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  1. Josmaira Lozada Lopez

    The good doctor!!!! Hahah

  2. Nuriye Arlı

    Who watched the cartoon after listening this song?

  3. Arena Ary

    Hey guys , whos not here because of Netflix ? Please don`t tell me I`m the only one ._.

  4. gabriel castro

    🤪está bien cool

  5. Tram Ngoc


  6. Justin Van Loggerenberg

    Wickedly good!!!

  7. RuséRenard

    For me is "the resident " Sorry i'm french

  8. Ana Mene

    Essa música me faz lembrar do Doming Si

  9. Blog da Juliana

    Sempre estara no topo da minha playlist essa música

  10. Alexandrite s

    This song makes me feel so powerful

  11. i believe i can fly

    Nostalgia ( ;

  12. i believe i can fly

    Love everything about this ( ;

  13. KAKI 『ÐẔTM』

    I love theis music from #ALGERIA

  14. •Kimxy kawaii•

    a like your music

  15. nqatq lqk

    Nhl 19

  16. Jeimi Mendez


  17. Umiko Yumi

    I came here from prom dress ;-;

  18. альбина динозавр

    Кто после дорамы сад падающих звёзд ?

  19. Sneh Suresh

    A stupid movie that I enjoyed a lot brought me here. You can guess

  20. I'm Chang

    I come here from Rejoice commercial

  21. thảo nguyễn


  22. J F

    Who’s here because of 6 Underground because I sure as hell am not! 👎

  23. Yacoub LAMBAT

    The Resident S1 épisode 14

  24. Sree Harini

    Anyone from meteor garden?

  25. Saurabh Goyal

    because of Number 4😂

  26. Yanis Provost

    In the film 6 underground is the best music

  27. Cj Miles

    Came from madden

  28. Bernie Bénie

    The good doctor season2 episode 12 ......I love this song so much.....thanks to shazam this is the best

  29. Sandy K

    I love this song. God Bless

  30. Cuatrix Troll

    Después de escuchar la canción es normal querer Aser un golpe de estado

  31. Aline Rodrigues

    Vim pelo tik tok msm haha ❤️

  32. KADUU

    who came by the squad movie 6

  33. Dr Colress

    This makes me think about shoping at a crowded mall in a big city

  34. Helena Lima

    Só eu que vim procurar essa musica por causa da série jardim de meteoros.... Doming si.... I love you♥️♥️♥️☄💘

  35. Mencia Veras

    La musica es buena pero no el video

  36. Hugo Rivadeneira

    Solo vine por escuadrón 6, y buena la session de CRO con el biza

  37. Daniela Caceres

    meteor garden O_OO_OO_OO_OO_OO_OO_OO_OO_O

  38. Luisa Emilia Colindres Roque

    0:42 BELDAM?!

  39. Hader Echiley

    Love love❤❤

  40. Guilherme Avelino

    6 undergroud...muito top o filme,a música muito foda tmb...Só os mitos da likeee

  41. Marco Martin

    P-Valley teaser brought me here 👀

  42. Carla Regina

    Meteor Garden ❤❤❤

  43. Tom bia

    The Resident

  44. Yt thaniss


  45. Finn핀

    This is so aesthetic

  46. Oriana William

    After searching for weeks I finally found the song omg, I still love it 😍


    ✌🏽✌🏽ORA !!!

  48. Lucas Carmona Ocampo

    When she says "Shamee" <3


    Anyone here from The Resident? :3

  50. isadora


  51. Ramona Maciel

    Todos los que estamos acá por meteor garden dejen su like


    Number 4 did a great job: *Presented the song* :)

  53. Ashad Uz Zaman

    Really special one! This remains right on the top of my favourite songs...first heard it back in Sept'19!

  54. De Legende

    Imagine walking/running at night with this song. You'll feel like the most powerful being in the whole universe

  55. Desi Ramsingh

    is it me or yall got chills when you saw doming si come save shancai i felt the emotion in this song it fits his quiet anger

  56. De Legende

    Just binged all the 49 episodes of Meteor garden in 5 days. Now I can't stop listening to this song Need a season 2!!!

  57. De Legende

    *Angry Daoming Si song* Need a season 2!!!!

  58. Clovis Games

    Never heard of it but I like it

  59. Laura Melendez

    I can't stop hearing this, and now I'm realizing it was published in 2016, this song is fireee!!🔥🔥

  60. Raven'z Phoenix

    Her style is so unique it’s like she sings so softly and suddenly her voice is so powerful and aggressive I love it

  61. Rahul Dhar

    Lockdown got me here, love the BASS!

  62. Yogesh Rai

    This song has been my favourite from bishop

  63. Richi Jaison

    How come I haven't heard this song until Grey's Anatomy? Anyone else?

  64. Hakan Furkan

    Türkler Toplansın Sayımızı Bilelim 🇹🇷

  65. Thiaguinho Lopes

    F1 2020 game trailer and game theme song

  66. Zuza Krzak

    Who you are, hella cool human being!🖤 My friend from singing classes was singing it on end of the school year in 2019, and I fallen in love with this song. Now I found it and wow... I've got no words. Your so talented.

  67. Zach Maclean

    Is she having a seizure but standing

  68. tanchanok egawarin

    a e s t h e t I c b I t c h!

  69. Jahonabegim Madrahimova

    I really miss "Meteor Garden"😭💕

  70. Juicy Lyrics

    Who else knew this song before meteor garden and TikTok?🤷🏻‍♀️

  71. Nanjiba Arifin Zahwa

    The animation made me high!

  72. Thibo Tramhel

    Who is here from the finish of the season 1 of The Resident

  73. BABY _boo

    Iklan shampoo njirr WKKWKWKWWKKW

  74. J O H N N Y S U H

    shampoo add

  75. Jasmine Veridiano

    me:i can do this, so basic my voice:no

  76. Andrea TC

    denle like chicxs

  77. Bruna de Jesus

    Ok ok, esquadrão 6 me trazendo aq

  78. Jam Master

    Tell me about it for real

  79. Midnight_Cookies And milk

    Don’t you remember when this so popular and it was so sunny and it still popular

  80. Sushan Poojary

    FIFA 17 brought me here <3

  81. Danicka John

    Is Nobody gonna talk about who this song sounds similar to "home by Morgxn"

  82. Fabiola Silva

    Brasil 2020 essa musica é foda!!!!!

  83. star lynn terry


  84. Ysaac Mercado

    asi se arma una revolucion this is how a revolution is built

  85. João Victor


  86. João Victor

    Bom dia

  87. João Victor

    Oi amados

  88. João Victor

    Pipipi popopo

  89. Douglas Meza

    I liked it song and you

  90. chop stick

    spotify ??

  91. luz estrella acuña laura


  92. Pandah Avakin


  93. juliana revelo

    shancai y doming si

  94. marcelo oporto

    Wow 😍

  95. 0KINAYA


  96. carolcaliforniah

    Where is that river? Oh yes it’s on my tiktok #fyp

  97. Yusuf Murat

    2020 ❤❤🧡🧡

  98. Lenny Cheesy_11

    why is in literally every single music video, 1 comment with the lyrics to that song??????

  99. majo gv

    Like si vienes de la casa de metioros por que la escuchaste ahy?💗 yo si jsjsjs

  100. 1message stories

    Fuck the eye of the tiger this song pushes me to do more in gym