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  1. TT O

    I didn't get that the character Matthew was gay, he was sitting with his gf in the first scene he is in. I just thought he was snobby

  2. James

    Was it as offensive as Aladdin? 😂

  3. Kev Young

    In the uk we just make a good film without worrying about ticking the diversity checklist. People have had enough about worrying to offend people.

  4. robert jones

    I can't really say much for the trans part of the show. I am gay and cis, so I would have liked to see Ambrose be more on the gay side. I wish they would put more gay male representation it really sucks that shows kill off any gay guys quickly.

  5. Pinkdew1

    I would love a video of your opinion on the sag awards wins

  6. Ando Cando

    It’s hay not hee.. What would Madonna say, McConaughey as he himself put it.

  7. Fred Krueger

    Grace, Are you sure? Me thinks doth protest too much

  8. Cecilia N

    I am asian and I am interested in watching this

  9. h

    Felt like getting one of those sick tracksuits throughout the movie lol

  10. krzysio53a

    this is Guy Ritchie going back to his roots , it's like updated version of "Snatch" or "Lock stock and two smoking barrels ", not that good like them , but close

  11. Rey

    wow didnt realize how stacked this cast was.

  12. crashfellow82

    Fantastic film.

  13. Soufian 27

    Guy Ritchie got fed up with people saying his female characters are horrible so he decided not to put any in this one ?

  14. David Grouix

    I will be checking this out based on your review! Thank you!

  15. Fernand Diego

    I was mild interested in watching this. Now, I definitely will. It looks like a great time.

  16. ChrisGullick

    It's a cracking film. Hugh Grant's performance was excellent

  17. Passive Agressive

    Did anybody watch the man from UNCLE it was so underrated. Such a good movie, you could tell Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill were having fun!!!! Even the David Beckham cameo is good this time😳

  18. Sister Harrow

    Good fun movie. Excellent cast 👏

  19. Questor

    Haven’t seen the movie, although they could’ve made the gay dude look like a stud. Most of us are.

  20. John Kerr

    Saw it two weeks ago. Sheer brilliance, Need to see the cheeky smiles n wit. camera work n acting top notch. Well crafted n written. U will not be disappointed.

  21. Philipe

    It was really good and i had fun time watching it,however the TWIST ON TOP OF TWIST part after sometime started to bore me especially the one which literally fell outta thin air....u know the GRAVITY one!

  22. Derrick Williams

    Movie came out on 1st January 2020 in the UK

    1. David James

      I think she got confused by the UK premiere being in early Dec.

  23. joel praneeth

    It's like apocalypse now in space

  24. Sa Samm

    I loved this movie! Absolutely fun and entertaining. Even with the "offensive" parts. It's... just so fun.

  25. Andy Lindsey

    Sigh I'll never understand when offensive is ok and when it's irresponsible or intolerable. Ha

    1. David James

      When it's done with love, apparently

  26. Ryan Nixon

    i saw this earlier in the month and i have to say it was good but for me disappointing and a missed opportunity. Great visuals,performances and it was funny in places with a good script. But for me the humour went way to far in places its plot wasn’t original enough. The plot was overcomplicated with way to many subplots and plot holes. And the ending was terrible and a lazy way to set up a sequel it felt like they had 4 endings and they didn’t know which one to use so they shoved all of them in. I had a good time but i wouldn’t see it again or recommend

  27. Head Room

    What is "Stan" please?

    1. Peter Dunlop

      Watch the video of Eminem's music video for his song Stan. Basically it's a superfan, who will "stan"d up and support the piece of art or artist.

  28. Colin Setford

    Is Hugh Grant doing a Ben Kingsley from Sexy Beasts?

  29. Connor Ferg

    Saw it last week in Australia, offensive, funny, and one hell of a ride... LOVED IT!!!!!

  30. Stridin

    Love the review!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grace you made me super pump when I see it on opening night. 😍😍😍

  31. James Pope

    Finally Grace, so far best movie of 2020 boom

  32. Kevin Bryant

    Loved it. Easy to watch and enjoy

  33. J Gold

    I feel already ready bad knowing that this wont be a big box office hit...

  34. Its boyaknow

    Is this spoiler free? Orrrr??

