fukn broken hearted, take a listen

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  1. Lucía Corredoira


  2. Lil Canadying

    Damn didn’t know this was him when I listened to it lol I just know him from being a toktoker other then that I barely even seen him. But this songs awesome. And we have the same name haha

  3. Ana Paula Artese Roman

    burn it man 🤪🔥

  4. Scarlett Murphy

    I’m so proud of him I was singing along at 4 am

  5. nounou stars

    His voice is fire 🔥

  6. halouma Mohammad

    اعجبني كثيييييرا 😍😍

  7. Bader Vlogs

    This is cringe

  8. Nadia Salek

    Omg this song is to die for

  9. Khadeja Abashan

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Jaden: riding in a cop car... Me: sounds familiar (no hate tho i love jaden)

  10. Ayesha Soedhoe


    1. Ayesha Soedhoe

      Yeah your right

  11. xSky Riks

    I love this

  12. Allyson's Life

    Amazing Music gives me iamjakehill/Josh A vibes!! Keep Up the Good Work

  13. Zacarias Ruiz

    La voz de C.R.O

  14. Mattia Tortora

    Fratm ngiustamen carcerat

  15. Pineapple Pizza

    Can everybody stop commenting about him in jail and just appreciate this song

  16. Caroline Gutierrez

    Imagine how many veiws this is going to have... Comatose has 8 million veiws in 2 months and this has 7 million in 1 week😳

  17. Manon den Boer

    This s actually a TikTok boy WITH TALENT

  18. dxddy-alex im a tiktoker

    Me and ur fans miss you❤🥺

  19. Kristi Zubizareta

    I love this song


    Same here:( I am Breaking to

  21. Калерия Бубнова

    Русские на месте? Я влюбилась в эту песню😍😍

  22. Rayad Persaud

    Jden is officially the only tiktoker that have talent

  23. Aaheli Patel

    Voice is amazing

  24. Мирослава Титова


  25. Micah

    Look. If y'all went through what he went through you wouldnt want to be reminded so SHUT UP its all said said and done now anyway just SHUT UP, LEAVE HIM ALONE, AND FORGET ABOUT IT. He is still and always will be a great and talented rockstar.

  26. Kᴀʏʟɪᴇ Pɪᴄɪɴɪᴄ

    I honestly like him better as an angel

  27. Tanya Deshmukh

    Riding in a cop car (love how he really did have to ride a cop car)

  28. jaz the crazy girl

    Riding in a cop 👮🚔 car

  29. ツtéfi


  30. Everyday Lyrics!

    reported so many comments about something that happend recently. STOP IT RN. GO TALK BOUT IT SOME WHERE ELSE.he really dont need all that negitivaty.

    1. Palwasha

      ikr!!!!! it's so annoying!!!!

  31. Marco Vazquez

    Juice wrld is way better than this kid

  32. beast boy85

    You where riding in a cop car

  33. Angelina Mora

    1:39 how did he tell the future

  34. Fatna Kharbouch

    i cant stop listening this song i love it so much

  35. Tanner cor

    aye he got the X factor low-key

  36. Avery Cee

    This song reminds me something emo kids in 2008 would listen to as they sit outside the mall with their hot topic bags.

  37. Anne Louis Todd

    hottest thing ever

  38. Isabelle Large

    Can’t be just me who watches this 5 times every night until they cry

  39. maja maja

    Did you actually get possessed and do you actually smoke?!

  40. Brielle Blaszczyk

    I thought he was gonna go somewhere w this- but he went to ~j a i l~

  41. Ciara Tau

    just so EVERYONE knows, my parents indeed hear this song at 3 in the morning (and all thru the day. bc im in love with this fcking songgg!!!

  42. Panday _

    хуйня какая то

    1. Panday _


  43. Salma Murphy


  44. x.sophie r.x

    In the background of it all I hear is josh an bryce song

  45. Ciara Tau

    hEs JuSt A tIkToKeR. BITCH, he isnt just a tiktoker this is pure art.

  46. Laura Geissler

    I‘m waiting for 1 mio likes

  47. peachx21

    *this song fucking good tho !!!* // *i think I’m pregnant now*

  48. naailah_bieber

    Put a finger down if you found this on tiktok and then came here and now with all the drama lately you havent even been for a minute against him and even then you cannot deny the fact that this song is a bop and that he's got talent for real...... *me putting a finger down* Thank you :)

  49. Jihan Jankee

    I just want to say something it looked like mads made jayden happy but went Jayden left her he sort of got into the wrong lane I’m just saying

  50. jordan_collazo28

    Can we take a minute talk about how Travis Barker killed it on the drums🤘

  51. Delfina Gashi

    jaden : dancing on the cop car nobody : me : u sure be maybe in the cop car ( this is a joke i love jaden soo much )

  52. Riot Vysper

    Free Bryce hall

  53. Riot Vysper

    Free him

  54. • strawberry •

    This sounds do good.

