanian urban legends

  31. Bhim ghartimagar

    i have birthmark in by leg in the shap of leaves 🌿

  32. Shadesh Lalman

    🙋 I do!

  33. Ioan Roberts

    Amount of people that thought *hmmmm I wonder if my smoke alarm is working*


    They should all be soldiers ✊🏿😂

  35. iiGh0stXx Gaming

    Scp stands for Secure.Contain.Protect

  36. Kamal Al-Ashqar

    The amazing world of gumball

  37. Rhia Hodder

    I had a imagery friend that was a monkey with a heart on it's belly

  38. wadda angel

    Damn that fourth was spooky. Btw, Greetings from Finland 🇫🇮🇫🇮. I know what storm clouds look like and that's not one of them. Freaky. Suomi mainittu ✌️

  39. Qhamokuhle Shibane

    It's not wrong 🔥

  40. Juice Queen naturally

    I use to be scared shitless as a kid being told these stories....Big up Yard Duppy...

  41. Vbuise_ Plays_roblox

    It’s the Black Death with coronavirus and also small pox

  42. Nicola Sharkey

    I once heard a story and it goes like this : A woman once lived in a flat, she was on the phone with her boyfriend as she sat on her bed. She dropped her phone underneath the bed and when she went to collect it she spotted a skinny figure. The figure was not facing her. She told her boyfriend on the phone she was going to the bathroom and she locked the door. Without hesitation,she she climbed out the window to call the police. When they arrived, an officer pulled her aside and explained how they found a tall skinny old man standing outside her bathroom with a knife probably waiting to kill her yeah totally not creepy

  43. Áine O'Malley

    The worst pain is... Having a loose tooth thinking it's the worst pain but then you remember that you accidentally stabbed yourself with that knife once

  44. John Bires

    Does this guy have a mouth full of tootsie rolls?

  45. Your as Fakeashernails Hashtagfakelifefakebeing

    **SCARY MARY**

  46. Kerri Baxter

    And this is why many here in my country of Australia are getting really, really ticked off from our government in not locking the place down! We're being made to self regulate ourselves as best as possible, because our Prime Minister and his lackies are more worried about the economy, than the health of Australia, it's frustrating as heck right now!

  47. Manav Saluja

    You know what, I understand those countries which are polluted right now. But hiding that country which is causing too much pollution won't save you. Go and search top countries causing most pollution. If China and your great USA didn't top the list, change my name.

  48. Explosive Gaming

    If it was, I would just die.

  49. Annabel Barton

    Sorry I'm 12 hours late watching this video. I enjoyed this video. I'm 15 years old and I'm from Peterborough in the UK and I live in Peterborough in the UK

  50. Explosive Gaming

    Thank God none of this is real

  51. Tz Jambro games

    Borris Johnson has COVID 19

  52. Julien Gacha

    My grandma has a crying Boy painting and this painting is since 1980 there and our house ist still alive!

  53. jerson the youtuber

    In the swings part, the air is moving it, not the dead boy.

  54. Andcis Bravo

    Clip 095mp.4 dont watch it

  55. Mariam M

    What was that old man doing climbing trees anyway...

  56. Mysterious Werewolf

    Demon: I see you... Me: like what you see? 😉 Demon:*blushes*

  57. Nosey Oregon Bear

    Hi l like Your videos 👍can you make more


    I’m from Bangladesh and I’m terrified

  59. Conor power

    Just saying I'm Irish

  60. pete r

    i hate robert

  61. jayvhon calma

    4:57 *tbh she looks insane*

  62. Felix Fett

    Jeg er dansk ey English im danish ey

  63. Wendy Joy Garma

    My name is Sofia

  64. Mike Rynaski

    Imagine not having any idea what you're talking about and claiming to be a fan of that exact thing... like really man...

  65. Sara michelsen/vlog

    Death kinda scares me but it dosent scare me so much

  66. Mariam M

    No. 8 just broke my heart....

  67. Joshua Gadsby

    Get out of the comments and watch it on full screen

  68. Michael Watkinson

    Congratulations on being a father. Kids area blessing.

  69. Mary Lynn

    When she got to the crying boy my lights flickered in my bathroom while i was getting ready. Heart dropped.

  70. nancy owensby

    I got some witches brew for antiseptic.

  71. JananaMilkshake

    4:10 If she was stabbed one more time...

  72. Lore

    When top 10 was a decent chain

  73. Princess Pearl Cavan

    I believe in god jesus christ and the angel .....of god

  74. al roscoe

    This is weird but I should be on this.I eat toilet paper XD

  75. Alexandra Balampanidou

    My least favorite songs are ..... 1 born without a heart 2 miss wanna die 3 for the love for the daughter

  76. Paraskevas Papantonakis

    I only can hear Landon dowlatsingh but can't see him

  77. Princess Pearl Cavan

    Lord i am a sinner ...save me lord god ...

  78. GzeroAnimations

    I would buy a moth helmet,and you?

  79. stalin

    The titanic was build in northern ireland so he might be from northern ireland

  80. Animato

    these theories really are grasping at straws