    1. Beyond The Trailer

      Spoiler Free!

  35. penandpaper

    I watched Aladdin for the first time a few days ago. Guy Ritchie did an exceptional job with that, I'm glad to hear he may be back on his game if this is good too.

  36. Gil Gonzales

    thanks for the review i was on the fence... but im gonna check it out

    1. Gil Gonzales


  37. Rick Brown

    420 ?!? Talk??

  38. Peteyz Zed

    sheez stop with the second guessing and make your damn movie if people like it or dont like so be it, don't spend so much time worrying about what everyone thinks or you end up with Rise of Skywalker

  39. Turtle Power

    I will back you up, I saw it in December & enjoyed it!!

  40. Renee Rice

    I'm actually looking forward to this after Grace's glowing review. Glad Colin Farrell was a delight. See ya at 430 Grace.

  41. Connor Diaz

    PHUCK me this was good

  42. Dane O'Leary

    Wasn’t sure about this one (admittedly because of Guy Ritchie), but now I totally want to see it!

  43. Tone Riggz

    Can't wait for the weekend to see this. I saw the trailer at a movie last year and I knew I had to see it. Hopefully it surprises people and has a strong showing. Guy Ritchie has been hit or miss but the man created Lock Stock and Snatch, he has always had the capability to bring back that level of quality.

    1. A O

      Would say it’s even with snatch in my opinion in terms of how entertaining it is

    2. Tone Riggz

      Glad to hear that. I'm definitely hyped.

    3. A O

      Tone Riggz From the uk here we had it early, it’s amazinggg

  44. Nina Sanchez

    Movies are turning it so far this year! 🧐👏👏👏

  45. Håvard Nesje

    I wish you could see Jojo Rabbit this way <3

  46. Ashley Young

    I'd heard terrible things about this movie. I must check it out now.

  47. Stephen Malovski

    A Marvel to Behold This Thing Unfold Now that's a quite for the DVD cover

  48. Calvin Law

    Not a fan of this one, Guy Richie has lost his touch. Agreed that Hugh Grant was a lot of fun though, only part of the film I liked along with Farrell and the boys.

    1. Ryan Nixon

      Calvin Law agreed i enjoyed it but was disappointed

  49. Orangeflava

    This "Guy" knows his gangster underworlds! Can't wait to see it!

  50. Aashish Khakha

    Oh Grace, you had me at Offensive with Love! 😍

  51. David Tankersley

    Definitely seeing this thanks Grace for your review

  52. catdog

    FINALLY Charlie Hunnam is working in good movies again!

  53. Si Axios

    I think I’ve seen this movie 3 times now here in the UK. I think it’s top 3 favourite of all time. Glad you liked the movie, hope it does well for Guy to make up for Arthur in 2017. Grace you should watch the Hugh grant interview where he describes the story of how he got the part it’s a good laugh.

  54. Morales

    Can we get Hunnam as Green Arrow please?

  55. Mo Tan

    "Budding commentary" ha get it?? 😁😁

  56. Joshua R

    Thumbs up your enthusiasm is contagious...

  57. Medi_Eier_ Knight

    @BeyondTheTrailer A better version of Once upon a time in Hollywood?

  58. GojiraRising

    Really interested in seeing this because of Hugh Grant's role.

  59. Darlan Generoso

    First time being early here. Love your channel Grace. Greetings from Poland!

  60. simplyrecommended

    bad boys and gentleman got that dolittle bad tastes out our mouths

  61. Takion Of the Source

    Saw this early in the year in the UK, the whole Theatre was dying from laughter for most of this movie

  62. Alexander Smith

    Was anybody expecting this movie to be bad?

  63. Brent Maxey-Hanson

    So excited for this review and movie!!! Thank you Grace❤️👍🏼

  64. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    If it's a film with Matthew McConaughey, I'm watching it.

  65. al patrickson

    I’m seeing it for the Phuc joke

  66. rene vandoorn

    Love your channel Grace ❤

  67. Dennis Jeppesen

    Alright, alright, alright, I will watch the video

  68. balraj lachminarain

    What do u think of Megan fox as Vanessa from the little mermaid

    1. Beyond The Trailer

      I don't know if that's true - I have no idea where People magazine got that info.