  55. Dom Doyle

    Jaden has come so far with his music and I'm so proud of him. Keep going jaden ❤️🖤

  56. bff baby

    No hate this is amazing but this is not rock just for everyone saying he is a rockstar he is not but his music is amazing still

  57. verano films

    the fact that they look high and brye passed out in the bed tells smh

  58. Kelly Rock

    Tbh, this may seem like just a song but it has a powerful meaning behind it

  59. Lizzy Cornell

    I want more musiccc both of his songs are fire🔥🔥

  60. Icy_creamy

    HE SMOKES?!?! But this is good :3

  61. Jacquelyn Valiente

    Man i heard this song i l9ved it and i didnt even know this was jadns song

  62. Timmy Rödl

    That Boy's gonna rock the charts in the future. Mark my words

  63. ㄚ乇乇ㄒ

    Love u Jaden 🖤💕

  64. Sanai Robinson

    why the cig

  65. Gracie 101


  66. Salome CSBJ handball

    Il y a des français ici ?

  67. Katelyn

    I think it’s funny people keep bringing up the “incident”. If you think your favorite celebrities don’t smoke or do drugs sometimes you’re either 7 years old or stupid. Let kids be kids, you only live once. It wasn’t meth, chill.

    1. Katelyn

      This song slaps btw

  68. Tanner Alcox

    He said riding in a cop car in the song and a couple weeks later he was actually in a cop car going to jail and he went to jail because of drugs and he was smoking in the song too

  69. Moon Squad

    Why am I in love with this song?

  70. Sasha Schutz

    Please do more music <3

  71. Oliwia Oleksy

    Jezu to się nazywa cud świata❤️❤️najpiękniejszy

  72. denton

    "riding in a cop car" lmaoooo.

  73. Aryana Das

    U r cute

  74. Farida Iyad

    Angelic and amazing voice and songs I like all the songs

  75. Farida Iyad

    I love you 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  76. Farida Iyad

    You are famous guy your the best in all you are the famous in the social media

  77. all the tea with jolie

    Charli: Renegade, Renegade, Renegade Jaden: So F*** me like a rockstar! lol

  78. Farida Iyad

    You are angelic guy

  79. Riley Bergeron

    Hannah montana once said: nobody's perfect accept it. mistakes happen all the time and you can learn from them!

  80. Farida Iyad

    I love you Jaden 🥰🥰🥰❤❤

  81. all the tea with jolie

    At first I didn’t know that was him but then i saw he had the same tattoos lol

  82. T3 Music

    this boy aint healthy

  83. Addie Bug

    If you are ever sad just remember you were here for jaden from the start

  84. Marleen 050

    he took dancing on a cop car very serious

  85. Dom Doyle

    Love you jaden ❤️

  86. Dom Doyle

    Ok guys! Look on the internet OR we can do what best and wait for the boys. It's their business and their story to tell if they please. Now just be calm. We have to not talk about it due to many reasons such as privacy, respect, and they may not legally be able to talk about it. I'm not trying to sound bossy or mean, but let's breath and let them handle it. We will know eventually, ok? Trust me I love him too that's why I'm saying this. ❤️

  87. TAEvil

    We love you Jaden <3

  88. Irisi shaha

    I really hope that people can become real humans one day. I really hope. What is the problem with people and negativit. Can somebody explain it to me. What is the point. He did something okay. FIrst of all who are you to judge. Second of all like i think you know that nobody is PERFECT, everyone make mistakes. THe mistake he did doesn't hurt you at all. SO stop it. HE deserves eveything like all of us. Love more and stop negativity. Be kind

  89. GaeGae Khongsai

    What's his fandom called?!cause i want in😊

  90. TTV_zombie 909

    Ok this song is so good but I really hope he doesn’t do drugs and overdose

  91. Ava Hajarian

    Riding in a cop car? Hmmmm that didn’t age welli

  92. Ophelia Sinder

    Jaden, wow. When I first heard this on tik tok I didn’t release it was you, then I saw it was. You should be incredibly proud. I can’t believe you have this incredible voice, like woah!! I have mad respect for you and the ‘incident’ is not what you will be known for. You’ll be known for this and the amazing human you are. Everyone makes mistakes and you should take that as a thing to keep yourself going and don’t give up! We all want more music so, if your ok, get back to work!! ;) xxxx❤️

  93. Ava Hajarian

    Riding in a cop car? Hmmmm that didn’t age well

  94. Annie Koplets

    He's like one of the only tiktokers that have Talent. :/

  95. meriset du

    I'll just say it's just gorgeous😍😍😍😍

  96. badbicthesistheonlythingthatilike 1

    i feel like i’ve heard this song before even before he posted it. Like if i’m not the only one👍🏼

  97. Smnv K

    Ой девачки, похожу у меня новый краш👼🏼

  98. Josh's gaming channel

    Jaden I love u u r amazing pls notice me

  99. zlp. zoexlq

    Still i love him

  100. Ashlyn Cooper

    Ive been waiting for jaden to release this song for ever and im so happy and proud❤️