  69. Eduardo Camargo

    Grace do you plan on doing a casting video for Black Adam? I suppose we should be hearing casting news soon

  70. Michael Premsrirat

    I was doubtful about Ritchie's ability to make a good film, but I should give it a chance, if the cast seems to be enjoying themselves, even though the racist and misogynistic slurs turn me off.

    1. David James

      Has Ritchie just cost himself the Aladdin 2 gig?

  71. Micah

    Grace, you should done this review in a cockney British accent the same way you did knives out in the southern accent😭

    1. David James

      Ellllllllllllo an welcom!

    2. penandpaper

      The public demands it

  72. XXX

    Alright Alright Alright 👏

  73. Charlie Arblaster


  74. Alexander Maxwell

    I'm only on season 1, but I'm confused. You claim the show does its research but "witchcraft" comes in two flavors paganism and folk magic- neither involve satan or hell. Soooo... Yeah.. confused on what you're talking about.

  75. greenguy369

    Margot Robbie and Marvel are to blame for Birds of Prey and Black Widow's lack of interest and you know it.

  76. Delly Tancyl

    Bad Boys 3 is freaking awesome movie. it's what an action movie should be, it had everything Terminator was missing.

  77. radar0412

    I wanted an honest review, and instead I got a Cable News opinion piece.

  78. EphraimAdamz

    Bad Boys franchise could evolve similar to how Fast & Furious did. I'm thinking add Tony Jaa, Wesley Snipes, Donnie Yen, Michael Jai White, and John Leguizamo.

  79. SleepyCrusader

    Trans gay man just seems like a straight girl with extra steps

  80. Funk O'Matic

    sounds like he shoulda done that Pinocchio flick instead... seriously tho..why won't downey just find stuff more in the same vein as kiss2 bang2...tropic thunder..or zodiac..?? 🤦‍♂️

  81. 808craig

    Mike Laaawwwwry

  82. niac 1234

    One shot is going to be the next shaky cam. Everybody's going to hate it in like 5 years.

  83. Remy.d Reals

    "Us" X-Men fans lol

  84. niac 1234

    "is Joker a responsible movie?" lmao. I know that all of the Hollywood morons are asking themselves that, but what a stupid fucking question.

  85. GWR

    Hi Grace. My wife works real hard and sometimes when she is dead tired she snores, and I accept that as perfectly natural and normal. However you seem to think that makes her a pig. Explain yourself!

  86. Joe Sollitto

    So Jared Leto is Greek? Or are we not doing that anymore?

  87. Gino864

    I Notice on Netflix series, that they have one or two episodes where they drag out things

  88. Ho Lee Sheet

    Is it out already?

  89. silverbird58

    I liked Grace better than sabrina , can you review the 1974 movie " Squirm "

  90. joie leer

    I think be scary

  91. Daenerys was just Remodeling

    I had no complaints about this movie & I love how it makes me feel like I was in the war, not just watching .Fantastic work Also what character going through that situation in a war is charismatic ...

  92. Cholee B.

    Wait it’s out💀💀💀💀

  93. Lord Zem

    Is it just me or does this show have a new season every 4 months? I only got 8 episodes in and two new seasons came out of nowhere

  94. Arthur Fleck

    This should win BEST PICTURE at the Oscars. This movie BLEW ME AWAY. Amazing!

  95. Seth

    Grace... I generally love your reviews and your channel but I really think you completely missed the point of this movie and maybe you should give it a second chance

  96. kyle S

    Love your videos! could you please react to the final The Rhythm Section trailer?!

  97. J.J

    I love Prudence and Ambrose together, probably my favorite couple on the show

  98. Moe

    Omg i hate what? Did we watch the same movie?

  99. MARVELous Bluntz

    Definitely was a fun movie for sure! - Pap Brady

  100. 3DMaster

    I wouldn't be nervous casting Smith; of course I'd made sure I have a good movie to put hm in. That's something the movies with him in it have in common, and what the movies that failed lack: quality. People should face facts; there are no more "movie stars", (if there every really were any to begin with) people don't go to movies because an actor is in it (a few actual fans of an actor notwithstanding), people go to movies to watch a good movie. As for the actors in it; the only contribute to box office (negatively or positively) is if they fit the role.